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Since the family is in town, I took them around to a few places in Memphis. Yes, BBQ and Elvis, but I also checked out a few things I normally do not go to. Fasten your seat belts, it’s tourist time.

First up? The new Bass Pro shop in Memphis.

bass pro pyramid memphis tn

I have been meaning to wander downtown to see the new joint, but have yet to do so. With time to kill, we headed inside.

Need a hotel room INSIDE the pyramid? Bass Pro has it.

big cypress lodge bass pro memphis tn

You could easily spend hours looking around without buying anything in this place. The interior is HUGE.

inside bass pro memphis tn

inside bass pro memphis tn 2

Next UP (and I do mean up) is the observation deck. Stand in line, purchase your ticket; $10 (or it’s FREE if you are guest in the hotel from what a guest told us) and get ready for a world class view. The view really is awesome from the top.

elevator to observation deck prices bass pro memphis tn

Check out the view.

grandma bass pro memphis tn viewing deck

And there is lunch available too at the top. Nice dining views as well.

bass pro dining 3 memphis tn

Here is the lunch menu.

bass pro dining menu memphis tn

Be warned, this lunch will not fill you up. Lunch is small, but tastes good. Here is my catfish poor boy and chips.

cat fish poor boy bass pro memphis tn dining

The side of salmon is small as well.

salmon bass pro dining memphis tn

Scallops plate is probably the smallest portion plate.

scallops bass pro dining memphis tn

After lunch, we headed downstairs. Just to the left of the entrance is a shooting range (laser only).

bass pro memphis tn shooting range

We all loaded up ($.50 per game. And I believe there is a quarters machine somewhere near). More fun than I expected.

Once we had lunch, we needed ice cream. South Main has a new ice cream parlor; Scoops. Across from the Arcade on G.E. Patterson.

scoops memphis tn ice cream 3

We all ordered one scoop of ice cream each. Get ready for the sticker shock; $4.00 per scoop. Wow. I like ice cream, but that was a bit pricey.

scoops memphis tn ice cream 2

scoops memphis tn ice cream

After the ice cream, we headed down to the Beale Street Landing. We have been here in the past when it first opened. But we didn’t take a ride on a river boat queen. “Big wheel keep on turning.”

island queen river boat ride memphis tn

I believe the cost per adult is $20 (discounts for seniors, military and children). We used the circular dock to get to the boat. (Golf cart ride for those who need help walking to and from the boat.)

river boat landing memphis tn

Once on board we took our seats on top of the boat and the 90 minute tour started. First you head south down the river. A tour guide gives plenty of history about Memphis and the river. You will NOT be bored. After heading under the southern bridges, you head back north towards the I-40 bridge and the Bass Pro pyramid. There are also plenty of snacks and drinks available on the boat. You can sit inside downstairs, or outside upstairs.

To end the day, I ended up at Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young. I needed beer. “One large growler of Blue Pants Peach Wheat; TO GO please!” (Sour beer! And it is EXCELLENT!)

hammer and ale beer blue pants peach sour memphis tn

Done. See YOU back here for more Bass Pro Memphis, River Boats, ice cream and beer. Cheers.