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Last week we drove south to the big, happening city of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. First time there. The city was bigger than expected. Of course we stopped in Jackson for some food, but also for some drinks. I spotted a growler station that you could just walk up to and fill your growler. That’s new to me.

Growler Station MS

A friend said he had witnessed the same thing while in the deep south. No wait, just fill it up. Easy. Instead of a growler, I grabbed six bottles. But… back at the hotel room, I couldn’t find my bottle opener that I stash in my luggage. “Just go down to the front desk” my wife told me. “No. That would require me putting on pants.” That was my answer. There HAS to be a way to open this bottle in the hotel room. There MUST be a way. Hello Google. And then I found THIS video. And guess what. It works. The internet is good for something. I also found THIS bar. You know, if you ever need a “Skull Crusher”.

Skull Crusher

Oddly enough, my head has felt like I’ve had a couple of Skull Crushers the night before.

Next up, New Orleans jelly bean. After a day in Hattiesburg, Mississippi we headed south to New Orleans for a day. 18 hour in the Big Easy.

Jackson Square New Orleans

We stayed in the French Quarter as usual. After stowing the luggage, we hit the streets. I headed to Desire on Bourbon for gumbo as usual. Love me the gumbo.

Desire Oyster Bar

Desire Gumbo New Orleans

Next we stopped in at Felipes bar for some food and drinks. I began to eye the shirt of the guy sitting next to me.

Museum of Death Sticker

“Uhhh… where did you get that shirt?” I REALLY wanted that shirt. “I’m the manager of the Museum of Death.” Ohhhh… kayyyyy. So we talked about… death. Good talk. Me, I like a good mystery. Jack the Ripper, Zodiac, J.F.K. and Oswald, stuff like that. The manager of the museum knew his stuff. He invited me to check the museum out the next day. After the casino, and a few more drinks, we called it a night.

The next morning we checked into Johnny Poor Boys for breakfast. Good and cheap. That done, I walked on over to the Museum of Death New Orleans.

Museum of Death New Orleans

If you want some good, weird shirts, this is the place to go. The shirt I wanted was out of stock, but that was okay. I will go back to find it in a few weeks. I did pick up a sticker, and placed it on my bicycle. I also checked out the museum. $15 to get in. Let me tell you, it is pretty crazy. They got a Bundy wall, and a Manson wall. A car wreck wall as well. And a casket, “Do not open”. Who opens a casket? There are a ton of newspaper reports, and lots of psych evals on these killers. If you are not into death, this place is not for you. I will say the museum is interesting though. And if you have questions, ask the manager. He has answers for you. There were many stories from the past that I had forgotten about.

After the museum, I walked on over to the square for some lunch. More gumbo. I always check this kitchen out; Café Pontalba. And I always order the same thing, gumbo. Oink. Love me the gumbo.

We walked around the Quarter some more. If the guitar thing doesn’t work out, Ritchie Blackmore could always work here.

Smoke on the Water New Orleans

Good times had by all in the Big Easy.

Everybody wants some.

Everybody wants some

Good movie. We checked it out today. Will it win an academy award? No. But it was still a good movie. Brings back memories of doing dumb stuff with my old friends. And yes, I have been to some of “those” college parties. And no, I do not remember them, at all. Well maybe a little.

Best botanist in Memphis? Maybe I am.


Done. See YOU back here for more beers, gumbo and bikes. Cheers.