Memphis Fall Festivals


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Alright Memphis. It is that time of the year. Festival after festival after festival. If you are bored, it is your own fault. Here are a few of my most favorite festivals.

Best Memphis Burger Festival. October 3rd. Tiger Lane. Go! We went last year. Good stuff. Check it out.

Best Memphis Burger Trophy

Best Memphis Burger BIG Burger

best memphis burger festival

When: October 3, 2015, 10:30am – 6:00pm

Where: Tiger Lane – The Liberty Bowl Stadium

Admission: $10 per person – 12 yrs and older .

Hammer and Ale. Cooper Young. Oktoberfest. 10/4/15. Beer. DISCOUNTED! Sausage and Sauerkraut. I am in!

“Join Hammer & Ale, Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 1pm until 6pm to celebrate Oktoberfest & Customer Appreciation Day.
All Pints $3.50.  Sausages and sauerkraut will be available on the menu as well.”

I am in, but I will be in late. Right after work. Go!

hammer and ale beer memphis

hammer and ale memphis tn

GET THIS! Delicious!

GET THIS! Delicious!

Salsa? Yes the first Southern Salsa Festival. October 11th. 12- 9:30 p.m. on Broad Avenue. $5. I love me the salsa. Go!

crazy good pineapple salsa

October 17th. The coolest fest of them all. Cooper Young Beer Festival. In Cooper Young. 1-5 p.m. $40 (goes up to $45 Oct. 1st) THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT! Do not wait to get tickets! I have attended every year. Best beer event in town hands down. It’s just cool people hanging, chatting, drinking good beer. Go!

cooper young regional beer festival 2013


Cooper Young Beer Festival

River Arts Festival. October 23rd/ 24th / 25th. $5 Saturday and Sunday. Friday night FREE. South Main Downtown. Go! We attend every year. Although this year we will probably go Friday evening since we will be out-of-town Saturday and Sunday.

River Arts Fest 2011 Memphis


Broad Avenue Fall Artwalk is right around the corner as well. When I get the date, I will post it.

Broad Ave Arts District

***The dates and times above are from 2013.

***The dates and times above are from 2013.

easter Island metal rocket

easter island rocket

Again. If you are bored Memphis, it is your own fault. Plenty to see and do in town. Get out!

Sabrosura Mexican and Cuban Restaurant Review


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So here is the problem…. Mexican food. Memphis. Tex Mex to be exact. You can’t get Tex Mex in Memphis. I have tried many times in the past. And every local that goes to Mexican food restaurants RAVES about the food. Memphis, you don’t know Tex Mex. Until now. Yes, in the past I have been known to smuggle tacos, tortillas, and salsa across the Texas border headed east. Try explaining to airport security how three dozen tamales “accidentally” were placed in your carry on.

Last week a good friend went on and on about a new Mexican / Cuban joint in town. I’m game. Just so you know, Sabrosura Mexican and Cuban Restaurant is located near Poplar and Washington. (782 Washington Ave, Tennessee, Memphis, TN 38105) Not the best area of town, but do not let that put you off. 2 for 1 margaritas? You got it. And yes, they are good.

sabrosura memphis margaritas

Hey, what about chips and salsa? They have that too. And the salsa is very good. Try the Super Nachos; you get chorizo sausage in your cheese. Two words; Can’t. Go. Wrong. And that is just the beginning.

sabrosura memphis nachos

My wife ordered enchiladas with chicken.

sabrosura memphis enchiladas

Our friend ordered tacos.

sabrosura memphis tacos

I went for the tamale, enchilada, rice and beans plate.

sabrosura memphis tamale enchilada plate

First off, the tamale was a bit off flavored. I would not order it again. The enchilada was spot on. Text book Tex Mex. (If you are wondering what “Tex Mex” is, think of a very slight burned flavor added into everything.) My friends taco’s? Again, EXACTLY how Tex Mex tacos should taste. I wouldn’t change one thing about the tacos.

I almost forgot, the fried plantains. (Get the sweet ones) Our friend LOVES them and I agree. Very, very tasty. Order this!

sabrosura memphis plantains

Service was good and friendly. Yes, we will be back to Sabrosura Mexican and Cuban Restaurant.
If you want the best Tex Mex in town, this is the place. Go!

Sabrosura Mexican and Cuban Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cooper Young Festival 2015, Hammer and Ale, City Market Cooper Young


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Cooper Young Festival 2015!

So…. I set my alarm for 8:00 a.m. in the morning, and planned to hit the Cooper Young Festival by 9:00 a.m. I will be the only one at the festival early in the morning. Not.

Cooper Young Festival 2015

By the time I arrived at 9:00 a.m., there were MANY people already shopping. After locking up my bicycle, I was on my way.

Cooper Young Festival 2015

I started on the west side of the festival and made my way back on the east side of the festival. And yes, I saw every booth.

Soap. I can’t use the macro soap anymore. I am hooked on craft soap. The hand-made soap feels so much better on my skin. Luckily there were many vendors selling soap today. I picked up a deal, 3 bars for $10.

Memphis Craft Soap

Good stuff.

I also found this shirt in the $5 rack.

Mullets Rule Cooper Young Festival 2015

“Business in the front, party in the back”. That would be correct.

I felt as though the art was not as good this year. There were a few good artists, but the prices were a bit steep.

The City Market is now open in Cooper Young (836 S. Cooper Street). Nice, bright and clean on the inside.

City Market Cooper Young

Since I have yet to stop in at City Market downtown, this was all new to me. Check out the menu.

City Market Cooper Young Menu

City Market Cooper Young Menu

I must make it a point to get back here and try some of the food out.

Wow! This place sounds amazing! Oh…. wait a minute….

Free Beer Cooper Young Festival 2015

Friday I was able to pick up my dry cleaning on the way home.

Carry Dry Cleaning on a Bicycle

Yes, it really is easier than you think. I’m pretty sure the clerk was wondering how I would get the dry cleaning home. Just put it on the back of the bike.

And… some beer accidentally fell into my bicycle basket.

Hammer and Ale Cooper Young

Hammer and Ale. They will have around 20 beers on tap today in Cooper Young. I got mine, go get yours.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and the Cooper Young Festival 2015.

Living Loud In San Antonio, The Margarita Edition



Landing late at night in South Texas, I was shuttled to downtown San Antonio from the airport. Asking around, my friends said there wasn’t much open for late night dinner downtown San Antonio on a week day. I checked the Googler. I did find a newish place on the Riverwalk, “Barriba Cantina”. (111 W. Crockett St. San Antonio TX 78205) This joint WAS a Fat Tuesday, then a Starbucks. Now it is a bar again. If these walls could talk. But that was a lonnnng time ago.

I walked into the place late at night and had a seat at the bar. Tuesday night on the Riverwalk, time for a margarita. I ordered the house margarita.

Barriba Cantina San Antonio Riverwalk

After a few sips, I thought the drink lacked alcohol. The drink tasted fine, but seemed to lack a punch. I then ordered a beer. I paid my bill and walked out of the door, and noticed something. Wow. That margarita came on strong after a few minutes.

Best margarita in San Antonio? Probably not. Good drinks for the price? Yes. I thought the drink and prices were good enough to go back to Barriba a few nights later. This time I tried out the michelada.

Barriba Cantina San Antonio Michelado

Think of a bloody mary made with beer instead of vodka. The drink is thinner than a regular blood mary. This cocktail is rumored to be a cure for hangovers. So I ordered the drink. To tell you the truth, the michelado turned out good. The drink looked so good that the woman sitting a few bar stools down from me ordered one. I had to ask the bartender what kind of beer people ordered for this drink. He told me any “south of the border” beer would do. Really, you should try a michelado.

While in San Antonio, I wanted to try another bar that I had heard good things about. Acenar is located one block from the Majestic Theatre. (146 E. Houston St. San Antonio TX 78205) Fancy Shmancy too. I sat down at the bar and ordered a house margarita. Good. I then ordered the Tuna Margarita (not what you think at all).

Acenar San Antonio Tuna Margarita

I really liked this one. The drink has some bite to it. You can also get a house margarita with an added flavor…. like chamoy!!! The Chamoyarita!

chamoyarita Acenar San Antonio

The bartender lined the glass with chamoy (think sweet jelly that has spice added to it). Oink. After drinking four margaritas, it was time to leave. Very nice drinks at Acenar. Try ’em if you can.

Thank you for the margaritas San Antonio. If you go to South Texas, give these drinks a try.

See YOU back here for more San Antonio vacation fun. (Including bikes!)

Living Loud in San Antonio – The Beer Edition



Back… from the “Lone Star State”. Had a good time too. But first… beer.

Sooo… many years ago while living in South Texas, there were two beers you could choose from; Lone Star and Budweiser. (I worked for a Budweiser distributor, so I can say that.) Now? One word; Holy. Cow!

I am waiting for some friends. I am the first to arrive at the restaurant. I look around. What to do, what to do? Oh look, beer. B and D Ice House (1004 S. Alamo St. San Antonio TX 78210 – 210-225-9801) Lets check this place out.

Oh they have beerssssss.

b and d san antonio texas

How did Texas get so many beers? Time to decide…

I went with the Weisse Versa Wheat. Good stuff. Oink. Looking at that list, it is hard to go wrong. Beerrrrrr……

You want Texas beer? Better bring a truck. I was very interested in trying out the Blue Star Brewery in the Blue Star Art Complex just south of downtown. (1414 South Alamo St., San Antonio TX 78210 – 210-212-5506) GO HERE! My cousin and friend took a 19 mile bike ride along the river and then stopped in at the Blue Star Brewery. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Beer. They have beer. Good beer. The most difficult part was choosing a beer. Me – “Do beer nerds stop in, ask a whole lotta questions, and then sample every beer?”  Waitress – “Uh, yeah.” I tried out the sours. The Raspberry Geyser was WAY SOUR. I couldn’t finish the sample. “Do people actually order this??!” The Southtown Sour was also pretty sour. After a couple of samples, I went with the Spire Stout. How was it? Really, really good. A very traditional stout, except there is a slight off-key flavor; something earthy about the beer. I couldn’t put my finger on the taste, but that was a good beer. Try it.

beer Blue Star Brewery San Antonio TX

A few days later, I met a friend at Freetail (very close to Blue Star Brewery; 2000 S. Presa St. San Antonio TX 78210 – 210-395-4974) What’s in here?

Freetail Brewery San Antonio TX

Ahhh…. good beer to be found as well. There were a dozen beers on tap, so I decided on a flight. My friend ordered two flights. Better choice than mine. I believe the flight was $4 (what???).

Freetail Brewery San Antonio

I tried the Coffee Stout, the Oktoberfiest, Yo Soy Berliner, Peach Bexarliner, and Rye Wit. First up, the Coffee Stout was way to boozy for me. Not enough coffee; balance grass hopper. Yo Soy Berliner was okay, definitely different. The Peach Bexarliner was nice. The Rye Wit okay. The Oktoberfiest was good. I ordered up a pint of that. Really good beers here.

Freetail Brewery San Antonio

I would definitely go back to both breweries. Done! See you back here for Living Loud in San Antonio – the Margarita edition.

Bosco’s Brunch, Memphis Greenline Extension, Newest Tap Route Water Station, Bicycle Raffle, Nikkis Hot As* Chips



Sunday. Time to eat. And drink.

Since our summer work load has diminished dramatically, I may be able to post more posts weekly. Fingers crossed. Work is like 60 to zero in 8 point 2 seconds. It really does change that fast.

As I was riding through Shelby Farms and the Agricenter property last week, I noticed the gate was closed. Doh!

agricenter closed gate shelby farms

But wait. The gate has a trick to it. There is a slight path left open to get a bicycle through. If you see the gate closed on the Agricenter property, you can go through the gated entrance. Sneaky!

agricenter gate shelby farms

Speaking of Shelby Farms, some jack wagon parked a car on the bike /ped trail. You have miles of road to park a car along, but you go for the trail.

car blocks bike ped trail

The new sign has gone up at the Shelby Farms new park entrance along Farm Road.

shelby farms memphis tn new sign

And since everyone else is adding the same photo…. The NEW Greenline extension is already under construction.

memphis greenline entension construction shelby farms

Now I really do have to ask that question. Does the neighborhood association in Cordova REALLY want a gate to keep those “Greenliners” out of the neighborhood? Because we may “steal their cars or something”? Yes. The neighborhood association in Cordova that borders the newest extension of the Greenline asked for a gate last year at a meeting regarding the new trail. The president of the neighborhood association really thinks we carry “car stealing tools” with us as we jog, bike and walk the Greenline. I wish this was a joke. See YOU on the new Greenline extension soon Cordova… with my car stealing tools.

There is a new Tap Route water source along the Greenline. Oddly enough, the newest water station is one block over (on Graham) from the other water station (on Waring). These stations do come in handy when I am out using the Greenline and have forgotten my water. The newest station does not have a trash can though. No worries, I can carry the used paper cup with me.

tap route memphis new station

Last weekend and this weekend we stopped in at Boscos in Overton Square for Sunday brunch. How about something to drink?

boscos sunday brunch beer

The hefe is delicious. Try some.

The eggs and waffle are also good.

boscos sunday brunch eggs

boscos sunday brunch waffle

Today I purchased a raffle ticket to win a bicycle from Boscos. Do I need another bicycle? Yes I do!

boscos bicycle raffle

Made me a “Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips” sandwich the other day. Turkey sandwich with those hot chips on top. Excellent!

nikki's hot ass chips

sandwich nikkis hot ass chips memphis

Sunday…. you are done. Gonna try out this newest beer in the fridge.

angry orchard green apple beer

See YOU back here for more Greenline, car stealing tools, and beer. Cheers.

Nashville Vacation, Provence Cafe, Fido’s, Noshville, Roberts, Rock Bottom, Blackstone Brewery, Frothy Monkey, Book Man, Just Love Coffee, Halcyon Bike Shop, 12 South Nashville, The Row Restaurant, Chueys, Uber


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And…. I’m back from Nashville.

How was the trip? Excellent. Great, city Nashville. So what did we do? Eat, drink, and listen to live music.

After the afternoon three-hour drive, we arrived in Nashville. Our hotel was across the street from Blackstone Brewery along West End and 19th Street. (More about Blackstone later) Before hitting the streets, I decided on a pregame drink.


Angry Balls. Which would probably explain why I was yelling “Outlaw Country!” downtown later on in the evening.

Next stop? Pregame dinner at Chueys. Love me the Chueys Mexican food AND drinks.



Finishing up dinner I opened my Uber app and called for a car to take us downtown. In only 2 minutes we were in a car headed downtown. Easy to use, cheap and reliable; Uber works well. We used Uber many times while in Nashville. Most rides came out to $5, and we tipped the driver each time with a couple of dollars. I suggest using Uber in Nashville.

Of course we stopped in at Roberts downtown. A favorite place of ours to listen to live music. The streets were very crowded Saturday evening. It also appears to be a new state law that requires every bachelorette party take place in downtown Nashville. I lost count after the first dozen walking parties we went by. “Outlaw Country!”

Checking out Rock Bottom downtown, I sampled a brew. Good varieties of beer to be had here.


The night ended at Blackstone Brewery across the street from the hotel. The time was 12:00 a.m. and the bartender didn’t seem interested in working much longer. I drank my beer and then we closed the evening out.

Sunday morning it was coffee time. Rise and shine and get some coffee and food at Fidos. We have been here in the past. We like the coffee and breakfast. Be prepared to wait in line though.

Nashville has some great coffee.



Good, good coffee. Try it.

After breakfast, we stopped in at Book Man (and Book Woman) across the street. If you like books, you will enjoy Book Man.


Hey, how about some coffee? We heard that the 12 South neighborhood had some shops so we called Uber again. Frothy Monkey? Yes please.


And there is a bike shop on the same street.


I checked the shop out, looking at accessories. We talked shop about bikes with the staff for some time.

Dinner? Chueys and fajitas.


Good stuff. Next stop? Downtown. Uber again. Roberts has some good priced burgers. And Wood Balls. “Outlaw Country!”


Monday morning. Instead of Fido’s, we checked out Provence across the street. GREAT Panini’s to be had here. Tasty and light. Try one.


My wife ordered herself an omlette. And the coffee was very good as well. Go here.


Did I mention the shop also has pastry’s?



Wait. More coffee.


Just Love Coffee. This shop is on the coffee high-end of the coffee scale. A bit to scientific for the likes of me, but I thought I would give the shop a try.


Maybe I am not hip enough for this shop, but the coffee was good.


And we did stop by Frugal Mac Doogal. I picked up some Curious Traveler Grapefruit Shandy bottles. Good stuff.


And while shopping, my wife picked me up a cast iron bottle opener.


Tuesday morning in Nashville. Time to give Noshville a go at breakfast.


I rated the food was good, especially the potato medallions. My wife thought the food was okay at best. A bit pricey for a basic breakfast.


How about some lunch Nashville. The Row restaurant was near our hotel, so we tried the joint out.

This is a SMALL cobb salad; as big as a dinner plate. The waiter told us that most people can’t finish the LARGE cobb salad.


I went for the bbq sandwich and the dish was very good. The side of potato’s also tasted great.


Hey look, I took a selfie.


Yes Nashville is a great city. Thank you Nashville for the wonderful vacation and “Outlaw Country”!

Living Loud in the Age of Technology


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I like tech stuff. I also like to order from Combine the two and you get this in the mail:


Yes, three different boxes  arrived a few days ago. Recently I discovered two different Amazon gift cards in my possession with $75 credit on each card. Time to go shopping. So what did I get? A whole bunch of stuff I had been wanting.


First up a Bluetooth set of headphones.


I go to sleep at night listening to a VERY BORING radio show. The show is so boring the hosts put me to sleep in less than five minutes. Great! What is worse, I listen to the show every night. Never make it past the first five minutes. Best sleep aid ever. But using normal headphones is a pain, since they usually end up under my back by morning. The Bluetooth headphones work nicely. The only thing I don’t like about them is the light that shines in the dark. I had to tape over the light since the blue light annoyed me. And when the battery gets low, the headphones announce that the battery is low. Again bothersome so I charge the headphones every night before I use the item.

After discovering the Satechi Button online, I knew I needed one for my bicycle commute.


Usually I have to take my iPhone out of my bandolier to hit the “next” button while riding. You know, when a Pink Floyd songs plays at the time you really want to pedal fast. Love Pink Floyd, but not while riding. The whole thing of taking out my iPhone, looking at the screen, hitting “next”, putting the phone away while on my commute; bothersome. The Satechi MEDIA Button takes care of that problem. By pairing the Button via Bluetooth to your phone, you can just press the “next” button on the Button. Nextttttt…. (Unfortunately I ordered the “HOME” Button instead of the “MEDIA” Button, and had to send the “Home” Button back to Amazon) The Media Button comes with a ring like attachment to hold the Button on your steering wheel OR your bicycle handle bars. Can you guess which of the two I use the Media Button on?


I did try out the device today. I really like the Media Button. As I was out riding my bicycle and a song came on I didn’t want to listen to, I just pressed the “next” button and the next song was played. The Media Button also has an Up or Down volume button. Even better.

I also purchased a new odometer for my bicycle.


I had an odometer three years ago. When I was taking my bicycle into the local bike shop for a repair, I took the odometer off the bicycle because… I thought the repairman might steal my $20 odometer. I am a genius. To make matters worse, I hid the odometer from myself… somewhere. I have yet to find that odometer. So I finally ordered a new odometer. Do I really need the odometer? Not really. I gauge my speed by time during my commute, so I’m pretty good with time and miles now. But I do like to be exact, and when trying out the new odometer, I noticed I kept a better pace when I knew my exact speed. I am still working the kinks out of the new odometer. Okay more like “how does this thing work?” kind of kinks. Me? Throw away the directions, who needs those things anyway. Hmmmm… Better go find those directions.

Biking home Friday, I forgot my water bottle again. I stopped at the Tap Route station on Waring to get some free water.

Tap Route Memphis

The station was out of paper cups. Doh! Looking around, I had only one choice. I went commando. No one was looking so I bent down and let the water flow, sans cup. After drinking a few mouthfuls of water, I was good to go. At least my mouth didn’t touch the spigot.

Oh look, even the poles along the Greenline use helmets.


Done. Heading to Nashville in a matter of hours for a few days of rest.

Nashville River

See YOU back here for Living Loud in Nashville. Cheers.

Jumper Cable Scammer, Say Cheese, Jelly Belly Beer Falvored Candy, Dessert, Duct Tape Car, Grocery Shopping with a Bicycle, Shelby Farms Bicycle Rental



Weekend Memphis. Get out.

As I was reading the blog of Paul Ryburn today (which I do daily) who covers downtown Memphis news, beer and events, I discovered this warning:

“Alert for Midtowners: Jumper Cable Guy has been seen in the vicinity of Slider Inn the past week. Jumper Cable Guy is a scammer who claims that his truck won’t start, and he needs to borrow your jumper cables. When you show them to him, he will say that your jumper cables are not industrial-strength enough to start his truck, and he will ask you for money so he can go buy the jumper cables he needs. He scammed people in the Downtown core and South Main by the Civil Rights Museum for years.”

Why did this warning stick out? The same guy attempted to scam me two years ago at Republic Coffee. His story was he needed jumper cables for his daughter. When I pulled out my jumper cables, he said the cables were not good enough to start the car. WHAT??? And I turned down his request for money to purchase “heavy duty” jumper cables. Thank you for the warning.

Last Friday I left work and discovered I didn’t have my water bottle. Nor did I have water in my Camelbak. What to do? Oh yeah, the Shelby Farms Bicycle Rental shed sells water.


The last attempt at buying water there was a failure; I only had a credit card. So he gave us water for free. I make my way to the bicycle rental shed and make another attempt at buying water. I am carrying cash this time. The guy working said he didn’t have any water to sell, but did have some cold water in a jug. He was waiting to get off work, and said I could take as much water as I needed. Excellent. Because I needed some water. Very cool Shelby Farms Bicycle Rental dude. Much appreciated.

Say cheese.


Lots of cheese. My wife picked up four different cheeses to taste. My new addiction. LOVE the cheese. And I must try different types of cheeses. It’s a whole new world.


I saw this car on Union Avenue Saturday.


Who says vehicle inspections in Memphis are unneeded? I mean this car is held together by duct tape and a tarp. Wow. Don’t bother with a body shop.

Jelly Belly. Beer. And then worlds collide and boom! You get this:


Can the world get any better? Beer flavored treats.

Also on Saturday more treats.


Yes, that really is a donut, a brownie AND ice cream in the bowl. Who says I don’t live large.

After I picked up some beer at Hammer and Ale,

Joe's Growlers Memphis

I stopped by Easy Way for some fruit. Yes, my bicycle basket contains half a watermelon, cantaloupe and bananas.


Good thing my basket is big.

Busy weekend, but my laundry is done, my commuter bag is packed and I am ready for Monday.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and donuts.

Agave Maria Memphis Dining Review


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Food. Gotta have it. Good food by the way. Looking for a quick dinner Saturday night, I thought about giving Agave Maria a try. First, my wife and I are from South Texas. We were raised on really good Mexican food. We KNOW Mexican food. Don’t call that taco a burrito. You can’t fool us. Here is our review of Agave Maria.

agave maria memphis dining room

Talk about a statement piece. This certainly is an eye catcher.

agave maria no bull

Don’t look into the eyes of the bull, they seem to follow you. Just kidding; maybe. Or possibly you are in the mood for the King.

agave maria memphis the king

Music from the 60’s and 70’s was piped in overhead. Cool. Our server was also very attentive. Need a flight of tequila shots? Agave Maria has it. (Wish I had taken Uber downtown. Doh!)

The first order of business was drinks. What else but a margarita. The drink tasted hand made and was very refreshing.

agave maria margarita memphis

Chips and cheese? I’m in.

agave maria memphis chips

The bowl of chips was smaller than what we were accustomed to, but you get refills.

agave maria memphis cheese dip

The cheese was good as well, and I believe that is chili powder on top of the cheese. If I could sum up the flavor of the chips and cheese, it would be like a bag of Chili Frito’s. And to tell you the truth, that is a good thing.

On to the main attraction; Mexican food. Looking over the menu

agave maria menu memphis

it was hard to decide what to choose. But, since I am a fan of chorizo, I ordered the chorizo tacos. My wife picked out the enchiladas with a side of rice. So how was the meal? Good. The enchiladas came to the table in small cast iron skillet.

agave maria memphis enchiladas

Cooked to perfection, the enchiladas were spicy. Good cheese flavor too. The rice?

agave maria memphis rice

If you like lime you got it. Big time. The rice had a lime flavor that was way over the top. I personally thought the lime flavor was over done, but the dish was still good.

Okay on to the chorizo tacos. Three small tacos were topped with cilantro, radish slices, and pineapple. Hey how about adding hot sauce to that?

agave maria memphis roja sauce

Wow. Use this sauce sparingly. This is some hot stuff. I then added some of the verde sauce to the second taco.

agave maria memphis verde sauce

Better, not so much heat. (I love hot sauce, but the Roja is REALLY hot sauce)

Overall the experience at Agave Maria was very good. I would bring friends along for the next visit. Our total bill came to $40 for two people; two plates, with one mixed drink and chips and cheese and a side dish. On a side note, the three ladies sitting next to us ordered a big plate of the pork shank. When we asked about their dinner, they commented that the dish was very good.

Adios amigos!

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