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Weekend Midtown. Get some.

My day? My day began with a bike ride to Republic Coffee. I had some coffee and read the news.

Then I was off to stop by my bank for some cash. I locked my bicycle outside and walked into the bank. Yes, I wore my cycling gear (sans helmet). The guy behind the counter looked as if I had stepped off of a space ship. Uh… I have a bank account here. “I could have taken the bicycle through the drive thru…” I’m not sure what the tellers problem was. “You took your bike to the bank?” Ummm… yeah. People are weird.

Next stop? Bluff City Oktoberfest downtown. Yes, I have been to Germany, Brussels, and Ireland for beers. I realize Memphis is not to be confused with any of these countries. But I was hoping for a little more than this from Bluff City Oktoberfest:

bluff city oktoberfest beer garden

Your beer garden sign proudly announces “Coors Light”?

First up, I was asked to walk my bicycle through the event.

bluff city oktoberfest

Really? Who would I run into? I could ride with a blindfold on and hit no one. I couldn’t run into ANYONE if I tried to. Look, I am not one to push cycling down your throat. If there is a crowd, I completely understand that I have to walk my bicycle. Not an issue. But at an event where the ENTIRE STREET is EMPTY? I found the same example at the Cooper Young Festival a few years ago. I arrived very early in the morning for the festival. There were “3” people walking on Cooper in the morning and I was told I had to walk my bicycle. Common sense. Use it.

I arrived at Oktoberfest downtown after noon time. I was expecting a few more tents and food. ONE food truck doesn’t make an event. I could understand if the event started at noon, but this event started at 10:00 a.m. Ghost town. So I took my bike and went back to Cooper Young. The rain began to fall 15 minutes into my ride. I carry a rain poncho, so no problem. The rain stopped as I approached Cooper Young.

Decision time. As I was riding towards Wiseacre Brewery, the rain began to fall again. Go, or no go. That is the question. I stopped at Hollywood pondering the question. Turn back around? Go for the beer? That’s it. “Go for the beer, damn the rain.” So I continued on to Wiseacre. This time I took Hollywood north to Broad St, then turned east for the brewery.

wiseacre beers and pricing

Once I arrived at the brewery I had several surprises. First up, there is a new Octoberfest beer at Wiseacre.

wiseacre oktoberfest

Yes! More on the Marzen side than wheat side, but still good beer. Very enjoyable. Can you say “Gemutlichkeit”? Now three times real fast. Next surprise? Someone went to the bar and purchased a six pack of cans. Wow! Wiseacre is selling canned beer! $8.75 will get you a six pack to take home. I nearly fell off my chair. I knew Wiseacre would can their beer, I didn’t know it would happen so soon. Third surprise? A blog reader came up to say hi to me in the tap room. Thanks for reading! We will have to drink a beer at Wiseacre soon. Every now and then someone will tell me they read this blog and it throws me off. Yes, I realize people read the blog, but it doesn’t seem real until someone mentions it to me in person. Again, thank you for reading.

Remember, Wiseacre DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH. Credit card / debit card only.

Speaking of beer, I tried out the Schlafly Pumpkin Ale last night.

schlafly pumpkin ale

Dark beer; 8% alcohol. Nice aroma. The flavor covered up the booze well. A favorite? Not really. The beer was okay. My preference? New Belgium Pumpkick (especially on draft) and O’Fallon Pumpkin which was better than I expected.

Next stop? Central BBQ. I called in my order (Is it bad that I have “chicken” on speed dial?) and had my wings waiting for me at the joint when I arrived. Again, I spent $1.07 for my half order of wings. Again, not sharing the discount secret. (Don’t worry, I will soon have to pay full price.)

I did find out that my insane work schedule next week is indeed going to happen. Although it will not be as bad as I first thought. I will end up working days and nights though until Friday. Then… vacation time in the Big Easy.

Picture Perfect Day

Done! See YOU back here for more beer, bikes, and pumpkins. Cheers!