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Mid-week post since I am off of work today.

For lunch I jumped on the bicycle and headed to Memphis Pizza Café at Overton Square.

memphis pizza cafe

And yes, I usually order the same meal; unsweet tea, full dinner salad and (for a change) the hawaiian slice of pizza.

Memphis Pizza Cafe

Love the salad.

I was almost shocked that the joint was jammed packed at lunch time. Does EVERYONE in Memphis have the day off today? I have to admit lunch was good today. And… Word on the street is that Nancy Kerrigan was at Overton Square last night. Read more about Kerrigan in Memphis here from the Commercial Appeal.

When I arrived home after lunch, I discovered my new t-shirt arrived in the post.

peralta welinder nordic skull

Taking YOU and myself back to the 80’s; I give you the Peralta Welinder Nordic Skull shirt. I had the original shirt (dark blue) back in the day. Loved that shirt. So for the last several years, I have attempted to locate a copy of the same shirt. No such luck, until now. Red Bubble sells the shirt online. I CANNOT WAIT to wear the shirt this summer.

And MORE bike stuff. I received my new thermos today in the post also.


The ratings are supposed to be good for this product. I do hope the thermos can keep my coffee warm in the morning. This thing is insulated and has a metal interior. Just what I need for my bike rides.

And speaking of Memphis temperatures…

memphis temperature

Yes, that was me out riding along the Greenline this week. After I posted the photo online, my mother commented that I was “Insane”. Hey, what doesn’t kill you… almost kills you. To tell you the truth, riding when the temperature is 24 degrees WITHOUT significant wind is not so bad. I dressed accordingly. Three layers on the bottom, three layers on top. Gloves, two balaclavas, shoe covers and chemical hand and feet warmers. Riding in warmer temperatures near 34 degrees with a sustained headwind of 20 miles per hour SUCKS. As was the case last Monday and Tuesday. By my calculations, I was only moving 7-8 miles per hour. A few times I almost ground to a stop, the wind was pushing me back so hard.

And I CONTINUE to read “Ready Player One” by E. Cline.

ready player one

Fantastic book! Although I am near the end of the book, I don’t want the book to end. Yes, the book is a love letter to the 80’s. If you enjoyed the 80’s, this book is for you. YOU can read a free copy at the Memphis Public Library.

Done. See YOU back here for more pizza, bikes and books. Cheers.