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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

Saturday I took my bicycle for a ride down the newly opened Greenline Extension. And this time, I went all the way. Yes the morning started out warm, but I had water. Two water bottles to be exact.


That helped. And many people were using the Greenline at 9:00 a.m. The new extension was crowded with people walking, jogging and cycling. And those open trenches near the street crossings? Those have been covered with metal grates now.

Greenline Extension Memphis

The trail looks good and has much needed shade. There is still some work going on along the trail, but it is in great shape.

I moved on up to Germantown Road (one of the busiest streets near Memphis and waited for the light to change. You can watch the video here)

Greenline Extension Memphis Germantown Parkway Light

After waiting a minute or so the light changed and the traffic stopped. I crossed the busy street to the center and waited again for the light to change. If you hit the button while waiting for the light, you will hear a loud “wait”. When traffic stops, you hear a loud clattering sound.

I crossed Germantown Road easily and moved on down the trail. A few things I do not like are the next few intersections with no stop signs for traffic. These intersections are busy. It may be safer for everyone if there were four way stops in Cordova where the trail crosses the streets. The last intersection has only stop signs on the trail and the street from the south side of the intersection has a big curve to it, making it difficult for traffic to see trail users.

Oh yeah, the new extension mile markers are unmarked.

Greenline Extension Mile Marker

Oh good, I’ve biked “NO” miles this morning.

The newest extension to the Greenline is well used on the  west end of the trail, but not so much on the east end. The former railway stop (beginning or end of the line as of now) in Cordova has very limited parking too. Or it could be trail users do not want to mess with crossing Germantown Road. Still the newest extension really is great. Try it out for yourself Memphis.

Memphis Greenline Map

Wait. More bikes Memphis! The Memphis Flyer has a story about Memphis and bikes. YOU can read the story here. Me? I still need to read the story myself.

Stay cool and ride your bikes!

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