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Back… in Memphis. Didja miss me?

We took a few days vacation in New Orleans recently. What a trip. Train trip that is.

When we arrived at the station in Memphis at 6:15 a.m., we were surprised that the train was already waiting for us. Usually the train is late to arrive. We gathered our bags and picked up our seating assignments. After I settled in, I proceeded to sleep four hours. The rocking train puts me to sleep.

Arriving in New Orleans, we stopped by the hotel to put the bags down, then it was off to Felipe’s.

Felipes New Orleans French Quarter

Hungry? This is a good place to dine in at. Good mexican food at a good price. The hurricanes don’t hurt either.

Felipes New Orleans Hurricane

After a few drinks and eats, we headed over to the casino to lose money :( Last year I won $500 on my last $0.25. This year? Nothing.

Oh yes, we found a haunted condo.

Haunted New Orleans Condo For Lease

Jimmy Hoffa was also located in New Orleans.

Jimmy Hoffa Safe

The safe was free, if you could lug it home. “Free. No, seriously.” (Look at the tag in the upper left hand corner of the safe.)

How about some food. The Gumbo Shop has great chicken gumbo. (go with the chicken over seafood gumbo. Really)

Gumbo Shop Chicken Gumbo

Wait, there’s more. I always stop in at the Pontalba Cafe on Jackson Square for gumbo too.

Cafe Pontalba New Orleans Gumbo

Spicy and good.

Mexican food? Sure. We always stop in at Juan’s Flying Burrito.

Juans Flying Burrito New Orleans Magazine St

Best enchiladas in town. Hands down. Need a drink? They have those too.

Margarita Juans Flying Burrito

And rock music. Juan’s plays Maiden. And lots of other heavy metal. Hint. You can take the bus down Magazine Street to reach Juan’s from the French Quarter. Easy breezy and the cost is $1.25 per person.

Bicycles? Yes, New Orleans has those too.

Bicycles New Orleans

New Orleans should be renamed “Bike City”. They are everywhere. Need a cup holder? How about a coconut.

Bicycle Cup Holder Coconut New Orleans

And Coffee. New Orleans has coffee for ya. I love the artwork and the photo I took.

Coffee Shop Art New Orleans


More art? Okay.

New Orleans Art

That, came from this.

New Orleans Art 2

Found some Vans as well as Misfits socks.

Vans Misfits socks

The clerk told me the Vans were made of fine Corinthian leather.

Yes, New Orleans is still smoking.

Smoking Grill New Orleans

(I found this on the grill of a S.U.V.)

After several days of drinking, gambling and eating it was time to leave the Big Easy. We headed back to the Amtrak Station. Hint; if you have a room or suite on the train, check in at the front desk and ask for the code to the private lounge.

Amtrak Lounge New Orleans

You must have the digital code to enter. Inside, there is a television and chairs, as well as orange… everything.

Amrak Lounge New Orleans Orange

The train was on time so we found our room on board.

Amtrak Suite

The seat on the bottom left turns into a bed, as well as the top portion of the seat. This can be pulled down for a bed too. I pulled my bed down and slept for two hours.

Dinner time in the dining car.

Amtrak Menu

I found the salmon pretty good as well as the potato’s.

Amtrak Dinner

Overall the train ride home was fine. Thanks Amtrak! And thanks New Orleans for a fine stay. See YOU again soon.

Memphis Greenline, Cooper Young Art Walk, Hammer and Ale, Goner Records, Aldo’s Midtown, Memphis Flowers, Spinal Tap


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Memphis Greenline. Go. Go. Go.

I found this new item along the Greenline near the Waring Road intersection.

Memphis Greenline Flower Planter

Check out the yellow fields on Gardner Road.

Memphis Greenline Gardner Road

Wait. More flowers? My flowers are blooming.

Memphis Flowers

I do enjoy the Deep Purple. Good color.

Since I finally received my title for my NEW 1997 Toyota Camry XLE (AFTER WAITING 10 MONTHS; THANKS SHELBY COUNTY TAX OFFICE!), I needed to charge the car battery. Work had a battery charger so I put the car battery charger in my bicycle basket.

Car Battery Charger Bicycle

AAA anyone? The charger only weighed in at 20 pounds. Makes for a fun ride.

Anyway, back to the Greenline. This guy

Guitar Player Memphis Greenline

was playing a guitar at the intersection of Highland and the Greenline. He only needs about three more guys to round out the band. I can play bass! Maybe. Or bad backup rhythm guitar.

Weekend Memphis. Get out.

So what did I do? Lots.

Friday night we attended the Cooper Young Art Walk.

Cooper Young Artwalk 2015

Here is the thing. There were plenty of local spots for the art. The problem? The art did not impress me. At all. With the exception of the “art gallery” in Cooper Young, most businesses had only a few items of art. And the quality of art was no where near the quality I had expected. Really Cooper Young, you need to work on the art and artists. This could be a great event. But you need music. And better art.

We did stop in at Sweet Grass for dinner.

Sweetgrass Memphis Fried Egg Sandwich

And to finish the dinner off?

Deep Dish Sour Cream Apple Pie Sweet grass Memphis

Deep Dish Sour Cream Apple Pie. Some of the best in the city. Loved it.

We also had a beer at Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young. Good beer here!

And food. I ordered a grapefruit beer which was very tasty.

We also passed by Aldo’s Midtown. Check out the rooftop patio.

Aldo's Midtown Roof Top

Can’t wait to drink a beer up there.

And, it was the first time I checked out Goner Records.

Goner Records Memphis

I know. I am an audio slave. And yet I haven’t been to the local record store. I discovered the “metal” section in the back. My childhood music, all in one spot. Never knew the name of this album until now.

Goner Records Heaven Bent Album

Heaven: “In the beginning…” The store reminded me of the film “High Fidelity”. Question. “Do people come in here and flip through records for hours?” (thinking of myself) Answer. “All. The. Time.” I will be back.

Need to color? Check out this coloring book.

Color Me Memphis

Found the coloring book in Cooper Young.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Eat Sleep Read

You can also replace “read” with “bike”.

Speaking of bikes… Here I am going to 11.

Spinal Tap Bicyclist

I do dig the shirt. Better wear black before the temperatures climb.

Lastly, Republic Coffee has a bike rack!

Bike Rack Republic Coffee

Awesome! Park your ride here.

Done. See YOU back here for Living Loud NEW ORLEANS very soon.

Memphis Made Hopped Party, Shelby Farms Construction, Ex Machina, Steve Berry


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Weekend Memphis. And what a couple of days.

Shelby Farms park users, check out the encroaching fence along the new Patriot Lake trail.

Shelby Farms Patriot Lake

This fence runs close to Farm Rd. The park has moved the fence outward, which makes the lane a bit more narrow. If you use this part of the trail, just watch out for others.

Saturday included a bike ride to Coffee Town. I even ate breakfast at the coffee shop. Try the “Che-Che” breakfast sandwich.

After coffee, it was time for some beer. Memphis Made Brewery was having a party.  To tell you the truth, Saturday was the first time I had stopped in at the brewery. Dude, you live two blocks away. I know. I know. So I jumped on my bicycle and headed on over. I also made the same mistake I made last week at the Mid-South Food Truck Festival. “Why hurry? Only a few people will be there early.” Wrong. By 1:00 p.m. the party had started.

Mephis Made Beer Hopped

There were so many bicycles parked at the event, it was difficult to find a place to park mine (which is not pictured here).

I walked up the ramp, and into the brewery.

Memphis Made Brewery

The photo doesn’t tell the full story. The bar was crowded. The tables were crowded. Check out the towel to the right in the photo.

Memphis Made this beer is making me awesome

Correct. That beer did make me awesome.

Memphis Made Beer Lucid

The Memphis Made Lucid beer is good. Very good. I should have picked up a growler. Live and learn.

Oh yeah. There is also a patio to the right of the bar. Just follow the path around and you will find it. Tables, a place for a band and pizza for sale.

Memphis Made Patio

I wish I had taken more photo’s of the good-sized crowd.

After the beer, I biked the two blocks home for some video games.


Still playing some Skyrim. So to sum up my day, I drank coffee, went for a bike ride, drank beer and played video games. A good day indeed.

Sunday started out at the movies. If you want to see a very good movie, check out Ex Machina. The film twists and turns. And is also very disturbing, with a great ending.

I also finished the book “Patriot Threat” by Steve Berry.

Good book from the Memphis Library. FREE books! That is what I like.

Done. See YOU back here for more books, beers and bikes.

Mid-South Food Truck Festival Memphis, Aldo’s Midtown, The Zebra Lounge, Steve Berry Patriot Threat, Sweetgrass Crawfish Boil


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Weekend Memphis. Are you exhausted? I know I am.

Saturday I took the bicycle to Coffee Town mid-morning. Beauty day for a ride. After the news and a cup of Memphis mud, I was ready to hit the streets again.

Next stop? The Memphis Food Truck Festival at Tiger Lane.

Memphis Food Truck Festival Logo

I expected a few people to show up at the event. I was wrong. There was more than a few people who showed up.

Food Truck Festival Memphis 2015

The line for the Soup and Cheese truck as well as the Cajun food truck was lonnnnng. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t stand in those long lines. I do hope the food truck festival happens again. But I would arrive much sooner to avoid the lines.

On the ride over to Tiger Lane, I found this sign outside of Aldo’s Midtown.

Aldo's Midtown Memphis

The joint has an upstairs balcony. I remember asking myself before the place opened where everyone would sit. The interior looked small. Now I know. I may have to go by and have a beer on the patio one day.

Saturday evening we went out to a well known Memphis restaurant. An expensive restaurant as well. The food? Great. The service? The waitress started out good enough and then service went downhill quickly. At times it appeared she was ignoring our table. +$35 for a plate with bad service? Not going back.

After dinner we stopped by Overton Square for a drink. Most places were crowded. The Zebra Lounge was open with a few empty chairs. It is the first time I had stepped inside.


I will say the live entertainment was very good.

Sunday consisted of coffee

Love in a cup.

Love in a cup.

and a good book.

(From the Memphis Library! I LOVE downloading books from the library for FREE! I would have purchased the book. Thanks Memphis Library!)

My wife picked up a chamoy melon cup at La Michoacana.


Love in a cup.

Party. April 25th. Memphis Made Brewery.

Memphis Made Brewing Company will celebrate the arrival of the new season with Hopped, a spring beer release party. This event will also celebrate their taproom being open on Saturdays (right now they are only open on Fridays.) The event will take place in the brewery’s parking lot (near the I Love Memphis mural). There will be spring beers on tap, live music from the Mighty Souls Brass Band and Goner Records, food trucks, Aldo’s Pizza, and more.

  • When: Saturday, April 25, Noon-6pm (taproom open until 9pm)
  • Cost: Free, All Ages
  • Where: Memphis Made Brewing, 768 Cooper St.

Bikesmith, the mobile bike shop, will also be parked at the brewery during the event. Any attendees who ride their bike to the event will be entered in a raffle to win prizes such as a growler of Memphis Made Brewing beer each month for a year, as well as other prizes. The first 100 customers will received a Hopped pint glass.

Along with Memphis Made’s regular line up, a few of the new beers on tap will be:

  • Waka Waka Too, an IPA brewed with lime peel
  • Rockbone Wood, a barrel-aged IPA
  • McFuggle, a Scottish IPA
  • All Sewn Up, an English Pale Ale only available at the Lucero Family Picnic and Hopped.

Oh yeah, the V & E art walk is almost here, April 25th 2015.

V and E Artwalk 2015

I went last year and the year before. Nice stuff sold at the event. I usually find something to purchase.

v and e artwalk 2014 sign

where are you going v and e

v and e artwalk 2014



April 26th 2-6 p.m. Heads or Tails All You Can Eat Crawfish Boil. Sweetgrass in Cooper Young.

$20 prepay / $25 day of.

Done. Look below for MORE Memphis events. If you are bored, you are not trying. Get out!

More events coming up Memphis:

How about a rare beer? Wiseacre Brewery has the 2nd annual “Taste the Rarity” brewfest coming up. May 9th, 3-7, on Broad Ave. Check out the event and buy tickets here. My guess? This event will sell out. Get your tickets soon.

wiseacre taproom

And now… on to hot wings? Memphis has you covered. The Southern Hot Wing Festival takes place April 25th, Riverside Dr. Advanced tickets $10, at the gate $12. The event takes place 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. I go to this event every year.

wingsfestivalad 2011

Tommy Want Wingy

After you get into the event, stand in line at a booth, pay a donation and sample some great wings from great teams. Every year I believe I will sample each and every booth. Doesn’t happen. Some wings are better than others. Take some $1 bills, donate and sample the wings. Love me the wings.

Overton Square Crawfish Festival, Save Deez Nuts, Founders Strawberry Ale, Nikkis Hot Ass Chips, Cooper Young Margarita, Cooper Young Sign, Italian Film Festival, Memphis Downtown Olympics


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Manic Monday Memphis. How was your weekend.

Saturday. Overton Square Crawfish Festival. I was there. Were you?

Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2

Overton Square Crawfish Festival

I paid my $20 and I received a big box of crawfish. I took the mudbugs and sat at a table on the Overton Square patio. Nice day to go to a festival while riding my bicycle.

Bicycle Rack Overton Square

I also saw this sign at the Overton Square parking garage.

Taxi Uber Lyft

Wow. The square recognizes Uber as well as Lyft. Progress.

At one of the booths at the festival I found this shirt.

Save Deez Nuts Priest

HAD to HAVE this shirt. A “reproduction” from the Priest album Screaming For Vengeance. The booth was run by Mid-South Men’s Health Organization. Good cause by the way.

I also tried out a Founders Strawberry Ale beer. Better than expected. And as always, Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips were HOT! You may or may not want to dine on both of these items at the same time. Just sayin’.

Founders Strawberry Ale Nikkis Hot ass chips

Sunday we headed over to Cooper Young for a drink or two.

Margarita Cooper Young

I also stopped in at a bar and noticed that the beer menu had a spelling error or four. See if YOU can find the error.

Wiseacre Spelled Wrong

Maybe these signs have been around for a while, but I don’t think so. I don’t remember seeing them so I believe the signs are new.

Cooper Young Sign

Events! The Italian Film Festival is BACK! I LOVE the Italian Film Festival. Two reasons. First off, GREAT films. Secondly, the events are FREE! Great movie for free Memphis. Go! We attend every year. The film festival takes place April 14th, 15th, 17th, and 21st at the University of Memphis. Really, these films are good and entertaining. Go!

Beer. Downtown. Olympics. The theme to Rocky. It’s back, the Downtown Olympics. Saturday 4/18 10-5.

16 teams compete in beer-drinking Olympic games for medals and bragging rights. Location: South Main Street”.

Are you thinking Beerfest? So am I. Go!

If YOU are bored in Memphis, you aren’t trying hard enough. Get out Memphis!

Overton Square Crawfish Festival, Chris Bell Memorial Mural


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A couple of things to post about on “Finally Friday”.

Remember, YOU can help add a cool mural to Memphis by supporting the Chris Bell Memorial Mural. Celebrate his life, music and add art to the city. Check out the mural page here.

Chris bell mural

The artwork is amazing. And remember, this mural will painted in color. I can’t wait for this artwork to go up on the side of Otherlands.

It’s crawfish time Memphis. One festival down (Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil – last week), a few more crawfish festivals to go. As I was going to Busters today to stop in for some “refreshments”, I saw a booth set up on the south west corner of Poplar and Highland. Crawfish. $7 a pound, $2 more if you want sides.

Memphis Crawfish Highland Poplar

You can even sit and eat your crawfish. There is a table set up with chairs to the right in the photo. I asked when the booth would be open. “Friday and Saturday, about noon to 6:00 p.m.” (The booth will be at Wizards on Madison Sat. April 11th) Since I was heading to the Overton Square Crawfish Festival on Saturday, I decided to skip the crawfish. The guys working the booth believe they will be at the Highland location thru July. Go get yourself some crawfish!

Yes, Overton Square Crawfish Festival is one day away.

Overton Square Crawfish

Beer, music, arts, and mudbugs.

Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2014

And the weather is supposed to be excellent on Saturday. I can’t wait. Me? I will ride my bicycle to the event. Should be fun.

overton square crawfish festival 2013

Get ready Memphis, it’s mudbug season!

Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2012

If you are bored in the next couple of months, that is YOUR fault. There is plenty to do in Memphis, and some of the upcoming events are free. I will add a couple of more events to this blog shortly. So get out!


Chris Bell Mural


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Thirsty Thursday Memphis.

Sooo….. One of the great things about Memphis are those new murals popping up around town. You’ve seen them. The one on the Greenline.

Memphis Greenline Mural

The one behind Memphis Made Brewery (where you took photos of yourself for Christmas cards to make your friends jealous).

i love memphis 2

Oh yeah, the murals at Overton Square. These are some of my favorite murals.

overton Square Eye

The point about these murals around town is that they are a plus for Memphis. Would you want to see a drab wall? Or would you rather see a vibrant, artistic mural? I go for the later. Memphis has some great murals. And now YOU can add to the coolness that is Memphis. Check this out:

Chris bell mural

A NEW mural, in Cooper Young, to celebrate the life of Chris Bell. If you know where Otherlands is located, this is where the newest, coolest mural will go up. Better yet… this mural will not be painted in black and white. The mural will be splashed with color. Need details? Here they are:

“Our group’s goal is to create a memorial mural for the Memphis musician Chris Bell, the guitarist for Big Star.  Chris is best known for his work on Big Star’s “#1 Record” and his solo album “I Am The Cosmos”.  He died tragically in Memphis in 1978 though his legacy has grown over the past decades.  It is time to create a mural to celebrate his work and life and build awareness of his contribution to music.   We are working with professional artist, muralist, and Memphian Mary Norman to design and create the mural.”

Wait. Mary who? Mary Norman. You see her work at Overton Square. Before I knew who she was, I loved her art work at Overton Square. But here is the twist. Murals are not free. They require money. The good thing is that Memphis is one of the best cities in the country in which citizens like you donate money. And here is the link to do so. GO. Check out the site. Give. Maybe you are a Memphis hipster, or an over 60 dude that knows everyone in Memphis, or a local guy that plays music on the side. Pay tribute Memphis! $5, $10, or $50. Give what you can. (I receive no benefit from you giving to this project. I only get to experience great art work in my community. I want to make Memphis a cooler place to live.)

Murals. Dig ’em. Love ’em. Especially the music hero’s of Memphis. Check out the Facebook page here. Spread the word Memphis. Tell your friends. It’s gonna be cool Memphis, and you are part of the project.

More news about the mural is coming in the next couple of days. See YOU back here for more cool news. Oh and if you don’t believe murals matter, check these out.

broad ave mural

Overton Square Mural

gallery 56 mural cooper young memphis

Midtown Is Memphis Mural


Found Footage Festival Memphis, Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil, Peeps


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Weekend Memphis. Did YOU get out?

Thursday evening we checked out the Found Footage at Studio on the Square. Sold out event as I predicted.

Found Footage Festival Memphis

I laughed. I cried. I hid my eyes. Several times. One of the best two-hour shows on tour. We had a great time at the event.

Saturday. Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil.

Cooper Young Bicycle Corral

Here is how it goes. I showed up at the Farmers Market in Cooper Young at 11:15 a.m., figuring I would be there early. Wrong. There were many, many others there ahead of me.

Check this out. One booth used a bicycle to power a mixer on the back of the bicycle.

Cooper Young Farmers Market Bicycle Blender

Notice the contraption on the back of the bicycle. Very interesting.

And if you have a dog, your dog can get some water. And you can as well.

Water For your dog

Those of you who do not know what these are;

Cascarones Cooper Young

watch out. See you take these egg shells filled with confetti and hit someone on the head with it. They are called cascarones.


And if you are thirsty, you can stop in at the Beer Garden.

Cooper Young Crawfish Boil Beer Garden

And now for the Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil.

Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil 3

I purchased my ticket in advance online, so I did not have to stand in line to purchase tickets. That helped. But… here is the line to get the crawfish.

Cooper Young Farmers market Crawfish Boil Line

This is the view of the line from the back of it. The line started at the back of the church, then went out to Walker Street, then west to nearly Cooper Street. That is a whole lot of people waiting for crawfish. How long was the wait? One hour and fifteen minutes. A bit of a wait don’t you think.

Finally…. crawfish.

Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil

I sat on the steps of First Congo and ate the crawfish. I admit the crawfish were good. And spicy. But a one hour and fifteen minute wait?

Afterwards, I headed over to Coffee Town for something to drink and a good read.

bicycling magazine

Good issue.

And since it is Easter, the bunny brought me some peeps.

Peeps easter

Love the peeps. Happy Easter Memphis.

Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil, Reply All Podcast, Time Travel


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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

It is a good thing I read other blogs. I discovered the Cooper Young Community Crawfish Boil is right around the corner.

cooper young crawfish boil 2015

Saturday April 4th 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. The bucket of crawfish is $15 (or order early online for a couple of dollars more). I have been to this event in the past. I just forgot about the event.

"You looking at me?"

“You looking at me?”

So go and get yourself some mudbugs Memphis! And… beer and live music.

If want to listen to an excellent podcast, check out episode #17 of “Reply All”. Yes, the episode talks about time travel. This episode has to be one of the best shows these guys have produced.

time travel

Are YOU interested?

Done. If you need something to do, here is a list of upcoming events Memphis:

From the Downtown Memphis Flying Saucer Facebook Page:

Sunday, April 12 at 11:00 a.m. Join us for a downtown Bicycle Ride along the Mississippi and Main street. Poker run for great prizes. Share a Pint with us following the ride at the Flying Saucer. Registration starts at 11am, Ride at 12. $10 to ride. Sponsored by Yazoo Brewery.”

Memphis Brewfest is almost here. April 18th, 4-7:30, Autozone Park. This event sells out. Don’t wait for tickets. I have been to this event in the past. Lots of beer to try downtown.

How about a rare beer? Wiseacre Brewery has the 2nd annual “Taste the Rarity” brewfest coming up. May 9th, 3-7, on Broad Ave. Check out the event and buy tickets here. My guess? This event will sell out. Get your tickets soon.

wiseacre taproom

And now… on to Mudbugs.

The Overton Square Crawfish Festival, April 11, 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. Listen to some music, have a drink and eat some mudbugs.

Overton Square Crawfish

Sunday April 19th 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. The Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival Downtown Memphis, Wagner Place and Riverside Drive, between Union and Beale. This event is huge. Get there early to avoid that long line to get your bucket of crawfish.

Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival

Wait. What about hot wings? Memphis has you covered. The Southern Hot Wing Festival takes place April 25th, Riverside Dr. Advanced tickets $10, at the gate $12. The event takes place 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. I go to this event every year.

wingsfestivalad 2011

Tommy Want Wingy

After you get into the event, stand in line at a booth, pay a donation and sample some great wings from great teams. Every year I believe I will sample each and every booth. Doesn’t happen. Some wings are better than others. Take some $1 bills, donate and sample the wings. Love me the wings.

TDOT Tire Memphis, Ribs, Skyrim, Found Footage Memphis


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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

Do you notice anything missing from the photo below?

Tire TDOT Memphis 5344 Boswell Road

Look closer. A tire has been sitting at the TDOT main entrance (5344 Boswell Road) along the Greenline for more than 6 months.

TDOT Tire Memphis TN

I have pointed out the tire to more than 15 different TDOT employees for over six months. They all had a different excuse about the tire; “I didn’t put it there” “I can’t pick it up” or my favorite excuse “What tire?” “The car tire that is three feet from your foot.” “Oh… THAT tire.” I have heard the “What tire?” excuse from several different TDOT employees. I guess TDOT feels it is entitled to trash the state of Tennessee at will. It really, really sucks to see trash on the Greenline every day, because of state employees. No pride. Thankfully, those “tireless” employees picked the tire up after the tire sat more than 6 months at the TDOT entrance in Memphis. At this rate, the 40 / 240 project will be completed around the year 2067.

I made ribs Sunday.


Get your pig on. Those ribs will last me a short while. Dinner? Smoked ribs.

Lately I have been playing the game Skyrim.


Yes, the game will pull you in, big time. Skyrim will suck hours and hours away from your life. Just sayin’.

Remember the Found Footage Festival is coming to Memphis Thursday evening.

Thursday, Apr 2, 2015 @ 7:00pm


2105 Court Ave., Memphis, TN

“The Found Footage Festival brings its latest Volume 7 show to Memphis! Featuring a ton of public access footage donated by a local collector. Sponsored by our friends at Indie Memphis.”


Done. See YOU back here for more ribs, car tires and video games. Cheers.


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