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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

Soooo…. word on the street is that a popular local diner is closing its doors very soon. Nothing has been posted to the website or the Facebook page… yet. The hipsters are going to have to find another local joint to hang out at. Problems in the past? Yes. Good management? Not really. Think of owning a tire shop, yet you have never worked in the auto industry… ever. That was the core problem.

You don’t like Windows 10? Yeah, I can’t make heads or tails of it. “Use the snipper snipping tool, to crop a photo.” What the hell… Yes, I call it a “snipper”. I feel for ya, and all others who are under the age of 40 and cannot navigate Windows 10. But… there is an app to download. Stardock Start 10. Download the app. The start menu now will look like Windows 7. Now Windows 7, I know how to navigate that. Apps for the elderly…

Yes, I have added an account to Nextdoor.com. There are some interesting features about this site. You confirm your home address (although I am not sure exactly how this works) and then log into your account. What I find most valuable is the general listings and classifieds. Need to rent a place? It’s here. Need a babysitter? That is here too. Need something free someone is putting on the curb? You got it. Need a car? Also included.


Of course there is “general” listings as well.


And a map is included, letting you know which of your neighbors is signed up online.


You can see my residence right… about… there… in the green part. If you like getting free or used stuff, this site is for you. Funny, I found a bicycle for sale from someone that I knew using this site.

I am STILL  reading “Ready Player One”.

ready player one

Yes, I’ve had the book now for THREE weeks (Thanks Memphis Library!). Although I have 65% of the book read, I found a button on the library website that lets me check out the book “again” (since there is another copy of the book available). The book is really, really good. I read a review that stated the book, “is a love letter to the 80’s”. Yes it is. Love it.

I also finished readying “The Bone Labyrinth” by James Rollins (a favorite author of mine). I downloaded the book from the Memphis Library.

the bone labyrinthGood book (not great). The story began to get a bit “out there” for my taste. And just when I thought the story was unbelievable, the story became even more unbelievable. Fringe theories are NOT REAL.

Having trouble sleeping at night? Me too. I discovered a very helpful podcast to take care of your sleeping problem. The podcast you are looking for is “Sleep With Me“.

sleep with me podcast

I do use a different (I won’t say which one) podcast to help me sleep at night. Years ago I would listen to the podcast at various times. When I was in the hospital nearly 7 years ago, I loaded up this same podcast to listen to for my stay. I found that I kept falling asleep to the podcast, the hosts were so boring. So later I began to listen to the podcast to fall asleep to. Really, the hosts are so boring, I can’t stay awake for the opening of the show. Five to ten minutes after the start of the show and I am out like a light.

Sleep With Me” is in the same category, except this podcast does its best to bore you. And the podcast does a great job. I have used this podcast a couple of times now. After a few minutes, I am sound asleep. I will continue to use my “other” boring podcast, but it is good to know there is another alternative to put me to sleep.

Bark at the Moon. Diary of a Madman. You know who I am speaking of. I found this in the ColorMeMemphis.Com coloring book.

ozzy arrested in Memphis

I really had to look up the event, because I didn’t know if the story was true. But get this… the story is true. (From Ultimate Classic Rock) “A night of barking at the moon following his May 15, 1984, tour stop at Memphis’ Mid-South Coliseum ended with Ozzy Osbourne in the drunk tank. He was arrested at 12:30AM on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication, after the cops said they found the former Black Sabbath frontman “staggering drunk” in Memphis’ Beale Street entertainment district.” You learn something new about Memphis daily.

Done. See YOU back here for more books, beers, and sleep. Cheers.



Mempis Snow-pocalypse, Fireball, Hammer and Ale, Kylo Ren Memphis, Ready Player One

Did you survive “Snow-pocalypse 2016”? Were you trapped indoors for days at a time? Okay, me either. We were able to get by with the help of several friends.


The 4 to 6 inches of snow did not appear in Memphis, or at least in Cooper Young. Me? Video games and hot dogs. I did a drive by of Hammer and Ale and picked up some High Cotton Scottish Ale.

Memphis Growler StoreMemphis Growler Store 3

Love me some good beer.

boscos beer memphis

Yes, even though it was cold last week, I put in some miles on the bicycle.


I’m talking about four layers of clothing for my upper half, and three layers of clothing for the lower half. And chemical warmers in my socks and gloves. And TWO balaclava’s. I really wasn’t fond of the newest balaclava when I purchased the thing a year ago for $3 and change (it was on sale!). But…. after trying the thing out, this odd shaped balaclava works perfectly. On my way to work I stopped by the Greenline Christmas Tree.

Memphis Greenline Christmas Tree Kylo Ren

“Kylo Ren” of Star Wars fame stops in for a visit.  Although I looked a bit mysterious, I felt more like….

revenant film

My biggest complaint about riding in cold weather is when I attempt to press the buttons to cross several busy streets, the buttons are frozen solid. Which means the light stays green for motorists and never changes to red for me to cross the street.

Yes, I am STILL reading “Ready Player One”.

ready player one

Half way in, the book is FANTASTIC. Have you ever read a book that you never want to end? This is that book.

Laundry is done, dinner is done and I am ready for the busy work week. See YOU on the Greenline Memphis.


Schweinehaus, Revenant, Ready Player One


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

And get out I did. Today we stepped into Schweinehaus in Overton Square for a bite to eat and a beer.

schweinehaus memphis

I’ve had the brat in the past. Yes, the brat is good here. Beer? Yes Schweinehaus has beer. Me? I checked out the Hofbrau Hefe beer which was heavenly. Really. Try it.


After the beer and brat we were off to the movies. “Revenant“.

revenant film

Good film. And violent as well, if you’re into lots of violence. The acting is top notch. The story is very good too. Obviously, this man was the most unlucky man in the world. After the film, I asked my wife if she would like to go camping. I’m afraid it’s not in the cards.

Books? Yeah, I’ve got books. I am now reading an excellent book. If you grew up in the 80’s and loved video games, this book is for you.

ready player one

Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline takes you into the game, and this time, it’s life or death. RP1 has it all, your favorite old games, music and films from the 80’s. The book is a time machine, taking you back to MTV, hair bands and those blocky, slow games. Put on your leg warmers, pop that collar and slip into your white Nike shoes, RP1 takes you to the decade of fun. The authors website is excellent as well. How Spielberg will pull off making this book into a movie is beyond me. “Maze Runner” the book far out performed the film. I hope I cannot say the same for RP1. Again, go check out the 80’s with RP1. You will not be disappointed.

Weather prediction for Monday? Cold. Keep warm Memphis and I will see YOU here again. Cheers.

The Curb Market, Bosco’s Brunch, The Big Short


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Weekend Midtown. Get out!

Sooo… last week… riding my bicycle home… in 32 degree  temps… ONE mile from home and my back tire flats out. Yes, the walk of shame with my bicycle that last mile sucked. But I was actually grateful. I could have had a flat tire 6.5 miles from home. So the last mile… not so bad thinking of the situation.

Maybe you have noticed a difference in the Cooper Young Neighborhood. Easy Way is no longer in Cooper Young. In its place is The Curb Market.

the curb market easy way memphis

I read about this months ago. It appears the change is taking a good amount of time to rearrange the store. The dumpster sitting next to the store makes it evident that the store will not open in the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see what the new store is like though. Read more about The Curb Market here from Memphis Daily News.

This morning we dined in at Bosco’s on the Square. Usually arriving at 12:00 p.m., it is difficult to find an empty chair in the joint. Not today. We had a wide variety of seating locations because the place was almost empty. Maybe the cold was holding patrons back. I ordered a plate of sides; bacon, hash browns, sausage and grits.

boscos memphis sides)

Plus coffee. (For whatever reason I do like the coffee at Bosco’s. I cannot pinpoint the reason, but it really is good.)

Oh and a beer.

boscos beer memphis

Oink. By the time we left, Bosco’s was filled to the brim with patrons.

Then it is off to the movies. Which movie you ask? “The Big Short“. Fantastic film. Go see this movie. The story is great and the acting is top notch. Steve Carell and Christian Bale are outstanding. The film is beautiful yet horrific at the same time. You almost do not want to believe the subject of the movie is based on true events; very bad events that touched most of us several years ago. Sharp and funny; go see this movie.

Done. My clothes are washed, batteries are getting charged and I am preparing for that COLD ride in the morning. Stay warm Memphis.

Memphis 2016, Pebble Watch, Assassins Creed 2, Lemmy


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Happy New Year Memphis. 2016… here we go.

Me? I spent Christmas in Texas. Fortunately, I was able to smuggle tamales across the border into Memphis.

sabrosura memphis tamale enchilada plate

What did Santa bring me? Pebble smart watch. For cyclists, smart watches are the way to go. Why? If you get a phone call while out on a ride, you can check your watch to see if you need to answer the call. Same thing goes for text messages. There is no need to stop, get out your phone and check to see who is attempting to contact you.

Music. Pebble has an app that will allow you to play, pause, forward, and reverse your music. Oink. Gotta have it.

Pebble also has some nifty alarms to wake you. Date, time…. and weather. What? Yes, you can get daily temps and forecasts right on your watch face.

Probably my biggest problem in the near future with Pebble is the sweat factor. Yeah, my wrists sweat; big time. Although the wristband is made of cheap plastic, I may have to change things up a bit, especially during summer.

Santa also brought me a couple of video games. Fallout 3 and Assassins Creed 2. These games are AWESOME. Assassins Creed 2 has kept me busy for the last FOUR days. Currently I am playing story mode, which is fantastic. A really great game.

Oh yeah, I also received some Iron Maiden shoes. Going to need them for my trip to Vegas to check out the tour in two months.

We rang in New Years Eve at home. I picked up a few different bottles for the evening. And beer. Don’t forget the beer.

Sailor Jerry Rum

boscos sunday brunch beer

What else happened this year? The late, great singer and bass player of Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmister passed away.

Motorhead Memphis

He was one of those people you imagined would live forever. Nothing could stop him. I was lucky enough to see Motorhead in concert several times. I was also very lucky to speak to Lemmy on the telephone many years ago. And yes, I heard many great back stage stories about Lemmy and the band. There was only one, and then they broke the mold when it came to Lemmy. “Ace of Spades”, “The Hammer”, “Bomber”, and “Killed by Death” are just a few of my favorites. I can name only two other bands that could keep up with Motorhead; Metallica (when they started their career) and recently Saxon. Motorhead would just blast the audience fast and loud. “We are Motorhead and we play rock and roll”. Here’s to you Lemm.

I have to go through some of my most favorite photos of 2015.

memphis double rainbow

blue lamp new orleans

Yazoo hefe Hammer and Ale Memphis

bicycle texas shirt


Coffee Shop Art New Orleans

Bicycle Sign

Alight Memphis. Monday begins tomorrow. Have a great year and I will see YOU back here again. Cheers.

Cold Weather Bicycle Gear


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Didja survive Thanksgiving? Stuffed… I mean me, not the turkey. And I am STILL having leftovers.

Now is the time of year to begin to think about cold weather clothing, especially for cycling.

memphis temperature

I’m pretty sure I have it down pat by now. 65-55 degrees – Long sleeve shirt, covered by a short sleeve shirt. Long leg warmers covered by bike shorts.

cold weather socks and top

55-45 degrees – I ditch the shirts and leg warmers and go to military grade tops and bottoms, and add long john bottoms, tights to cover the bottoms, cycling jacket, shoe covers and balaclava. (At times I use a cap for my head. The balaclava helps but when temperatures dip, I like some extra protection. I have also read that some people “duct tape” the summer helmet closed to keep the cold air out.) Merino wool socks helps to keep the feet warm. I also throw in chemical feet warmers to keep my toes toasty. Nice big gloves take care of my hands. (The shoe covers do help. Although I have basically destroyed my pair since last year. I have severely abused the material on the bottom of the covers. Probably time for a new set of shoe covers.)

military grade cold weather clothing

gloves balaclava and ear warmers

45- 30 degrees – All of the above but I make a switch to heavier shoes. And I usually take a scarf I can tuck into my jacket to keep my neck warm. The ear muffs help protect my ears. Closer to 30 and I put on extra socks.

shoe covers and merino wool socks

30- 16 degrees – All of the above, but I usually have a second set of gloves to keep my hands warm. (The 16 degree limit is the coldest I have headed out for the ride to work. This happened last year. Fun.)

And I top all of the above off with 8 lights and a reflective yellow vest. You would have to be blind not to see me at night.

bicycle jacket and reflective vest

I’m not exactly fond of the color of the jacket, but I guess any color would be better than the black jacket I wore for a few years. If you walk, run, or bike at night, PLEASE consider wearing something reflective. And LIGHT yourself up. I see so many people on the Greenline without lights or reflective gear in the evening.

The last bit? A nice big cup of hot coffee to go along for the ride. The balaclava usually keeps my head warm. Sunglasses in the morning insulates my eyes pretty well. It is during the evening that my eyes are unprotected. (Something I need to look into this year. Maybe some clear glasses or goggles? The cold temperatures affect my contact lenses while riding at night.)

memphis winter sky

Lately I have been obsessed with the evening sky as I get ready for my ride home. Even though the night is closing in, the sun to the west puts on a pretty good show as the day ends. And you never know what you will see at Shelby Farms when the sun goes down.

deer shelby farms christmas

By the way, I am still trying to work out how they were able to keep that deer still long enough to put lights on it.

The sum total of riding when it is cold for 13.5 miles is that I arrive at work very hot and very ready to get to it. A quick shower and a change into work clothes and I am ready to go.

For more information about cold weather clothing and bikes, go here. Now that “that” is over with, get on your bikes and ride to work.

Memphis Greenline Commute to Work


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

Yes,it is cold, windy and raining a bit. And yes, I was out in the nasty weather on my bicycle. Short ride to and from Coffee Town, but I wasn’t going to let the weather get the best of me.

Funny, when I arrived and was locking my bicycle up a woman stopped me and asked about my camera on my handlebars. Go Pro? Nope. Try a Flip camera. I told her I mostly used the camera along busy streets in case someone clips me as I am riding the bicycle. We chatted a bit about using cameras while riding and such.

Speaking of bad weather, here is a view from the Greenline earlier in the week.


A tree was knocked down along the trail east of Waring. No worries. I was able to swing ’round the tree and keep on rolling. The river had risen considerably as well.


Moving closer to Shelby Farms Park, I found the fencing near the OLD park entrance was knocked down for a good length, blocking the entire trail. (look to the right of the photo)


The only thing I could do was move to the NEW trail that has yet to be opened to the public. After going the short distance, I was able to get back on the temporary trail and make my way to work.

Oh yes, I found THIS GENIUS parked on the trail entrance near the NEW park entry way.


You have the entire park to find a parking place, yet you choose to park exactly at the trail entrance, blocking the entire trail. Do not let anyone tell you “your parking sucks”. You can block that trail perfectly! You win the “best parking award” of the year.

Getting my cold weather cycling gear washed and ready for next week. Stay warm and dry Memphis.

Taste The Flavors Craft Beer and Food Pairing Memphis


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Yes, I attended the event “Taste the Flavors Craft Beer and Food Pairing” Saturday night. How was the event? FANTASTIC! I really wasn’t sure how the event would go down. I certainly was not expecting so many people and so much good food and good beer.

The event took place in Midtown at Just For Lunch. At first I thought the event would be INSIDE the restaurant. I was wrong. The event occurred outside of the diner, in a small, indoor “alleyway” in front of the restaurant. And I believed by getting to the event at 6:00 p.m. I would be first in line. Wrong again. Many people were already at the event, drinking beer and eating food.

Food. This event had some good food. If you were hungry, this was the place to be. Let me count the calories. Central BBQ was at the event.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Central BBQ

Rizzo’s Diner was present. Local showed up with tacos (and they were good!).

Taste The Flavors Memphis Local on the Square

And my favorite restaurant of the evening? Soul Fish. The hush puppies and fish were delicious. Thanks Soul Fish!

Wait. What about the beer? Yes there was beer. Let the games begin. Where to start? The homebrew club showed up with beer.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Homebrew

And since I had yet to try out Coney Island Root Beer, I sampled that one (a few times) as well. This one is slightly different from Not Your Fathers Root Beer. Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy; excellent as usual. (Try the Grapefruit out as well. Also very good!)

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Coney Island Traveler Lemon Shandy

Ghost River represented that evening.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Ghost River

If you needed a shirt, Taylor James from Cash Saver was on hand to sell you one.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Cash Saver

Where was I? Oh yes… beer. Memphis Filling Station (hoping to open a craft brewery in town soon) was sampling beers. CinnaPear Cider and Spiced CinnaPear Cider were both very good.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Memphis Filling Station Beer

Not to be outdone, Midsouth Malts (home-brew shop off of White Station and Summer; that a friend once thought was an ice cream joint) offered a pineapple cider.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Midsouth Malts Pineapple Cider

Then there was the heavy weight cider in the house; Woodchuck.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Woodchuck Hopped

This time though the Woodchuck Hopped Apple Cider was available. I have been hesitant to try this cider out. I’m not a hop fan, and I wasn’t sure what the new flavor would taste like. So you don’t want so much sweetness in your cider? Try this. In my estimation, the sweetness is cut in half from the regular Woodchuck, but still very tasty. I didn’t pick out the hops so much and the cider came across much lighter than expected. Really, really good stuff.

So, after all of the ciders, which one did I like best? And the winner is… Midsouth Malts Pineapple Cider. Very good cider. Ciders are a bit more complex to create because you have to back sweeten the product. This can be achieved in various ways, but the process is not an easy one.

(I did find it interesting that there were  4 different ciders at the event. Possibly included to help the ladies out with sweeter offerings? Or maybe just a coincidence.)

Back to the beers. Soul Glo made an appearance. This was the first time I tried this beverage out.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Soul Glo

Shiner out of Texas had a brew at the event. Although I have never been a big Shiner fan, I have had the Holiday Cheer beer in the past which was alright.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Shiner

Wait. Dessert. Pink Diva brought out some cupcakes which had a bit of beer added to the sweet stuff.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Pink Diva Cupcakes

Overall the event was very good. I really do need to attend more of these beer tasting and food pairings. This event was way better than expected.

Taste The Flavors Memphis

See you at more craft beer and food pairing events Memphis.

Taste the Flavors Craft Beer and Food Pairing Event, Broad Avenue Water Tower Lighting, Arrow Awards Brooks Museum, Continental Bicycle Tires, Busters Growler Station, Misfits Shirt, Ginormous Rice Krispie Treat


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

I have been getting out lately. Events in the past, beer and food pairing this evening, and film events in the near future. If you are bored in Memphis, it is your own doing.

Last week, we headed over to Broad Avenue for the “Lighting of the Tower” and Fall Art Walk. (one of my favorite photo’s below)

Broad Ave Arts District

Broad Avenue Fall Artwalk 2015 Memphis TN

If you were hungry, you came to the right place. More food trucks were at the event than ever on Broad Avenue. That is a good thing. On the downside, it appeared there were fewer art vendors this year. The loading dock that also does double duty as a stage was only a stage Friday evening.

We waited for the clock to strike ZERO…

Broad Avenue Memphis Water Tower Lighting

Then the tower lit up.

Broad Avenue Memphis Water Tower Lighting

We also noticed the new art installation / bus stop on Broad Avenue.

Broad Avenue Memphis TN bus stop

While picking up some drinkey drink at Busters on Highland, I found that the new growler station was up and running. Nice set up too. I looked at the sign displaying the prices and did a double take.

Busters Memphis Growler Station

Those are some GOOD prices for a growler. And I checked, you can use your own growlers at Busters for refills, they do not have to be the Busters growlers.

I also picked up some Sailor Jerry rum. Yo ho, yo ho…

Sailor Jerry Rum

More beer news. Taste the Flavors craft beer and food pairing. Place? Just For Lunch (Next to the library on Poplar). TODAY! Starting at 6:00 p.m.

Taste the Flavors Memphis Beer Event

I will have a few beers and food. Sounds like a plan… man.


If you want a good laugh, check out the Arrow Awards at the Brooks Museum next week. We have been to this event several times in the past and the “best of U.K. commercial awards show” is a good one. Tickets $9. Wednesday 11/18/15, Sat. 11/21/15 & Sun. 11/22/15. Go! Expect a good turn out as well, so do not wait to purchase tickets for the event.

Oh yeah, I purchased a new tire. Hand made, in Germany.

Continental Bicycle Tires

I live off of these tires. I do find that Conti cuts down on my flat tires tremendously. The only draw back? These tires are a finger breaker to install. No, really they are. Even with a tire jack, these tires have a reputation of breaking your fingers when trying to place them on the rim. It’s just that last section of the tire…. that is always the most difficult… to get over the edge of the rim.

The Misfits. Love ’em. My wife found a shirt at Walmart.

misfits tshirt walmart

The best part? Check out the price.

misfits shirt price tag

Can’t beat that price.

Oh yeah, I received a rice krispie treat bigger than my head.

Gigantic rice krispie treat

And yes, I ate the whole thing.

Done. See you back here for more Memphis beer, films and events.


Schweinehaus Memphis Review


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Today I tried a newish establishment; Schweinehaus restaurant at Overton Square.

schweinehaus memphis

Oddly enough it was the first time I have tried this joint out. I like German food. I like German beer. What took me so long? I don’t know.

I took the bicycle for a ride to Overton Square, locked up my bicycle and walked into the place.

Big tables, dark wood; faux German beer hall. For the record, I have been to several beer halls in Germany; Munich, Berlin, & Cologne. I know a bit about German beer halls.

First up beer. What do I want?

schweinehaus memphis beer list

Hofbrau Oktoberfest it is. Nice beer. The restaurant offers a larger size beer or a smaller size beer. I opted for the middle of the road size beer.

schweinehaus beer memphis

Now what to order for lunch? I do enjoy a good brat. With sauerkraut. And mustard.

schweinehaus brat memphis

After waiting a few minutes my brat was served. The bun was lightly toasted to perfection. I checked out the mustard. Thinner than expected but very good. Better yet, Schweinehaus does not heap a bunch of sauerkraut onto your brat, but gives you a side of it so you can add as much as you would like. Nice touch.

The brat tasted good. The brat appeared to be blackened a touch which made the brat even better.

Here are a couple of looks at the menu.

schweinehaus memphis menu

schweinehaus memphis menu

Service? Really good. I had some questions about Sunday brunch. The bartender found a menu for me to look over and answered all of my questions.

Overall I really enjoyed my lunch at Schweinehaus. Beer and brats make for some good times. Thanks Schweinehaus. I will be back.

Schweinehaus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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