Agave Maria Memphis Dining Review


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Food. Gotta have it. Good food by the way. Looking for a quick dinner Saturday night, I thought about giving Agave Maria a try. First, my wife and I are from South Texas. We were raised on really good Mexican food. We KNOW Mexican food. Don’t call that taco a burrito. You can’t fool us. Here is our review of Agave Maria.

agave maria memphis dining room

Talk about a statement piece. This certainly is an eye catcher.

agave maria no bull

Don’t look into the eyes of the bull, they seem to follow you. Just kidding; maybe. Or possibly you are in the mood for the King.

agave maria memphis the king

Music from the 60’s and 70’s was piped in overhead. Cool. Our server was also very attentive. Need a flight of tequila shots? Agave Maria has it. (Wish I had taken Uber downtown. Doh!)

The first order of business was drinks. What else but a margarita. The drink tasted hand made and was very refreshing.

agave maria margarita memphis

Chips and cheese? I’m in.

agave maria memphis chips

The bowl of chips was smaller than what we were accustomed to, but you get refills.

agave maria memphis cheese dip

The cheese was good as well, and I believe that is chili powder on top of the cheese. If I could sum up the flavor of the chips and cheese, it would be like a bag of Chili Frito’s. And to tell you the truth, that is a good thing.

On to the main attraction; Mexican food. Looking over the menu

agave maria menu memphis

it was hard to decide what to choose. But, since I am a fan of chorizo, I ordered the chorizo tacos. My wife picked out the enchiladas with a side of rice. So how was the meal? Good. The enchiladas came to the table in small cast iron skillet.

agave maria memphis enchiladas

Cooked to perfection, the enchiladas were spicy. Good cheese flavor too. The rice?

agave maria memphis rice

If you like lime you got it. Big time. The rice had a lime flavor that was way over the top. I personally thought the lime flavor was over done, but the dish was still good.

Okay on to the chorizo tacos. Three small tacos were topped with cilantro, radish slices, and pineapple. Hey how about adding hot sauce to that?

agave maria memphis roja sauce

Wow. Use this sauce sparingly. This is some hot stuff. I then added some of the verde sauce to the second taco.

agave maria memphis verde sauce

Better, not so much heat. (I love hot sauce, but the Roja is REALLY hot sauce)

Overall the experience at Agave Maria was very good. I would bring friends along for the next visit. Our total bill came to $40 for two people; two plates, with one mixed drink and chips and cheese and a side dish. On a side note, the three ladies sitting next to us ordered a big plate of the pork shank. When we asked about their dinner, they commented that the dish was very good.

Adios amigos!

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What Would You Do Texas, Greenline Snake, Hammer and Ale, Memphis Heat, Tap Route, Jalapeno Gummis, Torn Commuter Bag, Broken GPS



Weekend Memphis. Get out.

I got out in a big way today; 3 hour bike ride ’round Memphis. But let’s first start at the beginning.

Friday was HOT. How hot? This is the weather page I pulled up on my phone moments before I left work.

memphis temperature hot

“It’s 13.5 miles to home. I’ve got a full camel back, it’s sunny out, I’m wearing sunglasses and riding a bicycle. Hit it!” Yes, I did take the ride slower than usual. If you are walking / jogging / riding in this heat, make sure you have plenty of water.

Speaking of water, I found this note on the Tap Route fountain today.

tap route memphis tn

Yes, we are very grateful for the free water along the Greenline.

As I was making my way back from Shelby Farms, another cyclist passed me by and said “Snake ahead”. Whatttt? Correct. There was a snake on the trail.

greenline snake memphis

I guess the snake could go with the turtle that was on the trail a few days ago near Shelby Farms.

turtle on bridge shelby farms memphis tn

Speaking of Shelby Farms, if you need to go…

shelby farms bathroom

I’m not sure if the “facilities” is unlocked or not. I may have to investigate.

After leaving the Greenline, I made my way to Overton Square and the Sweet Noshings candy store. I heard rumors of a spicy candy. It’s true, it’s true! Jalapeno Gummis!

jalapenos gummi sweet noshings memphis

And guess what… they are hot! This would go good with Two Boots beer by Abita (spicy as well).

Two Boots Abita

Or I could pair the jalapeno gummis with the lobster gummis.

2015-07-06 20.04.12

Finishing the ride at Hammer and Ale, I picked out a nice lemon beer. Curious Traveler. Get some.

hammer and ale memphis beer

torn commuter bag memphis

My commuter bag that I have been using for nearly two years now has a tear near the top of the bag. Hmmm…. must get the thing fixed.

Found my old GPS last night.

etrex gps broken

It has seen far better days. Probably the last time I used the thing was 10 years ago. I remember it well. I was in the parking lot at work, riding my bicycle. I attached the gps to my handle bars to calculate my speed. The last thing I remember was noting that I was going 15 miles per hour…. then I hit a curb and did the superman slide across the pavement. Slowwwwwly sitting up, I had to call work and ask someone to come by and help me sit up. I hit my head pretty good, as well as other parts of my body. After leaving half of my skin in the parking lot, I went by my girlfriends place. I had gravel still stuck “in my face”. Yeah, it was that bad. The gps kinda works still. If you count the screen working “sometimes”. The top arrow points to the scratches from the accident that day. The other arrows point to the missing buttons from the accident. I didn’t need those buttons. Who needs to zoom out anyway.

What would you do? The show. That’s what I’m talking about. I discovered my best buds mother was featured on the program last night. She was shopping for groceries in our old neighborhood store (in San Antonio, Texas) when the ex-military guy (an actor) in the line in front of her didn’t have enough money to pay for diapers and food. She offered to cover his expenses since both her son and grandson served in the army. She also works at a local food pantry in the neighborhood. After filming the scene, the entire crew gave her cash donations from their pockets to help the food pantry. If you watch the video, she is the first person that offers the veteran help. The woman is a saint. Even though we did a whole lotta stupid stuff when we were younger, she didn’t strangle her son or his dumb friends (me). I found it funny that many Facebook friends were commenting on the show last night. There are still good people in this world.

Done. Stay cool Memphis.

Shelby Farms Construction, Tap Route Memphis, Gummi Lobsters, Cafe 1912 Memphis, Turtle, New Sign East Parkway South, Broken Monitor, Pancakes, Central BBQ Memphis



Weekend Memphis. And what a week it was.

Since I commute to work by bicycle, water is essential to my ride during this time of the year. Unfortunately I forgot my water last Monday evening. Hot and thirsty, I stopped by Tap Route along the Greenline at Waring.

Tap Route Memphis

Punching the water button, the water only dribbled out. Doh! Noticing a large number of cups in the trash can; this watering hole had already been used up by thirsty Greenliners. Teach me a lesson.

Hey look, Gummi Lobsters.

2015-07-06 20.04.12

These are good. Better than the Gummi Crawfish. Rumor has it there are extra spicy Gummi Worms to be had from the Sweet Noshings shop at Overton Square. I must investigate.

Last Sunday we headed out for lunch at Café 1912 in Cooper Young. First, the food is good here. I cannot complain about that. The service? As a friend puts it, “Very Memphian.” This is the second time in a month that we have sat in for lunch. And this is the second time service was sub par. If you don’t want to be here to “work”, why show up for “work”? I don’t get it. Part of working as wait staff is to provide service throughout the “entire” meal. Disappearing after you have delivered the food is bad business. During our last visit the staff seemed more attentive to their cell phones than the tables. We would have purchased more items from the menu had we been able to get your attention. Good food, mediocre execution.

Check out these mussels.

mussels cafe 1912 memphis

Good stuff. And eggs benedict?

cafe 1912 memphis tn

Good too.

I just wish the service was as good as the meal.

Riding to work Friday, I found this turtle on the bridge near Shelby Farms.

turtle on bridge shelby farms memphis tn

Why did the turtle cross the bridge? I have no idea, but there is probably a joke in there somewhere. At least it wasn’t my friend Mr. Snake.

Memphis Snake Bicycle

The trail near the newly expanded lake at Shelby Farms is looking rough.

shelby farms construction memphis tn

There is a good amount of dirt on the trail now and grass clippings. You might want to go a bit slower in the construction zone.

Brand new sign on E. Parkway S.

east parkway sign

I saw the base a while back and couldn’t figure out what the green metal would be used for. Now I know. I do wonder if the city or a group will plant flowers along the median like the upper portion near Poplar and East Parkway South.

But just down the street, I also found this on the sidewalk.

sidewalk computer memphis tn

If you need a computer monitor, slightly used, here ya go. Why dump the broken monitor off on the sidewalk? And how long will the city let the monitor sit there? Good question.

Oh look, pancakes from Coffee Town. Get some.


The ride home Friday? HOT! When there are few people out riding, you know it’s hot outside. This time Tap Route at Waring had water thank goodness.

Tap Route Memphis Greenline

Not only did I drink a couple of small cups of water, I filled my water bottle up halfway with that cold water. Thanks Tap Route!

To end the work week, my wife picked up some Central BBQ.

central bbq pork memphis tn

Well if your work week is busy, might as well end it right. The only thing that would have been better would have been a nice beer to go with that bbq heaven.

Done. See YOU back here for more bicycles, bbq, and broken computer monitors.

Memphis Beer, Hammer and Ale Memphis, Festina Peche, Eat the Heat, Central BBQ, Bicycle Doormat, Bicycle Texas Shirt, Mango Chamoy


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Weekend Memphis. Just do it. Or something.

Last week? I did some beer drinking. Beautiful sight.

hammer and ale beer memphis

Stopping in at Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young, I tried out a few beers.

hammer and ale memphis tn

A few notes. The Lemon Shandy by the Curious Traveler is fantastic. Got To Get Up To Get Down by Wiseacre is easily one of the best beers made in Memphis. And the Poet by New Holland? Very smooth, very good. Try one.

The mustard with the pretzels is amazing. Really. You gotta try it.

hammer and ale pretzels

I also picked up some Festina Peche from Busters. ‘Spensive but worth it.

festina peche

Lately I have been getting hot… hot chips, hot (spicy) beers and jalapenos. The unholy triad of hotness.

triad of hotness

YOU try all of these in one night. Good luck. I would eat a chip, “hot, hot, hot”, chase it with some Two Boots beer, “that’s hot too!” and chase it with a jalapeno, “hot, hot, hot”. Death by jalapeno. Bring on the heat!

Oh yeah… Central BBQ for lunch at work.

central bbq memphis

And that BIG BAG was FULL of BBQ heaven. I had BBQ for two days. Loved it. Wings too.

My wife picked up a new doormat.

bicycle door mat

Get on your bikes and ride.

She also purchased me this very cool shirt.

bicycle texas shirt

I LOVE it.

Need some Mangos covered with Chamoy?

mango chamoy

Gottcha covered.

Since our trip to Nashville was a rainout, we have to go to plan “B”. And plan “B” involves Sarah Connor. “I’ll be back.”

Two Boots, Bicycles and Alcohol, Bank Drive Thru, Riding in the Rain, Double Rainbow, Riding on East Parkway, Beaded Bicycle, Snake



Weekend Memphis. Get out of the house!

My bicycle rides this week have been interesting to say the least. Either the days are extremely hot, or there was the severe rain like yesterday. Luckily I was able to stop for water on Waring and the Greenline.

Tap Route Memphis

Again, the water here is not cool, it is COLD. I still do not know how the water is kept so cold, but the water is very refreshing after riding for nearly an hour in the heat.

Friday evening I was riding home from the east side of Memphis. And that is when I ran into this:

Riders on the Storm.

Riders on the Storm.

I knew there were rain showers predicted for the evening, but I imagined I could escape the showers. No such luck. By the time I was near Shelby Farms, the temperature dropped from the 90’s to the 70’s in a matter of seconds. I went from the oven to the cooler rather quickly. As soon as I crossed Walnut Grove into Shelby Farms, the wind and rain kicked in. I crossed Farm Road and went along Gardner Road as I usually do. Then the rain really hit hard. Fun. Very fun. I tried to think of a place to get shelter from the rain as I was riding. I knew there was a bus stop by the penal farm. There are two small sheds along Gardner Road as well. I parked my bicycle near the shed towards the western end of Gardner Road to get out of the rain. Thirsty and tired, I drank a bottle of water. Then I looked down. I wasn’t the only one taking shelter here.

Memphis Snake Bicycle

Snake! My foot was only two feet away from the thing. Next time I will take note of the place I stop at. The rain finally stopped and I was heading north to the Greenline again. I did see a double rainbow on the way.

memphis double rainbow

I also had to stop and wring my shirt out. My clothes were completely soaked. No matter. This would be my disgruntled look after the deluge of water.

Memphis Bicycle Rain Disgruntled

Saturday I stopped in at Coffee Town for some waffles and coffee. I found this slightly “beaded” bicycle. Got beads? From New Orleans?

bead bicycle

After reading the news, I had a few more stops to make. First I stopped in at a bank on Poplar. There is always a concern that the bank has a problem with me using the drive thru when I am riding my bicycle.

bicycle drive thru bank

Luckily no banks have had an issue with me riding up to the bank drive thru. Made a deposit and I was on my way.

Next stop? Busters on Highland. Went in, found my Two Boots

Two Boots Abita

some Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips, vodka and Dogfish Head Festina Peche. Gotta mix it up. Although I am wondering about combining Nikki’s Chips and the Two Boots. Both products burn. This should be interesting. As I was leaving Busters, the clerk asked how I would carry everything. “I gotta big basket.”

Memphis Bicycle Rack Beer and vodka

It only takes a little planning. Really, shopping for groceries on a bicycle is easier than you think. Just plan ahead.

Making my way home, I discovered crews were cutting tree limbs on E. Parkway S. Two of the three lanes were coned off. PERFECT for me to ride in the lane.

Memphis Bicycle East Parkway South

You will not find me riding on E. Parkway S. much. Motorists drive over the speed limit and the traffic is usually busy.

Plans for the evening may include some Hammer and Ale beers. And / or BBQ. Until next time, keep moving, get out and ride your beaded bicycles. Cheers.

Bicycle and Coffee, Motorhead Bicycle, Misfits Socks, Carry Your Bicycle Commuter Bag, Central BBQ, Tap Route Memphis



And it is the weekend Memphis. Get out.

Although there was a ton of rain Friday, I managed to work my way around it during my commute to work yesterday. The rain was falling Friday morning until 7:00 a.m. As soon as the rain stopped I jumped on my bike and headed to work. Crossing my fingers that the rain had stopped, I made my way to Coffee Town. “I need a coffee to go; STAT!” “Uh… did you ride your bike?” the barista asked. “It’s okay, I have a cup holder.”

Bicycle Cup Holder Coffee

A minute later I was out the door and headed down the Greenline. Even though the rain had stopped, no others were out on the Greenline early Friday morning. Rain can’t hurt you people. The trails were a bit soggy, and the back of my shirt was a bit muddy, but I survived the ride.

Since it was Friday, I opted for some special work socks.

Misfits Socks

I find I do my best work while wearing Misfits socks.

Riding back home, I forgot to pack some water and it was hot outside. Good luck I ran into this at the Greenline / Waring intersection.

Tap Route Memphis

Tap Route Memphis Greenline

I never needed to use this watering station until now. THANK YOU! Talk about a lifesaver. I drank about 4 cups of COLD water. I’m not sure how the water is cooled, but on a hot day the cold water was refreshing.

Saturday I headed to Coffee Town for some coffee, waffles, and Motorhead. Gotta have some Motorhead while riding.

Motorhead Memphis

Born to lose, live to win.

Today I found an article on the website. Funny, I have used this method for carrying my commuter bag now for a couple of years. I found it easier to just use carabiners to attach my large bag to the rack on back. No big secret here, just use what you have.

Attach Bicycle Commuter Bag to Rack

Done! I stopped in for some bbq nachos at Central BBQ

Central BBQ Nachos

so now it’s time to relax. See YOU back here for more bikes, coffee and Motorhead.

Union Ave Bicycle Lanes, Abita Two Boots Beer, Shelby Farms Construction, High Cotton Memphis, Memphis Made Brewery, Hammer and Ale



Weekend Memphis. Get out!

Work, bicycles, and beer.

Two Boots Abita

Two Boots beer to be exact. One state and one country equal two BOOTS. Italy and Louisiana to be exact. The fine folks at Abita helped to produce this fine beverage. So what is the big deal? Lemon, honey and pepper. The drink is very light. You can easily taste the pepper. It is not until later that you feel the burn from inside. Wow. I really enjoy this beer. Busters carries Two Boots at $5 for a large bottle. Go get some. (I recently picked up two bottles myself)

I was able to get some two wheeling action in last week. Shelby Farms is continuing to work on the bike / ped path around the new portion of the lake.

Shelby Farms Construction

And… Bike lanes on Union? Whattttt? Yes, bike lanes are coming to Union Ave. Don’t start your plans to ride from downtown all the way to the Union Ave viaduct in midtown. The bike lanes on Union will be located closer to the medical area.

“The bike lanes in the Union project will complement those to be striped at major intersections in The Edge and the Medical District, he said (Kyle Wagenshutz). In the next 18 months, new lanes will be striped around Marshall, Pauline, Manassas, and Dunlap.”

I do plan to use the bike lanes since The Edge area is where High Cotton Brewery is located.

High Cotton Brewery Patio

Read more about the Union bike lanes in the Memphis Flyer here.

Speaking of beer and bicycles, I made my way over to Hammer and Ale on Cooper to get a growler filled. The guys behind the bar know beer, so if you have questions, please ask. Although I have a basket for the beer to go into, I really need to look into a growler carrier for the bicycle. And… I do need to stop by Memphis Made and have a beer.

Memphis Made Brewery

The brewery is two blocks from home. There is no excuse.

Done! See YOU back here for more beers, bikes and more beers. Cheers.

Hammer and Ale Memphis, Memphis Coffee, Shelby Farms Construction, Memphis Greenway,Bicycle Memphis



Weekend Memphis. Get out!

Yes, other than work, I was out riding around Memphis.

Shelby Farms Green Line Memphis

Shelby Farms Green Line Memphis

Some random stuff. I now know EXACTLY how long it takes me to ride to and from Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young to refill some growlers. 37 minutes. My problem? I have to take 1 full growler and 2 half growlers. Gotta make some choices when it comes to beer.

2015-06-06 12.39.53

Today I picked up some Blue Pants Sour, and Yazoo Hefe. Oink.

I also stopped by Coffee Town for some good stuff this morning.


My problem? Finding a place to park the bicycle.

2015-06-06 10.54.03

Put up a bike rack and apparently EVERYONE rides a bike to the coffee shop.

In other bicycle news, get ready for the GREEN WAY. (Taller cousin of the Greenline). A new trail will run north and south, following the Wolf River. 18 MORE MILES! AWESOME! I can’t wait for the trail to be complete. Read all about the new trail here. And make sure you check out the trail map (pdf). This is an excellent project for Memphis.

As I was riding to work the other day I noticed something different at Farm Road and Shelby Farms. Oh yeah… trees. More trees to be exact.

Shelby Farms New Trees

Farm Road is looking good. The construction crew is installing the new bike / ped path around the larger lake.

One recent purchase was a Topeak Pocket air pump. (remember my last one was stolen from my bicycle a couple of weeks ago) No, I didn’t read the directions. After 30 minutes, I figured the thing out. You have to take out the plastic insert (BOTH PIECES) and reset them in order to pump a tire with a Schrader valve. Apparently I was not the only person that was confused by the looks of Youtube.

And I also purchased a bicycle carrier for the car. In the past I would just throw the bicycle into the back of my truck. Since I purchased a CAR, transporting the bicycle is not as easy. (Take front tire off, fit into back seat) The downside of purchasing the carrier? Delivery will take 10 days. Where is the thing shipping from???

More bicycle thoughts? I am contemplating taking the bus to work with my bicycle (or nearly to work, Baptist Hospital East Memphis) then riding the last few miles to work. Then I can ride back home in the evening. The real cause is my work day begins at 7:30 now. It’s either that, or leave for work at 6:00 a.m. driving the car with bicycle and riding the bike from 6:30 a.m. – 7:15 a.m. around Shelby Farms.

Another thought is to ride to work Monday (I begin work at 8:45 a.m.) and ride on Friday (I begin work at 8:45 a.m.) Options to think about.

Done. See YOU out and about in Memphis.

Misfits Socks, Don’t Stand Here, Hammer and Ale Memphis, Bicycles and Beer


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Yes, I will give you ONE guess who’s laptop is about to DIE.

Yep, you guessed it. If you have never attempted to transfer files from one laptop to another, you are certainly missing out on the fun. “Easy Transfer” from Windows? DOES NOT WORK in Safe Mode. Uhhhh…. So I purchased a 1 TB external hard drive. Luckily I was able to move all of my blog pictures over.

Lately work has consumed my time and life. Not much time for living. BUT, I have finally found some good books to read (after a month long literary drought).

Better yet, the Memphis Public Library provided this book; “The Forgotten Room” by Lincoln Child. A really, really good paranormal mystery. Love it. And it’s FREE from the Memphis Library.

Although we had a busy weekend last week, we were able to stop in for some lunch downtown. On Beale Street, they don’t want you to “stand here”.

do not stand in this area

No, DON’T stand here. Never mind.

I did wear my Misfits socks to work with dress pants. Nobody checks out my socks anyway.

Misfits Socks

And by noon today I had already stopped in for some coffee at Coffee Town.

Choose901 Coffee Town

After the coffee, I decided to beat the rain to Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young. Good beer on tap. My problem? I brought one half growler, but when I tried the Berliner Sour, I wanted more. I purchased a full growler from the bar and filled it up with sour beer. Can’t wait for a glass tonight.

Hammer and ale memphis Berliner Sour Bicycle

Now how many growlers can I fit in my bicycle basket? One, two, three….?

Done. See YOU back here for more Memphis Coffee, beers and bicycles.

New Orleans, Amtrak Train Ride, Juan’s Flying Burrito, Bicycle New Orleans, Vans, Misfits Socks, Felipe’s New Orleans, Haunted Condo, Jimmy Hoffa Safe, New Orleans Gumbo, New Orleans Hurricane


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Back… in Memphis. Didja miss me?

We took a few days vacation in New Orleans recently. What a trip. Train trip that is.

When we arrived at the station in Memphis at 6:15 a.m., we were surprised that the train was already waiting for us. Usually the train is late to arrive. We gathered our bags and picked up our seating assignments. After I settled in, I proceeded to sleep four hours. The rocking train puts me to sleep.

Arriving in New Orleans, we stopped by the hotel to put the bags down, then it was off to Felipe’s.

Felipes New Orleans French Quarter

Hungry? This is a good place to dine in at. Good mexican food at a good price. The hurricanes don’t hurt either.

Felipes New Orleans Hurricane

After a few drinks and eats, we headed over to the casino to lose money :( Last year I won $500 on my last $0.25. This year? Nothing.

Oh yes, we found a haunted condo.

Haunted New Orleans Condo For Lease

Jimmy Hoffa was also located in New Orleans.

Jimmy Hoffa Safe

The safe was free, if you could lug it home. “Free. No, seriously.” (Look at the tag in the upper left hand corner of the safe.)

How about some food. The Gumbo Shop has great chicken gumbo. (go with the chicken over seafood gumbo. Really)

Gumbo Shop Chicken Gumbo

Wait, there’s more. I always stop in at the Pontalba Cafe on Jackson Square for gumbo too.

Cafe Pontalba New Orleans Gumbo

Spicy and good.

Mexican food? Sure. We always stop in at Juan’s Flying Burrito.

Juans Flying Burrito New Orleans Magazine St

Best enchiladas in town. Hands down. Need a drink? They have those too.

Margarita Juans Flying Burrito

And rock music. Juan’s plays Maiden. And lots of other heavy metal. Hint. You can take the bus down Magazine Street to reach Juan’s from the French Quarter. Easy breezy and the cost is $1.25 per person.

Bicycles? Yes, New Orleans has those too.

Bicycles New Orleans

New Orleans should be renamed “Bike City”. They are everywhere. Need a cup holder? How about a coconut.

Bicycle Cup Holder Coconut New Orleans

And Coffee. New Orleans has coffee for ya. I love the artwork and the photo I took.

Coffee Shop Art New Orleans


More art? Okay.

New Orleans Art

That, came from this.

New Orleans Art 2

Found some Vans as well as Misfits socks.

Vans Misfits socks

The clerk told me the Vans were made of fine Corinthian leather.

Yes, New Orleans is still smoking.

Smoking Grill New Orleans

(I found this on the grill of a S.U.V.)

After several days of drinking, gambling and eating it was time to leave the Big Easy. We headed back to the Amtrak Station. Hint; if you have a room or suite on the train, check in at the front desk and ask for the code to the private lounge.

Amtrak Lounge New Orleans

You must have the digital code to enter. Inside, there is a television and chairs, as well as orange… everything.

Amrak Lounge New Orleans Orange

The train was on time so we found our room on board.

Amtrak Suite

The seat on the bottom left turns into a bed, as well as the top portion of the seat. This can be pulled down for a bed too. I pulled my bed down and slept for two hours.

Dinner time in the dining car.

Amtrak Menu

I found the salmon pretty good as well as the potato’s.

Amtrak Dinner

Overall the train ride home was fine. Thanks Amtrak! And thanks New Orleans for a fine stay. See YOU again soon.


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