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Weekend Memphis. Don’t melt.

Memphis Temperature

Memphis heat. It’s hot out there. If you are exercising, walking or riding a bike; drink water!


If you are on the Greenline, there are a few places to get free water. The Tap Route water stop on Waring has saved me several times.

Tap Route Memphis 2

It’s FREE! And the water is usually very cold. I’m not sure how this is achieved, but I like the cool water.

Tap Route Memphis

Or you could just drink beer. The Abita Blueberry Wheat is really good.

Abita Blueberry Wheat

I was so impressed I purchased a six pack. The flavor isn’t the cheap, syrup taste. The blueberry flavor does not hit you hard, but it is up front. And the aroma is good too. Kroger carries the Abita Blueberry Wheat. Get some.

Speaking of riding along the Greenline, there are more new park benches installed at Shelby Farms. The park is coming along nicely.

Shelby Farms Benches

And… the benches along the trail at Graham and the Greenline have flowers in front of them. I do not know who placed them there, but it is a nice touch.

Greenline and Graham Flowers

I haven’t used this app much in the past, but I decided to try it out today. Map My Ride has good reviews, so I downloaded the free app and pushed “start”. Then my Pebble watch alerted me that the app was tied into my watch. My watch gave me my speed, time and distance. The app also announced at various times this same data. Since I had my small speaker with me, I heard the information loud and clear.

Map My Ride

Good ride, even though I was only was out for one hour. I did have to stop several times to drink water, which affected my time. Using my camera I was able to catch a couple of videos while on the street. Once I download the video and upload the video to YouTube, I will post the action.

Speaking of action, we checked out Independence Day Resurgence.

Independence Day Resurgence

The special effects? Good. The story? So so. The acting? What acting? Tasty on the outside, hollow on the inside. I should have known how the film was going to turn out. The theater only had two people inside when we arrived.

And I will leave you with this! I must have one!