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Weekend Memphis. Time for eats and drinks.

Saturday involved eats, drinks and bikes. First up coffee. I took the bike to Grindhouse for some coffee.

Muddys Memphis Grindhouse

Muddys Grindhouse

I sat in the cafe, had some coffee and read the news. When my coffee cup was empty, I called over to Central BBQ for some take out. When I pulled into the parking lot I found a new bicycle rack sitting at the entrance.

Central BBQ Bike Rack

Wow. I guess all of the times I go by Central BBQ (on Central) and chain my bike up to the patio railing inspired someone to put in a bicycle rack. The new addition was so new that the thing wobbled a bit since the bolts were not fully locked in.

After lunch, I stopped in at Hammer and Ale for a couple of half growlers of beer. Love my half growlers. I can choose a couple of different beers instead of one regular size growler. My choices? Yazoo Hefe (a favorite) and Grindhouse by Ghost River. Both are good beers. And it is very easy to ride on over to Hammer and Ale with the bicycle and pick up some good beers.

bicycle growlers

Speaking of bikes, I received my chain lube in the post.

finish line chain grease

Finish Line Bike Lube. I really, really like this stuff. After applying the grease, feels like a new-ish bicycle. In other bicycle news, my new insulated bike bottle works great.


I add two cups of coffee to the bottle in the early morning and head to work. A half hour later and the coffee is very hot. One hour later and the coffee is hot. Two hours later the coffee is pretty warm. This thing works.

Sunday noon time and Overton Square restaurants are full of customers. We took a table at Babalu and ordered some drinks and food. The coffee here is very good. They use Relevant Roasters coffee. French press too. The chorizo enchiladas were good.

babalu memphis enchiladas

My wife ordered some tacos.

babalu memphis tacos

Oh yeah, I also checked out Joe’s Nintendo Entertainment System for some beers the other night.

Joe's Memphis NES

I do enjoy the  beer selections at Joe’s. They sell singles, half growlers and full growlers. Even wine in a can. And apparently they sell old Nintendo games.

nes zelda

Thanks to global warming the temperatures in Memphis are getting warmer. Late last week the evening commute home was very nice.

memphis temperatures

memphis temperature 2

This time of year I have to wear cold weather gear for the ride to work, and then take off several layers for the ride home. I WANT TO WEAR SHORTS AND A SHIRT for the ride. Get the picture?

iron maiden number

And speaking of Maiden, I head to Las Vegas next weekend for the sold out show. Should be fun. Although my hearing will be impaired, I can’t wait for the new tunes to be played on stage.

See YOU back here for more beers, food and bikes. Cheers.