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Mid-week post Memphis. Since I have a wonky work schedule this week, I added THIS post today.

First up; Foon and The Magic Tavern.

hello from the magic taern

Whattttttt? That would be a podcast, in the comedy category. I found the podcast via Flipboard (news aggregate app) which I check daily. If you are a fan of sci-fi, D and D, and just stupid comedy, this podcast is for you. Here is the story. A human from Earth (Arnie) accidently falls into a portal taking him to the land of Foon where he produces a podcast with a wizard and shape shifter from a local bar. (I can’t make this stuff up) The guy playing the wizard is awesome as well as Arnie. YOU can listen to episode #1 here. Currently I am up to episode #4. I did enjoy “Tom the Traveler” episode as well as “The FML” show. Give “Hello From The Magic Tavern” a listen.


Stanger Things. A great show. Watch the series if you can via Netflix.

stranger things series netflix

If you are a bigger fan, then you can create your own intro using whatever name you want. Like this:


Create your own title here with the “Make it Stranger” website. Very cool.

Apps. I usually do not like to pay for apps. Since I ride work most days, I watch the weather frequently. Normally I have been using free apps such as weather.com to keep me updated on local weather. Since the weather has been particularly on the wet side this week, I decided to purchase the Dark Sky app.

Dark Sky Notification

How good does this weather app work? I was riding my bicycle home when I received a notification from my Pebble watch. “Light rain starting soon!” Hmmm…. Is this thing accurate? One minute later the light rain began to fall. Yes. This app is very accurate. Dark Sky is well worth the $4.

dark sky weather app

Speaking of riding in the rain, I carry my clothes to and from work on my bicycle.

Bicycle bag

Black bag on the left side of the photo. Since I didn’t want to arrive at work with wet clothing in the bag, I just covered my commuter bag with a trash bag. Seems to work although I believe I will probably purchase a small tarp in the near future and cut the tarp down to size to fit the commuter bag.

bicycle commuter bag

The orange thing in the photo is my towel which I placed over my leather shoes, since I did not want to get them wet.

Current beer in the fridge? Blue Pants Wheat with Peach. It’s a sour! See what Joe’s has in the fridge. (I’m going to have to use the “growler page” more often before heading over to Joe’s)

Joe's Growlers Memphis

Done. See YOU back here for more beer, podcasts, and Stranger Things.