TDOT Construction Site, I40 240, Falling Fence, Shelby Farms Greenline


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Monday Memphis. “Attack the day like birds of prey”. After two cups of coffee, I was ready to do just that.

Last week, I noticed the fence along the Greenline at the I 40 / 240 construction site was falling over along the pedestrian path. I notified TDOT of the problem last week WITH PHOTOS. No response from TDOT.

Fence TDOT Dement Construction Poor Quality

Today as I arrived at the construction site, the fence was on the ground.

Fence I40 240

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET THE TENNESSEE GOVERNMENT TO FIX THEIR OWN FENCE? I emailed Shelby Farms this morning. I contacted Dement Construction Company (the company who is working at the site). I contacted TDOT today, twice. Guess who I heard from? Only Shelby Farms. As far as I can tell, TDOT doesn’t exist. They do not answer phones, emails, tweets; nothing. Apparently TDOT does not care about the safety of Tennessee residents, nor do they care to respond to problems along the Tennessee Highways. Again, how many times does a resident have to complain about a problem to the Tennessee government to get anything changed?

If you do not care about your ugly fences along the Greenline, please take the fences down TDOT. To make matters worse, there is a TDOT station only a 100 yards from that construction site. The problem is in your own back yard and TDOT cannot fix it?

As I was riding home this evening, I did notice that the fence had been mended. Good. But again, why can’t TDOT do ANYTHING without being asked to address the problem over and over. Why does TDOT REFUSE to answer inquiries to problems? TDOT Tennessee DOES NOT CARE.

Computer Cleanup, Grocery Store Psychology, Interstellar Movie, New Motörhead Shirt


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Although it is the weekend and I had to work, I felt as though I achieved many things on my “to do” list. Two BIG items on the list? 1) Clean up the computer cords in our computer closet. I found two cords plugged into a power strip that were not attached to anything. And I am pretty sure those cords have been drawing power for a couple of years now. Next I cleaned off the lower shelf and can actually see the computer platform. Amazing.

2) The next item on the list was to clean up that 8-year-old desktop. I have so many junk programs running that the computer will barely operate. I started by defragging the computer and cleaning up registry errors. Next I loaded a software un-installer to take out nearly 70 unused programs. The fight is on to clean up that desktop.

Lastly, I have to upload nearly 8 albums to the desktop (which is where iTunes is located) in order to update my music on my tablet and phone. I have put this task off for months now. I just didn’t want to fight that desktop in order to upload my music.

On top of all that (or in between it all) I went shopping for groceries and did laundry. If you want to know just how you end up spending so much money at the grocery store, you need to read this article from Bon Appetite. You would not believe the length that the groceries stores go to get you to spend more money. Have you ever noticed you shop in the store in a counter-clockwise movement? The store does it to you on purpose. Most people are right-handed. You push the cart with your left hand and pick up items with your right hand. The milk is always in the back left section of the store. The deepest part of the store. And most people need milk. So the store pushes you as far into the store as possible. End of aisles? Those items are priced higher because people tend to pick up something on the end of an aisle so they won’t have to walk all of the way down the aisle. Really great article. And, we stuck to our list today! Reverse psychology!

To end the evening, we went to see the film Interstellar. If you enjoy Chris Nolan movies, this film is for you. If you are a Kubrick fan, this movie is for you. The film was visually stunning and very thought-provoking. People complained that the film is too long and the ending didn’t make sense. But the ending did make sense to me. Go see this movie. Interstellar is well worth the 2 1/2 hours.

Oh yes. I purchased a NEW Motörhead shirt for summer bicycle rides.

Motörhead T-shirt

“The devils grip, the Iron Fist!”

My clothes are packed and ready for Monday. Get ready, because that work day will hit you like a two by four.

Bicycle Ride to Work, Bicycle Light Comparison, Worst Local Bicycle Shops, Shelby Farms Greenline


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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

I spent the last few days riding my bicycle to work.

Shelby Farms Greenline

I will state the ride Thursday was much better than Wednesday. It is getting cold out there! Brrrr.


As I rode by the construction site at 40 and 240, I noticed the fence falling over.

Fence TDOT

Nice work as always.

I rode by Shelby Farms. The new lake expansion is coming along swimmingly.

Shelby Farms Lake Expansion

The photo above as you are looking north from the south west corner of the park.

Speaking of riding my bicycle, I found this article today at about the WORST local bicycle shop reviews posted using Yelp. Just a few classics:

“I hate this place. Hate hate hate it. I wish I didn’t because it’s in a convenient location and I hate the idea of hating a local bike shop. I can’t help it. Just seeing this place fills me with a blinding rage.” – BLINDING RAGE! By the way, that is the latest name of my heavy metal band; BLINDING RAGE.

“Upon entering the shop, the shop owner greeted my friends and I by yelling ‘WHAT THE F–K DO YOU WANT.'” Best customer service ever. EVER.

“They somehow make bikes worse.”  :) Awesome. Totally awesome.

Speaking of more bicycles, I decided to do video a comparison of my bicycle lights. The first light was my old light from last year. The second light is the newest; 1200 Lumen. Lights up the night, double time. The reason I purchased the newer light was because I had flatted out a tire in Shelby Farms a few months ago. If you don’t see me at night, you blind. See the video here;

Done. See YOU out on the Greenline soon. Cheers.

Cold in Memphis, Balaclava, Shoe Covers


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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

I got out. Friday. Nice temperatures outside right?

memphis low temperature

As I took my bicycle out for the commute to work, I wondered if anyone would be as crazy as I and bicycle in the low temperatures. A minute later I saw another bicyclist riding down the street. Although I think he is fairly new, (I have seen him out in the last month or so) he wasn’t wearing pro gear.

Wait. How did my pro gear handle the cold weather? The shoe covers worked perfectly!


I put my feet into Merino Wool Socks. I slipped in a chemical heating toe warmer into my shoe and the covers kept my toes warm for more than one hour. In the past couple of years, I would end my ride with toes that I couldn’t feel. Problem solved.

I purchased military grade long johns (tops and bottoms) last year. The bottoms worked like a charm as well. (My problem? I couldn’t find the tops!)

Using a wool cap and a balaclava, I was nearly warm enough (except for my arms. Again, no long john top).


Cold outside? Yes. But if you prepare, the cold temperatures will not bother you much.

See YOU back here for more beers, burgers and bikes. Cheers.

Broad Avenue Fall Art Walk, Bounty Memphis, Pin Head, Bicycle Art, Memphis Art, Grow Rich Book, Conan Soundtrack


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Weekend Memphis.

Friday night, we stopped by the Broad Avenue Fall Art Walk.

Broad Ave Arts District

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the theme for the evening turned out to be “heads”. It wasn’t until after I reviewed all of my photo’s that I discovered the theme. (See it for yourself.)

There are more shops and restaurants opening on Broad Avenue. Bounty (the restaurant) has opened on Broad.

Bounty Broad Avenue Memphis

The place looked busy as we walked by.

There is a new guitar shop (Memphis Guitar Spa) as well as a tattoo place (Inside Ronin Design and Manufacturing). This shop has an interesting interior to say the least; and I dig it.


I found this bobble “head” in the shop as well.

pinhead bobble head

Pin “head”! Better yet, I also sighted the larger pin “head” just a few shops down.

Head art nails

We noticed the artist downtown at the River Arts Festival for the last two years.

At the new 20twelve shop, I spotted these animal heads.

rabbit head

deer head

I also ran across this old bicycle.

Old bicycle art

I liked the photo so much, I am currently using the photo for my background Facebook page.

Did I purchase anything? Sure did. I picked up some art.

Memphis Art

A local shop that sells cool shirts had these t-shirts mounted to frames.

timewarp drive in

“So… did the shirts NOT make the cut or what?” I was told the shirts were hung on hangers in the shop and this caused the shirt to fade along the shoulder area. Can’t sell the shirts with a faded line, so they mounted the shirts to frames. Easy art.

I also bought this print.


I may create a negative image and then die the image onto a t-shirt.

The latest book I am reading?

Monkey reading "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

Think and grow rich napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I do have to state the book is interesting, page one had my attention immediately.

I also purchased the CD “Conan“, the soundtrack from the original movie.

Conan Soundtrack

Poledouris is one of my favorite composers. I still cannot figure out why I waited so long to purchase the music from the film.

Mongol General: “Conan! What is best in life?”

Conan: “Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.”

If you are not listening to the podcast “Serial“, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Download this podcast NOW. If you enjoy true murder mysteries, this show is for you. I listened to the first hour and I am hooked on the podcast. Who did it? The ex-boyfriend? There are witnesses who place the killer elsewhere. But other witnesses can’t remember details from so many years earlier. If your life depended on it, could you remember what you were doing three months ago? Who you spoke to? Can you recall the minute by minute details of your day? Most people cannot. Give “Serial” a try.

Done! Don’t go losing your head Memphis.


See YOU back here for more bikes, heads and art. Cheers.

Skull Balaclava, Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips, MLGW Anti-Smart Meters


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Waffle Wednesday Memphis.

Odds and ends day. First up; a new cover for my balaclava.

skull balaclava

I will try the balaclava skull cover tomorrow, since the temperature should be rather cool tomorrow morning. Try somewhere in the 30’s. Since the temperature is turning so cold, I will also try out the shoe covers I recently purchased. Wish my toes luck.


While purchasing some alcohol this evening, I also picked up some Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips.

Nikkis hot ass chips

No. The photo on the bag is not an ad for porn. Just sayin’. This would be the first bag of Nikki’s chips I have purchased. Get ready for the heat.

Lastly, I found this note for the Memphis Smart Meters AGAIN. The photo goes with my current attitude today; sour.

Smart Meters Memphis

Are. You. Serious? Instead of putting prices on items in a grocery store, how about just finding out the total for groceries at the check out counter. Instead of advertising the price for gas, how about letting the price surprise you when you fill the tank up. Every scare tactic these “logic impaired” twonks use as an excuse for NOT having smart meters is a cop-out. Every single excuse. And what exactly is a “message bar”?

YOU can follow IBEW Local 1288 via Twitter. You may be bored though. The Twitter account has posted a whole TWO TWEETS in the LAST FIVE YEARS. “Ya tweeter is broken man.”

Here is a part of a post from the past regarding “anti-smart” meters.

Sooo… this is where things take a turn to the “dumb side”. I have wanted to rant about this subject for some time. I found this flyer on my vehicle Saturday.

anti smart meter memphis

It appears there are some people in Memphis that are “Anti-Smart Meter”. If you want to cut to the chase, just read the first part of that phrase; “anti-smart”. If you want the long version, here is my RANT on the matter.

Looking at the above diagram, smart meters will be used by thieves to find out if you are home or not. So the “smart, high-tech thief” (the reason they are stealing is because they are NOT smart) will hack into your smart meter to determine if you are home. Or the thief could just knock on your door to discover if you are home or not. I’m going with option number two for the lazy burglar.

“Terrorists will shut down the power grid!”. That’s odd. How many American power grids have been shut down by terrorists so far? Hmmm… That answer would be “ZERO”. Terrorists would much rather STEAL YOUR MONEY than shut down the power grid.

The power company is “watching you” and will cut your electricity if you use a large amount of electricity. Yeahhhh….. not buying that one at all. Type “power company cuts your power when you use too much?” into your search engine. You cannot find an answer to that specific question. Because it doesn’t happen. The power company cuts your power off when you DO NOT PAY your electric bill. Just pay your electric bill.

Electric bills INCREASE after you install a smart meter. Wrong. Look it up for yourself:

“The winners of the 2011 and 2012 Biggest Energy Saver contests ( reduced their electric consumption by 36 and 37 percent respectively with the help of information from their smart meter.”

You want to list Janice Fullilove as a supporter for your cause? Really? Are you kidding me?

Memphis City Council Smart Meters

This “anti-smart” meter protest has nothing to do with smart meters at all. It is all about a local union. Meter readers would “have to adapt” if smart meters were installed. No, we want our job to stay the same, forever and ever. Adapt. Learn. Move on. Or stay the same. Don’t adapt. Don’t evolve. Please, be the dinosaur.

There are many more worries in your home than a “smart meter”. If you want to be worried about an appliance, check out these unsafe items in your home; extension cords, space heaters, clothes dryers, dishwashers. Your stove is the number one culprit for a fire in your home. Hmmm… smart meters didn’t make the top ten list.

Here is my question to those who are against smart meters. Do you use a “dumb” phone or a “smart” phone? My guess is over 90% of you use a smart phone. Why? “I can’t watch those cute cat video’s that are posted daily on Facebook using a “dumb” phone.” Oh, so you want “smart” when it comes to personal technology?

Another question for the anti-smart meter gang. Do you drive up to a gas station and just randomly put in ANY amount of fuel in your vehicle? No. You watch as the “meter” tells you exactly how much fuel goes into the tank. “No, I just close my eyes, and get a surprise when I finish gassing up.” Wouldn’t you rather know exactly how much electricity you are using on a daily basis, than by just guessing?

And another question for Local 1288. When you go to the grocery store, do you pick out items and throw the items into the cart? Or like most people, do you look at the price tag of each item? I do not have the luxury of not knowing how much money I am spending at the grocery store. I want to know what I am spending every time I am in the grocery store. Maybe the members of Local 1288 are very well off and do not care about money.

Strangely enough, the group (Local 1288) lists an “email address” to contact Local 1288 members. Hey, why are you using a “smart” means for people to contact you? Why not have citizens communicate to you via a letter, written on paper?

The smart meters can cause a fire! So, if there is ONE fire caused by a smart meter, you will not have a smart meter installed, right? Wait. People get killed in car accidents, so by the same logic, let’s all give up our cars and walk because cars are dangerous.

No. Let’s stay stuck in the past. Why use technology to help us? Wow, Local 1288 is all “smart” and stuff. They produced these awesome fact filled flyers. Uhhh… no they didn’t. They downloaded the material from a website. Wow Local 1288, you worked really hard on those flyers. Not.

Lastly, here is a theory. Maybe Local 1288 is in league with the power company to get you to use MORE electricity. What? Think about it. Local 1288 doesn’t want you to know how much power you are using. Since you cannot monitor power usage, you use MORE electricity; just what the power companies want you to do. Follow the money. Who pays the members of Local 1288? Think about it.

The “anti-smart” meter movement is garbage. End of rant.


Evil Clouds, Affliction Shoes, Bicycling Magazine, Broad Avenue Fall Art Walk


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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

As I was riding my bicycle last week, I saw these ominous clouds over Shelby Farms.

evil clouds

Just in time for Halloween.

I also FINALLY received my Bicycling Magazine in the mail.

bicycling magazine

I state “finally” since the post man could not find my address to deliver said magazine. Although the post man never seems to have a problem delivering my bills EVERY DAY to my mail box.

Shoes. I am not a fan. Pretty much any basic style of shoe will do. A few years ago I received a great pair of shoes for my birthday.

affliction shoes

At first sight I asked, “These shoes are dirty! You gave me used shoes?” No. Not the case. Apparently, the shoes come “dirtified”. You have to pay extra for that. Moving on. These shoes became a favorite pair to wear out and about. This creates TWO problems. The favorite set of shoes wears out faster.

affliction shoes bottom

Notice the “shoe-fix-glue” at the heels. A bad attempt at wringing a few more months out of the shoes. Then I discovered the shoes have been discontinued. You can’t buy the shoes anymore. Except one place. Ebay. I am convinced you can find ANYTHING using Ebay. A friend once purchased a car using Ebay. Yesterday my wife accidentally found the same shoes via Ebay. And today she won the shoes at the auction site for me. My guess is that the new shoes will last two years at best. You do what you have to do.

The Broad Avenue Fall Art Walk is coming your way very soon.

Broad Ave Arts District

This Friday night, November 7th, 2014. Go! We attend this event every year. 5-10 p.m. on Broad Avenue.

broad ave mural

We usually park on the west end of the street and make our way down to the east end, then circle back to the pavilion to check out the art work for sale.

easter Island metal rocket

I usually pick up some of the hand crafted soaps at My Heavenly Creations (2577 Broad Ave.) LOVE the products created by this company. Money well spent at this shop.

broad ave soap 2

Be sure to check out the art of Jennifer Lashbrook at West Memorials (near the west end of Broad Avenue). Her work was on display at the River Arts Festival last weekend and the art is fantastic! Lashbrook uses color swatches to create portraits of famous people. I asked the artist last week if she had come across anything like her work. She tours the country and she said there is nothing else like her work. Check out the work of Jennifer Lashbrook at West Memorials ( 2481 Broad Ave), Friday.

We usually wind the night down at Wiseacre brew house on the eastern end of Broad.

wiseacre taproom

Warning. I predict the parking lot at the brewery will be completely FILLED Friday evening. You may want to get there early or take a short walk to the brewery. If you have not stopped in at the brewery, you should. GREAT beer is offered here.

wiseacre ty and maggie

Having a beer with a few friends at the last art walk.

wiseacre friday night

Okay, the laundry is finished, the meat is cooked for the work week, and I am beat. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes, and art!

True Tales of Terror


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An old but good (TRUE) story from my youth. Prepare yourself.

So here is the “true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent” story (actually no names have been changed and they were not innocent, let me tell you). This story takes place in the fall. Nearly 32 years ago, my dumb teenage friends and I decided to go to the movies to see one of those scary, slasher, homicidal maniac movies. You know, the one where the serial killer kills one camper at a time. “I have to go to the bathroom, but I will be right back!” Nooo….. he isn’t coming back. Don’t go to the bathroom! There is a crazed serial killer on the loose! You know it and I know it. This guy is not leaving the bathroom alive. And if a character managed to escape the steely knife of the killer, and was running from said killer, you KNOW the person running HAD to slip and fall! Doh! I ALMOST made it out of the woods, to the car, before the maniac snares me! (Always wear good running shoes. Just sayin’). Where was I? Oh yes. My dumb friends and I watch the scary movie. None of us were REALLY scared because we are tough teenage boys. Movie ends and we all give a nervous laugh. None of us were scared. Right? We arrive at my friend’s house. His EMPTY house. His parents are gone for the evening. (Wait. Isn’t this how ALL scary movies begin?) We aren’t scared. But we check all of the closets JUST IN CASE the serial killer is hiding in the house. (The serial killer may have followed us home from the movies. It could happen). After checking the house to make sure no knife wielding maniacs are present, we settle in for some late night t.v. and records. (YES there were records back then. Those flat, round, black things you placed on a turn table …. oh never mind). Back to the story. We are STILL amped up  from the shocking movie we had just viewed at the theater. Just then my friend asks me “What was that?” “What was what?” I ask in reply. “I thought I heard something”. “Stop being stupid” I nervously replied. Guys do this to other guys. We LOVE to scare each other. “No, I heard something” he said. Now I know he is fooling around, trying to scare me. My friend is so sure he heard something, he orders us to search the house. Nothing is amiss. There are no animals to make sounds. There is no one in the house except my friends and I. Maybe his imagination was running wild after that psycho movie we had just watched. Twenty minutes later a muffled “THUDDDdddd” is heard by all of us. Now I hear the sound. Crap! I heard it! My other friends heard the same sound. WE ARE ALONE IN THE HOUSE. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE THAT CAN MAKE THAT SOUND IN THE HOUSE. And now three, tough, teenage boys are scared. “Search the house!” my friend orders. Again we search the house. Slowly I looked under the beds, pulling the bedspreads up from the floor slowllllly. Nothing. I YANK open the closet door. Nothing there either. Maybe the serial killer is outside, rattling the windows. I pull the curtains aside anddddd…… NOTHING. Someone or something is in the house, making a noise. And it is not us. Twenty minutes later…… “THUDDDdddd” Again! We are all standing in the living room TOGETHER. THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE WITH US. WE ARE CONVINCED! CRAP! DOUBLE CRAP! (and other bad words I won’t mention here!) WE ARE SCARED! SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE! “Check the house again!” my friend says under his breath. Did the serial killer hear my friend last time? Does the knife wielding maniac have a great hiding place? A place we had yet to search in the house? We split up, each taking different rooms. (Exactly what the murderer WANTS us to do). After a few minutes, I heard my friend yell “Guys, come here!” HE’S FOUND THE KNIFE WIELDING MANIAC! He must have been in the garage! WE FORGOT TO SEARCH THE GARAGE! As we ran into the kitchen, my friend stands near the center. He smiles and says “Check this out!” We all stand in awe, hearts about to leap from our chests. THE KILLER IS HIDING IN THE REFRIGERATOR! MY FRIEND OPENS THE FREEZER DOOR AND ….. we notice the ice maker. Smiling, he points to the ice maker. THE ICE MAKER! Every twenty minutes or so, the ice maker would make the ice, then dump (THUDDDddd) the ice into a plastic box. “Ohhhh….” We all breathed a sigh of relief. Although we were CERTAIN there was a maniac killer on the loose in the house, it was only the ice maker. That ice maker did scare some certain teenagers to a near death that night. And that night which started out as a fun night out with my friends, watching a “slasher movie”, turned out to be a frightening night that I will never forget.

big pumpkin

Halloween Scary Story, Haunted Memphis


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Did the lightning scare you? If not, be prepared for another TRUE scary story.

We live in an older home. Like many other places in Cooper Young, the place was built in the early 1930’s. For the most part, nothing has been updated in the place. Here is where things get weird. Old place, strange sounds. Often we hear noises in the kitchen, as though someone is doing the dishes. You can hear the dishes hitting one another. If you walk into the kitchen though, nothing is amiss. From other rooms, it sounds as though the dishes are getting washed. Yes, weird. Other times it sounds as though someone is walking in the back door, or walking in the kitchen, but no one is there. My wife often thinks I have come back inside after I have left, but I am long gone. I hear the same thing after she leaves. Weird.

I do not like to sleep in our spare bedroom. Every time I have slept in there (which has only happened a few times), I have had very bad nightmares. Every time. I would rather sleep on the couch in the living room than sleep in the guest room.

It gets better. One early morning I heard my wife gasp in her sleep. I turned to her and asked her “What?”. This is certainly not normal. She said, “I thought I heard someone whispering in my ear.” “It’s probably nothing” I said as I rolled over. What I DIDN’T tell her was that I heard something as well. Just as soon as she gasped, I heard something whisper in my ear, “Shhhhhhh….”. It was as though someone whispered something in my wife’s ear, then SOMEONE ELSE whispered in my ear, telling the other one to remain silent. This happened. I am not one to make things up or to hear things. And remember, both of us heard something odd at the same time. We both heard DIFFERENT things as well. Haunted? Not haunted? You decide.

Happy Halloween!


Scary Halloween Story


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I almost forgot. It is that time of year for TRUE Halloween scary stories. This event did happen to me.

More than a decade ago, I travelled to London for the first time. I arrived late at night, and after a lengthy wait at customs I finally was able to make my way to the hotel. Walking about London late at night made me think of Jack the Ripper. (And that is another tour and story to tell another time.) Months prior, I had learned about a FREE tour of the Tower of London that took place at night. The tour is called The Ceremony of the Keys. This event takes place every night and has been conducted for hundreds of years. The catch for free tickets? You have to ask for the tickets MONTHS in advance. Only about 60 tickets are made available each night. So I sent a letter and received my one ticket. The month? Late December. Freezing cold in London. I arrived early for the tour and waited outside the gates. It was so cold and I was so tired I thought of skipping the tour all together. But I decided to tough it out and go on the tour. I had heard ghost stories about the tower, but had dismissed the stories entirely. Finally the tour began. The guide takes you into the tower grounds and talks about this and that. A great tour. Go if you have a chance. So the tour starts and I am following at the back of the crowd. At one point we are walking near the tower and I look up. I see a lighted window with what appears to be a woman looking down at me. She was wearing a pink dress. The dress was very regal. Now this was not a fuzzy image. This was very easy to see. The image had a great amount of detail. The woman looked young. Her skin was very light. Sheer white. She had a scowl on her face. My first thought was “Why is a mannequin in the window?” “And why is the mannequin looking down?” Something was not right. The sight really puzzled me. I stopped walking and looked back up again. There was no woman in the window. The space was empty. “Uhhh… I just saw someone in that window.” I was stunned. I am sure of what I saw. The image looked as real as seeing a person standing at that window. And why the upset look on her face? I am not one to “see things”. The person I saw in the window was not my imagination. I continued the tour, but I never forgot the image of the scowling person standing at that window in the Tower of London.

Boo! Happy Halloween!


Come back for more scary stories in the days to come.



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