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Midweek post Memphis; because I can.

Recently I downloaded a book from the Memphis Public Library because I believed the book would be “okay”. I was wrong. THIS is a good book.

The Gardner Heist Ulrich Boser

The Gardner Museum heist is world famous because the paintings have yet to be found. Although there are many theories about the heist, nothing has panned out yet. Every few years, there are newspaper reports about the case, but nothing has changed. World famous paintings have been stolen. When I started to read the book, I thought it would be a casual read, but the book is really, really good. The author goes into detail about the mysterious and dark underworld of the stolen art market. Nothing is what it seems. People steal art for money or just because they like the piece of work (which I totally understand). Art moves people for a variety of reasons. If the work strikes you emotionally, you have to have the artwork. And some people will do anything to get a particular painting. Check the book out, The Gardner Heist by Ulrich Boser. It’s a good one.

Italian Film Festival. Memphis. GO! We did. Since I took my bicycle to work, I planned ahead to get to the University of Memphis on time for the film. Pedal, pedal, pedal. I pushed and timed myself to get to the event on time. Everything went as planned, sort of… Heading south on Highland, I ran into this:

South Highland Street Construction

Yes, the sidewalk on the west side of Highland was closed due to construction. (I was using the sidewalk because the current time was 6:00 p.m.; rush hour traffic. Thanks, but no thanks. I really do not trust Memphis motorists during rush hour on Highland. Maybe Central but not Highland.) I pedaled really fast, just as the light turned red, to get past the construction zone.

Finally I made it to the University and changed clothes. Before:

Bicycle Riding Clothing Memphis


Memphis Biycle Commuter

Yes, serious face. My bicycle face. Or my “I hope no one walks in as I take photos of myself in the bathroom, because that would be weird and embarrassing” face.

The film we saw at the Italian Film Festival?  Noi Ela Giulia.

noi el giulia

A REALLY great movie. Buy, rent or stream the film. Do it. The movie shows how life can take a turn for the better. Watch the film with a loved one, open a bottle of wine and laugh out loud.

A few days ago, I decided to try out the new Greenline Extension towards Cordova. Although the sign says closed, and the trail is not officially opened yet, I had to try the new extension out.

Mempis Greenline Extension 5

I am glad I did. The trail is fantastic.

Memphis Greenline Extension 3

When I attended the public meeting a couple of years ago, the photos that were used during the presentation were taken during the winter, which made for stark views of the proposed trail. Now? The trail looks fantastic. Memphis, Shelby County and Cordova are VERY LUCKY to have this trail.

Memphis Greenline Extension

The views are wonderful. My only complaints were the traffic at the intersections for one. Those intersections were very sketchy.

Memphis Greenline Extension 4

If you are using the Greenline Extension, please be very careful. And yes, many people were walking, running and cycling on the new bike / ped path. Since the trail has yet to be completed there are a couple of “trenches” at the intersections in the trail.

Memphis Greenline Extension 2

Taking a wheel into one of these trenches would be very bad. And I am not sure of the purpose of the trench in the trail. Other than a few problems, the trail is very excellent. Try the new Greenline Extension out, but be careful.

I do remember the public meeting I attended a couple of years ago hearing about this new trail. The neighborhood association president for Cordova spoke about the neighborhood concerns about “Cyclists and runners stealing cars” in the Cordova neighborhood along the new Greenline Extension. That is exactly what I think of when I get on my bicycle; finding a car in Cordova I can steal. The neighborhood association also wanted a gate along the Greenline Extension to keep Greenline users out of the neighborhood. “A one way gate for the neighborhood residents”. Awesome. Oddly enough, when I was riding the new trail, it appeared that many Cordova residents were walking, running or riding along the trail. So much for your gate Cordova. WE ARE COMING FOR YOUR CARS CORDOVA!

The Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2016 is nearly upon us. I attend yearly. Mudbugs. Get some.

Overton Square Crawfish

The weather should be nice. Get there early. The street will be crowded.

Overton Square Crawfish Festival

See YOU at the Overton Square Crawfish Festival 2016.

Done. See YOU back here for more soon. Cheers.