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Weekend Memphis. Get out… in the rain.

There has been so much rain recently I have not been using my bicycle for two weeks. But that will change next week. Greenline, here I come.

News, news, news. Midtown Hueys has had some changes. That big wall with all the graffiti has been opened up with large windows. I can’t wait to see the changes at Hueys. Read more about the change in Hueys here from Memphis Daily News.

If you like Second Line in Midtown, soon the restaurant will be open for lunch. This is GREAT. The $10 lunch special is on my list to try at this excellent diner.

Second Line Memphis

Starting March 25th, you can get in line at Second Line beginning at 11:00 a.m. Go! As you can see from the photo above, the food is great. $10 and you are covered. Read more about the Second Line here from the Commercial Appeal.

We were out at Café Ole for drinks in Cooper Young last week. That outdoor patio? It looks different. cafe ole memphis patio 2

cafe ole patio memphis

The interior courtyard? That looks different too. Concrete table tops are being added to the joint. I’m still sticking to drinks and not food at the place. ONE margarita seems to get me off to a great start in the evening on the patio.

Joes Wine and Liquor has wine in cans. Yes cans.

Joes Wine in a can

From what I have been told, the wine in cans thing has been going over well. Why not. It’s easier to carry a can of wine than a box of wine or a bottle as well.

Back to the rain. As I was walking at Shelby Farms, I noticed a large sheet of “white” along the Wolf River. I did a double take and saw that the “white” area was water. A large amount of water. With nowhere for the water to go, the water is rising up from the Wolf River into Shelby Farms.

Memphis Flooding Wolf River

That is some water.

And bad news from the Maiden tour. While refueling Ed Force One, there was an accident and the engines were damaged. At this point of the tour, the band and crew are having to tour the old way, via buses and trucks.

Ed Force One Iron Maiden Damaged 2016

Most bands would give up and cancel the tour. Not Maiden though. They are pushing on. But that is the way Maiden do things; they don’t give up on the fans.

Iron Maiden Book of Souls Mandalay

Give ’em hell boys!

Ah, look what I received in the mail today. Fall Out New Vegas.

Fall Out New Vegas

Good. I get to explore Las Vegas after the apocalypse. Nice one. Yes, I have already started the game. Viva Las Vegas.

Done. See YOU back here for more beers and video games. Cheers.