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I walked outside to ride my bicycle to Hueys for lunch today. As I was arranging my camera, radio, and a few other items I thought something didn’t look right. That is when I realized my saddle bag was missing. After further inspection, I discovered the saddle bag had been cut off with wire cutters. (The bag was locked on with a metal clamp to the bicycle)

Damn. All of my bicycle tools were in the saddle bag. Spare. Wrench. Multi tool kit. Allen wrenches. Tire patches. Screw driver. Tape. Chain breaker. Tire levers. Many small spare parts. It took 5 years to put that bag of parts and tools together. I often joked I could build a bike with the tools in that bag. Now it is gone. Completely. Last year the thief cut the lock, and dumped all of the tools on the ground. This time, he took the whole bag.

Want to see what the bike thief looks like at 3:15 a.m.?

cooper young thief

Memphis Bicycle Thief

cooper young thief 2

Cooper Young Memphis Bicycle Thief

But you know what helps in situations like this? Candy. Dinstuhls candy.

Dinstuhl candy

No, the candy is not the same as bicycle tools, but they sure taste better than bicycle tools.

Done. Time to start looking for more bicycle tools. Stay safe my friends.