Coffee, Charlton Heston, Shelby Farms Buffalo, Wrecked Bicycle, Winter Bicycle Helmet, Joe Perry Rocks


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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Get some. I started my morning at Coffee Town.

Choose901 Coffee Town

This’ll get you going. One LARGE coffee. I read the news and gulped my addiction down.

At work, I mailed off some letters. Last month I ordered some Charlton Heston stamps just so I could do this:

Charlton Heston Stamps

Every single piece of mail I send out will have this quote from Mr. Heston. I will even order more Charlton Heston stamps when I run out of stock. I LOVE IT! I am also easily amused.

Riding home tonight, I discovered this LIVE buffalo covered in Christmas lights at Shelby Farms.

Shelby Farms Buffalo

I could not believe it. Where do they get an extension cord long enough?

And then there was this. Along the Greenline at the White Station overpass.

Wrecked Bicycle Memphis

I guess my day was slightly better than this guys day. The front wheel is folded in half. Wow. That took some work. Or a bad landing.

I think my helmet has had it. I tore out the strap on my bike helmet tonight. Since I had a plastic “strap thing”, I just tied the plastic piece on to get myself home.

Broken Bicycle Helmet strap

Guess it is time to get out my winter riding helmet. Oh yes. Here is the winter riding helmet.

skull helmet

And ANOTHER book from the Memphis Library.

Joe Perry Book

Joe Perry of Aerosmith; “Rocks“. Yes, I have worked an Aerosmith show or two or three or four or… okay, I lost count.

Aerosmith Tour

Looking forward to the “interesting” stories to be told. Thank you Memphis Public Library.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, coffee and Charlton Heston.

Strano, Monkey Lights, Lance Armstrong, Bicycle Repairs Shelby Farms


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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

Monkey lights. Heard of them? Me neither, until now. Various colored lights that light up your bicycle rims. Three batteries power the device that attaches to your bicycle wheel. I discovered the device at There was a review of Monkey Lights on the website. If you are using the same lights for 6 years on  the bicycle, that is a good enough review for me. So I ordered myself one to try out. $25 is not a bad risk.

Monkey Light

Last Saturday evening we headed up to Strano for dinner. Yes, we have dined at Strano in the past. Good italian food to say the least.



Plus good drinks as well.


Trevor is a great bartender who can mix up just about anything you desire. I tried out the Crown Apple Cobbler. The drink was good.


And ask him to do a magic trick if he is not busy. “Merlin! Is that you?” “What witchery is this?” He had me stumped.

I found this book at Coffee Town.

Lance Armstrong Book

I’m not sure if I should read the book or not. In light of the facts that have come out about his method to win… but I do find Mr. Armstrong fascinating. Just from a psychological aspect alone, his character is certainly interesting. Alternative title for the book? “It’s not about the bike… It’s about the E.P.O.” Just sayin’.

Luckily, I put in 17 miles today before work. Got to get some miles in. Best days to ride a bicycle? When you have nowhere to be.

As I was riding to Shelby Farms, I spied this object at the top of Shelby Farms (near the bicycle rental station).

Bicycle Repair Shelby Farms

What. Is. That?

Bicycle Repair Shelby Farms Decal

A bicycle repair station. FANTASTIC! If you need air, or if you need to fix your bicycle, here is where you can do it. All of the tools are here. And it is FREE!

Bicycle Repair tools Shelby Farms

I hope I NEVER need to use this station, but it is good to know that the tools and air pump are available in case myself or someone else needs the tools.

Bicycle Fix station shelby Farms

Once again Shelby Farms has demonstrated why the park is so far ahead of the game. THANK YOU SHELBY FARMS! I love it!

See YOU back here for more food, drinks, and bicycles. Cheers.

Greenline Christmas Tree, Greenline Trash Cans, Greenline Expansion


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Fantastic bicycle ride today. Why? Here is the reason why.

Greenline Christmas Tree Day

The Greenline Christmas tree. Take a photo with the Christmas tree and post the photo to Facebook (using the Greenline Christmas tree page).

Greenline Christmas Tree Sign

I was game, so I took a photo and posted the picture to Facebook.

Ty and Greenline Christmas Tree

The tree also lights up at night.

Greenline Christmas Tree Night

YOU can add ornaments to the tree if you would like.

I also found new trash cans lining the Greenline. Excellent. Throw your trash in the can Memphis.

Greenline Trash Can

Since I had my axle fixed this week at the Peddler Bike Shop, the mechanic also “slightly” tuned up my bicycle. He did a great job and my bicycle felt like a brand new bike. A perfect day for a perfect bicycle ride.

And MORE Greenline news. The Memphis Flyer posted an article about the Greenline expansion, heading east and west. Both expansion plans have hurdles to overcome. Read the article here from the Memphis Flyer.

Done. Get ready for the weekend. See YOU back here for more bikes, Greenline Christmas trees, and maybe some beers.

Broken Bicycle Axle


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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

new bicycle

The latest. My last post described how I broke an axle two miles from home during my commute. What a FUN two-mile ride home. (If you can call that a ride. More like a two-mile “coast”.) I took my bicycle to Peddler Bicycle Shop Tuesday morning. “Busted axle. What can you do?” I asked the bicycle mechanic Bobby. Since there were variables, he said he would have to take apart the wheel to see how bad the wheel was screwed up. No promises.

I later received a phone call. Good news. The only thing wrong with the wheel was the axle. He replaced the axle and the whole thing cost $20 and change. I’ll take it! I picked up the bicycle today. The mechanic also said I needed to start looking for another bicycle. Between the weight I carry in the basket and the amount of miles I put on the bicycle, he said my bicycle would not last much longer. I get it. Most bicycles made today are not manufactured to go further than 10,000 miles. My guess is I put 5000 miles per year on the bicycle. So after 1 1.5 years, it is near time to get a new bicycle. He also recommended new brakes, a new chain and a few other items that needed fixing. THANK YOU Peddler Bicycle Shop!

But, at least the bike is back and ready to ride to work :)


Broken Bicycle, Bicycling Magazine, Bicycle Chest


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Manic Monday Memphis.

Bike news today. To start off, my wife purchased a magazine subscription for me for my birthday. LOVE the magazine. Especially this issue.

Bicycling Magazine

Page 54; “Coffee of Champions”. Bulletproof Coffee. I must try said coffee. Page 32; “Please Your Knees”. Very informative. “Kicking Butt” page 40. A bike shop for women. Very cool. Page 43, “Saved by the Bike”. Inspiring. Good stuff in this issue.

In other news, after a week of rain, I was able to ride my bike today to work. Excellent right? Well… except for the part where I was riding home. With only 2 miles left to go, I noticed a severe wobble to the back wheel. Broken bottom bracket. I think. Since it was dark outside, diagnosing the problem was difficult. But I have had a broken bottom bracket in the past. And a shredded metal pedal. At the same time. That was the cause of the destruction of my last bicycle. All in all, this means a trip to the bicycle shop tomorrow. At least the wheel didn’t break in the summer. Wait time should be short… I hope.

Other than the broken bracket, the ride to and from work was enjoyable.

Oh yeah. My wife picked up this cheap portable chest of drawers.

Cart for Bicycle Gear

I placed all of my bicycle crap in the chest. One drawer alone took up all of my wristbands.

Bicycle Chest

Another drawer took up tubes. I do have a lot of bicycle crap. At least all of the bicycle crap is out-of-the-way, instead of by the back door, where it was here, there and everywhere.

See YOU back here for more bikes, bicycle magazines and bicycle crap.

New Book Page


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Since I am a book “junkie”, I have added a new page to the blog about books. Sorry. Books consume a good portion of my free time. I love them. E-books, library books, used books, or paperback books. Biographies, fiction, science fiction, and mysteries; bring them on.

Just a few books I am currently reading or have read.

blue labyrinth

Blue Labyrinth” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Another very good book from the long running series. Read it!

Riptide” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Although I have read this book long ago, I really want to read the book again; and I NEVER read books a second time.

Riptide Doulgas Preston Lincoln Child

More treasures from the sea? One of my favorite books “Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea” by Gary Kinder.

ship of gold deep blue sea Gary Kinder

I was previously fascinated by the person who sought out the treasure at the bottom of the ocean, Tommy Thompson. Brilliant and determined, he did what no other man could do; bring the treasure to the surface. Sadly, Mr. Thompson is in the news again, this time on the run from the law. Read the book though. A page turner.

Pirates with a “different” kind of gold?

The Last Pirate Tony Dokoupil

The book “The Last Pirate” by Tony Dokoupil is on my reading list. I have yet to read this book, but the book looks interesting to say the least.

The Lost City of Z David Grann

The Lost City of Z” by David Grann is also a winner. I purchased the paperback book, then downloaded the e-book from the library. I was reading the same book via different versions at the same time. I found it easier to read the paperback at home, but the e-book in the coffee shop. Truth is much stranger than fiction as this book illustrates. Look for the movie to be available soon.

More tales of the sea? A favorite book I read several years ago; “Isaac’s Storm” by Erik Larson.

Isaac's Storm Erik Larson

Talk about calling the wrong call. Not only did his miscalculation cause the loss of many lives, his error caused the destruction of his home and family. A very good read.

Wait. One more book about the sea.

The Perfect Storm Sebastian Junger

The Perfect Storm” by Sebastian Junger. Another great book about men, the sea and how mother nature has cruel and mighty fist.

A book that is “out of this world”? Try “Sex on the Moon” by Ben Mezrich.

Sex On the Moon Ben Mezrich

The title is a bit misleading by the true tale is amazing.

If you are looking for good books to read, check out my “Book” section, upper left hand side of the page.

See YOU back here for more books, beers and bikes.


Blue Labyrinth Book, Almost Famous Movie, Follow Your Dreams, St Jude Marathon 2014


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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Is the work week almost done? Already?

I am nearly finished reading the book “Blue Labyrinth” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Good book. Many twists and turns throughout the pages, plus the usual suspects (I mean characters) in the series.

blue labyrinth

The best thing about the book? I downloaded the book from the Memphis Public Library. I LOVE FREE BOOKS!

One of my favorite websites to check every day is There is a very good article about following your dreams. Why go to a job daily that you hate? How about doing what you love to do daily? 99% of the American public do not follow their dreams. Why wait for tomorrow? Do what you love to do for a living.

Watching the movie Almost Famous brought back memories. Some good and some bad. Being backstage is not what you think it is.


It is work. Hard work. Stage hands are hot, sweaty, and tired. I have worked shows and wished the band would JUST STOP PLAYING. “I want to go home, and I can’t leave until your band stops performing.” Or I am dealing with your stupid manager who cannot read a financial report. But there are also funny moments; watching a famous guitar player flipping burgers on a grill back stage. Trying to set up chairs in the audience while a famous band does a VERY LOUD sound check. The singer looked down at me as I am shouting directions to the crew. I looked up at the singer with an expression, “Give me a break.” And the time when a famous band showed up to do some rehearsal shows drunk and on drugs. The manager threw out all of the band beer. As my friend asked, “Hey, you want a bunch of free beer?” “Sure.” Just another day in rock n roll.

Do not forget; the St. Jude Marathon is this weekend.

St. Jude Marathon Memphis

Expect traffic delays! Just sayin’.

See YOU back here for more books, beers and St. Jude Marathon.

Thanksgiving Round Two


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4th day of my 4 day weekend. Let’s eat Memphis!

Last night we launched into “another” Thanksgiving feast. In America, I believe we need to change the Thanksgiving holiday. Why celebrate with food on ONE day, when we can eat big 4 DAYS IN A ROW. (I guess some people already do so if you count left overs.) Let’s make it official; THANKSGIVING; the 4 day “food-pocalypse”! And the holiday should be renamed Thanksgiving #1, Thanksgiving #2, Thanksgiving #3 and Thanksgiving #4.

So here is my attempt at stretching the holiday out a few days. Last night we had “Thanksgiving” again with friends. Here we go. We begin with the cranberries.


Mashed potatoes anyone?


The dish was made from scratch by myself. I turned a basket full of groceries

Grocery Shopping by Bicycle

into fluffy potatoes.

Green beans too.


Turkey. More turkey.


To cap the night off, it was death by strawberry cake from the Miss Muff’n Bakery.

strawberry cake

Okay. I am officially done with Thanksgiving. At least for this year. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and turkey legs. Cheers.

Bicycle Shirt, Coffee, Bicycle Basket, Ladybug, Flipboard, Books


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Day 3 of the 4 day weekend. What did I do?

Mostly a repeat of Friday. Coffee. Bike.

Ride Me bicycle Tshirt

I wore one of my favorite t-shirts while out riding today. The temperature was warmer than I expected. Nice day to be out riding a bicycle.

When I exited Coffee Town to jump on my bicycle, I noticed a ladybug had perched on my handle bars.

Ladybug Bicycle

What does this portend? I checked in with to find the answer.

Many cultures also link the sight of a ladybug with future luck in love, good weather, a financial windfall, or the granting of wishes.”

There you go. Financial windfall please ladybug.


After some coffee and books, it was time to ride by Easy Way. I was making some mashed potato’s for Thanksgiving Dinner #2 this evening (pictures will be posted at a later time). For whatever reason, I can make mashed potato’s. And I can make the potato’s real good. I know, odd. But I digress. Back to the potato’s!

I picked up some potato’s, milk and butter. Got to have butter.

Grocery Shopping by Bicycle

Everything fitted nicely into my bicycle basket. Easy (Way). Yes, you too can shop for groceries with a bicycle. I have owned several different bicycle baskets. There are a couple of reasons why I prefer this particular bicycle basket. This basket is solid state. It doesn’t “fall apart”, even with frequent use. And I use the basket almost daily. The basket also folds up nicely, putting itself out of the way when not in use. I have been using this basket for nearly three years now and it is in the same shape as when I first purchased it. I even used the basket to carry a pizza. And a bag of charcoal.

Pizza delivery papa johns bicycle

Charcoal bicycle

And beer. Don’t forget the beer.

bike basket beer

If you need a good bicycle basket, this one (Wald 582 Rear Folding Bicycle Basket) is for you.

By the way, if you DO NOT read Flipboard, you should. Living Loud In Memphis can be found here via Flipboard. I have flipped (posted) several articles into three different magazines; bicycles, alcohol and Memphis. Love the Flipboard.

Done. I have food to eat and books to read (Book #1 and Book #2). See YOU back here for more bikes, potato’s and bicycle baskets.


Thanksgiving Memphis Style, Hueys, Bike Ride at Overton Square


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FOUR DAY WEEKEND! How did that happen?

Thanksgiving day. I slept. And ate. And slept. That was about it. I guess mentally I was trying to push through the three-day work week, and  finish with work on Wednesday evening.

Instead of meeting with friends for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner, we headed downtown to Paulette’s.

Paulette's Memphis

(Although the kitchen at the guest house was supposed to be complete by now, several kitchen appliances may or may not have been in working order) No worries. Paulette’s serves up some good food.

Paulette's Thanksgiving Memphis

The three course dinner filled me up.

Paulette's Dessert Pumpkin Crumble

Pumpkin Crumble! Delicious.

Friday I woke early and headed to Coffee Town via my bicycle. Nice day for a ride. My favorite days to ride are those with nowhere to be; no agenda. What music did I listen to during the bike ride? The soundtrack to “Conan” of course. Nothing gets you going like the “Anvil of Crom”.

Conan Soundtrack

At the coffee shop I read the news. I read my book’s. Memphis Public Library has the new Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child book, “Blue Labyrinth“. The book is good. Very good. And since I picked the book up from the Memphis Library, it was FREE.

I also listened to my classic rock music. Today almost feels like Saturday.

After my fill of coffee, news and books, it was lunch time. I headed back west to Hueys. Of course everyone and their mother is also at Hueys. The joint was packed. I took a seat at the bar. Texas Toast Burger please.

Hueys Memphis

Love me the Texas Toast Burger.

You can see my bicycle ride through Overton Square here. Nothing special, just a ride down Madison Avenue in the bike lane.

An easy day after Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? My life. My family. My health. And my bicycle.

Old bicycle art

Enjoy the weekend Memphis. And get out!


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