Still Sick, Crosstown Brewing Company, New Location Best Memphis Burger Festival, Joe’s Growlers


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And I am back…. into the land of the living. For how long? I have no idea. 3 weeks ago, I had tonsillitis. Last week, the flu. I was feeling better last Thursday and went to work. Then Friday evening, I started to feel sick again. Saturday, I was in bad shape, so I stopped into a shopping center clinic to get MORE medicine. I can’t shake this sickness! I was given more meds to combat whatever I have. Today? I feel much better. Just to make sure everything is okay, I am going to an E.N.T. office to check me out next week. After all of this sickness, I want to be over this biological disaster.

In the news…

There may be a new brewery in town. Location? Near Crosstown. I have heard talk rumors of another brewery “brewed up” in Memphis, but I didn’t think much of the rumor. Guess I was wrong. Crosstown Brewing is the name. See the Facebook page here. Although if you ask me, that area of town is covered by High Cotton (This would place the breweries two miles apart). And to be fair, High Cotton is very, very good at what they do. My idea? Put a brew pub downtown near the Harahan Bridge. PERFECT place to catch runners, tourists, and cyclists coming and going. I would also suggest that Ghost River put in a brew pub NEAR the bridge location. And if they can’t do it, someone else needs to. Then again, if Crosstown picks up foot traffic, then Crosstown Brewing may have chosen a great location.

The big beer companies really do need to fear these small breweries. The jig is up InBev. People now know what good beer tastes like. And these local breweries are taking a bite out of big beer profit. Just sayin’.

From the Memphis Business Journal:

“The American Brewers Association reported that 502 breweries opened between July 1, 2013 and June 30 of 2014, a rate of almost 10 per week.”

If YOU are thinking of getting your foot in the brewing door, you better have some serious cash to back yourself up. The number I have heard is $500,000 just for a starter brewery. Want a tap room for your customers? Try an additional $100,000.

Paul Ryburn reported that this years Best Memphis Burger event will happen at Tiger Lane. Yes!

I don’t think parking is going to be an issue at Burger Fest this coming fall.”


Just FYI, I live less than 1 mile from Tiger Lane. I guess I will have to walk to the event, or ride my bicycle. The event takes place Saturday October 3rd. Never been to Best Memphis Burger Festival? I will show you what you are missing.

Best Memphis Burger BIG Burger

best memphis burger festival

Best Memphis Burger Trophy

The event has food, drinks and music. Good event. Please attend.

Speaking of drinks… My wife went by Joe’s in Midtown to pick up some wine and also found me some half growlers of beer.

Joe's Growlers Memphis

What’s inside the bottles? Wiseacre Coffee (which I LOVE), and Stone IPA. Now if I can just get over this cold so I can drink some beers.

Done. Now if I can just get past this cold. See YOU on the flip side. Cheers.

Memphis Ice Storm 2015, Peddler Apartment Memphis, Kingsman Movie, Memphis Pizza Cafe Parking, Bicycle Card


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Are you prepared for the Memphis Ice storm 2015 snowmageddon “Tito”? We stocked up on supplies.

But first…. We checked out the film “Kingsman“. Good movie. Go see it.


THEN… we prepared for the ice storm. We ordered some food from Memphis Pizza Cafe. Did you know you can park BEHIND Memphis Pizza Cafe for takeout.

Memphis Pizza Cafe Parking

Just put your hazard lights on, and go get your food.

So we picked up two salads and a calzone.

Memphis Pizza Cafe Salad

Memphis Pizza Cafe Calzone

Good as always.

We also picked up some beers…. just in case.

Pumpkin Beer

My favorite phrase when the power went out at the entertainment office years ago… “Break out the emergency beer!” You must be prepared.

Because the weather will be bad tomorrow, I have downloaded a couple of games. Quake. No, I never played the game when it came out.

I also downloaded a retro game titled Sanctuary. Very retro, but a cool game. Definitely a different kind of game. Check out the free demo.

I noticed an apartment for rent near the Chick-fil-A in Midtown. What attracted me to the apartment was the name; Peddler Apartments. Here is the interesting part. Each unit comes with a bicycle. “Peddle to the Square and Everywhere!”

Peddler Appartments Memphis

Peddler Apartment Memphis Facebook

Peddler Apartments Ad

You can see the ad for the apartment above. Two bedrooms, one bath. Hardwood floors. And a bicycle.

My wife purchased a valentine’s day card for me.

Bicycle Card

Check out the bicycle! Very cool card if I say so myself.

Alright. Get hunkered down for the ice storm Memphis. See you on the other side.

Christmas Beer, Belly Acres Memphis, Man Loves Cats


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Thirsty Thursday Memphis.


Since my doctors appointment went so well, I though I would celebrate with a beer and burger. It’s Christmas in February.

Bellyacres Jalapeño

We stopped in at Belly Acres at Overton Square for dinner. The burger was topped with fresh jalapenos. HOT! And the burger was good.

I also fought the parking meter at the Overton Square garage. The directions to the meter state to push the credit card all the way in, then “pull card out slowly”. After 6 failed attempts, I figured the device out.              Pull out quickly. Not slowly. Pull out quickly. It makes a difference.

Overton Square Parking Garage

And lastly, truth is stranger than fiction. My wife found this article in the Memphis Flyer.

Posing with cats

You can’t make this stuff up. And it’s not April 1st yet.

Time to have a drink. See YOU back here for more burgers, parking meters and naked cats. Cheers!

Flipboard on the Web, Living Loud In Memphis Flipboard, Manything, Memphis Magazine Fiction Contest, Elvis Fiction


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Two for Tuesday Memphis. Am I still sick? Yes I am. But I am doing better. I am holding off a bicycle ride until the end of the week, to give my body some time to recuperate.

FINALLY. Flipboard is on the internet. FINALLY. I could do live on Flipboard 24/7. Really. Love the Flipboard. (If you want to check me out, search for Living Loud In Memphis or just click on the link) I also have two other magazines; “Bicycle Memphis” and “Memphis Beer / Alcohol” “Hey, I made the cover!” Kidding…. Maybe.

So a few notes about Flipboard. In the past, the articles you found in magazines could only be viewed on a phone or tablet. Not a COMPUTER. Which made NO SENSE TO ME. Uhhh… If I can see the media on a phone or tablet, why not a desktop or laptop? I went to the ends of the earth to put Flipboard on my laptop. I downloaded the program Bluestacks (an emulator), then I downloaded the Flipboard app, THEN hacked the app into Bluestacks. (because you can’t just ADD the Flipboard app into Bluestacks. No. That would be easy) I had to view youtube video’s in RUSSIAN and GERMAN in order to figure out a work around for the repeated error message while loading the app. Dude. You REALLY like Flipboard. Yes. Yes I do. So now, it is simple. I just go to

Although I like the web format of Flipboard, the feel of the page is a bit LARGE and klunky. (Wait. Is that even a word?) But, I am happy about the move to a webpage. This should make work a happier place. Now, if Flipboard could just update automatically….

Something else I found while using Flipboard today was Manything. Home security using an old cell phone? I’m in. A low monthly cost (just a few bucks) and alerts in real-time sounds excellent to me. I will give Manything a go. Now to find that old cell phone….

I FINALLY finished the short story work of fiction for the Memphis Magazine 2015 Fiction contest. Clocking in at nearly 4500 words, the story was a beast to wrestle. I believe my pacing in the story was much better than last years pace. This years story flowed much more evenly as well. The story took hours to write. Usually I would sit and type for three hours at a time. Then there was the editing. And the re-editing. Then I had my wife edit the story. Spell check. Grammar check. Writers should make way more money. Really. After reading over the story, my wife gave the manuscript a score of 7.5 out of 10. Not bad.

If you need a short fictional story about Elvis, a friend typed up a short story about the King.

Elvis Superman 2

Read the story here. I do wonder why the city of Memphis does not have an Elvis fiction contest. I just read over my friends Elvis story this evening. Although he posted the story a while ago, I wanted to keep his story from bleeding over into my short work of fiction. No worries. Both works are completely different.

Elvis Skull

Done. Beat. See YOU back here for more tech, short stories and Flipboard. Cheers.

vampire elvis

The Sick Post


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This week… I’m down with the sickness.

I felt the cough coming on a few days ago. Everyone at work had already experienced the cough, except me. I didn’t feel well Wednesday night and I was feeling about 70% okay when my cough went downhill fast. I ended up coughing my lungs out most of the night.

This is not working. I went by Krogers on Poplar and checked in to see the nurse. An hour later I had a prescription and a diagnosis. I had tonsillitis. My tonsils were ginormous (at least that is what the nurse told me). “My, what big tonsils you have.”

The last couple of days have been nothing but cough syrup, cough drops, medicine and general discomfort. Fun.

All of the above basically means no bike rides for the next few days.

If you want to get creeped out from past radio shows, check out CBS Radio Mystery Theater. You can download some of the shows via iTunes. I used to listen to the show in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Think “Twilight Zone” on the radio. One of my favorite episodes was “The Ninth Volume“. I couldn’t remember the name of the show, but I scanned the show catalog and discovered the show again. Excellent.

Done. See you back here for more cough syrup, cough drops and medication.

Memphis Beer Bicycle, Riding into a Hurricane


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Since I forgot to press the “Publish” button a few days ago, it appears you get a couple of posts today.

I found an article in the Memphis Flyer Issue #1353. The “Party on Wheels” (page 8). Memphis. now. has. a. party. bicycle. (No, not mine) Happy Birthday to ME! Funny, I was watching “The Booze Traveler” t.v. series recently and a beer bike was featured on the show in the city of Amsterdam. If you do not know what a “beer bike” is, picture a bar on wheels, with bicycle pedals at each seat, and patrons keep the bar on the move by pedaling. F.Y.I. there is a designated driver at the wheel. As of now, the bar on a bike in Memphis is B.Y.O.B. To book the beer bike tour, call River City Pedalers at 901-825-7519. Sign. Me. Up. Check the beer bike out at Facebook; (By the way, if anyone wants to pay my admission for my “birthday beer bike ride” in October, I’m all in.)

Next. Thursday morning the temperature was nearly 55 degrees when I started my bike ride to work. Perfect! I listened to classic rock and made my way to Shelby Farms and a bit further. No worries. When I arrived at work I discovered the IT tech fix for the software problem the day before didn’t take. So round number two begins. (Hitting my head against the desk, over and over) Finally, the fix was “fixed”. We will see how long the fix lasts.

Leaving work, I was horrified at the wind speed. The wind wasn’t just bad, the wind was savage. Hurricane force winds. Really. Worse still, the wind was blowing in my face. For 3 miles I fought against the wind while riding my bicycle. Not. the. best. idea. After Shelby Farms, I had to make it up Gardner Road to the Greenline.

Greenline Gardner Rd Shelby Farms 2

Again, more fun. When I finally reached the Greenline I was beat. And I only needed 8.5 miles more to ride. At least the tree line along the Greenline blocked some of the wind. By the time I parked the bicycle at home, it was nearly 7:00 p.m. My bike ride took 20 minutes longer than usual. A local guy that rides a great deal cancelled his evening ride due to the wind. Some are smarter than others.

Done. No work tomorrow. Plans? Coffee and bikes. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and hurricanes. Cheers.


Central BBQ, Memphis Coffee, Shelby Farms, Memphis Sunset


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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

Since the temperature this morning was 50 degrees, I found the bike ride to Coffee Town an easy one. Hey look, I’m NOT wearing 4 layers of clothing for the bike ride! Imagine that. Yes, winter is winding down. My prediction? 6 weeks of cold weather. After 6 weeks, we should be at the halfway point in March. Which means warmer weather, which means nice bike rides. Just sayin’.

When I arrived at Coffee Town, the waitress told me I was late. “Ummm… no. Today I work late, and I go to work late, so I can get to Coffee Town late. Keep up people!”. Or something like that.

After coffee, and the news, I called my order in. Central BBQ to go. Easiest way to skip the line? Call your order in. One phone and two miles later, I had my sandwich in hand. Oink.

central bbq

I was riding at Shelby Farms the other day and I have always noticed this sign at the gate.

Shelby Farms Weapons

I THOUGHT the jail time was for the offense of being in the park after dark. It is not.

Park closes at sunset shelby farms

Ohhh….. Not that I would be in the park after dark. Ever. Just sayin’. And for the folks who carry a concealed firearm in the park… You may want to check out my post a while back about that. Charlton Heston or

Charlton Heston Stamp 2

a stamp bearing his likeness may come back to haunt me. “I’ll give you my bicycle air pump when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”

I did see this sunset though. Strafing the sky.

Shelby Farms Sunset

Do motorists ever notice sunsets? Just asking.

Done. See YOU back here for more bbq, bikes and Charlton Heston. Cheers.

(It helps if I press the “PUBLISH” button, since I wrote this post up 3 days ago :)

Big Eyes Movie Review, Wooden Comb


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Movie day. I originally intended to see the film “Black Hat”, but since I read the schedule incorrectly, I ended up watching the film “Big Eyes“.

big eyes ticket stub

Having read the background of the movie, I thought the concept was interesting. Hot dog and nachos in hand, I sat down to the picture show.

hot dog nachos

My thoughts? Amy Adams is spot on in the lead role. You REALLY believe in her character. Newly married, Margaret Keane plays the role of the submissive wife. Even letting her new husband take credit for her paintings. After her paintings make the couple wealthy, she continues the charade, hiding the truth from the world, her friends, and her own daughter. But after years of abuse, she finally tells the real story.

Another great actor in the film is Krysten Ritter. Playing her good friend DeeAnn, Ritter fits into the film perfectly. Although she gets little film time, her part is also right on the mark as the friend that suspects something is wrong “with this picture”.

My biggest complaint about the film is the casting of the character Walter Keane played by Christoph Waltz. I do not discount his acting skills. My only complaint is that he just didn’t fit the role. Something seemed off with the way he portrayed the character. The film conveys him as a womanizer (ALWAYS chatting up the young women at art shows) but he comes off somewhat feminine for most of the movie. I just didn’t buy it.

The movie was good,  but not great. Go check the film out for yourself.

Oh, here is a wooden comb.

wooden comb

Just sayin’.

Come back for more movies and wooden combs. Cheers.


Shelby Farms Construction, Memphis Sunset, Charlton Heston Postage Stamps, Overton Square, Bikehacks


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Weekend Midtown. Get out.

Since I had to work today, I will go over last weeks activities. With warmer weather, my ride to work was nice.

Shelby Farms Sunset

I did notice some plumbing getting installed at Shelby Farms. The entire newly built bike / ped path at the new lake location at Shelby Farms was lined with pipe.

Shelby Farms Construction

Having purchased a few postage stamps, I decided to use them to send a few bills in.

Charlton Heston Stamps

Of course I added a favorite line from one of my favorite movies starring Mr. Heston. “Get your stinking paws off me…”

Oh yeah, I saw this mural at Overton Square last week. Beautiful colors at the Square.

Overton Square Mural

From, (a great website by the way) 21 bicycle inspired home decorations. Try them.

Next week the temperatures will climb to nearly 60 degrees. Excellent bicycling riding temperatures. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and books. Cheers.

The Great Coffee Bicycle Ride 2015


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June 4th, 2011. The Great Iced Coffee Bicycle Ride. Has it been nearly 4 years since the LAST Great Coffee Bicycle Ride? Hold on to your bike shorts. The Great Coffee Bicycle Ride occurred again today.

If you are unaware of the last Great Coffee Bicycle Ride, you can catch up from the link above. I haven’t read over the post since I had written the ride up so many years ago. Here is what I do remember of the ride in 2011. The ride was HOT. Way hot. From what I remember, I started at Republic Coffee, the headed over to the Eclectic Cafe, then on to Starbucks, Otherlands and Java Cabana. For some reason I did the ride around noon time, the temperature only rising as I made my way from shop to shop.

Out of the blue, with a day off from work, I decided to repeat the ride today. Again, I started at Republic Coffee.

Republic Coffee

I sat down, read the news for a while, then made my way to the second stop.

The reason I stopped here at this coffee shop?

starbucks coffee

A bank was located very near, and I needed to do some banking. Thankfully the bank didn’t harass me for riding in the drive thru on a bike.

Bank Drivethru

(You would be VERY surprised how riding a bicycle in a drive thru is troublesome for some businesses)

The banking sorted out, time for coffee. I guess I don’t read the menu often enough at this joint. “Blonde” coffee? Blonde jokes are easy enough, so I will not go there. I was actually surprised how good the “blonde” coffee tasted. Better than expected.

Onward. I became turned around in Cooper Young (LOST in my own neighborhood), but I did see this mural.

Midtown Is Memphis Mural

And on the opposite side of the street… 38104.

38104 Mural

I think the art is cool.

Cooper Young Mural

After getting back on track, I headed over to Muddy’s Grind House.

I really couldn’t remember which street the shop was located on. Found the place and wheeled up that STEEP driveway. I had to stand up in the saddle to get to the front door. Once inside, I asked for a coffee and sat and relaxed.

Muddys Grindhouse Coffee

Muddys Grindhouse

I wonder if anyone notices the small door (bottom left of the photo) at the counter.

Muddys Grindhouse Counter

Next. One block down, another coffee shop; Otherlands.


Yes, Cooper Young has two coffee shops one block apart. We do like our coffee. I do find it interesting that both shops were crowded, but with different crowds. Muddy’s shop draws the white-collar crowd, while Otherlands brings in the writer/philosopher/hippie crowd. Order a “small” coffee at Otherlands, and you will get just that. A SMALL cup of coffee.

otherlands coffee

I placed a quarter next to the cup so you could get an idea of just how small this cup of coffee is. To be fair, they do offer a refill.

Moving on. The last coffee shop on the list is Java Cabana.

Java Cabana

If you enjoy a “chill” place, this is it. Whether you are writing, reading or just relaxing, this place is for you.

Java Cabana Interior

Java Cabana Coffee

As I was sitting outside, the owner saw my bicycle and said she needed to get back on her bicycle. I told her my story about the “Great Coffee Bicycle Ride”. “This is the fifth coffee shop I have visited today”. My guess is that she thought I was crazy or just making the story up.

Five coffee shops, one bicycle, one day. Done.

Finishing up The Great Coffee Bicycle Ride, I placed a to go order at Central BBQ. Time to start The Great BBQ Bicycle Ride….. or I could just leave that for another day.

BBQ Shop Ribs

(Truth be told, I went BACK to Central BBQ later in the evening to pick up some BBQ chicken for dinner. Twice in one day!)

See YOU back here for more bikes, coffee, and bbq. Cheers.


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