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Day off number two. Bike ride anyone? I did a two hour ride; Shelby Farms and back ride. Nice ride, except I forgot my water bottle.


At least Tap Route kept me hydrated.

Tap Route Memphis 2

You can find these watering holes at Graham and the Greenline (south east side of the trail) or at Waring and the Greenline (again south east side of the street). These watering holes are a life saver when you forget to bring water. I must figure out a collapsible water container to carry with me.

After the ride and a shower it was time for lunch. I headed back to Overton Square for one of the best lunch deals in town; “$10 get your ass back to work” at the Second Line.

Second Line Memphis Get Your Ass Back To Work Lunch Special Menu

This time I picked out the roast beef half sandwich and rice and beans. This lunch fills you up nicely. And it’s good. Good way to start the day. YOU can read my first review about the lunch special at Second Line here.

My new bicycle bag arrived in the post today. Yes… ANOTHER bag for my bicycle.

topnaca top tube bicycle bag

Can’t stop myself. Small and cheap, this bag sits on top of the top tube near the handle bars. I can keep my phone, Wi-Fi thumb drive and accessories in the bag near my bicycle speaker. The real reason for the bag? A better connection for the phone / thumb drive / and speaker. It appears the closer the devices are together, the connection remains intact much more often. In the past I would keep the phone and thumb drive in my bag on the back of the bike. The speaker though is on the front of the bike. Of course I could have placed the speaker on the back of the bike, but where’s the fun in that.

There is still time to check out the Mid-South Renaissance Faire at Shelby Farms this weekend August 27th and 28th.


Need some “ye old clothing”? They got it.

Midsouth Rennasance Faire Memphis 5

Or YOU can dress up for the event.

Midsouth rennasaince fair memphis

They have jewelry for every princess in the kingdom.

Midsouth rennasaince fare memphis 4

Go gather with the lords and ladies at Shelby Farms to go back to a time of magic and fantasy. That’s the best I got. Me? I have to work this weekend. See YOU back here for more bikes, ye old times and beers.