Halloween Scary Story, Haunted Memphis


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Did the lightning scare you? If not, be prepared for another TRUE scary story.

We live in an older home. Like many other places in Cooper Young, the place was built in the early 1930’s. For the most part, nothing has been updated in the place. Here is where things get weird. Old place, strange sounds. Often we hear noises in the kitchen, as though someone is doing the dishes. You can hear the dishes hitting one another. If you walk into the kitchen though, nothing is amiss. From other rooms, it sounds as though the dishes are getting washed. Yes, weird. Other times it sounds as though someone is walking in the back door, or walking in the kitchen, but no one is there. My wife often thinks I have come back inside after I have left, but I am long gone. I hear the same thing after she leaves. Weird.

I do not like to sleep in our spare bedroom. Every time I have slept in there (which has only happened a few times), I have had very bad nightmares. Every time. I would rather sleep on the couch in the living room than sleep in the guest room.

It gets better. One early morning I heard my wife gasp in her sleep. I turned to her and asked her “What?”. This is certainly not normal. She said, “I thought I heard someone whispering in my ear.” “It’s probably nothing” I said as I rolled over. What I DIDN’T tell her was that I heard something as well. Just as soon as she gasped, I heard something whisper in my ear, “Shhhhhhh….”. It was as though someone whispered something in my wife’s ear, then SOMEONE ELSE whispered in my ear, telling the other one to remain silent. This happened. I am not one to make things up or to hear things. And remember, both of us heard something odd at the same time. We both heard DIFFERENT things as well. Haunted? Not haunted? You decide.

Happy Halloween!


Scary Halloween Story


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I almost forgot. It is that time of year for TRUE Halloween scary stories. This event did happen to me.

More than a decade ago, I travelled to London for the first time. I arrived late at night, and after a lengthy wait at customs I finally was able to make my way to the hotel. Walking about London late at night made me think of Jack the Ripper. (And that is another tour and story to tell another time.) Months prior, I had learned about a FREE tour of the Tower of London that took place at night. The tour is called The Ceremony of the Keys. This event takes place every night and has been conducted for hundreds of years. The catch for free tickets? You have to ask for the tickets MONTHS in advance. Only about 60 tickets are made available each night. So I sent a letter and received my one ticket. The month? Late December. Freezing cold in London. I arrived early for the tour and waited outside the gates. It was so cold and I was so tired I thought of skipping the tour all together. But I decided to tough it out and go on the tour. I had heard ghost stories about the tower, but had dismissed the stories entirely. Finally the tour began. The guide takes you into the tower grounds and talks about this and that. A great tour. Go if you have a chance. So the tour starts and I am following at the back of the crowd. At one point we are walking near the tower and I look up. I see a lighted window with what appears to be a woman looking down at me. She was wearing a pink dress. The dress was very regal. Now this was not a fuzzy image. This was very easy to see. The image had a great amount of detail. The woman looked young. Her skin was very light. Sheer white. She had a scowl on her face. My first thought was “Why is a mannequin in the window?” “And why is the mannequin looking down?” Something was not right. The sight really puzzled me. I stopped walking and looked back up again. There was no woman in the window. The space was empty. “Uhhh… I just saw someone in that window.” I was stunned. I am sure of what I saw. The image looked as real as seeing a person standing at that window. And why the upset look on her face? I am not one to “see things”. The person I saw in the window was not my imagination. I continued the tour, but I never forgot the image of the scowling person standing at that window in the Tower of London.

Boo! Happy Halloween!


Come back for more scary stories in the days to come.


Kirby Parkway Shelby Farms, Cold Weather Bicycle Clothing, Free Bicycle Helmet, River Arts Festival Memphis, New Art, The Juggler Book Store


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Weekend Memphis. Get out!

Last week a co-worker told me about demonstrators at the bottom of Shelby Farms, contesting TDOT’s Kirby Parkway project through Shelby Farms.


I stopped by in the afternoon to speak to the demonstrators. These demonstrators believe the state only needs to spend $1 MILLION dollars to correct the traffic problem at Shelby Farms and Farm Road. (Widen the turn lanes, so those motorists turning north / south will not block traffic heading east / west.) You can follow this link for more information about the story.

I also found this helmet along the Greenline at the High Point Terrace cross street.


I always wear a helmet, as should you, so I didn’t need this helmet. On the way back home, the helmet was gone. Maybe someone did get a free helmet by using the Greenline. Bicycle people are great folks.

Since the cold temperatures will soon be upon us, I ordered a few items from Amazon.com to keep me warm during my bike commutes. Arm warmers, leg warmers and foot warmers.


Since it was a bit chilly last week, I tried out the arm and leg warmers at a temperature of 45 degrees. The leg warmers came through with flying colors.


The fit was perfect. The warmers go under shorts. I didn’t have a problem with the warmers falling down. The warmers kept my legs warm, even with the temperature at 45 degrees. I can’t say the same for the arm warmers.


The arm warmers are better suited for temperatures at 50 degrees or higher. Now if I can get the foot warmers to work, I might have a warmer winter commute. I have also purchased a winter cycling jersey. Instead of wearing four layers of clothing, I may get by with only two layers of clothing in the next few months.

Today we headed down to South Main for the River Arts Festival.


We attend this event every year. This year has to be the BEST River Arts event so far. The artists were EXCELLENT.


I was lucky enough to talk to a few of the artists about the work displayed. Although I wanted to buy more art, I only purchased two pieces. First up, a small metal bicycle I can hang on the wall. Love it!


I also picked up this nice KISS art piece by Jennifer Lashbrook (www.jenniferlashbrook.com). The picture is made up of small pieces of tile, that create the full effect. PERFECT, since I worked several KISS shows in the past.


One of the oddest events occurred at the book shop on South Main, Juggler Book Store.

the book juggler memphis

I checked this place out last year, the store had just opened. Used books are available, as well as books about Memphis music. The store is located near the Arcade. While speaking to one of the owners, the other owner approached us and told us about a request for books she had just received. “They wanted to know where the book section for Paranormal-Romance-SOFT PORN was located.” Uhhhh…… You can probably order those books at Amazon.com. Maybe. Not that I even know if that book section even exists or not.

We spent several hours walking up and down the street. Although the day was HOT, we enjoyed ourselves. Perfect day off.

Since it is the weekend, I spent time grilling up some burgers, chicken, sausage and what else… ribs. Love me the slow smoked ribs.

Memphis Ribs

Done. My laundry is finished, my clothes are packed, and the new art is up on the wall. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and art. Cheers.

Last Day in New Orleans, Johnny’s PoBoy, Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans Casting Call, Hidden Behind the Brick, Haunted New Orleans, Abducted By Aliens New Orleans, Bike Corral, Winning Slots New Orleans


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Last day in New Orleans.

Did you know that Johnny’s PoBoys (511 St Louis St, New Orleans, LA 70130) serves breakfast? Not only did we pick up breakfast, we also purchased a sandwich to take on the train for lunch.

Johnny Poboys New Orleans

Word to the wise. Right before noon we ordered our sandwich. At 12:00 p.m. there was a line at least 20 deep if not more, to order plates. Don’t wait, get here early.

We also stopped in at Cafe Du Monde. How can we not? Coffee and beignets!

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans

cafe du  monde new orleans

While in New Orleans we did see some odd signs. The first sign was posted on a bicycle. I’m not sure if the sign was FOR the owner of the bicycle or written BY the owner of the bicycle.

Cast Call sign New Orleans

I surely thought this brick in our hotel room was a sign.

Secret Behind the Brick New Orleans

This brick was the only one that was colored black. I was positive SOMETHING was hidden behind that brick. Jean Lafitte’s treasure? I don’t know…

You see these “for sale” / “for lease” signs frequently in New Orleans. Either you are sharing the joint with a ghost, or you are not. Hey some people want extra company. And others do not. This property apparently has company that comes with the place.

Haunted Condo New Orleans

This sign on the gallery door was my favorite.

Gallery Sign Hung over abducted by aliens

I am still impressed with the bicycle culture in New Orleans. First up, local motorists get it. They see you on a bicycle and DO NOT attempt to kill you. Even my wife who bikes little did well riding in the Garden District and French Quarter with traffic.

The city also has provided bicycle corrals.

Bicycle Corral New Orleans

The bike racks are placed in the street and blocked off so that only bicycles can park in that section. Great idea New Orleans!

I did see some odd bikes while in the city. Mr. “ZIP TIE’ wanted TO MAKE SURE that the basket did not fall off. #OverKill “You only need ONE MORE zip tie.”


And for you brave cyclists out there, here is an elevated ride.

Elevated Bicycle New Orleans

After we checked out of our hotel, we headed to the casino for one last try at big money. I really didn’t want to go, but my wife insisted. I started with $10. I was down to $3.33 when I put my money into a single line, $.25 machine. After several tries, I didn’t win anything. I was down to nearly my last quarter of gambling for the trip and hit the button ONE LAST TIME. The first symbol that came up was 10X. The next symbol came up 10X. The guy sitting next to me said, “This is going to be good!”. The last symbol came up…. 20X. That would be 10 x 10 x 20 = 2000 quarters. Which equals $500!

Harrahs Winning Slots New Orleans

I told the guy sitting next to me, “I’m done.” I cashed out and found my wife. “That pays for our hotel stay.” Thanks New Orleans for the drinks, food and CASH!

Done. Well almost. I will update our Amtrak train adventure in a future post. See YOU back here for more beers, winning tickets, and bikes. Cheers.

Living Loud in New Orleans, Still Perkin’ New Orleans, The Garden District Book Shop, Lafayette Cemetery 1, The Gumbo Shop, Coops Place, Road Kill


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New Orleans; Day #3.

Tuesday morning. Time for breakfast and a bike ride to the Garden District. One of my favorite coffee shops in New Orleans is Still Perkin’ (2727 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70130).

Still Perkin New Orleans

LOVE the coffee at this joint. Although it appeared no one was inside the place, once you open the door, your realize the shop is packed with customers. The line, as usual, is at least 10 deep. The wait is short though. I usually have the big iced coffee.

Even better, there is the Garden District Book Shop right next door.

Garden District Book Shop

Get coffee, then browse books. Two of my most favorite things.

After coffee and books, we headed to the cemetery, which is nearly across the street.

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery 1

Who died? Well, lots of folks. Cemeteries make for good photography. Plus there is history buried in cemeteries. And then there is always a grave or two that are out of sorts. We took a leisurely stroll around the cemetery. Having been to this particular cemetery in the past, we took our time, looking about.

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery 1 2

The vampire escaped! I KNEW IT!

If you want to see what the graves look like on the inside, look below. From a previous tour, we learned that the family lets the body cook (yes cook, from the heat of the sun) inside the grave for “a year and a day”. Once dried out, the body is then broken up and pushed to the back, or bagged up and placed under the main part of the grave, to make room for other family members.

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery 1 3

Next stop? Lunch. Back to the bike rental shop to drop off the bikes and then onward to the French Quarter. I was looking for some good food. The Gumbo Shop has some very tasty dishes (630 St Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116).

Gumbo Shop New Orleans

I made the mistake in the past and ordered the seafood gumbo. The bowl of seafood gumbo was okay, but the waitress had warned me that the chicken gumbo would be better. She was correct.

Gumbo Shop New Orleans 2

So now every time I am in town I order the chicken gumbo at The Gumbo Shop.

Although we had heard about the legendary “Coops Place” on Decatur, we never tried out the chicken, until this trip. The shop, near Margaritaville, is small. Grab a seat and order up some food.

Coops Chicken New Orleans

I tried the jambalaya. Spicy but good. The chicken was good, not spectacular, but good. Coops Place – 1109 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116.

We also picked up some shirts at the Road Kill shop (903 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116).

Road Kill New Orleans

Bicycle shirt new orleans

A FAVORITE place of mine in New Orleans to shop for that special something. I even tried on the metallic helmet in the shop. For days I had noticed a young woman on her bike, riding down the street, wearing the same helmet. “I can be that cool too.” When I looked in the mirror, my head looked like a silver egg. “This looks terrible!” So no metallic helmet for me. “We do have a black German helmet in stock.” “Pass. I care not for the Nazi helmet.” “Why does everyone call it a Nazi helmet?” “Ummmm…. because…. the soldiers in the German army wore helmets that happened to be Nazi’s.” I did get a free sticker with the store logo for my bicycle. Score.

More gambling and margaritas followed. We waited out the short rain shower then headed to the casino. The gambling did not go well. I lost $40 to the slot machines. Afterwards we softened the loss with a few hurricanes. That’ll fix it.

Eat, drink, gamble. New Orleans has it all. With a half day left in the Big Easy, what could happen next?

See YOU back here for more food, gambling and drinks. Cheers.

Living Loud in New Orleans, Juan’s Flying Burrito, Avenue Bar New Orleans, French Market, Sidneys Wine Cellar


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New Orleans day #2. Here we go.

After having some breakfast, we headed over to the Garden District to rent some bicycles. Arts District Bike Rental rents bicycles out for $20 a day (24 hours). You get a bicycle, helmet, chain, tail light and head light. Call ahead to reserve your bicycles. There are several bicycles to choose from. Best bikes in the world? Not really. Enough to get by on? Yes. The woman renting the bikes was nice enough. We took the bus along St. Charles to arrive at the place. Enter through the small gate as pictured below.

arts district bicycle rental

Sign the contract, pay your money and you are off! We made our way over to Juans Flying Burrito on Magazine Street.

Juans Flying Burrito New Orleans

Enchilada plate please!

Juans Flying Burrito Enchilada plate

Love me the enchiladas at Juans. Plus the joint plays good music as well.

After lunch, we biked on down to the Avenue Bar.

The Avenue BAR New Orleans 2

The Avenue offers some of the best beer on the planet. There are menu’s for beers both upstairs and downstairs. If you are downstairs, you have to order those beers. And if you are upstairs, those are the beers you can buy. Order at the bar. Myself? I ordered up the Blanche de Chambly.

The Avenue Bar New Orleans

Love in a cup. Oink.

Making our way back to the French Quarter, I noticed my front wheel wobbling a bit. Then the bolt holding the wheel on turned up missing. And then the front wheel locked up. As in the wheel stopped rotating. Not much I could do in this situation. It’s not like I carry a spare bolt in my pocket. I called the bike rental place and told them about my situation. I was only 2 blocks away, but had to carry the bike back to the shop. (the front wheel wouldn’t budge) If you have not had the joy of carrying a bicycle for several blocks, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Arriving back at the shop, I picked out a different bicycle and headed out once more.

On to the French Market!

New Orleans French Market

Go check out the French Market!

French Market 2 New Orleans

There are many vendors selling food, art, shirts, ect. One vendor we saw last year was here again this year. This artist is from Mexico and does beautiful work.

New Orleans Art

We purchased several of his prints. Federico Salas is the artist’s name.

Next stop? Sidneys Wine Cellar at 917 Decatur St. One of my favorite places to buy some beers. Did you know you can drink on the street in New Orleans?

Drink on the streets in New Orleans

I picked out 4 different beers and headed back to the hotel.

Beers New Orleans

That apricot beer on the right was actually pretty good.

Later that evening, we had MORE margaritas and more time to gamble. Although I lost $20, I was still up $50 in the casino.

So far, my birthday trip to New Orleans was good. Great food and drinks, plus a bicycle ride. And presents. Don’t forget the presents.

Done. See YOU back here for more New Orleans, drinks and gambling. Cheers.


Living Loud in New Orleans, Cafe Pontalba New Orleans, Felipes New Orleans, Amtrak From Memphis to New Orleans, Hotel Decatur Street


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New Orleans Jelly Bean. (I type this as I hold a handful of Jelly Bellys in my hand. Not an easy task kids, but someone has to do it.)

City of New Orleans

Memphis to New Orleans via an Amtrak train. I have posted in the past about getting to New Orleans by train. In the near future I will write-up another post about the private rooms on the train and a few new tips about my rail experience.

Day #1. We arrived by train to New Orleans in the afternoon. The first step was to find a taxi outside the train station to take us to the hotel on Decatur Street. $11 later and we were at our hotel in a matter of minutes.

hotel new orleans

Nice LARGE room in the French Quarter. The room was big enough to make it difficult to watch t.v. from the bed. We also had a nice balcony overlooking Decatur Street.

French Market Inn Balcony New Orleans

It took me 16 years to get a balcony this big in New Orleans. 16 years! I sat on the balcony twice while in New Orleans this year.

After putting out luggage away, it was time to hit the Quarter. First up? Felipe’s restaurant on Decatur Street. Our trail is easy to follow. Go to the mexican food place, and order a few margaritas,

Felipe Margarita new Orleans

then head over to the casino to gamble.

felipe bar new orleans

Good drinks to be had at Felipes. (as well as food.)

Next stop? Gambling. I am not much of a gambler. I will play the slots slowly. The point is to walk away WITH money. By the end of the evening, I was up $70. Nice. Time to leave the casino when the leaving is good.

Next joint? Cafe Pontalba on Jackson Square. My favorite dish is the gumbo. I get it every time I am in town.

Gumbo New Orleans Pontalba

The gumbo hit the spot big time. LOVE IT! And yes, I am a HUGE gumbo fan while in New Orleans. Bring the gumbo on!

I did see this ad while in the French Quarter.

IJesus phone repair new orleans

How can this ad be legal to use? HOW? The ad appears to be a rip off of a well-known televised cartoon. Don’t worry, the signs only get better as the days go on in the Big Easy. So after a few (read MANY) drinks, it was time to head back to the hotel. A big day was ahead of us featuring bikes and beignets. And beer. And more drinks.

See YOU back here for more Memphis AND New Orleans. Cheers.




Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival, Country Boy Beer, Charleville Beer, Sour Beers, Jalapeño Beer, Keg in a Back Pack, I Parked In a Bike Lane Sticker


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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Get some.

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival. So how was it? Excellent as always. Since I didn’t want to wait in line for the festival to begin, I walked over to the beer festival at 1:15, arriving at 1:25. No line, and no wait.

Cooper Young Beer Festival

Some of the stand out beers? First off, Bluff City Brewers brought their “A” game to the event. And I mean “A” game. I have sampled some of the beers in the past, but only thought the beers were okay. This time around, Bluff City Brewers created some really good beers. Two examples were the Breakfast Stout (YOU WANT SOME BEER WITH THAT COFFEE???) and the Mole Beer “English Brown Porter with cocoa, ancho, chipotle, and orange peel.” Nice burn at the end. The Bluff City Brewers did an outstanding job this year with the beers.

Charleville Brewery brought one of my favorite beers of the day, “Kick in the Cranberries”. This would be a sour cranberry beer. I went back for a second beer that day. This was the ONLY beer I went back for another round. LOVE me the sour beers.

Returning again was a very popular brewery, Country Boy Brewery.

Cooper Young Beer Festival Country Boy

Get ready for the Jalapeno Smoked Porter. This keg was emptied quickly. Love the bite at the end of the drink.

I did check out the peanut butter beer at the festival. The aroma was there, but I couldn’t find the peanut butter flavor in the beer. Others of my party said they could taste the peanut butter in the beer. Are my taste buds hard of tasting?

Best marketing ploy? Put a small keg in a back pack and give festival drinkers a free sample while walking through the crowd. BEST IDEA EVER.

Keg in a back pack

Again, The Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival was about talking to other people. Beers you liked, beers you didn’t like. The future of certain local breweries. The only downside of the festival? I was standing in the bathroom line, telling my friends how to toast in Czech. I’m going through the steps and finish up with “Na zdraví”. (To your health.) And that is when the woman behind us stated I was pronouncing the phrase incorrectly. I went on to introduce myself “YMEH-noo-ee seh…” (“My name is…” She understood THAT phrase) and then I proceeded to explain my Czech was a little rusty, it had only been NINE YEARS since I had been to the land of beers and dumplings. Who corrects Czech phrases at a beer festival? The Czech Grammar Police?

Again, great festival. But I had to rest afterwards, because at 7:00 a.m. the next morning, I was headed to New Orleans. (But that trip will be covered in a different post)

I received some stickers in the mail. “I parked in a bike lane” stickers to be exact.

I parked in a bike lane stickers

I wish I had received “I parked a DUMPSTER in a bike lane” stickers. On McLean, someone put a dumpster in the bike lane. Side walk? No. Yard? No. Driveway? No. Bike lane? Yes. I believe I will have to order more stickers.

Done. Beat. New Orleans will win every single time. No rest on that vacation with so much food and drinks and gambling. See YOU back here after I rest up from my vacation. Cheers.


Muddy’s Grindhouse, Mannequins, Hammond Popcorn, New Orleans, Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival


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Waffle Wednesday Memphis. Get out!

I took a trip to Muddy’s Grindhouse the other day.


Muddy’s Grindhouse does have a chalkboard for suggestions.

muddysgrindhouse chalkboard

A few notes. During the last visit to the Grindhouse, the shop did not offer iced coffee for purchase. THAT needs to change. A.s.a.p.

I found a couple of girlfriends the other day at work.

mannequin twins

The girls LOVE ME! But how to get the girls home? I do have a bicycle basket.

mannequin bicycle

Yes, this is how I biked home. 13.5 miles. I did get some strange looks during my ride home along the Greenline. “Don’t make fun of my girlfriend Jolene!”

A friend gave me some popcorn she purchased by mistake. Although she said the popcorn was very spicy, she thought I would like it.

hammonds popcorn habanero

The popcorn LOOKS average, but check out the fine print.

hammonds habanero popcorn closeup

Notice the keyword “habanero”. Two words; HOT. My co-workers said my face turned red as well as my eyes when I ate a few bites. Oh, and I was choking the popcorn was so hot.

My days are getting very busy since we are getting ready to leave town for a trip to New Orleans. Going to be a fun trip.

Picture Perfect Day

We are going to see a bunch of this:

gumbo grand isle new orleans

And a bunch of this:

gordon biersch new orleans


New Orleans is always fun. Get ready for some “interesting” photo’s.

mosaic new orleans

Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival Saturday October 11th. SOLD OUT!

Been there, done that, over and over. Easily the BEST beer fest in town, for a very different reason than you think. This festival is about the people who attend. Everyone ends up talking with everyone else. Not so much of a drunkfest, more of a “hanging in the neighborhood, talking with some cool people” kinda event. Love it!

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

Cooper young regional beer festival 2013 1


Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and mannequins. Cheers.

Drake and Zeke’s Bacon and Beer Festival, Muddy’s Grindhouse Cooper Young, Ribs, Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival, Lone Survivor book


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Weekend Memphis. Get out. A wrap up of last week?

I installed a new wireless printer at home. Hours, hours, and hours to install, but complete. I fixed a broken vacuum cleaner. Take apart, put back together. Ribs?

Memphis Ribs

Yeah I cooked some of those up as well.

Work, work, work, Muddy’s Grindhouse. What???? Yup. Muddy’s has a new shop in Cooper Young, right across the street from Easy Way. (Corner of Vinton and Cooper. 585 S. Cooper, 38104). Wait. Isn’t Otherlands Coffee shop just down the street? Like half a block away? Yes it is. But just as I predicted when I heard Muddy’s was moving into Cooper Young, Muddy’s is going for a different crowd of coffee drinkers. Friday I jumped on my bicycle at 6:45 a.m. and headed over to The Grindhouse. Pulling into the driveway (that is ONE STEEP DRIVEWAY!), I climbed to the top and parked my bicycle outside. (Any way to get a bicycle rack?)

Muddys Memphis Grindhouse

Wow. The joint was bright inside. I was the only person in the place. I walked up to the counter and ordered an iced coffee. As I was purchasing my drink, one of the staff asked about my bicycle. We chatted briefly about bicycles as bike people do. “What is the appropriate number of bicycles to own? Take the number of bicycles you own and add “1” to that number.”

Sitting down, I tried out the iced coffee. Good. A couple of notes. The coffee shop is bright, spacious and clean-looking. There is a nice looking patio outside. I was a bit out of sorts because I couldn’t find a straw for my drink. Bad habit of mine. I enjoy drinking my iced coffee with a straw, but not hot coffee. (What is WRONG with me???) I turned on my tablet but could not find a wifi connection. Ummm… I am used to using wifi while in a coffee shop. (what is wrong with me???) There was a board posted for suggestions for the coffee shop. Someone wrote “Bullet Proof Coffee” on the board. Ummm…. what? Never heard of it. Would that be like “Kevlar Coffee”? Just asking.

As I suspected, the crowd of neighborhood locals began to stroll in at 7:15 a.m. And just as I predicted, the crowd was that 30-45 age group, Cooper Young residents, white-collar workers, heading out to work. Muddy’s Grindhouse will do VERY, VERY well at this location. Over all the place is good. I would recommend Muddy’s Grindhouse.

Sunday. Waking early, it was time for coffee. And eggs and in basket.

Eggs in a basket

We finished our breakfast, then readied ourselves for the Bacon and Beer Festival at Minglewood Hall.

Bacon and Beer Festival Memphis 2014 shirt

This should be interesting. Anything with the word “bacon” in it, should be good. Here we go.

I wore my Maiden shirt today.


As I was standing in the festival, a teenager pointed to me and whispered to his mother, “That is a good album”. There is hope for the youth.

I recognized several people in the crowd as “beer” people, or locals who attended many events as I did. And I wasn’t the only person wearing classic rock t-shirts. Must be that “old folks” mentality.

The Schweinhaus had a booth at the festival as well.


So how about that bacon? Well there was bacon everything. Bacon desserts. Bacon wrapped hot dogs. Ice cream and bacon. Or you could just get bacon. Burgers were also available as well as hot dogs.

Beer and bacon festival memphis cooking burgers

One of the best dishes was the FRIED hot dog, stuffed with jalapenos, wrapped with bacon.

Bacon wrapped jalapeño stuffed hot dog memphis bacon beer festival

Evil. Evil I tell you. Who would do this? This guy below would.



I talked with him awhile about the dogs and cooking in general.

Don’t forget the bacon desserts.

More bacon dessert memphis bacon beer festival






Water chestnuts, wrapped in bacon and covered with cinnamon sugar. Wow.

And ice cream with bacon sauce.


We ate the bacon as the band played a good deal of classic rock.

Beer and bacon festival memphis

Good stuff. We had an enjoyable time at the Bacon and Beer Festival.

Speaking of festivals, the Cooper Young Regional Beer Fest is sold out. Those tickets went fast. I got mine. Get ready for beer Memphis because here it comes.

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

Cooper young regional beer festival 2013 1

Current book I am reading? “Lone Survivor”. Great movie and the book is even better. Love it.

Ribs? Those are going on the grill in one hour, along with the burgers. Am I the only person who purchased a wifi extender so I can play classic rock outside on the patio as I grill? (what is wrong with me?)

See YOU back here for more bacon, bacon and bacon. Oink.


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