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Is your Sunday rocking Midtown?

Late post tonight. I just finished watching the movie “Moneyball”. Great movie. Not so much for the acting, but the story is great. I will have to read the book.

No coffee for me today. We went to Chili’s for lunch and invited friends. My wife found a $50 gift card for Chili’s from five years ago (?) we never used. Hey lunch is on us! When we arrived at the restaurant I did the math. The last time we were at Chili’s was 5 years ago. Our friend confirmed the fact. Me; I recommend Copper Young restaurants, but since we had a free pass of $50 to spend, there ya go.

Watching the weather for tomorrow. Snow? Sleet? Should make for a GREAT commute to work! See “danger” is my middle name. Well not really. Danger used to be my middle name, not so much anymore. Still I am up for the bike ride to work, with three sets of clothes for the work week.

Dinner tonight was spent at Pho Saigon. Good as always. We order the same exact menu items every time. Large bowl of noodles with shrimp plus egg rolls.

Get ready for the work week everyone. Cheers!