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Ice houses. Beer gardens. Memphis. Didn’t have one… until now. There are many of these places in Texas; San Antonio to be exact. You eat some food, drink some beer with friends and enjoy the day or evening. The environment is very casual.

Near noon I received a text from a friend. “Lunch? Downtown? I got a place picked out.” The place? Loflin Yard.

Loflin Yard Memphis 9

Located in downtown Memphis, almost behind the train station, you will find this oasis. The property is rather large. My guess is there could be several hundred people at the joint but because the place has so much space, the “Yard” would not feel crowded.

Loflin Yard Memphis Diagram

Chairs? Provided. Sit back and relax. Tables? There are small tables scattered all along the fence.

Loflin Yard Memphis 7

Or you could sit at a larger table under a covered patio near the kitchen.

Loflin Yard Memphis

Or you could sit at a small table along the outer fence. Or sit in the center of the court yard, it is covered as well.

Loflin Yard Memphis 4

There is no wait service. You order your food and drinks at two small windows near the kitchen.

Loflin Yard Memphis Menu

The staff give you a number on a stand, and you wait for your food to arrive where you sit.

Loflin Yard Memphis Menu 2

We ordered a brisket sandwich and it was very good.

Loflin Yard Sandwich Memphis

We also ordered the cheese plate. Also very good.

Loflin Yard Memphis Cheese Plate

Your drinks can be ordered along with your food, or you can order at the bar.

Loflin Yard Bar Memphis

There is even a small patio upstairs that looks out onto the yard.

Like music? Loflin Yard plays good music. You sit back, relax, have a cold drink and catch up with your friends.

Loflin Yard Memphis 6

We assumed the place would be packed because of Mothers Day, but it wasn’t. We were told that the place WAS packed the night before. There were so many people Saturday night, that the menu was shortened considerably on Sunday because the restaurant ran out of items. The food that was available was very good.

Got dogs? Bring them. The Yard appears to be dog friendly. And kid friendly.

Am I going back? Yes I am. Good times and good food can be found here at Loflin Yard. Check it out Memphis. The only thing I am wondering is when will Cooper Young get a beer garden / ice house?