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Coffee Shop Art New Orleans

And I’m back! An eventful trip to New Orleans, a new bicycle and a new restaurant are just some of the things for todays post.

Yes, New Orleans, a city we love. We took the train again from downtown Memphis. (Go here for more information about travelling to New Orleans via Amtrak) I enjoy taking the train for several reasons. 1) I don’t have to drive. 2) I don’t have to drive. 3) I don’t have to drive. Not a fan of the more than 6 hours of driving. Driving for 1 hour is actually more than I want to drive to be perfectly clear.

Once we arrived in New Orleans, it was a quick cab ride to the hotel French Market Inn, situated in the French Quarter. We have stayed at this hotel so many times, my iPhone remembered the hotel password for the wifi. The rooms are pretty good, and there is the pool, which we tried out for the first time.

Unpacked, we headed to some of our favorite sites; Felipes Bar, the Road Kill shop, Desire restaurant (Great gumbo to be had here), and the casino. We also stopped by the Chart Room in the Quarter. I found this sticker on the mirror in the mens room.

Slayer Sticker Chart Room New Orleans

Wow! Employees have it pretty rough at this joint.

We also stopped by Gordon Biersch outside the French Quarter for beers

Gordon Biersch New Orleans

and a martini.

Martini Gordon Biersch New Orleans

Found some new dress socks while on vacation.

Skull Dress Socks

Which leads me to the downside of the trip. We spent a few good days in New Orleans. Normally on the trip back to Memphis via Amtrak, we rent a private room to get some sleep, but unfortunately we did not do so this trip. And we paid for it. Just north of Jackson, our train hit a truck and several people were killed in the vehicle. Terrible thing. Stranger still, this is the SECOND time I have been on a train and people were killed. The last accident scene took place just outside of Seattle. The train was 30 minutes from downtown, when the train struck a person walking on the tracks. That incident took 2 hours to clear up. This time around, we waited 5 hours on the tracks. Instead of getting into Memphis at 10:00 p.m., we arrived after 3:00 a.m. Should have rented that private room. At least we could have slept.

Before leaving Memphis, I took my bicycle to Peddler Bike shop in Midtown. My chain and gears were shredded. When I arrived back home, the shop called me. The repairs to the bicycle would cost me a few hundred dollars (as much as the bike cost new). Instead the shop offered to sell me a used bike and they would transfer all of my extra gear to the new bicycle. Check out the Giant OCR3.

New Bicycle

I do have to say the bike is very nice. Gear shifters are near the thumbs on the handle bars AND the brake handles lever in to change gears as well. The bicycle is lighter too. It took me a full 13.5 mile ride to remember how to change gears again. “Oh yeah…” Presta tires, which I am not a fan of, but I can manage. Still a good bicycle for the price. And… I had a gift card to boot.

Oh yeah, I have a new bike bell.

Pirate Bicycle Bell

Ding ding mateys!

Today we stopped in at Stoney River restaurant in Germantown. First time here. I ordered the burger.

Burger Stoney River Germantown TN

My wife ordered the prime rib sandwich.

Prime Rib Sandwich Stoney River Germantown TN

And for dessert, crème brulee.

Creme Brulee Stoney River Germantown TN

The burger was good. The prime rib sandwich was good. The fries were on the salty side. The crème brulee was really good.

Currently I am finishing one book, and reading 2 others. Nearly finished with the book, I’m The Man is excellent.

Scott Ian I'm The Man Book

Scott Ian tells it like it was. Before any of the metal bands struck gold, they worked for their success. And there are plenty of good stories in this book from the past. If you like rock, read this book. Loved it!

Done! See YOU back here for more books, bikes and beers. Cheers.