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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

Oh, I got out alright. Took my bicycle out for a ride to work along the Greenline today. Leaving slightly later than I wanted, I still made it to work without incident. A good number of people were out and about, using the Greenline. It was hot though. Take water with you people! I almost ran into this critter riding back from work last week.

Armadillo Memphis

If you haven’t been by the Tip Top liquor store lately (on Madison), the booze shop has taken over Camy’s side of the building. (Camy’s has relocated near Republic Coffee on Walnut Grove Rd) Yes, Tip Top was tiny. Now there is much more space. There is also a neighbor with a sense of humor to boot.

Tip Top Liquor Memphis Legs

I knew Tip Top was a friendly store but wow!

And… grocery stores have started to sell wine in Tennessee.

Wine in grocery stores Tennessee

Kroger has a large section devoted to “house wife” wine. (Cheap wine for mom to pick up while shopping) It is about time that Tennessee makes changes to the alcohol laws. Me? I’m not into wine, so the “wine in the supermarket” does not affect me much. High gravity beers in the supermarket WILL be appreciated. This change will take place soon and I can’t wait.


While riding near Walnut Grove Road this afternoon, I heard sirens in the distance. As I approached Shelby Farms, I discovered why.

Car drove into Agricenter Sign Memphis TN

This motorist drove a car “into” the Agricenter digital sign. This is the same sign that had been repeatedly shot at in the past, damaging the sign. I guess the Agricenter is now getting a new digital sign… the hard way. #DistractedDriving #BikeSafely

Done. I’m beat. See you back here for more beers, car crashes and armadillo’s. Cheers.