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Nashville. Get some.

Nashville Broadway

We LOVE going to Nashville for a weekend. And for the 4th of July, we did just that. What is there to do in Nashville? Eat.

Puckets Nashville

Pucketts’s Nashville



angry balls

Angry Balls


And listen to live music.

Did I mention eat? We did plenty of that in Nashville.

Fido Nashville Breakfast

Fido Nashville


And more drinks… I mean coffee. This joint is across from Fido near Vanderbilt.

Revelator Coffee Nashville

Wait. What about Mexican food? I didn’t drive three hours NOT to eat at Chuy’s THREE different days. (Twice on purpose!)

Chuys Nashville Enchilada Plate

Chuys Nashville

Your heart is as cold as…

Cold Beer Ex Wife

That. Is. Cold.


Maybe someone could s’plain this about Taylor Swift. (Since I am not young and do not follow this Swift person)

Taylor Swift Nashville

You can look at the view…

Crazy Town Balcony

But don’t stand on the ledge.

No standing on Ledge

They really have to tell people this? Nashville is an excellent city to visit. The food is good as well as the entertainment.

If you like to shop for clothes… check out Flip (for men or womens clothing).  1100 & 1016 8th Avenue South • Nashville, TN 37203

I do NOT enjoy shopping for clothing. I really hate it to tell you the truth. But… this store has great prices and inventory. 2 shirts, pants and dress shoes, all for around $100. Sign me up. They have my size and most importantly, my price tag here. Go!

Nashville wore me out, but we enjoyed the city. Stay cool Memphis, and come back for more Living Loud in Midtown.