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Weekend Midtown. Get out!

I was out and about the last few days. Friday I took my bike out for a ride along the Greenline. If you have yet to go by Shelby Farms, the construction continues. The latest additions are the park  benches currently being installed around the expanded Patriot Lake.

Benches Shelby Farms Memphis

It seems every time I go by the park, something else is changing, for the better.

And on my way home, I spotted this shopping cart.

Greenline Grocery Cart

If you need to do some shopping on the Greenline….

I also stopped in at Hammer and Ale for a growler. Embrace the Funk Memphis! I love a sour beer. The most difficult part of taking my bike to get beer is how to get the growler to stand up while in the bike basket. Then it dawned on me, use my packing cords to secure the growler. Perfect!

Beer Growler Bicycle

Sunday, brunch day. We headed to Overton Square for breakfast and a movie. First up was Boscos for waffles and beer. Beer; it’s also part of breakfast.

Boscos Beer Memphis

boscos sunday brunch waffle

After waffles, we headed to the shop Square Olive. We needed olive oil and we usually pick up some at Square Olive. Try the habanero oil. It’s hot! Burned my tongue even though I was warned. We do not purchase the habanero oil. We did find an oil we liked. Try this joint out.

Then it was off to the movies. The Conjuring 2.

Conjuring 2

That’s right; I was scared. The film was better than expected. Of course I looked up the incident the film is based upon. Much of the film is based on an incident from the past. Will it scare YOU? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it will. Go… get… scared.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, and waffles.