Just a few books I am currently reading or have read.

blue labyrinth

Blue Labyrinth” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Another very good book from the long running series. Read it!

Riptide” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Although I have read this book long ago, I really want to read the book again; and I NEVER read books a second time.

Riptide Doulgas Preston Lincoln Child

More treasures from the sea? One of my favorite books “Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea” by Gary Kinder.

ship of gold deep blue sea Gary Kinder

I was previously fascinated by the person who sought out the treasure at the bottom of the ocean, Tommy Thompson. Brilliant and determined, he did what no other man could do; bring the treasure to the surface. Sadly, Mr. Thompson is in the news again, this time on the run from the law. Read the book though. A page turner.

Pirates with a “different” kind of gold?

The Last Pirate Tony Dokoupil

The book “The Last Pirate” by Tony Dokoupil is on my reading list. I have yet to read this book, but the book looks interesting to say the least.

The Lost City of Z David Grann

The Lost City of Z” by David Grann is also a winner. I purchased the paperback book, then downloaded the e-book from the library. I was reading the same book via different versions at the same time. I found it easier to read the paperback at home, but the e-book in the coffee shop. Truth is much stranger than fiction as this book illustrates. Look for the movie to be available soon.

More tales of the sea? A favorite book I read several years ago; “Isaac’s Storm” by Erik Larson.

Isaac's Storm Erik Larson

Talk about calling the wrong call. Not only did his miscalculation cause the loss of many lives, his error caused the destruction of his home and family. A very good read.

Wait. One more book about the sea.

The Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger

The Perfect Storm” by Sebastian Junger. Another great book about men, the sea and how mother nature has cruel and mighty fist.

A book that is “out of this world”? Try “Sex on the Moon” by Ben Mezrich.

Sex On the Moon Ben Mezrich

The title is a bit misleading by the true tale is amazing.



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