Memphis Greenline Commute to Work


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

Yes,it is cold, windy and raining a bit. And yes, I was out in the nasty weather on my bicycle. Short ride to and from Coffee Town, but I wasn’t going to let the weather get the best of me.

Funny, when I arrived and was locking my bicycle up a woman stopped me and asked about my camera on my handlebars. Go Pro? Nope. Try a Flip camera. I told her I mostly used the camera along busy streets in case someone clips me as I am riding the bicycle. We chatted a bit about using cameras while riding and such.

Speaking of bad weather, here is a view from the Greenline earlier in the week.


A tree was knocked down along the trail east of Waring. No worries. I was able to swing ’round the tree and keep on rolling. The river had risen considerably as well.


Moving closer to Shelby Farms Park, I found the fencing near the OLD park entrance was knocked down for a good length, blocking the entire trail. (look to the right of the photo)


The only thing I could do was move to the NEW trail that has yet to be opened to the public. After going the short distance, I was able to get back on the temporary trail and make my way to work.

Oh yes, I found THIS GENIUS parked on the trail entrance near the NEW park entry way.


You have the entire park to find a parking place, yet you choose to park exactly at the trail entrance, blocking the entire trail. Do not let anyone tell you “your parking sucks”. You can block that trail perfectly! You win the “best parking award” of the year.

Getting my cold weather cycling gear washed and ready for next week. Stay warm and dry Memphis.

Taste The Flavors Craft Beer and Food Pairing Memphis


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Yes, I attended the event “Taste the Flavors Craft Beer and Food Pairing” Saturday night. How was the event? FANTASTIC! I really wasn’t sure how the event would go down. I certainly was not expecting so many people and so much good food and good beer.

The event took place in Midtown at Just For Lunch. At first I thought the event would be INSIDE the restaurant. I was wrong. The event occurred outside of the diner, in a small, indoor “alleyway” in front of the restaurant. And I believed by getting to the event at 6:00 p.m. I would be first in line. Wrong again. Many people were already at the event, drinking beer and eating food.

Food. This event had some good food. If you were hungry, this was the place to be. Let me count the calories. Central BBQ was at the event.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Central BBQ

Rizzo’s Diner was present. Local showed up with tacos (and they were good!).

Taste The Flavors Memphis Local on the Square

And my favorite restaurant of the evening? Soul Fish. The hush puppies and fish were delicious. Thanks Soul Fish!

Wait. What about the beer? Yes there was beer. Let the games begin. Where to start? The homebrew club showed up with beer.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Homebrew

And since I had yet to try out Coney Island Root Beer, I sampled that one (a few times) as well. This one is slightly different from Not Your Fathers Root Beer. Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy; excellent as usual. (Try the Grapefruit out as well. Also very good!)

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Coney Island Traveler Lemon Shandy

Ghost River represented that evening.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Ghost River

If you needed a shirt, Taylor James from Cash Saver was on hand to sell you one.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Cash Saver

Where was I? Oh yes… beer. Memphis Filling Station (hoping to open a craft brewery in town soon) was sampling beers. CinnaPear Cider and Spiced CinnaPear Cider were both very good.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Memphis Filling Station Beer

Not to be outdone, Midsouth Malts (home-brew shop off of White Station and Summer; that a friend once thought was an ice cream joint) offered a pineapple cider.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Midsouth Malts Pineapple Cider

Then there was the heavy weight cider in the house; Woodchuck.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Woodchuck Hopped

This time though the Woodchuck Hopped Apple Cider was available. I have been hesitant to try this cider out. I’m not a hop fan, and I wasn’t sure what the new flavor would taste like. So you don’t want so much sweetness in your cider? Try this. In my estimation, the sweetness is cut in half from the regular Woodchuck, but still very tasty. I didn’t pick out the hops so much and the cider came across much lighter than expected. Really, really good stuff.

So, after all of the ciders, which one did I like best? And the winner is… Midsouth Malts Pineapple Cider. Very good cider. Ciders are a bit more complex to create because you have to back sweeten the product. This can be achieved in various ways, but the process is not an easy one.

(I did find it interesting that there were  4 different ciders at the event. Possibly included to help the ladies out with sweeter offerings? Or maybe just a coincidence.)

Back to the beers. Soul Glo made an appearance. This was the first time I tried this beverage out.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Soul Glo

Shiner out of Texas had a brew at the event. Although I have never been a big Shiner fan, I have had the Holiday Cheer beer in the past which was alright.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Shiner

Wait. Dessert. Pink Diva brought out some cupcakes which had a bit of beer added to the sweet stuff.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Pink Diva Cupcakes

Overall the event was very good. I really do need to attend more of these beer tasting and food pairings. This event was way better than expected.

Taste The Flavors Memphis

See you at more craft beer and food pairing events Memphis.

Taste the Flavors Craft Beer and Food Pairing Event, Broad Avenue Water Tower Lighting, Arrow Awards Brooks Museum, Continental Bicycle Tires, Busters Growler Station, Misfits Shirt, Ginormous Rice Krispie Treat


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

I have been getting out lately. Events in the past, beer and food pairing this evening, and film events in the near future. If you are bored in Memphis, it is your own doing.

Last week, we headed over to Broad Avenue for the “Lighting of the Tower” and Fall Art Walk. (one of my favorite photo’s below)

Broad Ave Arts District

Broad Avenue Fall Artwalk 2015 Memphis TN

If you were hungry, you came to the right place. More food trucks were at the event than ever on Broad Avenue. That is a good thing. On the downside, it appeared there were fewer art vendors this year. The loading dock that also does double duty as a stage was only a stage Friday evening.

We waited for the clock to strike ZERO…

Broad Avenue Memphis Water Tower Lighting

Then the tower lit up.

Broad Avenue Memphis Water Tower Lighting

We also noticed the new art installation / bus stop on Broad Avenue.

Broad Avenue Memphis TN bus stop

While picking up some drinkey drink at Busters on Highland, I found that the new growler station was up and running. Nice set up too. I looked at the sign displaying the prices and did a double take.

Busters Memphis Growler Station

Those are some GOOD prices for a growler. And I checked, you can use your own growlers at Busters for refills, they do not have to be the Busters growlers.

I also picked up some Sailor Jerry rum. Yo ho, yo ho…

Sailor Jerry Rum

More beer news. Taste the Flavors craft beer and food pairing. Place? Just For Lunch (Next to the library on Poplar). TODAY! Starting at 6:00 p.m.

Taste the Flavors Memphis Beer Event

I will have a few beers and food. Sounds like a plan… man.


If you want a good laugh, check out the Arrow Awards at the Brooks Museum next week. We have been to this event several times in the past and the “best of U.K. commercial awards show” is a good one. Tickets $9. Wednesday 11/18/15, Sat. 11/21/15 & Sun. 11/22/15. Go! Expect a good turn out as well, so do not wait to purchase tickets for the event.

Oh yeah, I purchased a new tire. Hand made, in Germany.

Continental Bicycle Tires

I live off of these tires. I do find that Conti cuts down on my flat tires tremendously. The only draw back? These tires are a finger breaker to install. No, really they are. Even with a tire jack, these tires have a reputation of breaking your fingers when trying to place them on the rim. It’s just that last section of the tire…. that is always the most difficult… to get over the edge of the rim.

The Misfits. Love ’em. My wife found a shirt at Walmart.

misfits tshirt walmart

The best part? Check out the price.

misfits shirt price tag

Can’t beat that price.

Oh yeah, I received a rice krispie treat bigger than my head.

Gigantic rice krispie treat

And yes, I ate the whole thing.

Done. See you back here for more Memphis beer, films and events.


Schweinehaus Memphis Review


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Today I tried a newish establishment; Schweinehaus restaurant at Overton Square.

schweinehaus memphis

Oddly enough it was the first time I have tried this joint out. I like German food. I like German beer. What took me so long? I don’t know.

I took the bicycle for a ride to Overton Square, locked up my bicycle and walked into the place.

Big tables, dark wood; faux German beer hall. For the record, I have been to several beer halls in Germany; Munich, Berlin, & Cologne. I know a bit about German beer halls.

First up beer. What do I want?

schweinehaus memphis beer list

Hofbrau Oktoberfest it is. Nice beer. The restaurant offers a larger size beer or a smaller size beer. I opted for the middle of the road size beer.

schweinehaus beer memphis

Now what to order for lunch? I do enjoy a good brat. With sauerkraut. And mustard.

schweinehaus brat memphis

After waiting a few minutes my brat was served. The bun was lightly toasted to perfection. I checked out the mustard. Thinner than expected but very good. Better yet, Schweinehaus does not heap a bunch of sauerkraut onto your brat, but gives you a side of it so you can add as much as you would like. Nice touch.

The brat tasted good. The brat appeared to be blackened a touch which made the brat even better.

Here are a couple of looks at the menu.

schweinehaus memphis menu

schweinehaus memphis menu

Service? Really good. I had some questions about Sunday brunch. The bartender found a menu for me to look over and answered all of my questions.

Overall I really enjoyed my lunch at Schweinehaus. Beer and brats make for some good times. Thanks Schweinehaus. I will be back.

Schweinehaus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

New Orleans Trip


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Back in Memphis. Yes we headed to New Orleans for a few days via Amtrak. (Amtrak train to New Orleans from Memphis. Read more about how to use Amtrak and the train ride here) Good times… if you count walking through hurricane winds as good times.

We did stop in at some of our favorite places while in New Orleans. Juans Flying Burrito.

Juans Flying Burrito New Orleans Magazine St

and we had a “few” drinks at Felipes.

Felipes New Orleans Hurricane

felipes drink menu new orleans

roasted agave margartia felipes new orleans

Although it doesn’t sound good, you can suck on the roasted agave. The flavor is sweet.

Johnny Poboys was closed for renovations. :(

Johnny Poboys New Orleans

The Grill on Chartres Street was also closed for renovations. :(

And Steins Deli, the home of 450 different beers, the electricity was out. :(

Strike three.

We did find this new shop while walking in the French Quarter.

Sucre. (622 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 267-7098))

Sucre New Orleans

And if you need more information, check out this website.

Sucre New Orleans

We ordered some of this, and this:

Sucre New Orleansop

You will enjoy this shop.

Stanley’s on the square was okay for breakfast.

Stanley New Orleans breakfast

Cafe Pontalba on Jackson Square is probably one of my favorite places to get gumbo.

Cafe Pontalba New Orleans Gumbo

Desire also has good gumbo as well.

Love in a bowl!

Love in a bowl!

SDrinks at Desire New Orleans

bacchus new orleans

Krewe of Zeus New Orleans

Prometheus The Movie New Orleans

We also checked out a tiki bar. The results? Not so good.

tiki bar new orleans

tiki bar new orleans

This is how I look when others are drinking.

The problem? The hurricane was super sour. Not good. The two couples next to us paid $30+ for ONE large drink, they said the drink tasted really bad as well. What up tiki bar?

Greg’s Antiques in the French Quarter has EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Jimmy Hoffa Safe

This safe is STILL sitting in the yard outside. Want it? It’s free.

At the casino, Gene Simmons and the rest of Kiss took my money.

Kiss Slot Machine

The odd part is that the guy on the same machine next to me was winning money. Doh!

We did find this cool photo-op walking one night.

blue lamp new orleans

We liked the photo so much, we are having the picture blown up and framed to hang over our bed.

Oh yes, I found my new bicycle in New Orleans.

horse bicycle new orleans

Giddy up!

New Orleans. Haunted?

Haunted New Orleans

Not haunted?

Not Haunted New Orleans

You be the judge. Happy Halloween!

big pumpkin

Haunted Memphis, True Halloween Story


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Every year I post a scary Halloween story. I will repeat my favorite one again.

So here is the ”true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent” story (actually no names have been changed and they were not so innocent, let me tell you). This story takes place in the fall. Nearly 30 years ago, my dumb teenage friends and I decided to go to the movies to see one of those scary slasher, homicidal maniac movies. You know, the one where the serial killer kills one camper at a time. “I have to go to the bathroom, but I will be right back!” Nooo….. he isn’t coming back. Don’t go to the bathroom! There is a crazed serial killer out there! You know it and I know it. This guy is not leaving the bathroom alive. And if a character manages to escape the steely knife of the killer, and was running from said killer, you KNOW the person HAD to slip and fall! Doh! I ALMOST made it out of the woods, to the car, before the maniac snares me! (Always wear good running shoes when running from psychopaths. Just sayin’). Where was I? Oh yes. My dumb friends and I watch the scary movie at the theater. None of us were REALLY scared because we are tough teenage boys. Yeah right! Movie ends and we all give a nervous laugh. None of us were scared. Right? We arrive at my friend’s house. His EMPTY house. His parents are gone for the evening. (Wait. Isn’t this how ALL scary movies begin?) We aren’t scared. But we check all the closets JUST IN CASE the serial killer is hiding in the house. (The serial killer may have followed us home from the movies. It could happen). After checking the house to make sure no knife wielding maniacs are present, we settle in for some late night t.v. and records. (YES there were records back then. Those flat, round, black things you placed on a turn table …. oh never mind). Back to the story. We are STILL amped up  from the shocking movie we had just viewed at the theater. Just then my friend asks me “What was that?” ”What was what?” I ask him. “I thought I heard something”. “Stop being stupid” I nervously replied. Guys do this to other guys. We LOVE to scare each other. “No, I heard something” he said. Now I know he is fooling around, trying to scare me. My friend is so sure he heard something, he orders us to search the house. Nothing is amiss. There are no animals to make sounds. There is no one in the house except my friends and I. Maybe his imagination was running wild after that psycho movie we had just watched. Twenty minutes later a muffled “THUDDDdddd” is heard by all of us. Now I hear the sound. Crap! I heard it! My other friends heard the same sound. WE ARE ALONE IN THE HOUSE. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE THAT CAN MAKE THAT SOUND IN THE HOUSE. And now us tough teenage boys are scared. ”Search the house!” my friend orders. Again we search the house. Slowly I look under the beds, pulling the bedspreads up from the floor slowllllly. Nothing. I YANK open the closet door. Nothing there either. Maybe the serial killer is outside, rattling the windows. I pull the curtains aside anddddd…… NOTHING. Someone or something is in the house, making a noise. And it is not us. Twenty minutes later…… “THUDDDdddd” Again! We are all standing in the living room TOGETHER. THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE WITH US! WE ARE CONVINCED! CRAP! DOUBLE CRAP! (and other bad words I won’t mention here!) WE ARE SCARED! SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE! “Check the house again!” my friend says under his breath. Did the serial killer hear my friend last time? Does the knife wielding maniac have a great hiding place? A place we had yet to search in the house? We split up, each taking different rooms. (Exactly what the murderer WANTS us to do). After a few minutes, I heard my friend yell “Guys, come here!” HE’S FOUND THE KNIFE WIELDING MANIAC! He must have been in the garage! WE FORGOT TO SEARCH THE GARAGE! As we ran into the kitchen, my friend stands near the center of the kitchen. My friend smiles and says “Check this out!” We all stand in awe, our hearts about to leap from our chests. THE KILLER IS HIDING IN THE REFRIGERATOR! MY FRIEND OPENS THE FREEZER DOOR AND ….. we notice the ice maker. Smiling, he points to the ice maker. THE ICE MAKER! Every twenty minutes or so, the ice maker would make the ice, then dump (THUDDDddd) the ice into a plastic box. “Ohhhh….” We all breathed a sigh of relief. Although we were CERTAIN there was a manic killer on the loose in the house, it turned out to only be the ice maker. That ice maker did scare some teenagers to a near certain death that night. And that night which started as a fun night out with my friends, watching a ”slasher movie”, turned out to be a frightening night that I will never forget.

myers car

Sleep tight….

Haunted Memphis True Halloween Story


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Be prepared for another TRUE scary story.

We live in an older home. Like many other places in Cooper Young, the place was built in the early 1930’s. For the most part, nothing has been updated in the place. Here is where things get weird. Old place, strange sounds. Often we hear noises in the kitchen, as though someone is doing the dishes. You can hear the dishes hitting one another. If you walk into the kitchen though, nothing is amiss. From other rooms, it sounds as though the dishes are getting washed. Yes, weird. Other times it sounds as though someone is walking in the back door, or walking in the kitchen, but no one is there. My wife often thinks I have come back inside after I have left, but I am long gone. I hear the same thing after she leaves. Weird.

I do not like to sleep in our spare bedroom. Every time I have slept in there (which has only happened a few times), I have had very bad nightmares. Every time. I would rather sleep on the couch in the living room than sleep in the guest room.

It gets better. One early morning I heard my wife gasp in her sleep. I turned to her and asked her “What?”. This is certainly not normal. She said, “I thought I heard someone whispering in my ear.” “It’s probably nothing” I said as I rolled over. What I DIDN’T tell her was that I heard something as well. Just as soon as she gasped, I heard something whisper in my ear, “Shhhhhhh….”. It was as though someone whispered something in my wife’s ear, then SOMEONE ELSE whispered in my ear, telling the other “one” to remain silent. This happened. I am not one to make things up or to hear things. And remember, both of us heard something odd at the same time. We both heard DIFFERENT things as well. Haunted? Not haunted? You decide.

Haunted New Orleans Condo For Lease

Happy Halloween!

True and Frightening Halloween Story


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More than a decade ago, I travelled to London for the first time. I arrived late at night, and after a lengthy wait at customs I finally was able to make my way to the hotel. Walking about London late at night made me think of Jack the Ripper. (And that is another tour and story to tell another time.) Months prior, I had learned about a FREE tour of the Tower of London that took place at night. The tour is called The Ceremony of the Keys. This event takes place every night and has been conducted for hundreds of years. The catch for free tickets? You have to ask for the tickets MONTHS in advance. Only about 60 tickets are made available each night. So I sent a letter and received my one ticket. The month? Late December. Freezing cold in London. I arrived early for the tour and waited outside the gates. It was so cold and I was so tired I thought of skipping the tour all together. But I decided to tough it out and go on the tour. I had heard ghost stories about the tower, but had dismissed the stories entirely. Finally the tour began. The guide takes you into the tower grounds and talks about this and that. A great tour. Go if you have a chance. So the tour starts and I am following at the back of the crowd. At one point we are walking near the tower and I look up. I see a lighted window with what appears to be a woman looking down at me. She was wearing a pink dress. The dress was very regal. Now this was not a fuzzy image. This was very easy to see. The image had a great amount of detail. The woman looked young. Her skin was very light. Sheer white. She had a scowl on her face. My first thought was “Why is a mannequin in the window?” “And why is the mannequin looking down?” Something was not right. The sight really puzzled me. I stopped walking and looked back up again. There was no woman in the window. The space was empty. “Uhhh… I just saw someone in that window.” I was stunned. I am sure of what I saw. The image looked as real as seeing a person standing at that window. And why the upset look on her face? I am not one to “see things”. The person I saw in the window was not my imagination. I continued the tour, but I never forgot the image of the scowling person standing at that window in the Tower of London.

Come back for more true Halloween stories.

Cooper Young Beer Festival 2015, Boscos Beer and Brunch, Arrow Awards, Memphis Brooks Museum Films, Memphis Events



Weekend Memphis. And what a weekend. Care for a beer? Or a few dozen?

Cooper Young Beer Festival 2015

Yes, another smashing success for the Cooper Young Beer Festival. Really, the festival was excellent. And… many sour beers this year. My count? At least four or five sour beers were on tap at the event. One of my favorite breweries this year was Charleville.

Charleville Beer

The pumpkin, coffee and sour were delicious. Usually a brewery has one beer I enjoy. This one had three very good beers. Wiseacre was well represented as well. I loved the Beach Within Reach. Although I have tasted the beer in the past, I decided to have a few “beaches” yesterday. Good stuff.

Oh yes, and this little brewery from Little Rock was very good as well. Moody Brews. Oink. Very good beer.

Moody Brews Beer

Aria’s Bier was FANTASTIC.

This morning we took in a beer (didn’t ya have enough Saturday?) and breakfast and a movie. Patio time at Boscos.

Boscos Beer Memphis


More events Memphis. If you are bored in the next few weeks, you only have yourself to blame.

The Friends of the Memphis Library will hold their annual book sale at the Ben Hooks Central Library next weekend. TAKE A LARGE BOX. Really. People walk out with BOXES of books. Great prices and good books. You can’t lose. Go! Oct. 23rd & 24th 2015. 10:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Friends of the Memphis Library Fall Book Sale 2015

book sale

book sale 1

Punk rock. In Memphis. Well at least a documentary. Yes, “The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead.” Oct. 21 2015 7:00 p.m. Brooks Museum. Good songs from the band in the past. As in the ’80’s past. See the show.

And there is also the Arrow Awards Brooks Museum Memphis from the UK. We attend yearly. Some of the best commercials you will ever see. You will laugh, cry and be moved. GO! November 18th 2015. Brooks Museum. 7:00 p.m.

More events Memphis:


More Memphis Events:


River Arts Festival. October 23rd/ 24th / 25th. $5 Saturday and Sunday. Friday night FREE. South Main Downtown. Go! We attend every year. Although this year we will probably go Friday evening since we will be out-of-town Saturday and Sunday.

Hammer and Ale Oktoberfest, Shelby Farms Water Fountain, City Market Sandwich


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Weekend Memphis. Okay not for you, but it is for me. I started my weekend a bit early Sunday after work. Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young. Oktoberfest. Let the games begin! I began with this beauty of a beer.

Yazoo hefe Hammer and Ale Memphis

The beer is so beautiful, it makes you want to cry.

Hey, don’t forget the brats!

Hammer and Ale Memphis Brat

There really is a brat “somewhere” under all of that good stuff.

GET THIS! Delicious!

GET THIS! Delicious!

I ordered myself the brat, two beers and the pretzels with mustard. Excellent. Thank you Hammer and Ale for putting on a good event. Cool and relaxed, just the way I like my parties.

Soooo…. If you didn’t see this already, Shelby Farms has a new water fountain at the beginning of the new section of the Greenline at the top of Shelby Farms. The new water fountain is right next to the bicycle repair station.

Shelby farms Memphis bicycle repair station

I watched as the crew installed the new water fountain.

Shelby farms Memphis water fountain

This will come in very handy on the days I forget to take water on my ride. Got a dog? There is even a bowl for your four-legged friend.

Shelby farms Memphis water fountain

Thank you Shelby Farms!

If you haven’t tried the new City Market location in Cooper Young, do it. We picked up a sandwich a couple of times now. Here is how the sandwich looked.

City Market Cooper Young Memphis

You want meat? You got it.

City Market Cooper Young Memphis

The bread is goooood. Try out City Market for a quick bite, or if you just don’t feel like cooking. And the menu:

City Market Cooper Young Menu

Done! See YOU back here for more brats, beers and City Market sandwiches. Cheers.

Memphis Events:

Salsa? Yes the first Southern Salsa Festival. October 11th. 12- 9:30 p.m. on Broad Avenue. $5. I love me the salsa. Go!

crazy good pineapple salsa

October 17th. The coolest fest of them all. Cooper Young Beer Festival. In Cooper Young. 1-5 p.m. $40 (goes up to $45 Oct. 1st) THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT! Do not wait to get tickets! I have attended every year. Best beer event in town hands down. It’s just cool people hanging, chatting, drinking good beer. Go!

cooper young regional beer festival 2013


Cooper Young Beer Festival

River Arts Festival. October 23rd/ 24th / 25th. $5 Saturday and Sunday. Friday night FREE. South Main Downtown. Go! We attend every year. Although this year we will probably go Friday evening since we will be out-of-town Saturday and Sunday.

River Arts Fest 2011 Memphis


Broad Avenue Fall Artwalk is right around the corner as well. When I get the date, I will post it.

Broad Ave Arts District

***The dates and times above are from 2013.

easter Island metal rocket

easter island rocket

Again. If you are bored Memphis, it is your own fault. Plenty to see and do in town. Get out!


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