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Welcome to Warm(er) weather Memphis!

Last Monday morning I left for work earlier than usual just to get on the road with my bicycle. The two week rainstorm had trapped most of Memphis indoors. It felt GREAT to get outside and ride. I was able to ride with only shorts and a t-shirt as well. Spring is here! (about time too). Here is what my morning commute looked like:

Bicycle Commute To work

If you like bicycles and listen to podcasts, there is a new podcast for you. Bike Nerds Podcast serves up the topic of bicycles and how they change people and communities. Good stuff. I’ve listened to the first two episodes; the shows are good and the hosts are smart (local peeps). Episode 2 is really powerful. Give Bike Nerds Podcast a listen.

Germantown Parkway will be under construction for the next month due to the Greenline extension heading east. Read it here from the Memphis Daily News:

“On the first day of spring, Sunday, March 20, construction will begin on the Shelby Farms Greenline crossing of Germantown Parkway.

Work crews will begin northbound and southbound lane shifts, which are necessary to build the median shelter that will allow those using the greenline to cross the busy parkway with a wait in the middle.

The temporary lane closures in both directions begin at 7 a.m. Sunday morning and will remain in place for about a month.

The greenline is being extended from its current terminus on Mullins Station Road near the Shelby County Corrections Center eastward to the old Cordova Train Station, which is east of the Germantown Parkway crossing.”

I cannot wait for the construction to end and the extension to open. More miles of trails please.

Beer. Memphis has beer. The Memphis Flyer rated Memphis beer recently. I always enjoy the Memphis Flyer beer reviews. The article tells you what’s new, what I should try, ect. Read more about Memphis local beer here from the Memphis Flyer.

tiny bomb wiseacre

Coffee. I like that too. Even though I forgot to drink coffee Friday (long story), I picked some up at the grocery store. Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake. Cinnamon and vanilla flavor.

Community Coffee King Cake

Or as I like to call it; delicious. Really. Try some.

Back to school time. I started a continuing education class last week.

Excel 2013

The good news was that I didn’t take the Level I class. I’m pretty up to speed with the Level II class. Hopefully I can attend the Level III class in the near future. And yes, it feels very weird to be in an “education” environment. Who’s the old dude? I’m only 28 years older than most students on campus.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, coffee and Excel 2013. Cheers.