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Weekend Memphis… no wait. That’s not correct. It is currently “my” weekend since I have to work the upcoming weekend. I’ve got beer, bikes and Shelby Farms for you.

The big grand opening for the Shelby Farms project is coming up fast. Just the other day as I was riding in the park, I found that those obnoxious chain link fences are coming down.

Shelby Farms Memphis TN takes down fences

The new water fountains are operational.

Shelby Farms Memphis TN new water fountains

I tried the water fountain out. Yep. It’s water, not beer. There are also new park benches ready to rest your tired body on.

Shelby Farms Park Memphis TN new park benches

And the park entrance from Farm Road has new asphalt.

New Asphalt Shelby Farms Park Memphis TN

Smooth as a babies bottom.

The park has set the grand opening for September 1st 2016. Read more about events at Shelby Farms here.

More bikes. Slow ride… no not the Foghat song. A “slow ride” is coming to the Medical District in Memphis. A one hour journey through the area scheduled for September 7th, 6:00 p.m. near High Cotton Brewery. These “slow rides” are catching on in various cities. I do remember the first  Cycle Memphis group “NOT” slow ride from Cooper Young to downtown and back several years ago.

Cycle Memphis

Card carrying member

Just to keep up I must have been cranking at least 17 miles per hour if not faster. Completely opposite of “slow ride”, that ride was “go as fast as you possibly can”. The next group ride was considerably slower. The good news is if you cannot make this upcoming slow ride, there are more planned in the future. Go here to find more information.

My bike? Here it is. Giant OCR 3.

New Bicycle

Or you can start out with something a little less simple and cheaper in price with a starter bicycle by Schwinn. I started riding on some “cheap” bicycles. And when I mean cheap, I mean $20 garage sale bicycles. Currently I am on bicycle number three. Maybe this bicycle will make it past two years. #Ishredbicycles

Beer. Wiseacre. The local brewery is taking beer to the next level. The city has agreed to the Wiseacre plan to turn the old coliseum into a brewery / pub / restaurant(s), entertainment center. Now Wiseacre has to start the due diligence process and get things rolling. I really do hope this project comes about. The coliseum is within walking distance of home, and the new location would make an easy run for beer.

tiny bomb wiseacre

Books?The Memphis Library has an excellent selection of e-books to download. Need a good book? Check out “War Dogs: Arms and The Dudes” by Guy Lawson.

war dogs arms and the dudes

The most frightening part about the book? It is a true story. How three young stoners became arms suppliers for the U.S. government is beyond imagination. You can’t make this stuff up. I cannot put this book down.

And the latest video game I am playing? The Last of Us. In the past I had heard about the game, and since I had a couple of days off, I decided to check the game out.

the last of us game

The game is better than I expected. And the AI doesn’t make the enemies total morons to fight. So far I am two hours into the game and” The Last of Us” is good.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, books and beers.