Memphis Bicycle Thief


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I walked outside to ride my bicycle to Hueys for lunch today. As I was arranging my camera, radio, and a few other items I thought something didn’t look right. That is when I realized my saddle bag was missing. After further inspection, I discovered the saddle bag had been cut off with wire cutters. (The bag was locked on with a metal clamp to the bicycle)

Damn. All of my bicycle tools were in the saddle bag. Spare. Wrench. Multi tool kit. Allen wrenches. Tire patches. Screw driver. Tape. Chain breaker. Tire levers. Many small spare parts. It took 5 years to put that bag of parts and tools together. I often joked I could build a bike with the tools in that bag. Now it is gone. Completely. Last year the thief cut the lock, and dumped all of the tools on the ground. This time, he took the whole bag.

Want to see what the bike thief looks like at 3:15 a.m.?

cooper young thief

Memphis Bicycle Thief

cooper young thief 2

Cooper Young Memphis Bicycle Thief

But you know what helps in situations like this? Candy. Dinstuhls candy.

Dinstuhl candy

No, the candy is not the same as bicycle tools, but they sure taste better than bicycle tools.

Done. Time to start looking for more bicycle tools. Stay safe my friends.

Zoo Brew 2016, How To Open A Beer Bottle, Cooper Young Beerfest, Netflix Slow Videos


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Weekend Memphis. Zoo Brew anyone?

Zoo Brew memphis 2016

I have been to the Zoo Brew in the past. Good selection of beers this year. The crowd was dressed to impress and the event went well. $40 gets you a small cup to sample various beers. I hit up Einstok early on near the zoo entrance.

einstok berry beer

A very nice beer. But as I looked at the map, it appeared that many good beers were around the corner in the Zambezi River Hippo Camp.

Zoo Brew Memphis 2016 map

Just look at those beers listed.

Zoo Brew memphis 2016 beers

Founders, Abita, Greenman, Victory, Oskar Blues… here I come. The setup was great. The building is large and two story.

Zoo Brew Memphis 2016 Crowd

There was even an alligator snoozing.

Memphis Zoo Crocodile

The gator did wake up later to take some selfies with the crowd. Seriously, inches from the glass. I swear the alligator is smiling for photos.

Memphis Zoo Crocodile smiling

A friend snapped the picture and sent it to me.

Zoo Brew 2016 Memphis Fire

Here is the one where I didn’t catch on fire.

Memphis Zoo Light fixture

I do like the light fixture overhead. A good time was had by all at the Zoo Brew.

Speaking of beer… don’t have a bottle opener handy? Here is how to open a beer bottle with random objects.

hefe beer

More beer. Cooper Young Beerfest is now on sale. I got my tickets. Go get yours. Probably one of the best beer festivals that I attend every year. The crowd is very chill and people just talk to one another. The environment is very relaxed.

Cooper Young Beer Festival 2015

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

If you are in the mood for something slower, Netflix has something for you. Slowwwww…. videos. Since I have a subscription to Netflix, I checked out a video. A longggggg train ride to Oslo. I did a double take; the video is over SEVEN HOURS long. Hope you like trains. Check out the train video and others here.

Done. See YOU back here in a few days with news from the Gulf Coast.

Shelby Farms, Second Line, Bicycle Bag, Mid-South Renaissance Faire


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Day off number two. Bike ride anyone? I did a two hour ride; Shelby Farms and back ride. Nice ride, except I forgot my water bottle.


At least Tap Route kept me hydrated.

Tap Route Memphis 2

You can find these watering holes at Graham and the Greenline (south east side of the trail) or at Waring and the Greenline (again south east side of the street). These watering holes are a life saver when you forget to bring water. I must figure out a collapsible water container to carry with me.

After the ride and a shower it was time for lunch. I headed back to Overton Square for one of the best lunch deals in town; “$10 get your ass back to work” at the Second Line.

Second Line Memphis Get Your Ass Back To Work Lunch Special Menu

This time I picked out the roast beef half sandwich and rice and beans. This lunch fills you up nicely. And it’s good. Good way to start the day. YOU can read my first review about the lunch special at Second Line here.

My new bicycle bag arrived in the post today. Yes… ANOTHER bag for my bicycle.

topnaca top tube bicycle bag

Can’t stop myself. Small and cheap, this bag sits on top of the top tube near the handle bars. I can keep my phone, Wi-Fi thumb drive and accessories in the bag near my bicycle speaker. The real reason for the bag? A better connection for the phone / thumb drive / and speaker. It appears the closer the devices are together, the connection remains intact much more often. In the past I would keep the phone and thumb drive in my bag on the back of the bike. The speaker though is on the front of the bike. Of course I could have placed the speaker on the back of the bike, but where’s the fun in that.

There is still time to check out the Mid-South Renaissance Faire at Shelby Farms this weekend August 27th and 28th.


Need some “ye old clothing”? They got it.

Midsouth Rennasance Faire Memphis 5

Or YOU can dress up for the event.

Midsouth rennasaince fair memphis

They have jewelry for every princess in the kingdom.

Midsouth rennasaince fare memphis 4

Go gather with the lords and ladies at Shelby Farms to go back to a time of magic and fantasy. That’s the best I got. Me? I have to work this weekend. See YOU back here for more bikes, ye old times and beers.

Shelby Farms Park Grand Opening, Slow Ride Memphis, Wiseacre and the Coliseum, War Dogs Book, The Last of Us Game


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Weekend Memphis… no wait. That’s not correct. It is currently “my” weekend since I have to work the upcoming weekend. I’ve got beer, bikes and Shelby Farms for you.

The big grand opening for the Shelby Farms project is coming up fast. Just the other day as I was riding in the park, I found that those obnoxious chain link fences are coming down.

Shelby Farms Memphis TN takes down fences

The new water fountains are operational.

Shelby Farms Memphis TN new water fountains

I tried the water fountain out. Yep. It’s water, not beer. There are also new park benches ready to rest your tired body on.

Shelby Farms Park Memphis TN new park benches

And the park entrance from Farm Road has new asphalt.

New Asphalt Shelby Farms Park Memphis TN

Smooth as a babies bottom.

The park has set the grand opening for September 1st 2016. Read more about events at Shelby Farms here.

More bikes. Slow ride… no not the Foghat song. A “slow ride” is coming to the Medical District in Memphis. A one hour journey through the area scheduled for September 7th, 6:00 p.m. near High Cotton Brewery. These “slow rides” are catching on in various cities. I do remember the first  Cycle Memphis group “NOT” slow ride from Cooper Young to downtown and back several years ago.

Cycle Memphis

Card carrying member

Just to keep up I must have been cranking at least 17 miles per hour if not faster. Completely opposite of “slow ride”, that ride was “go as fast as you possibly can”. The next group ride was considerably slower. The good news is if you cannot make this upcoming slow ride, there are more planned in the future. Go here to find more information.

My bike? Here it is. Giant OCR 3.

New Bicycle

Or you can start out with something a little less simple and cheaper in price with a starter bicycle by Schwinn. I started riding on some “cheap” bicycles. And when I mean cheap, I mean $20 garage sale bicycles. Currently I am on bicycle number three. Maybe this bicycle will make it past two years. #Ishredbicycles

Beer. Wiseacre. The local brewery is taking beer to the next level. The city has agreed to the Wiseacre plan to turn the old coliseum into a brewery / pub / restaurant(s), entertainment center. Now Wiseacre has to start the due diligence process and get things rolling. I really do hope this project comes about. The coliseum is within walking distance of home, and the new location would make an easy run for beer.

tiny bomb wiseacre

Books?The Memphis Library has an excellent selection of e-books to download. Need a good book? Check out “War Dogs: Arms and The Dudes” by Guy Lawson.

war dogs arms and the dudes

The most frightening part about the book? It is a true story. How three young stoners became arms suppliers for the U.S. government is beyond imagination. You can’t make this stuff up. I cannot put this book down.

And the latest video game I am playing? The Last of Us. In the past I had heard about the game, and since I had a couple of days off, I decided to check the game out.

the last of us game

The game is better than I expected. And the AI doesn’t make the enemies total morons to fight. So far I am two hours into the game and” The Last of Us” is good.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, books and beers.



Second Line Memphis Lunch, La Michoacana, Lightning Cable


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Since I had the day off and I needed some lunch, I remembered that Second Line (close to Overton Square) had a “$10 Get You Ass Back to Work” lunch special.

Second Line Memphis Get Your Ass Back To Work Lunch Special Menu

$10 for lunch at Second Line? I’m in. Me? I decided on the catfish poor boy and rice and beans. The meal comes with a beverage as well. So how was it?

Second Line Memphis 10 dollar lunch

The catfish poor boy was a bit salty. The rice and beans were good. Overall the meal filled me up. The best part about the meal was the bill. I believed the meal would cost $10 PLUS tax, bringing the total before tip to around $12.00. I was wrong. The $10 lunch special is with tax INCLUDED. Even better.

Second Line Memphis Bill

A sit down meal at Second Line for $10 is a great deal. And my lunch didn’t contain the words “Mc” or “Burger” and I wasn’t asked if I wanted to “Supersize” anything. Second Line, it’s good.

What about dessert? Since I was in the neighborhood picking up dry cleaning, I stopped by La Michoacana for my tried and true melon pop with chamoy.

la michocana chamoy popsicle

Oink. Always good at La Michoacana.

Lightning to USB Flat Cable

Arriving home I discovered my new keychain Lightning Cable had arrived. Why order one from While at work last week I was reading the news with my IPhone and I noticed the power level decreasing sharply. No worries, I keep a small charging cable in my wallet. When I opened my wallet to retrieve the power cable, I discovered I had taken  the cable out the night before and had forgotten to replace it. Now I was stuck. Since I ride my bicycle to work and back home, I am dependent on my phone always working and charged  in case I have a problem during my ride. Luckily a co-worker had a charging cable with him, and I borrowed that one to charge my phone.

Lightning to USB Flat Cable 2

Amazon sells these small Lightning Cables. I attached the small charging cable to my back pack and now I have a back up… just in case. You never know when you will need some extra juice.

Done. Y’all have fun this weekend while I work. See YOU back here for more great food and dessert.



The Magic Tavern, Make it Stranger, Dark Sky Weather App, Memphis Beer


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Mid-week post Memphis. Since I have a wonky work schedule this week, I added THIS post today.

First up; Foon and The Magic Tavern.

hello from the magic taern

Whattttttt? That would be a podcast, in the comedy category. I found the podcast via Flipboard (news aggregate app) which I check daily. If you are a fan of sci-fi, D and D, and just stupid comedy, this podcast is for you. Here is the story. A human from Earth (Arnie) accidently falls into a portal taking him to the land of Foon where he produces a podcast with a wizard and shape shifter from a local bar. (I can’t make this stuff up) The guy playing the wizard is awesome as well as Arnie. YOU can listen to episode #1 here. Currently I am up to episode #4. I did enjoy “Tom the Traveler” episode as well as “The FML” show. Give “Hello From The Magic Tavern” a listen.


Stanger Things. A great show. Watch the series if you can via Netflix.

stranger things series netflix

If you are a bigger fan, then you can create your own intro using whatever name you want. Like this:


Create your own title here with the “Make it Stranger” website. Very cool.

Apps. I usually do not like to pay for apps. Since I ride work most days, I watch the weather frequently. Normally I have been using free apps such as to keep me updated on local weather. Since the weather has been particularly on the wet side this week, I decided to purchase the Dark Sky app.

Dark Sky Notification

How good does this weather app work? I was riding my bicycle home when I received a notification from my Pebble watch. “Light rain starting soon!” Hmmm…. Is this thing accurate? One minute later the light rain began to fall. Yes. This app is very accurate. Dark Sky is well worth the $4.

dark sky weather app

Speaking of riding in the rain, I carry my clothes to and from work on my bicycle.

Bicycle bag

Black bag on the left side of the photo. Since I didn’t want to arrive at work with wet clothing in the bag, I just covered my commuter bag with a trash bag. Seems to work although I believe I will probably purchase a small tarp in the near future and cut the tarp down to size to fit the commuter bag.

bicycle commuter bag

The orange thing in the photo is my towel which I placed over my leather shoes, since I did not want to get them wet.

Current beer in the fridge? Blue Pants Wheat with Peach. It’s a sour! See what Joe’s has in the fridge. (I’m going to have to use the “growler page” more often before heading over to Joe’s)

Joe's Growlers Memphis

Done. See YOU back here for more beer, podcasts, and Stranger Things.


Cooper Young Beer Fest 2016, Wiseacre Mid-South Coliseum, Bicycle Light Speaker and Battery, Maiden Memphis Shirt, Ghost River Crystal Method, Mid-South Renaissance Faire 2016, New Converse Bicycle Shoes


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Bang. The week has been a busy one with a ton of new and news items. First up; Cooper Young Beer Fest. Easily one of the coolest beer festivals in the area, Cooper Young Beer Fest is fast approaching. This beer festival is a good place to chill out, talk to strangers and sip some good beers.

Cooper Young Beer Festival 2015

“Join us on October 22nd from 1PM to 5PM for the best beer festival in Memphis. With more than 30 breweries from within a day’s drive joining us, it is shaping up to be the most delicious year yet.

Tickets will go on sale September 1 on our website. We sell out every year, so don’t wait. Get your tickets early!

We are keeping the ticket price at $40 again this year through the month of September (and we even pay the ticketing charges for you). If we have any tickets remaining, the price will increase to $45 on October 1.”

This event sells out folks. DO NOT wait to get your tickets.

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

Speaking of beer… Wiseacre. The Mid-South Coliseum. Together. City officials; MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

wiseacre taproom

Name one business that wants to invest ANY money into this building other than Wiseacre. Name one. Wiseacre is the ONLY business that wants anything to do with the old building. The deal would be a win for the brewery, a win for the city and a win for… me (since I live so close to the coliseum). Read more from the Commercial Appeal about the plans for the brewery to  move into the coliseum here. Support this plan Memphis!

I picked up a bicycle flashlight, speaker and battery (all in one) from recently. All for the low, low cost of $20.



USB Rechargeable Bike Light, KMASHI MULTI-FUNCTION Waterproof Powerful LED Bike Headlight with 4800mAh Power Bank Charge Your Phone and Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

I am happy with the product, although it is a bit large and heavier than expected. I would probably use it as a back up for a light, speaker and charger. I even did a video review of the device… and then lost my bicycle camera today with the video footage… somewhere.

(UPDATE: My camera was turned into Muddys Coffee Shop!) See the video review for the device here.

And the delivery guy left the Amazon box on the front porch… here’s your sign. (Read the sign…) The struggle is real.


Last week I walked outside and saw my neighbor with THIS shirt on.


“DUDE! Where did you get that shirt?” Underground Art in Cooper Young is selling the shirt. $30 and they have limited supplies. I have purchased other shirts by the guy who makes them. Happy to represent Maiden and Memphis.

The same day I purchased the Maiden shirt, I rolled over to Hammer and Ale to pick up some Ghost River Crystal Method beer. “German Style Crystalweizen” (filtered Hefeweizen) beer. Good stuff. A bit different in flavor, but still a good beer. “One growler to go please!”

Renaissance Fair. Memphis. 2016. It’s coming.


Aug. 20th-21st, 27th & 28th. Shelby Farms. Adults $15, children $8. Oddly enough, I have to work those exact days. But… I may be able to squeeze in some time on the first day of the event. Have I been to one of these “ren faire” events in the past? No. Do I dig chain mail, swords and assorted items? Yes. I will go mostly to find interesting things to purchase.

Time for new shoes. My bike shoes are at least two years old, maybe more (the ones on the left). Thanks to Ebay, I have a new set of bicycle shoes.


No my old shoes were not gray. They WERE black. Like the color of my new shoes now. Sun and many, many miles took their toll. I only have to switch out the laces and I am in business. Boom.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and events. Cheers.

Memphis Beer, Hammer and Ale, The Cult Memphis 2016, Ratt West Memphis 2016, La Michoacana


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You want beer Memphis? You got it. There is plenty of beer to drink and Memphis is getting more beer shortly.

First up; Crosstown is getting a brewery. Crosstown Brewing Company is headed our way in the near future. Brewing, bottling and most importantly a tap room will be situated on the west side of the complex. Patio weather and beer. I can’t wait. Read more about the project from the Memphis Daily News here.

schweinehaus beer memphis

Need help beating the heat? The Memphis Flyer has some BEER suggestions for you. Checking in at Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young, the reporter talked with the local owner about… beer. Grapefruit Shandy by Traveler Beer Company (DRINK THIS!), Ghost River Crystal Method (missed that one! Doh!) and Einstok White Ale (a favorite) were discussed. These are a few of my favorite things. Bonus points; try the Einstok Berry. Light and nice,  doesn’t taste artificial. Easy drinker for sure. YOU can read the article here from the Memphis Flyer.

Music. Memphis has you covered. I almost choked when I read in the Flyer about upcoming shows at Minglewood Hall. The Cult will make a triumphant return to Memphis September 30th. GO SEE THIS SHOW!

The Cult Memphis TN 2016

The Cult show a few years ago blew the roof off the joint. GO SEE THIS SHOW! My guess? A sell out. Don’t wait to get tickets. Go!

The Cult Memphis 2013

Wait. More music? How about something from the 80’s? Ratt will be in town October 15th in WEST Memphis at Southland Park. Go! We checked out Dokken a few years back at the same venue. The parking lot was jammed packed for the show. Get your tickets here. The band Ratt is “back for more”. If you have forgotten what Ratt sounds like; check out this video. Ah… the 80’s.

Need a bike? Just for a quick trip? Memphis Bike Share is coming for you. The Memphis Flyer reports on how the bike share works and what Memphis should expect.

San Antonio Bicycle Rental

I have used the bike share program in San Antonio and Nashville. In both instances it was easy to rent and get around town by bicycle. Good stuff for Memphis as well.

Need a car? How about his one?

Classic Car Memphis TN

It’s Futuramic! (Parked in front of Bosco’s last weekend)

And finally; heaven. If you have yet to go by La Michoacana on Summer Ave, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

la michoacana memphis tn

The newer place is now HUGE! I always pick up the Chamoyada.

la michocana chamoy popsicle

Melon popsicle with chamoy sauce added. (Spicy and sweet sauce.) Perfect!

Stay cool Memphis with some cold beer, Mexican ice cream and cool music. Cheers!

Bass Pro Memphis TN Pyramid, Scoops Ice Cream, River Boat Ride, Hammer and Ale


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Since the family is in town, I took them around to a few places in Memphis. Yes, BBQ and Elvis, but I also checked out a few things I normally do not go to. Fasten your seat belts, it’s tourist time.

First up? The new Bass Pro shop in Memphis.

bass pro pyramid memphis tn

I have been meaning to wander downtown to see the new joint, but have yet to do so. With time to kill, we headed inside.

Need a hotel room INSIDE the pyramid? Bass Pro has it.

big cypress lodge bass pro memphis tn

You could easily spend hours looking around without buying anything in this place. The interior is HUGE.

inside bass pro memphis tn

inside bass pro memphis tn 2

Next UP (and I do mean up) is the observation deck. Stand in line, purchase your ticket; $10 (or it’s FREE if you are guest in the hotel from what a guest told us) and get ready for a world class view. The view really is awesome from the top.

elevator to observation deck prices bass pro memphis tn

Check out the view.

grandma bass pro memphis tn viewing deck

And there is lunch available too at the top. Nice dining views as well.

bass pro dining 3 memphis tn

Here is the lunch menu.

bass pro dining menu memphis tn

Be warned, this lunch will not fill you up. Lunch is small, but tastes good. Here is my catfish poor boy and chips.

cat fish poor boy bass pro memphis tn dining

The side of salmon is small as well.

salmon bass pro dining memphis tn

Scallops plate is probably the smallest portion plate.

scallops bass pro dining memphis tn

After lunch, we headed downstairs. Just to the left of the entrance is a shooting range (laser only).

bass pro memphis tn shooting range

We all loaded up ($.50 per game. And I believe there is a quarters machine somewhere near). More fun than I expected.

Once we had lunch, we needed ice cream. South Main has a new ice cream parlor; Scoops. Across from the Arcade on G.E. Patterson.

scoops memphis tn ice cream 3

We all ordered one scoop of ice cream each. Get ready for the sticker shock; $4.00 per scoop. Wow. I like ice cream, but that was a bit pricey.

scoops memphis tn ice cream 2

scoops memphis tn ice cream

After the ice cream, we headed down to the Beale Street Landing. We have been here in the past when it first opened. But we didn’t take a ride on a river boat queen. “Big wheel keep on turning.”

island queen river boat ride memphis tn

I believe the cost per adult is $20 (discounts for seniors, military and children). We used the circular dock to get to the boat. (Golf cart ride for those who need help walking to and from the boat.)

river boat landing memphis tn

Once on board we took our seats on top of the boat and the 90 minute tour started. First you head south down the river. A tour guide gives plenty of history about Memphis and the river. You will NOT be bored. After heading under the southern bridges, you head back north towards the I-40 bridge and the Bass Pro pyramid. There are also plenty of snacks and drinks available on the boat. You can sit inside downstairs, or outside upstairs.

To end the day, I ended up at Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young. I needed beer. “One large growler of Blue Pants Peach Wheat; TO GO please!” (Sour beer! And it is EXCELLENT!)

hammer and ale beer blue pants peach sour memphis tn

Done. See YOU back here for more Bass Pro Memphis, River Boats, ice cream and beer. Cheers.

Death Wish Coffee Shirt, Memphis Heat, Gary Gygax, Life Is Good Book, Stranger Things Series


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Get out Memphis.

My problem?  Work. Saturday. Did me in.

I was able to ride my bicycle to work Friday… in my new Death Wish Coffee Shirt. Awesome! Great shirt.

Death Wish Coffee Shirt

On a related note, the temperature Friday afternoon was rather high. (it only felt like 112 degrees)

Memphis Weather

I was not the only psycho out on the Greenline in the heat Friday afternoon. At least half a dozen other brave souls were out exercising. I rolled slow and drank plenty of water. It also helped I changed into my white Peralta Nordic Skull shirt.

peralta welinder nordic skull

I just finished a very good book.

gary gygax

If you are an 80’s geek, this book is for you. Great book? No. Good book? Yes. Gary Gygax changed the world.


And I am still working on the “Life is Good” book.

Life Is Good Book

Life got you down? Read this. The book will change your outlook. Try it.

Need a GOOD show to watch? Try “Stranger Things”, a Netflix series.

stranger things series netflix

This is a very good show. The music? Think of a John Carpenter soundtrack from the slasher movies. The graphics? Totally late 70’s and 80’s. The cast? This cast has it. Winona Ryder is acting… and acting very well. She is spot on “bonkers”. Matthew Modine is good as well (his parts have been very limited so far). The children? Again, spot on. Mille Brown plays it very flat as “11”. Finn Wolfhard plays the perfect 80’s teen. The shows? BANG from the start of each episode. You want creepy? You got it. See this series, but not by yourself. Check it out Memphis and be prepared to be frightened.

Done. See you back here for more books, beers and “Stranger Things”.