Riverside Drive Bike Lane Meeting


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Riverside Drive and the bike lane issue.

Thursday evening, a meeting was held downtown for the public regarding the traffic issue. My two cents? A few things.

Remember those three meetings held for the public for the Madison Ave bike lanes?

"Ohhh... it's a BIKE lane".

“Ohhh… it’s a BIKE lane”.

I went to every meeting. Why? The issue was important to me. A friend who opposed the Madison bike lanes said he was going to the meetings. First meeting, he was a no show. Second meeting, again a no show. “Well it’s the third meeting that is important.” And he failed to show for the third meeting. “I forgot.” So here is the thing. If the issue is important to you; ATTEND THE MEETING. “Well I would have gone but…” Complaining about city issues to your friends is not going to change anything. ATTEND THE MEETING.

What did I take away from the Commercial Appeal news report about the meeting? So 13,000 or more motorists use Riverside Drive daily. Where were the 13,000 motorists who drive this route daily? Why didn’t the 13,000 complaining motorists show up at the meeting? Again, if the issue is important to you, SHOW UP AND BE HEARD. I have much more respect for you if you SHOW UP.

The Riverside Drive appears to be a small issue since only 60+ people attended the meeting. Put into context, more than that many people showed up at each of the Madison Bike Lane meetings AND nearly double that many people showed up at the Snowden Elementary school meeting regarding bike lanes.

mclean bike lane meeting bicyles

My opinion? Do runners and bicyclists need two lanes on Riverside? Probably not. And I am not the only guy who rides a bike agrees with that statement. Hey, I would like ONE lane. I would like a protected bike lane. I spoke to a bicyclist today who had the same opinion. But let me flip sides and ask this question. How many miles of streets do we have in Memphis and how many miles of those streets have bike lanes? Compare the numbers. Bicyclists do not want bike lanes on EVERY street in Memphis. (Course it would help.) But bicyclists have to FIGHT FOR EVERY SINGLE MILE of bike lane in this city. Really, we do. “Bike lanes are great, just not on my street.” Well which streets do we place bike lanes on? Every street is good, except YOUR street. A friend of mine who is a motorist loves bike lanes. “I know where I am supposed to be in the street, and so does the bicyclist.” I have been on bike rides downtown using Riverside Drive. This is a great street to ride down. But again, if we don’t need bike lanes, where were the 13,000 motorists last night?

The bike lane issue downtown is a non-issue for Memphis. The motorists don’t care, why should politicians.

The Memphis Hampline, The Greenline, The Watchers Conference, MemFix Pinch District, Memphis Animal Services


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Two for Tuesday Memphis. Get some. Where to begin?

I saw this sign on Tillman today as I was riding to work.

Memphis Hampline Sign

Ah yes, The Hamp Line. Here is a better photo of the map displayed.

Memphis Hampline Map

Exit the Greenline, head north on Tillman, then head east on Broad Avenue to Wiseacre Brewery.

wiseacre taproom

Just sayin’.

My commute while riding home:

Memphis Greenline 2

More events? Okay. U.F.O.s and aliens? Maybe. Here is your event.

Watchers Conference 2015 Memphis TN

The Watchers Conference 2015. A few questions. Is the graphic designer a fan of old school heavy metal? The logo appears to have a Winger/ Maiden / Manowar kinda vibe. Another question. Do any of the speakers have crazy hair? Because that adds an air of credence to your theory. If you are planning to attend, here is some advice. DON’T USE YOUR REAL NAME! No really. I attended a paranormal event years ago and was asked some questions for a news report. “What is your name?” “Do you need my REAL name?” “Yes.” “Ummm… no thanks.” The aliens may not be the only ones watching you. #TheyAreReadingYourEmail #JustSayin

The Watchers Conference is taking place April 24th 7 p.m. / April 25th 10 a.m. / April 26th 5 p.m. at the Cordova Community Center. Tickets are $30.

MemFix has another event. This time in the Pinch District.

The Pinch MemFix

The event takes place April 11th 11-4, North Main between Jackson and Overton. I dig the poster. See how the neighborhood COULD be.

I did have an interesting end of the day ride this evening. As I was nearing home, I saw a Memphis Animal Services truck cruise by me on Avery. The van came to a stop at an intersection and remained parked there… very near a property that has had a problem with home owners leaving their front gate open daily. This wouldn’t be a problem, unless you own two very large and aggressive dogs. The same dogs that run outside the gate and chase people walking or running down the street.

Last year I complained several times to Memphis Animal Services about the property. Finally, M.A.S. went by the property and picked up the dogs. You would imagine having your dogs picked up by M.A.S. would give the property owners a hint to shut their gate. Apparently not. For the last two weeks, the gate has remained open and the dogs have been chasing people down the sidewalk. Last year I watched a runner jump from the sidewalk into the street (E. Parkway S.) without looking because of the dogs.

I rolled up to the M.A.S. van this evening and told the employee about the dogs and the property. I didn’t believe he was there because of those two dogs which I had a problem with last year. Then he asked me, “Have you noticed two dogs near C.B.U.?” I pointed out the property. “They are right over there.” He said thanks and I went on my way, rolling right past the property. On cue, the dogs ran out of the gate at me. I turned around and headed back to the M.A.S. van. The employee was already out of the vehicle and walking towards the dogs. I pointed out the dogs again and left as he walked onto the property. Later I looked at my video camera which is attached to my bicycle. I accidentally left the video running when I spoke to the M.A.S. employee and was chased by the dogs. Good evidence if I need it in the future.

Again, I don’t have a problem with dogs. I have a problem with owners who leave a gate open and have little care about their pets or the public.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, dogs, and aliens. Cheers.

Memphis Events, Memphis Mudbugs, Memphis Beer Events, Memphis Hotwings, Found Footage Memphis


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Spring has arrived. Finally, Memphis is out of the snow. Time for a special post; double wide, super sized, with fries.

This morning, I brushed off my bicycle and rolled down the street. It has been two months since I have used my bicycle. Probably a record for me. Due to the flu I acquired in the month of February and my busy work weeks in March, I had little time to ride. Today I changed that. Heading up to Coffee Town, I saw I was not the only one to be riding around Memphis.

bicycle memphis

It was also good bad to know that motorists continue to ignore the red light at Highland and the Greenline. Some things never change. Many people were using the Greenline today. I guess most in Memphis have cabin fever and want to get out. Good ride today. My guess is I spent two hours rolling around town. I am slightly saddle sore, but I will get over that. My speed was slower than usual as well.

Since the weather has warmed up, there are many events lined up here in Memphis. First up? Found Footage. Studio on the Square. Thursday April 2nd, 7:00 p.m. DON’T WAIT TO GET TICKETS. THIS EVENT SELLS OUT! I have been to this event twice in the past. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Two dudes find HORRIBLE VHS footage, and show the really, really bad VHS tapes to the audience. GO TO THIS EVENT!

Beer. Events. Memphis. Drink. Several.

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

From the Downtown Memphis Flying Saucer Facebook Page:

Sunday, April 12 at 11:00 a.m. Join us for a downtown Bicycle Ride along the Mississippi and Main street. Poker run for great prizes. Share a Pint with us following the ride at the Flying Saucer. Registration starts at 11am, Ride at 12. $10 to ride. Sponsored by Yazoo Brewery.”

Memphis Brewfest is almost here. April 18th, 4-7:30, Autozone Park. This event sells out. Don’t wait for tickets. I have been to this event in the past. Lots of beer to try downtown.

How about a rare beer? Wiseacre Brewery has the 2nd annual “Taste the Rarity” brewfest coming up. May 9th, 3-7, on Broad Ave. Check out the event and buy tickets here. My guess? This event will sell out. Get your tickets soon.

wiseacre taproom

And now… on to Mudbugs.

The Overton Square Crawfish Festival, April 11, 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. Listen to some music, have a drink and eat some mudbugs.

Overton Square Crawfish

Sunday April 19th 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. The Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival Downtown Memphis, Wagner Place and Riverside Drive, between Union and Beale. This event is huge. Get there early to avoid that long line to get your bucket of crawfish.

Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival

Wait. What about hot wings? Memphis has you covered. The Southern Hot Wing Festival takes place April 25th, Riverside Dr. Advanced tickets $10, at the gate $12. The event takes place 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. I go to this event every year.

wingsfestivalad 2011

Tommy Want Wingy

After you get into the event, stand in line at a booth, pay a donation and sample some great wings from great teams. Every year I believe I will sample each and every booth. Doesn’t happen. Some wings are better than others. Take some $1 bills, donate and sample the wings. Love me the wings.

Done. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes, mudbugs and wings. Cheers.

gordon biersch wheat beer


Bicycle Safety Commercial Appeal, Memphis Sidewalks Memphis Flyer, Fragment Warren Fahy, Bicycling Magazine, Cash Saver Beer Article, Skull Artwork


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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

Spring is in full force. Although there are some showers in Memphis, at least snow is not falling on the city. Busy weekend, and a few news stories to comment on as well.

Last night, my wife and I watched the film Dracula Untold.

Good dvd to watch. The movie could have been worse. At least there were two actors in a cast of several hundred. And the special effects were good as well. The story was okay, except for the very end of the film, which I didn’t get at all.

Waking early this morning, I headed over to Coffee Town to read the news and have some coffee. As I was reading the Commercial Appeal, I came across this article.

Bicycle Headline Commercial Appeal

Excellent. I am familiar with this type of equipment that helps both motorists and cyclists. Now if the same could be done on Madison as you cross over 240, that would be a great improvement for rider safety. Read the story here, or here:

Memphis Buffer for cyclists

Another article caught my eye in the latest edition of the Memphis Flyer (the March 12 #1359 edition). Sidewalks in Memphis. If you wonder why people walk in the streets in Memphis, it is because of the terrible condition our sidewalks have become. Years ago, I posted an entire rant on the condition of sidewalks in this city.


I am not sure how anyone can walk, run or use a wheelchair on some of the sidewalks in this city. The article from the Memphis Flyer goes on to state the city of Memphis budgets $100,000 per year for sidewalks. But the city actually spent $334,000 over the last 10 years on sidewalk repair. You do the math. If you want the sidewalks to be maintained, the city should spend $19 million each year. With a budget of $334,000, Memphis can replace sidewalks in the city in 11,000 years. Wow. We doing good here. These numbers line up with city council proposing that the streets in Memphis should be repaved every 75 years. Yeah…. right. That’ll work. YOU can read the story from the Memphis Flyer here.

Later in the day I went to Epic Salon in east Memphis for a hair cut from Pam. (She is excellent! 712 S Mendenhall Rd, Memphis, TN 38117 (901) 818-5501) Gus’s Fried Chicken is next door. And, a used bookstore is across the street.

Chicken Car. Chicken you would DIE FOR. It's a hearse!

Chicken Car. Chicken you would DIE FOR. It’s a hearse!

I decided to browse the bookstore before my appointment. I found this book on the shelves:

Fragment Warren Fahy

Although I checked the reviews from Amazon.com, which gave the book great reviews, the counter person said she had read the book and it was a good one.  

And… a magazine arrived in the post recently. I discovered that I had not received one of my Bicycling magazines in the mail. I contacted the magazine and my missing issue soon arrived.

Bicycling Magazine

Good issue. I enjoyed the articles… and pictures of bicycles.

Do you get spam in your email in box? An example is “Custom print your photo’s now at a special discount”. We decided to try one of these offers out. The total cost was $35 and change. We recently received the mounted portrait in the post.

Wood mounted Skull Image

The large and heavy photo was made from a print we purchased a few months ago. The quality was good too. Not a bad price for good artwork.

Since I read several blogs daily, the go to blog in the city is written by Paul Ryburn. His post today featured a link to an article about Cash Saver and the business of beer and growlers at the store. A good article since I learned a few things I didn’t know. Read the article here from the Memphis Chamber Blog. And a thank you to Taylor James for bringing very good beer to Midtown.

cash saver beer

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and books and skulls. Cheers.


Tour de Grizz, Taste the Rarity, Book Tour By Bike, Volpi Sausage


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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

The Finally Friday Waffle.

Some events are heading our way people. Get ready. The sun will shine soon, washing away this severe winter. Before you know it, the temperature will be 100 in the summer.

Memphis Snow 2015 Cooper Young

The Tour de Grizz bike ride is coming up soon. Mark your calendar; Saturday April 4th at 5:00 p.m.

Tour de Grizz participants will receive general admission tickets to the Memphis Zoo (good for entire day) before hopping on their bikes for the five-mile ride to FedExForum. Riders will depart from the zoo at 5 p.m. Memphis Police escorts will accompany the group as it makes the trip to and from FedExForum.”

Tickets for the event cost $35.

“All participants must be at least 10 years of age and must provide their own bike and safety equipment, including a helmet and lights. Tour de Grizz will take place rain or shine.”

“There will be no day-of sales”

Guess what? I have never participated in the ride. Maybe this year that will change. Read more about Tour de Grizz here from Memphis Daily News. Or check out the Memphis Grizzlies website here.

More bikes.

“Book Tour By Bike”. Whattttt? From Bicycling Magazine; Kim Cross is riding ’round the country by bicycle to promote her book “What Stands in a Storm”, and promoting a charity ride Bo Bikes Bama. YOU can check out her website Kimhcross.com for more information. And yes, she has an appointment here in Memphis on Saturday March 14th at The Booksellers at Laurelwood; 2-3:30 p.m. I may have to make it to the event.

I am sure if I wrote a book I would ride a bike on the book tour…. or not. If you can write a book THEN ride your bicycle on the book tour, I have huge respect for you.

And now, beer. Taste the Rarity Beer Festival is coming back to Wiseacre Brewhouse.

wiseacre taproom

Mark your calendars, May 9th, 2015 3-7 p.m. My best guess? This event will sell out. Get your tickets soon. $53 and change. Get YOUR tickets here. Last years event? Word on the street, the event was excellent.

wiseacre ty and maggie

Just me and a few friends hanging at the brewery.

And now, some sausage.

Volpe Sausage

After years of visiting the Big Easy

Picture Perfect Day

I found a particular sausage I enjoyed; Volpi Sausage. The stories I could tell about the sausage. No really. One year, I purchased some sausage at a liquor store and headed back to the hotel room. I was ready to eat the sausage when I discovered I didn’t have a knife to cut the hard sausage with. What to do? We were planning dinner later that evening. While sitting in the restaurant in the evening, I began to eye the knife on the table. The KNIFE on the table! Have you ever attempted to steal cheap silverware from a restaurant? You may believe the task is easy, but it is not. Make the move! The waiter comes around the corner. Make the move! A patron sits at the table next to us. And keeps looking at our table. Come on! How difficult can it be to take that knife? Very difficult to say the least. That evening felt like we were pulling off a heist from “Oceans 11″. From now on, we ALWAYS take a knife to New Orleans.

Back to the sausage. Since I really wanted to have the Volpe sausage, and I was not going to New Orleans any time soon, I had to order the sausage online. The order took about 10 days to arrive, but the wait was well worth it. I ordered the 5 package set. Now? Time for sausage and beer.

Done. See YOU back here for more beer, bikes and sausage. Cheers.

Memphis Winter Storm 2015, Nikkis Hot A$$ Chips, La Fin Du Monde Beer, The Signal


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Didja survive the winter storm Memphis? I was able to get outside to take a few pictures.

Memphis Snow 2015 5 inches

Memphis Snow 2015 Cooper Young

And here is a photo of my truck before I scraped all of the snow off of the automobile.

Memphis Snow 2015

There really is a truck under there somewhere.

Luckily I was able to pick up some supplies before the storm hit.

nikki's hot ass chips

Best chips ever. EVER. And hot. I mean HOT!

I found this bottle of beer at Busters for $3.99. Are you kidding? I should have purchased a case.

La Fin Du Monde


I recently watched a good movie, “The Signal“. The first 15 minutes started out very slow. Then the entire film goes goes off the track. The story is about three young people on a road trip, two of which are computer hackers. The two get into something they were not expecting. The idea of the film is very good. The movie keeps you guessing until the very end. When you think you have it figured out, you find out you are completely wrong. Check the movie out.

See YOU back here for more beer, chips and snow. Cheers.

Apartment for Rent Cooper Young


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I have received word that an apartment in the Cooper Young area is for rent. The apartment is near Christian Brothers University and the Cooper Young area. These apartments are leased VERY QUICKLY. I doubt the apartment will be on the market for more than 1 week. The apartment will be available April 1st. Rent is $750 per month. You can email me with any questions; kilmistr AT hot mail DOT com. (just run the email address all together and insert the various @’s and .’s.) Or you can comment on the post with a question and I will send a response to your email address. Now for the details: It is an upstairs apartment. 2 bedrooms / 2 baths Good sized living room and dining room Small kitchen Small sun room Covered parking Shared laundry room Hardwood floors Many windows, plenty of light You have to provide your own a.c. unit (‘s). No central air or heat. One large a.c. unit is good for the living room and dining room. Small a.c. units are good for the bedrooms. Heat is radiated heat NO PETS! Neighbors are quiet. Again, these apartments do not last long at all. They go very quickly because of the location (very near Christian Brothers and the Cooper Young area.)

bedroom apartment

One of two bedrooms pictured above.

Living room leading into dining room (photo below). cooper young apartment for rent dining room cooper young for rent

Dining room photo above. Second bedroom photo below. Each have a full bath that leads off from the bedrooms. apartment for rent cooper young

Living room leading to dining room (photo below). apartment1

Again, comment on the post with your email address or send me an email for more information. This apartment will NOT last long on the market. Send me an email with questions.

Hueys, Vanilla Coke, Girl Scout Cookies, Fat Jack Beer, Save the Mid South Coliseum


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Sunday Memphis. Get out… in the rain.

Wait. Back up. What about Saturday? We stopped in at Huey’s for a burger. I love the music at Huey’s as much as I enjoy the burgers. I mean really, where can you hear Cash or The Ramones in the same place? Soul, punk and rock, all wrapped up in a burger joint.

Hueys Texas Toast Burger

Love me the Huey Texas Toast burger.

Outside of Huey’s the Girl Scouts were selling cookies. Got me.

Girl Scout Cookies

Last night I tried out Fat Jack beer by Sam Adams.

Fat Jack Sam Adams

I am not a huge Sam Adams fan, but since the beer is labeled “double pumpkin”, I thought I would give the beer a go. The beer is better than I expected. Fat Jack is heavy on the pumpkin for sure. The best pumpkin beer? No. The worst? No. The beer was okay. Give Fat Jack a try.

This morning we stopped in at Coffee Town. I ordered up some coffee, a bagel, and a vanilla Coke.

Vanilla Coke

It has been one million years since I have had a vanilla Coke. Oink. Coffee, vanilla Coke, coffee, vanilla Coke. Perfect.

As I was reading the paper from the Commercial Appeal, I read the article regarding the Fair Grounds and the Coliseum.

Save The Midsouth Coliseum

I also read the article in the latest edition of the Memphis Flyer about saving the coliseum. My take? Several.

Robert Lipscomb Memphis Director of Housing and Community Development, is quoted in the Commercial Appeal article. “What I see is a gathering place for families and kids – Memphis’ Central Park.” Hey Mr. Lipscomb, guess what. Memphis already has that, two parks by the way, Overton Park and Shelby Farms Park.

Overton Park in the Fall

Looking at a map, Overton Park is 1.2 miles away from the fairgrounds. You want to invest city money heavily to create a family a park when one large, great park is right around the corner? Someone get this guy a map.

Also in the article, the Mid South Coliseum is described as a”beloved icon”. Really? Have you looked inside the coliseum lately? Just because the building is old, this does not translate into “beloved icon”. I worked in show business for 15 years, in city, county and private buildings, both large and small. I have worked thousands of events.


What I can state for a fact is that private buildings are much better taken care of than city, or county buildings. The reason? The city or county does not need to take care of buildings. If the building breaks down, so what? The city or county will just build another one at tax payers expense. Just look at the Agricenter International as an example.

Agricenter International

Trash bags used to “fix the leaks” in the roof at the Agricenter.

Save the Mid South Coliseum

You want to save the Mid South Coliseum?

Save the coliseum Memphis

Do you realize what you are asking? First, the entire building would have to be taken down to the studs and completely rebuilt. Sound in the Coliseum? Sound is notoriously bad in this type of building. You have to add box seats. What about that “non-compete clause” with FedEx Forum? “The big snag there is the non-compete clause in FedEx Forum’s  contract with the city of Memphis. The clause says an “important element of the success of the Arena Complex is to limit direct competition” from the Coliseum or the Pyramid. It mandates any show with more than 5,000 seats is the sole property of the Forum.” Good luck selling shows with less than 5000 seats. The “non-compete clause” is a HUGE issue when it comes to the event industry.

How many years has the Coliseum Coalition members worked in city, county or private buildings? How many years have they worked live shows? My guess? Zero. But they would lead you to believe they have the answers. Marvin Stockwell, Mike McCarthy and Jordan Danelz, please enlighten us with your YEARS of expertise. You want to save the coliseum because there were wrasslin’ matches in the building? Are you kidding me? Marvin Stiockwell; “I mean [Jerry] Lawler fought Andy Kaufman there.” Wow. Wrasslin. 

“A city report puts the price tag at about $32.8 million to bring the Coliseum back to working order.” To quote the story:

“But McCarthy doesn’t trust the figure.”… the Coliseum can be saved for probably $9 million or $10 million as well,” McCarthy said. “That’s not just pulling a figure out of the air.”

Yes it is. Again, the coliseum would require a total and complete interior rebuild. $9 to $10 would get you very little when it comes to construction. “Back in 2009, O.T. Marshall Architects said it would cost about $29.5 million to fix the Coliseum. They looked at everything from drywall and kitchen equipment to plumbing and sprinklers. A year later, O.T. Marshall revised the figure to about $32.8 million.” $9 million is not in the ballpark of $29 million.  

“While the Coliseum is a unique building, there is physically no way a 1960s multi-functional facility could be redesigned to provide this type (a dedicated performing arts building) of venue.”

Don’t tear the building down. From the article “but it is true they don’t have a clear idea of what the Coliseum should be or even could be.” So… just keep the building and do nothing with it? 

The “Save the Mid South Coliseum” leaders are just like “politicians” at best. They have opinions, but have no concrete facts or experience in event venues. They do not understand the industry or the economics. But that is okay. Many working in the event industry (my best guess 75%) do not either. If the “Save the Mid South Coliseum” leaders want to impress me, how about all three put their own money (say $30,000 each) into letting a building just sit empty while they figure out what the building could be.

Jim Strickland and Steve Basar are against the project. The city wants to build a an amateur sports complex? And the cost? Try $233 MILLION DOLLAR$ (using a mix of public and private money). I will bite. Which PRIVATE company or investor wants to contribute to this project? Name ONE. Oh that is correct, NONE. Private investors refuse to bet money on the fairground, why should the city? To quote Mr. Lipscomb, “Sometimes you have to lead”. Maybe Mr. Lipscomb should “take the lead” and contribute $20,000 of his own personal money to this fairy tale.

To wrap this post up, Mr. Lipscomb is wrong, very wrong. And “Save the Mid South Coliseum” leaders have no expertise in the industry, but want to save the coliseum for… something… like wrasslin’.

Done with rant. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and wrasslin.


Sick, Charity Event, Bicycling Magazine, Germantown Greenway Trail, USPS Scanner, Catherine The Great Coffee, Midnight Classic Bicycle Tour, Angel Heart


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The sick post; day 28.

Yes, I have been ill at least 28 days. 28 DAYS! My best (worst?) record for feeling bad. I can write off the entire month of February. Bicycle rides? My general health ruled those out. Four doctor visits as well. Yes, FOUR. “You’re sick.” Good thing I am paying all of that money for health insurance to be told “you’re sick”. Yeah, I kinda of figured that one out doc, with symptoms of fever, sore throat, aches and pains, ect. “Just monitor the situation”. Okay, doc. I should have been a doctor. “You’re sick! Now pay me.”

Last night we went to a charity fundraiser at the Botanical Gardens. Food and drinks were available. Memphis Made beer made an appearance as well. Free beer? No. Not for me. I had a bit of food and a SPRITE, but again, my body wasn’t up to the party. After an hour, my back said “no more”, and we left. To make matters worse (better?), I slept for 12.5 hours last night. This flu / cold / illness is sapping my energy. Must get better.

I received the new Bicycling Magazine in the post today.

Bicycle Magazine April 2015

Excellent. I have yet to dive into the issue yet, but cannot wait to do so. If you enjoy some bicycling, this magazine is for you.

Speaking of bicycles, the Germantown Greenway Trail is about to get 2 miles longer. Wow. Although I need to start riding this trail (for some reason I have yet to do so), I will definitely put this trail on my to do list.

And speaking of the “post”, my mailman left his scanner on my mail box.

Post Office Scanner

Weird. Very weird. I’m not sure if the saturday mailman is the same as the weekday mailman (I think he is a different guy to tell you the truth), but I called the local post office to let them know the scanner was left at my address. “Really?” Yes really. The clerk who answered the phone sounded as though she couldn’t believe how dumb the carrier acted. I’ve encountered the weekend carrier in the past. When I spoke to him, asking about a package he was attempting to leave for me, he acted as though I were some kind of criminal mastermind. “Let me see some identification.” Yes, I hang out all day, waiting for your little truck to tell you the package you are holding is really mine. I understand asking for I.D., but he didn’t ask for identification, he demanded to see my license. Again, the weekend carrier is a weirdo. BUT, I threw him a freebie and notified the post office of his lost scanner. I wonder how much I saved him, if he had to pay for that scanner out-of-pocket.

This morning, after 12.5 hours of sleep, I stopped in at Coffee Town for a) coffee b) waffles.

Nothing but love.

Nothing but love.

I will state this is this first time I have noticed this coffee cup.

Catherine The Great Coffee

I wonder if they have a “Peter the Great” coffee cup? (By the way, Catherine was not her name. It was Sophie. And… she wasn’t even Russian. Ooops)

More bicycles. The Midnight Classic Bike Ride has posted the date for the 2015 ride. The date to save is August 29th 2015 at Tiger Lane.

Midnight classic bike ride 2014 3

midnight classic bike tour 2013 pictures

Yes, I enjoy the location at Tiger Lane. This starting point is close to home, and just a few minutes away by bicycle. If you are expecting “beer-apalooza” at the bike ride, as some of us have enjoyed in years past, “beerfest” is not happening.

beer midnight classic bike tour 2013

Now you get a beer or two at most, and that’s it. I’m not advising you to bring your own cooler, but if you are looking for beer at Tiger Lane, you will be disappointed. Well maybe not, if you buy VIP ticket$. My thoughts? If you have not taken part in the Midnight Classic Bicycle Tour, do it. The freedom to dominate the streets of Memphis for a while is awesome, totally awesome. Give me one day of the year when I get to ride in the streets and motorists are not a worry. Plus you are surrounded by some great people. Me? I ride slow for the most part, enjoying the evening. Some complain that the event is crowded. True. Make sure your bike is in decent condition, ride carefully, and wear a helmet.

Lastly. The film “Angel Heart“. I watch very little television. I haven’t watched this film in decades. Good movie. Robert De Niro is fantastic for the part he played. Creep-y. Mickey Rourke looks very young. The story and plot are very good. Now I want to read the book “Falling Angel” by William Hjortsberg.

Is the book better than the movie? Maybe. I will find out. I have a couple of other books lined up ahead of “Angel”. Another book for the “to do” list.

Done. I hoping to beat this cold, and then get back on the bicycle. See YOU back here for more books, movies, bikes and beers. Cheers.


Still Sick, Crosstown Brewing Company, New Location Best Memphis Burger Festival, Joe’s Growlers


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And I am back…. into the land of the living. For how long? I have no idea. 3 weeks ago, I had tonsillitis. Last week, the flu. I was feeling better last Thursday and went to work. Then Friday evening, I started to feel sick again. Saturday, I was in bad shape, so I stopped into a shopping center clinic to get MORE medicine. I can’t shake this sickness! I was given more meds to combat whatever I have. Today? I feel much better. Just to make sure everything is okay, I am going to an E.N.T. office to check me out next week. After all of this sickness, I want to be over this biological disaster.

In the news…

There may be a new brewery in town. Location? Near Crosstown. I have heard talk rumors of another brewery “brewed up” in Memphis, but I didn’t think much of the rumor. Guess I was wrong. Crosstown Brewing is the name. See the Facebook page here. Although if you ask me, that area of town is covered by High Cotton (This would place the breweries two miles apart). And to be fair, High Cotton is very, very good at what they do. My idea? Put a brew pub downtown near the Harahan Bridge. PERFECT place to catch runners, tourists, and cyclists coming and going. I would also suggest that Ghost River put in a brew pub NEAR the bridge location. And if they can’t do it, someone else needs to. Then again, if Crosstown picks up foot traffic, then Crosstown Brewing may have chosen a great location.

The big beer companies really do need to fear these small breweries. The jig is up InBev. People now know what good beer tastes like. And these local breweries are taking a bite out of big beer profit. Just sayin’.

From the Memphis Business Journal:

“The American Brewers Association reported that 502 breweries opened between July 1, 2013 and June 30 of 2014, a rate of almost 10 per week.”

If YOU are thinking of getting your foot in the brewing door, you better have some serious cash to back yourself up. The number I have heard is $500,000 just for a starter brewery. Want a tap room for your customers? Try an additional $100,000.

Paul Ryburn reported that this years Best Memphis Burger event will happen at Tiger Lane. Yes!

I don’t think parking is going to be an issue at Burger Fest this coming fall.”


Just FYI, I live less than 1 mile from Tiger Lane. I guess I will have to walk to the event, or ride my bicycle. The event takes place Saturday October 3rd. Never been to Best Memphis Burger Festival? I will show you what you are missing.

Best Memphis Burger BIG Burger

best memphis burger festival

Best Memphis Burger Trophy

The event has food, drinks and music. Good event. Please attend.

Speaking of drinks… My wife went by Joe’s in Midtown to pick up some wine and also found me some half growlers of beer.

Joe's Growlers Memphis

What’s inside the bottles? Wiseacre Coffee (which I LOVE), and Stone IPA. Now if I can just get over this cold so I can drink some beers.

Done. Now if I can just get past this cold. See YOU on the flip side. Cheers.


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