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Weekend Memphis. Get moving!

Last week I started running… again. I ran pretty often when we lived in Germantown. I was up to 5 miles of running a day. Then summer arrived. When you wake up at 5:30 a.m. to run to beat the heat; well that says it all. In the recent past, my knees have been the problem due to a couple of bicycle accidents. My knees are holding up now, but my core and back are not. (Bicycle repair and lifting heavy objects as of lately.) But I do want to continue to run. It’s good for you! I’m running 2 miles a day in Cooper Young.

Also good for you are salads. Cucumbers, pickles, carrots, and berries. Delicious!

salad (2)

I’ve gone back to my tried and proven better eating program; oatmeal for breakfast, a big salad for lunch (with some protein), and a smaller dinner.


Add in some exercise before and after work and there you have it. No big secret. Calories in, calories burned.

Beer! I’ve been trying new beers.


Cash Saver on Madison has a very good selection of single beers. The one I like lately is the Rogue Farms Chipotle. Nice, light and smooth. Go get some. Not Your Fathers; “excellent”! Abita Spiced? I thought there would be some heat to this beer. I was wrong. Abita Spiced is… okay. I may have to try another new beer tonight.

Speaking of bicycles, I purchased a new chain. Now I just have to change the chain out, which I have never attempted in the past. Wish me luck.

If you need a book to read, may I suggest Steve Berry’s latest book; The 14th Colony.

steve berry 14th colony

The cold war, weapons of mass destruction, spies on each side, and no one knows who is on who’s side. I believe this would be Berry’s best book to date. Check the book out (really) from the Memphis Public Library.

I am praying that I miss the rain tomorrow so I can commute to work and back via the bicycle and the Greenline. Put some miles on that bicycle! Have a great week and I will see YOU back here again for more bikes, books, and… salads. Cheers.