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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

How to keep cool in the hot weather? Frozen fruit. A favorite of mine.

Frozen Fruit

Bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Cut them up and freeze them. Done. Easy and delicious.

Saturday night we stopped in Tsumani in Cooper Young. Deviled eggs with wasabi? Hot, hot , hot.

Tsunami Memphis Deviled Eggs

How about some shrimp?

Tsunami Memphis Shrimp

And then there is fish. Salmon to be exact. And these are the “small” plates.

Tsunami Memphis Salmon 2

Tsunami Salmon

Although I had to work Saturday, I was able to get out on Sunday.

I took my bicycle out for a spin. Originally I intended to ride as far as Shelby Farms. But then the new Greenline Extension called my name.

Greenline Memphis Extension 2

Work in progress signs be damned! I’m going for a ride!

Danger Memphis

The trail also has those “trenches” at the crosswalk covered; finally. (well most of them)

Greenline Extension Memphis

The newest extension is a very nice ride. Many people were using the trail today to walk, run, and ride bicycles. And this was at 2:00 p.m., the hottest part of the day. I really did enjoy my ride to Germantown Parkway.

I even noticed the new crossing at Germantown Parkway.

Greenline Extension Germantown Parkway

A bicyclist ahead of me used the new crossing. Do not be afraid, it is much easier than it looks. Hit the button, wait for cars to stop. Hit the button again, wait for cars to stop on the other side.

Greenline Extension Memphis Germantown Parkway Light

The wait time may take 4 minutes altogether, but the wait is worth it.

My next ride may be to go the entire Greenline Extension. Oh, and if this is your bicycle, you need to get out more. Vines are growing on your bicycle!

Bicycle Vines

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes and food!