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Get out Memphis.

My problem?  Work. Saturday. Did me in.

I was able to ride my bicycle to work Friday… in my new Death Wish Coffee Shirt. Awesome! Great shirt.

Death Wish Coffee Shirt

On a related note, the temperature Friday afternoon was rather high. (it only felt like 112 degrees)

Memphis Weather

I was not the only psycho out on the Greenline in the heat Friday afternoon. At least half a dozen other brave souls were out exercising. I rolled slow and drank plenty of water. It also helped I changed into my white Peralta Nordic Skull shirt.

peralta welinder nordic skull

I just finished a very good book.

gary gygax

If you are an 80’s geek, this book is for you. Great book? No. Good book? Yes. Gary Gygax changed the world.


And I am still working on the “Life is Good” book.

Life Is Good Book

Life got you down? Read this. The book will change your outlook. Try it.

Need a GOOD show to watch? Try “Stranger Things”, a Netflix series.

stranger things series netflix

This is a very good show. The music? Think of a John Carpenter soundtrack from the slasher movies. The graphics? Totally late 70’s and 80’s. The cast? This cast has it. Winona Ryder is acting… and acting very well. She is spot on “bonkers”. Matthew Modine is good as well (his parts have been very limited so far). The children? Again, spot on. Mille Brown plays it very flat as “11”. Finn Wolfhard plays the perfect 80’s teen. The shows? BANG from the start of each episode. You want creepy? You got it. See this series, but not by yourself. Check it out Memphis and be prepared to be frightened.

Done. See you back here for more books, beers and “Stranger Things”.