Death Wish Coffee Shirt, Memphis Heat, Gary Gygax, Life Is Good Book, Stranger Things Series


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Get out Memphis.

My problem?  Work. Saturday. Did me in.

I was able to ride my bicycle to work Friday… in my new Death Wish Coffee Shirt. Awesome! Great shirt.

Death Wish Coffee Shirt

On a related note, the temperature Friday afternoon was rather high. (it only felt like 112 degrees)

Memphis Weather

I was not the only psycho out on the Greenline in the heat Friday afternoon. At least half a dozen other brave souls were out exercising. I rolled slow and drank plenty of water. It also helped I changed into my white Peralta Nordic Skull shirt.

peralta welinder nordic skull

I just finished a very good book.

gary gygax

If you are an 80’s geek, this book is for you. Great book? No. Good book? Yes. Gary Gygax changed the world.

And I am still working on the “Life is Good” book.

Life Is Good Book

Life got you down? Read this. The book will change your outlook. Try it.

Need a GOOD show to watch? Try “Stranger Things”, a Netflix series.

stranger things series netflix

This is a very good show. The music? Think of a John Carpenter soundtrack from the slasher movies. The graphics? Totally late 70’s and 80’s. The cast? This cast has it. Winona Ryder is acting… and acting very well. She is spot on “bonkers”. Matthew Modine is good as well (his parts have been very limited so far). The children? Again, spot on. Mille Brown plays it very flat as “11”. Finn Wolfhard plays the perfect 80’s teen. The shows? BANG from the start of each episode. You want creepy? You got it. See this series, but not by yourself. Check it out Memphis and be prepared to be frightened.

Done. See you back here for more books, beers and “Stranger Things”.

Turtle, Angband Game, CBU Construction, Good Books, Life Is Good, Bicycle PlanterS, Beers and Boscos, BBQ Bicycle Basket, Raspberry Jam Beer


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My day? Friday morning I WAS going to ride my bicycle to work. I checked the tires on Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. and all was good. At 7:00 a.m., my back tire was flat. Doh! I really, really do not want to change a tire at 7:00 a.m. (or at any other time to tell you the truth). So I drove to work. The flat should have bothered me more, but I wouldn’t let it. You have to think on the positive side (see the featured book in this post). I put the ride off until later in the day. And that is just what I did. I still got 17 miles in, and I am a happy camper.

Sometimes you are the pigeon, and sometimes you are the… no wait. Sometimes you are the bear and sometimes… that is not right either. What do bears do? Sometimes you are the rabbit, and other times you are the turtle. That’s it! As I was riding down the Greenline, I saw this turtle crossing the path. Good. Luck. Dude.

turtle greenline shelby farms

And you thought you had a tough day.

I stopped to look at some changes to the “Memphis” sign along the Greenline at the Waring intersection, (just west of Waring).

memphis greenline

I was always to busy to stop to look at the newest addition. Good stuff.

memphis greenline 2

If you have noticed large orange traffic cones on E. Parkway S. near C.B.U., it is because the city and C.B.U. are planting trees and flowers on the median.

CBU E Parkway S construction

I spoke to a parks rep today while on my bike ride. He said the university has spent a large amount of money for the city to add plants and trees to median. The work should be completed by the first week of September, or earlier.

Since my IPhone decided to go bonkers on me several months ago, a good portion of my music was wiped out. Instead of attempting to reload all of the music from several sources, I decided to go with a Sandisk wireless memory stick from

sandisk wireless drive

The stick cost around $30 but I am happy with the product. The device connects via wifi to most phones and tablets. You can set a password for the memory stick and let a couple of other people share the data at the same time. The battery is supposed to last 4 hours. 64 gigs total memory. The initial setup was troublesome, but after I “turned it off, turned it back on again”, the thing worked perfectly. Hello music!

Books? I got books. After going several months without anything to read, I got books.

books i am reading

Paul Ryburn recommended a book on his blog.

Life Is Good Book

I decided to bite. And the book “Life is Good” is good. I enjoy reading some positive books every now and then, to put my life into perspective. Years ago I was complaining to a guy I knew about some random thing. He just looked at me and said, “Are you kidding? You ride your bike to work every day. People would LOVE to have your life.” I smiled and agreed with him. I really do not have much to complain about.

And I downloaded a FREE game recently. I guess the D and D thing rubbed off on me, so I checked out Angband.



The game is very old school. You can play the game with or without graphics. (Me: WITH graphics). Just a good dungeon crawler you can play on your PC.

After getting some coffee at Muddys Grind House on Saturday, I wheeled on over to Central BBQ for some takeout pig.

BBQ Bicycle Basket Memphis

BBQ, bike and basket. That’s how I roll.

Sunday? Beer and waffles at Bosco’s.

Beer and waffles Memphis

Reminds me of Amsterdam.

Speaking of beer, Tallgrass has Raspberry Jam SOUR beer. Oink. I highly recommend this stuff. Get yours at Joes Liquor.

raspberry jam tallgrass beer.

I was out for a ride EARLY Sunday morning, when I spotted this on a busy street in  east Memphis. That’s very cool.

Bicycle Planter Memphis

Then I spotted THIS at Overton Square.

Bicycle Planter Overton Square memphis

Coincidence? I think not.

Get on that bicycle and ride Memphis. See YOU back here for more bbq, bikes, beers and waffles.

Memphis Burlesque, Just Larry


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There is nothing to do in Memphis! Really? Are you sure? There is always Larry. Just Larry. If you like entertainment, ladies and drinks; then this is the show for you.

Just Larry ParadiseReminds of that David Lee Roth tune; “Just Like Paradise”. Show starts at 8:00 p.m. on 7/16/16. Magic, drinks and…. the ladies; Lady Doo Moi, Kitty Wompas, & Requi Emma. Cool down with some cold drinks then get hot with the ladies. More information? Go here. Or you can just read this:

ALOHA & Bula!!!!
Join international circus performer, contemporary vaudevillian and Big Kahuna himself, JUSTLARRY, as he takes you on an raunchy and risque road trip of a lifetime. All the colors and the fantasies of the Pacific islands come to life on the stage at the Hitone in a true luau for the senses… Pack your bags and jump aboard to travel and meet beautiful burlesque beach beauties that will tantalize and tease the tiki gods, laugh your coconuts off with hilarious cruise comedians , relax to the jungle rhythms and sensuous sounds of sirens of the seas, be bewildered at island magic and illusions, win prizes , join in the contests, and be apart of more mayhem than you can shake your grass skirt at!!!”

Get out Memphis!

Wine in Tennessee Stores,Tip Top Liquor, Agricenter Car Crash


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

Oh, I got out alright. Took my bicycle out for a ride to work along the Greenline today. Leaving slightly later than I wanted, I still made it to work without incident. A good number of people were out and about, using the Greenline. It was hot though. Take water with you people! I almost ran into this critter riding back from work last week.

Armadillo Memphis

If you haven’t been by the Tip Top liquor store lately (on Madison), the booze shop has taken over Camy’s side of the building. (Camy’s has relocated near Republic Coffee on Walnut Grove Rd) Yes, Tip Top was tiny. Now there is much more space. There is also a neighbor with a sense of humor to boot.

Tip Top Liquor Memphis Legs

I knew Tip Top was a friendly store but wow!

And… grocery stores have started to sell wine in Tennessee.

Wine in grocery stores Tennessee

Kroger has a large section devoted to “house wife” wine. (Cheap wine for mom to pick up while shopping) It is about time that Tennessee makes changes to the alcohol laws. Me? I’m not into wine, so the “wine in the supermarket” does not affect me much. High gravity beers in the supermarket WILL be appreciated. This change will take place soon and I can’t wait.


While riding near Walnut Grove Road this afternoon, I heard sirens in the distance. As I approached Shelby Farms, I discovered why.

Car drove into Agricenter Sign Memphis TN

This motorist drove a car “into” the Agricenter digital sign. This is the same sign that had been repeatedly shot at in the past, damaging the sign. I guess the Agricenter is now getting a new digital sign… the hard way. #DistractedDriving #BikeSafely

Done. I’m beat. See you back here for more beers, car crashes and armadillo’s. Cheers.


Living Loud in Nashville


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Nashville. Get some.

Nashville Broadway

We LOVE going to Nashville for a weekend. And for the 4th of July, we did just that. What is there to do in Nashville? Eat.

Puckets Nashville

Pucketts’s Nashville



angry balls

Angry Balls


And listen to live music.

Did I mention eat? We did plenty of that in Nashville.

Fido Nashville Breakfast

Fido Nashville


And more drinks… I mean coffee. This joint is across from Fido near Vanderbilt.

Revelator Coffee Nashville

Wait. What about Mexican food? I didn’t drive three hours NOT to eat at Chuy’s THREE different days. (Twice on purpose!)

Chuys Nashville Enchilada Plate

Chuys Nashville

Your heart is as cold as…

Cold Beer Ex Wife

That. Is. Cold.


Maybe someone could s’plain this about Taylor Swift. (Since I am not young and do not follow this Swift person)

Taylor Swift Nashville

You can look at the view…

Crazy Town Balcony

But don’t stand on the ledge.

No standing on Ledge

They really have to tell people this? Nashville is an excellent city to visit. The food is good as well as the entertainment.

If you like to shop for clothes… check out Flip (for men or womens clothing).  1100 & 1016 8th Avenue South • Nashville, TN 37203

I do NOT enjoy shopping for clothing. I really hate it to tell you the truth. But… this store has great prices and inventory. 2 shirts, pants and dress shoes, all for around $100. Sign me up. They have my size and most importantly, my price tag here. Go!

Nashville wore me out, but we enjoyed the city. Stay cool Memphis, and come back for more Living Loud in Midtown.

Memphis Greenline, Memphis Heat, Independence Day Resurgence, Map My Ride, Trotify


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Weekend Memphis. Don’t melt.

Memphis Temperature

Memphis heat. It’s hot out there. If you are exercising, walking or riding a bike; drink water!


If you are on the Greenline, there are a few places to get free water. The Tap Route water stop on Waring has saved me several times.

Tap Route Memphis 2

It’s FREE! And the water is usually very cold. I’m not sure how this is achieved, but I like the cool water.

Tap Route Memphis

Or you could just drink beer. The Abita Blueberry Wheat is really good.

Abita Blueberry Wheat

I was so impressed I purchased a six pack. The flavor isn’t the cheap, syrup taste. The blueberry flavor does not hit you hard, but it is up front. And the aroma is good too. Kroger carries the Abita Blueberry Wheat. Get some.

Speaking of riding along the Greenline, there are more new park benches installed at Shelby Farms. The park is coming along nicely.

Shelby Farms Benches

And… the benches along the trail at Graham and the Greenline have flowers in front of them. I do not know who placed them there, but it is a nice touch.

Greenline and Graham Flowers

I haven’t used this app much in the past, but I decided to try it out today. Map My Ride has good reviews, so I downloaded the free app and pushed “start”. Then my Pebble watch alerted me that the app was tied into my watch. My watch gave me my speed, time and distance. The app also announced at various times this same data. Since I had my small speaker with me, I heard the information loud and clear.

Map My Ride

Good ride, even though I was only was out for one hour. I did have to stop several times to drink water, which affected my time. Using my camera I was able to catch a couple of videos while on the street. Once I download the video and upload the video to YouTube, I will post the action.

Speaking of action, we checked out Independence Day Resurgence.

Independence Day Resurgence

The special effects? Good. The story? So so. The acting? What acting? Tasty on the outside, hollow on the inside. I should have known how the film was going to turn out. The theater only had two people inside when we arrived.

And I will leave you with this! I must have one!

Memphis Greenline Extension


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

Saturday I took my bicycle for a ride down the newly opened Greenline Extension. And this time, I went all the way. Yes the morning started out warm, but I had water. Two water bottles to be exact.


That helped. And many people were using the Greenline at 9:00 a.m. The new extension was crowded with people walking, jogging and cycling. And those open trenches near the street crossings? Those have been covered with metal grates now.

Greenline Extension Memphis

The trail looks good and has much needed shade. There is still some work going on along the trail, but it is in great shape.

I moved on up to Germantown Road (one of the busiest streets near Memphis and waited for the light to change. You can watch the video here)

Greenline Extension Memphis Germantown Parkway Light

After waiting a minute or so the light changed and the traffic stopped. I crossed the busy street to the center and waited again for the light to change. If you hit the button while waiting for the light, you will hear a loud “wait”. When traffic stops, you hear a loud clattering sound.

I crossed Germantown Road easily and moved on down the trail. A few things I do not like are the next few intersections with no stop signs for traffic. These intersections are busy. It may be safer for everyone if there were four way stops in Cordova where the trail crosses the streets. The last intersection has only stop signs on the trail and the street from the south side of the intersection has a big curve to it, making it difficult for traffic to see trail users.

Oh yeah, the new extension mile markers are unmarked.

Greenline Extension Mile Marker

Oh good, I’ve biked “NO” miles this morning.

The newest extension to the Greenline is well used on the  west end of the trail, but not so much on the east end. The former railway stop (beginning or end of the line as of now) in Cordova has very limited parking too. Or it could be trail users do not want to mess with crossing Germantown Road. Still the newest extension really is great. Try it out for yourself Memphis.

Memphis Greenline Map

Wait. More bikes Memphis! The Memphis Flyer has a story about Memphis and bikes. YOU can read the story here. Me? I still need to read the story myself.

Stay cool and ride your bikes!

New Bicycle


Shelby Farms Construction, Boscos Brunch, Square Olive, Hammer and Ale, Beers and Bikes


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Weekend Midtown. Get out!

I was out and about the last few days. Friday I took my bike out for a ride along the Greenline. If you have yet to go by Shelby Farms, the construction continues. The latest additions are the park  benches currently being installed around the expanded Patriot Lake.

Benches Shelby Farms Memphis

It seems every time I go by the park, something else is changing, for the better.

And on my way home, I spotted this shopping cart.

Greenline Grocery Cart

If you need to do some shopping on the Greenline….

I also stopped in at Hammer and Ale for a growler. Embrace the Funk Memphis! I love a sour beer. The most difficult part of taking my bike to get beer is how to get the growler to stand up while in the bike basket. Then it dawned on me, use my packing cords to secure the growler. Perfect!

Beer Growler Bicycle

Sunday, brunch day. We headed to Overton Square for breakfast and a movie. First up was Boscos for waffles and beer. Beer; it’s also part of breakfast.

Boscos Beer Memphis

boscos sunday brunch waffle

After waffles, we headed to the shop Square Olive. We needed olive oil and we usually pick up some at Square Olive. Try the habanero oil. It’s hot! Burned my tongue even though I was warned. We do not purchase the habanero oil. We did find an oil we liked. Try this joint out.

Then it was off to the movies. The Conjuring 2.

Conjuring 2

That’s right; I was scared. The film was better than expected. Of course I looked up the incident the film is based upon. Much of the film is based on an incident from the past. Will it scare YOU? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it will. Go… get… scared.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and waffles.

Greenline Extension, Tsunami Cooper Young, Frozen Fruit


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

How to keep cool in the hot weather? Frozen fruit. A favorite of mine.

Frozen Fruit

Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Cut them up and freeze them. Done. Easy and delicious.

Saturday night we stopped in Tsumani in Cooper Young. Deviled eggs with wasabi? Hot, hot , hot.

Tsunami Memphis Deviled Eggs

How about some shrimp?

Tsunami Memphis Shrimp

And then there is fish. Salmon to be exact. And these are the “small” plates.

Tsunami Memphis Salmon 2

Tsunami Salmon

Although I had to work Saturday, I was able to get out on Sunday.

I took my bicycle out for a spin. Originally I intended to ride as far as Shelby Farms. But then the new Greenline Extension called my name.

Greenline Memphis Extension 2

Work in progress signs be damned! I’m going for a ride!

Danger Memphis

The trail also has those “trenches” at the crosswalk covered; finally. (well most of them)

Greenline Extension Memphis

The newest extension is a very nice ride. Many people were using the trail today to walk, run, and ride bicycles. And this was at 2:00 p.m., the hottest part of the day. I really did enjoy my ride to Germantown Parkway.

I even noticed the new crossing at Germantown Parkway.

Greenline Extension Germantown Parkway

A bicyclist ahead of me used the new crossing. Do not be afraid, it is much easier than it looks. Hit the button, wait for cars to stop. Hit the button again, wait for cars to stop on the other side.

Greenline Extension Memphis Germantown Parkway Light

The wait time may take 4 minutes altogether, but the wait is worth it.

My next ride may be to go the entire Greenline Extension. Oh, and if this is your bicycle, you need to get out more. Vines are growing on your bicycle!

Bicycle Vines

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes and food!

New Orleans, Stoney River Germantown, Scott Ian Book, New Bicycle


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Coffee Shop Art New Orleans

And I’m back! An eventful trip to New Orleans, a new bicycle and a new restaurant are just some of the things for todays post.

Yes, New Orleans, a city we love. We took the train again from downtown Memphis. (Go here for more information about travelling to New Orleans via Amtrak) I enjoy taking the train for several reasons. 1) I don’t have to drive. 2) I don’t have to drive. 3) I don’t have to drive. Not a fan of the more than 6 hours of driving. Driving for 1 hour is actually more than I want to drive to be perfectly clear.

Once we arrived in New Orleans, it was a quick cab ride to the hotel French Market Inn, situated in the French Quarter. We have stayed at this hotel so many times, my iPhone remembered the hotel password for the wifi. The rooms are pretty good, and there is the pool, which we tried out for the first time.

Unpacked, we headed to some of our favorite sites; Felipes Bar, the Road Kill shop, Desire restaurant (Great gumbo to be had here), and the casino. We also stopped by the Chart Room in the Quarter. I found this sticker on the mirror in the mens room.

Slayer Sticker Chart Room New Orleans

Wow! Employees have it pretty rough at this joint.

We also stopped by Gordon Biersch outside the French Quarter for beers

Gordon Biersch New Orleans

and a martini.

Martini Gordon Biersch New Orleans

Found some new dress socks while on vacation.

Skull Dress Socks

Which leads me to the downside of the trip. We spent a few good days in New Orleans. Normally on the trip back to Memphis via Amtrak, we rent a private room to get some sleep, but unfortunately we did not do so this trip. And we paid for it. Just north of Jackson, our train hit a truck and several people were killed in the vehicle. Terrible thing. Stranger still, this is the SECOND time I have been on a train and people were killed. The last accident scene took place just outside of Seattle. The train was 30 minutes from downtown, when the train struck a person walking on the tracks. That incident took 2 hours to clear up. This time around, we waited 5 hours on the tracks. Instead of getting into Memphis at 10:00 p.m., we arrived after 3:00 a.m. Should have rented that private room. At least we could have slept.

Before leaving Memphis, I took my bicycle to Peddler Bike shop in Midtown. My chain and gears were shredded. When I arrived back home, the shop called me. The repairs to the bicycle would cost me a few hundred dollars (as much as the bike cost new). Instead the shop offered to sell me a used bike and they would transfer all of my extra gear to the new bicycle. Check out the Giant OCR3.

New Bicycle

I do have to say the bike is very nice. Gear shifters are near the thumbs on the handle bars AND the brake handles lever in to change gears as well. The bicycle is lighter too. It took me a full 13.5 mile ride to remember how to change gears again. “Oh yeah…” Presta tires, which I am not a fan of, but I can manage. Still a good bicycle for the price. And… I had a gift card to boot.

Oh yeah, I have a new bike bell.

Pirate Bicycle Bell

Ding ding mateys!

Today we stopped in at Stoney River restaurant in Germantown. First time here. I ordered the burger.

Burger Stoney River Germantown TN

My wife ordered the prime rib sandwich.

Prime Rib Sandwich Stoney River Germantown TN

And for dessert, crème brulee.

Creme Brulee Stoney River Germantown TN

The burger was good. The prime rib sandwich was good. The fries were on the salty side. The crème brulee was really good.

Currently I am finishing one book, and reading 2 others. Nearly finished with the book, I’m The Man is excellent.

Scott Ian I'm The Man Book

Scott Ian tells it like it was. Before any of the metal bands struck gold, they worked for their success. And there are plenty of good stories in this book from the past. If you like rock, read this book. Loved it!

Done! See YOU back here for more books, bikes and beers. Cheers.


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