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Since I had the day off and I needed some lunch, I remembered that Second Line (close to Overton Square) had a “$10 Get You Ass Back to Work” lunch special.

Second Line Memphis Get Your Ass Back To Work Lunch Special Menu

$10 for lunch at Second Line? I’m in. Me? I decided on the catfish poor boy and rice and beans. The meal comes with a beverage as well. So how was it?

Second Line Memphis 10 dollar lunch

The catfish poor boy was a bit salty. The rice and beans were good. Overall the meal filled me up. The best part about the meal was the bill. I believed the meal would cost $10 PLUS tax, bringing the total before tip to around $12.00. I was wrong. The $10 lunch special is with tax INCLUDED. Even better.

Second Line Memphis Bill

A sit down meal at Second Line for $10 is a great deal. And my lunch didn’t contain the words “Mc” or “Burger” and I wasn’t asked if I wanted to “Supersize” anything. Second Line, it’s good.

What about dessert? Since I was in the neighborhood picking up dry cleaning, I stopped by La Michoacana for my tried and true melon pop with chamoy.

la michocana chamoy popsicle

Oink. Always good at La Michoacana.

Lightning to USB Flat Cable

Arriving home I discovered my new keychain Lightning Cable had arrived. Why order one from Amazon.com? While at work last week I was reading the news with my IPhone and I noticed the power level decreasing sharply. No worries, I keep a small charging cable in my wallet. When I opened my wallet to retrieve the power cable, I discovered I had taken  the cable out the night before and had forgotten to replace it. Now I was stuck. Since I ride my bicycle to work and back home, I am dependent on my phone always working and charged  in case I have a problem during my ride. Luckily a co-worker had a charging cable with him, and I borrowed that one to charge my phone.

Lightning to USB Flat Cable 2

Amazon sells these small Lightning Cables. I attached the small charging cable to my back pack and now I have a back up… just in case. You never know when you will need some extra juice.

Done. Y’all have fun this weekend while I work. See YOU back here for more great food and dessert.