Trains, 240 and 40 Construction, South Main Trolley Night


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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

What. A. Day. Yesterday started with a 13.2 mile bicycle ride to work. At mile 1, I ran into this:

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

Well that is not bad. I took a trip around the block and crossed over the track on Hollywood. And then returning home; same thing.

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

This time I went down to Central to go around the train. What are the odds?

Today’s bicycle ride was slightly colder. I took a light jacket with me. As I neared 40 and 240 along the Greenline, I noticed something unusual. There was yellow caution tape blocking the Greenline. Ummm… So I lifted the caution tape and walked through the work site. The guys working didn’t take to kindly that I didn’t ask permission to walk into the construction zone. I’m going to work. It will take more than caution tape to slow me down.

As I reached the other side, an older man hopped off his bicycle and told me, “This is ridiculous. I have to WALK my bicycle in a construction zone?” I don’t have a problem with the construction zone… yet.

More events coming up for you Memphis. Remember, Trolley Night is happening THIS Friday downtown on South Main. Go! You can see art,

s. main art

drink wine and people watch.

Bicycle Memphis

The sign says "Don't"!

The sign says “Don’t”!

Done. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, trolleys, and NO MORE trains. Cheers.


Construction 240 and 40, Memphis Greenline Snake, Memphis Brewfest 2014, V and E Artwalk 2014, Tearing Metal, Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival


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Manic Monday Midtown.

I was in a great mood for a Monday. Although I had a crazy work day, my mood never turned sour.

Construction is continuing at 240 & 40. I ride a bicycle. How does that affect me? If you walk, jog or ride a bicycle on the Greenline, you will notice the construction.

Construction Greenline

Because of the work going on I had to walk my bicycle through the work zone.

Dismount bicycle Greenline Memphis

Nice ride this morning though. I can’t complain much. Riding home, I came across this guy:

Greenline Snake

At first I noticed a young woman riding in circles in Shelby Farms along the trail. “What is she doing?” She moved along and told me to watch for the snake as she passed by. First snake of 2014!

Remember, Memphis Brewfest is coming up this weekend.

Memphis Brewfest 2014

Saturday April 26, 4-7:30 p.m. If you don’t have tickets, look for some downtown at the gig itself. I found two tickets downtown at the event a few years ago.

If art is your thing, then head over to the V & E Artwalk on the V & E Greenline. 4/26/14.

V & E Artwalk 2014

I have been to the event in years past. I picked up a few items while in attendance. First up is the Memphis Threat “Memphis” shirt.

Memphis Skull


One of my favorite prints I purchased is the Pac-Man print below:


pac man skull

v and e greenline

And the Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival is this Sunday 4/27/2014. 11-6  Downtown Memphis.

rajun cajun crawfish festival

Get YOUR bucket of mudbugs.

While riding home today, I thought I heard an odd sound. Something didn’t seem right with my bicycle. At home I checked out the bike. Just another day when I tear metal.

Tearing Metal

The clamp is used for my bicycle rack. I usually destroy two clamps a year. Tearing metal!

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and broken metal.


Republic Coffee, The Great Pearl Heist, Central BBQ, Overton Park Bicycle Arch, Charcoal Bicycle


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Weekend Memphis. I am so glad the weekend is here. And beautiful weather to go along with it.

I woke early and headed to Republic Coffee. Hot coffee? Cold coffee? How about both? I couldn’t decide so I ordered hot and cold coffee. While I was sitting drinking coffee, I found THIS book from the Memphis Library:

The Great Pearl Heist” by Molly Caldwell Crosby.

London, 1913. An exquisite strand of pale pink pearls, worth more than the Hope Diamond, has been bought by a Hatton Garden broker, capturing the attention of both jewelers and thieves. In transit to London from Paris, the necklace vanishes without a trace.

Joseph Grizzard, “the King of Fences,” is the leader of a vast gang of thieves in London’s East End. Having risen from the deadly streets to become a wealthy family man, Grizzard still cannot resist the sport of crime, and the pearl necklace proves an irresistible challenge.

Inspector Alfred Ward has joined the brand-new division of the Metropolitan Police known as “detectives.” Having caught some of the great murderers of Victorian London, Ward is now charged with finding the missing pearls and the thief who stole them.

In the spirit of The Great Train Robbery, this is the true story of a psychological cat-and-mouse game. Thoroughly researched and compellingly colorful, The Great Pearl Heist is a gripping narrative account of this little-known, yet extraordinary crime.”

If this book is not a page turner I don’t know what is. I can’t wait to read this book.

After coffee, I dialed that number on speed dial; Central BBQ. “Wings to go please!”. I rolled on over to Central BBQ on Central. Line? What line? I skipped the line and walked up to the cash register. “Wings please.”

central bbq wings

I paid for my wings and I was out of the door in a matter of minutes. Very simple.

After I ate the wings, I prepared my hamburger meat for later. Time to head to Overton Park for the grand opening of the Overton Park Bicycle Arch.

Bicycle Arch Memphis

Several people stood up and gave speeches. During the grand opening a motorist attempted to make a right turn from E. Parkway South and drive under the arch. Wrong turn. It is a BICYCLE arch, not a CAR arch. You can’t make this stuff up. (you can watch the grand opening by following this link to YouTube on Sunday 4/20/2014; the video size is large and it is taking a few hours to upload) After the grand opening, I took a spin around Overton Park.

On my way home from the park, I stopped in at CVS for some charcoal.

Charcoal bicycle

A few miles later, it was time to grill my burgers on the grill. I also used my new chimney starter.

chimney starter

15 minutes later and the coals were ready. Simple.

Another Saturday complete with burgers, bikes and books. See YOU back here soon Memphis. Cheers.

240 and 40 Construction Memphis, Harbor Town Crawfish Festival, Swankys Crawfish Boil, Memphis Flyer Cover


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Finally Friday Midtown. And it couldn’t get here quick enough.

Yes, I only have a million things to write about, and no where near enough time. Time. That is the problem. My reading has fallen behind. T.V.? Forget t.v. No time for that either. Video games? No such luck. Between my crazy work week and that thing I call a life, my days have been insane.

Most motorists have noticed the construction going on at 240 & 40. But so do those of us that use the Greenline. The other morning I ran across this sight on the Greenline:

Construction Greenline

And then I found this sign today:

Dismount bicycle Greenline Memphis

I am hoping this part of the Greenline does not get worse than this because of the construction.

Crawfish is in season in Memphis.

overton square crawfish 2013

How do I know? There are TWO crawfish boils to attend this weekend. The one you probably know about is the Harbor Town Crawfish Festival in Harbor Town.

Harbor Town Crawfish Festival 2014

From the ad in the Memphis Flyer, the crawfish boil begins at 1:00 to 8:00. $5 to get in or take two canned goods with you.

If the western end of Memphis is not in your neighborhood, then you can go east to Swankys on Poplar. Saturday 4/19, 11:00 a.m. till the mudbugs are gone. $25 gets you all you can eat. Or pay $15 for a plate of crawfish.

Swankys Crawfish Memphis

The cover of the Memphis Flyer features a photo from a local bar. I looked at the cover for 1 second and figured out exactly where the photo was taken.

Memphis Flyer Cover

It’s not like I go to this bar many times during the year. And usually we sit at a table. To easy.

Done. I’m beat. See YOU back here for more crawfish, bars and the Greenline. Cheers.

Cold Bicycle Ride, Greenline Construction, Shelby Farms Buffalo, Memphis Local Beers


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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

If I have the date correct, it is the middle of May. It was also 35 degrees this morning. Brrr… It is the middle of April! When will summer arrive? THREE layers of clothing to get to work? A balaclava and chemical toe warmers? I am DONE with winter.


I remarked about construction going on along the Greenline in an earlier post.

Memphis Greenline

Now those bases have been poured. Again my guess is a bench. I hope I am correct.

Memphis Greenline

There is construction going on along the Greenline at 40 and 240. The construction company has taken down the fence and placed temporary fencing along the path. I have no photo’s yet, but hope to get some tomorrow.

I also saw the buffalo at Shelby Farms.

Shelby Farms buffalo

You don’t see that every day on your commute.


gordon biersch wheat beer

There is so much beer things going on in Memphis, it is very difficult to keep up. This new beer, that new beer, this beer dinner, that festival. I admit it. I can’t keep up. Just try as many beers as you can Memphis.

Short post today. I am beat. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and the Memphis Greenline.

Local Memphis Beer, Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2014, Overton Square Parking Garage Bicycle Rack, Lost Pizza Company Memphis, Bicycle Gate Overton Square, Midnight Classic Bicycle Ride 2014


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The weekend continues Memphis.

Last night, after the Overton Square Crawfish Festival, we went BACK to Overton Square. I was shocked. The booths were taken down and most of the trash was cleaned up. You would have never known a crawfish festival occurred here hours earlier. Great job cleaning up!

Oh yes, some additional photos from the Overton Square Crawfish Festival yesterday.

Classic Car

Now THAT is a car. Not my car, but definitely something to look at.

Overton Square Crawfish

The Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2014 had some of the best crawfish so far this year. Spicy and delicious. Just the way I like the mudbugs.

Overton Square Parking Garage Bicyle Rack

I only noticed this yesterday. The Overton Square Parking Garage has a bicycle rack. This one is located in the north-west side of the garage (across from the courtyard stage). If there are others, I have yet to see them. A nice addition I must say.

We were back in Overton Square for a birthday party, but had arrived early. So we decided to walk around a bit. If you look closely, you see things you have never noticed before. Here are a few examples.

Overton Square Courtyard

The photo above was taken in the courtyard of Overton Square across from the parking garage. A bit of a sci-fi look to the tower.

Overton Square High Voltage

High Voltage, my newest album. (Okay I am 40 years late on that title for an album) This photo was taken next to the security office at Overton Square. I really like the color.

Overton Square keys

The “key” photo was taken in the hallway leading to the courtyard in Overton Square. Your guess is as good as mine.

Sunday we decided to try out the new Lost Pizza Company on the corner of Humes and Poplar. The space inside is large.

Lost Pizza Company inside

I counted three flat screen televisions to watch sports on. There is even a small bar inside the joint. They serve local beer as well.

Lost Pizza Company Memphis Beer

You had me at “Hometown Brews”. If you look around some, they also serve bottled beers as well as draft.

Lost Pizza Company Memphis Beer Menu

We decided on ordering a small personal pizza and baked pasta.

Lost Pizza Company baked pasta

The baked spaghetti was not so good. The dish had very little flavor at all. This was a small portion of cheese on top of spaghetti noodles. For nearly $10 I would expect more.

Lost Pizza Company pizza

The pineapple pizza I ordered was good. The crust was thick. I can’t complain about the pizza.

Next stop? Studio on the Square for the newest Captain America film. I liked the movie. Lots of mindless action. Much better than “Noah”.

Events and more events coming your way soon.

The Bike Gate at Overton Square is set to be officially opened next weekend April 19th 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Bicycle Arch Memphis

Come celebrate and roll through the park.

Overton Park Bicycle Gate 2

Overton Park Bicycle Gate

I also received a notice that the Midnight Classic Bicycle Ride is coming up as well.

Midnight Classic Bicycle Ride 2014

Save the date; August 23rd. I’m in.

beer midnight classic bike tour 2013

midnight classic bike tour 2013 pictures

My prediction? Biggest turnout ever in 2014.

Done. See YOU back here for more crawfish, beer, pizza and bikes. Cheers.

Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2014, Crawfish Prices 2014 Overton Square, Memphis Threat, Parking for Overton Square Crawfish Festival


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Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2014 has arrived.

Here are some things you need to know:

Parking. The Overton Square parking garage appears to be nearly full.

Overton Square parking garage full

The cost for parking today for the festival is $5 (if you can get into the garage).

Overton Square parking garage event parking

Parking along Court, north of Madison is full up to Cox street.


Once you do get parked, walk down Madison.

Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2014

Go get yourself some crawfish and have a seat.

Overtin Square crawfish prices

The Overton Square Crawfish are $20. The price for gumbo, red beans and rice, hot dogs, ect are listed above.

After you eat, check out the vendors. One of my favorites is Memphis Threat.

Memphis Threat

Memphis Threat has numerous shirts to sell. I purchased a new one last night at the Broad Street Art Walk.

Memphis Threat 'tallica

I have been wanting this shirt for some time. For those of you playing at home, this is Memphis Threat shirt number three that I own.

Make sure to check out the Bill Murray portrait that someone is selling. Easily my favorite. I must look into purchasing a Bill Murray portrait.

bill murray you're awesome

(By the way, the above photo is NOT the portrait.)

Also, there is a SECOND stage behind Overton Square near the parking garage that will feature live music as well.

Overton Square Courtyard stage

Okay, in the words of Jim Morrison….

Jim Morrison Art

“Come on baby light my fire….”

More to come today or tomorrow. Remember, MEmphis begins with ME… and you. Live Loud Memphis!


Shelby Farms Construction, Broad Avenue Art Walk, Overton Square Crawfish Festival


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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Get some.

MORE changes at Shelby Farms. The new path near The Mayors Lake has been paved. It appears they started working on the path yesterday, and the path was completed TODAY.

Shelby Farms path

The path leading to the left was the old one (fenced in). The one to the right is the new path, closer to the lake. Very doubtful TDOT, Shelby County or the City of Memphis could have done a better or faster job. Shelby Farms, you are doing outstanding work.

The Broad Avenue Art Walk is tomorrow from 5-10. Event information:

“The Broad Avenue Spring Art Walk is going to be the biggest yet! 

All the studios, galleries, and businesses will be open, and there will be plenty of art, music and dance performances. 

Don’t forget to check out what’s happen at our beloved loading dock (Water Tower Pavilion). We’re in the middle of a face lift, so please excuse our mess.

Performances at the Water Tower Pavilion:
School of Rock
Musicians of the Memphis Symphony
The Poodle Brandy
and more.

Art Walk Activities:

Muddy’s Bake Shop – Pop-Up Shop

West Memorials – Featuring Artists Paul Vinsonhaler and Maggie Russell

Memphis Martial Arts Center – Demos of various different styles of martial arts (6 – 7:30PM)

Hollywood Feed – Dog and Slaw Hot Dogs, One Smart Pet Food, One Smart Pet Food (a Memphis based pet food merchant), Heart of Eden Soap Company and The Street Dog Foundation

My Heavenly Creations – Spring into Spring with our new Spring Collection “Grandma’s Garden”

Nabers Interiors – Photography Art Show

Five in One Social Club – New merchandise from local artists

Jack Magoo’s – Midtown Violets

Wiseacre – New Hours! Open till 10PM on Friday’s

Archicast – watch Dan demold casts!

Memphis Bombshells – hosting Front Porch Art artists works and we will have an exclusive Memphis Type History Story Booth (for people to tell their stories about various landmarks for their blog and upcoming book)

The Cove – happy hour 5-8 $3 drinks & $10 bottles of wine. Whiskey Republic is playing at 9 PM.

Broadway Pizza – Cooper Jewelry and Soy Soap

Found Vintage + Gifts Marketplace – Grand Opening! Retail marketplace featuring vintage finds and unique gifts and accessories

Water Tower Pavilion – Food trucks, entertainment, artist market and more! “

Remember, Wiseacre is open until 10:00 p.m. this Friday. (In the past they have been closing the joint at 8:00 p.m.) I have been to the art walk for the last few years.

easter Island metal rocket

Every year I spend a good amount of time there and spend money on many cool items. Eat, drink and check out many great things on Broad.

Get more information about the art walk here and here. (Choose 901).

Then get ready for the Overton Square Crawfish Festival. Noon – 6:00 p.m. Music, food and art on Saturday. I’m there.

overton square crawfish 2013

It looks like I will have a busy weekend. Mudbugs!

Done. See YOU back here for more beer, mudbugs and festivals. Cheers.



Shelby Farms Construction, Bansky Art, High Ground Digital Magazine, Book Cycle of Lies


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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get some.

My morning? Cold. I started my bicycle ride a few minutes earlier than usual. Construction is moving along at Shelby Farms. I noticed several work vehicles parked along the jogging / pedestrian paths. I was able to maneuver around the construction vehicles. It appears there will be work done soon around the Mayors Lake. Since part of the old trail is now fenced off, a new trail has to be created.

shelby farms fence

From here, you turn left, near the lake, instead of heading straight. Other than that, no major problems biking to work.

The ride home was much warmer. No big jackets to wear. Nice. And the temperature is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. I can’t wait.

After my ride I found the artwork we had ordered had finally arrived.


And now THAT is on the wall.

High Ground Digital Magazine has posted a good article about the emerging Memphis craft beer scene. I really like this magazine. Read more here at High Ground News.

I am still reading the book “Cycle of Lies” by Juliet Macur. This book about Lance Armstrong. I am half way through the book. The title of the book says it all.

Done. (And tired) Some days at work just take it out of you. Today was one of those days. See YOU back here for more bears, bikes, and Shelby Farms. Cheers.



Huey’s, Movie Noah, Tamp and Tap, Flying Fish, Overton Square Crawfish Festival, Broad Avenue Art Walk


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Weekend Midtown. Get out! And stay dry.

Saturday evening we decided to have a late lunch at Huey’s.

hueys texas toast burger

Same burger; Texas Toast with extra jalapeños. “I go for the music!” Always great music playing at Huey’s.

After a nice late lunch, early dinner (“linner”) we headed to Overton Square to see the film “Noah”. Not what I expected. Noah comes off as a psychopath. I found the movie to be deeply disturbing, not for any religious aspect, mostly because of the doom and gloom and Noah contemplating killing his family and his son portrayed as wanting to kill Noah. I felt as though the director took all of the bad, depressing parts of the bible and used them all in the film. I am one that likes disturbing movies, but not this one at all.

This morning we decided to head downtown to look for a gift for a friend. I was trying to get some coffee at Cafe Keough on S. Main. Walked up to the front door…. and they are closed on Sunday. This is the second time I attempted to go here.

Instead we headed over to Tamp and Tap for coffee.

Tamp and Tap Memphis

This time I tried the “pourover”. Like I said last week, the process of making the coffee reminds me of a chemistry experiment. I did have to wait a bit for my coffee to get to me. I also ordered some raspberry covered biscotti. When my drink arrived at the table I noticed something in my spoon. It was a coffee bean. I dipped the biscotti, chewed on the bean and sampled the coffee. I have to state this was the trifecta of greatness. Combined, the flavors were amazing.

Tamp and Tap Grind Unwind

Me? I prefer to “grind”.

The next stop was The Flying Fish for lunch. Mubugs are on the menu. I ordered up a pound of the crawfish. The mudbugs were good.

flying fish crawfish


I have an early morning meeting, so I have to leave for work early. Laundry is done and my commuter bag is packed with clean clothes. Yeah this is what my bicycle will look like tomorrow.

bicycle rack

Monday is National Beer Day. Celebrate Memphis!

Beer Growler Memphis

Remember, this Friday is the Broad Ave. Art Walk,

Broad Ave Arts District

and then Saturday is the Overton Square Crawfish festival.

overton square crawfish 2013

Lots to do this next weekend. See YOU back here for more bikes, mudbugs and coffee. Cheers.



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