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And the cat is now out of the bag. Republic Coffee is closing in ONE day.

Republic Coffee

Where to start? Me? I’ve been going to R.C. for FIVE years now, nearly daily. Mostly to get coffee and to read the news in the morning. Usually I would spend the time sitting and relaxing, getting ready for a bike ride, ect. I’ve made it through three different barista’s; Trevor, Christina and Ashley in the past years. All of the barista’s served up my coffee hot or cold (depending on the season). I remember one day I was on the way to the dentist and after seeing the look on my face about the dental visit, the barista asked if I wanted a free coffee. (I declined) Once a guy was outside the shop begging me for money. The barista went out and chased him away. When the lines were long, my barista would slide a coffee to me on the side and I would pay for the coffee on my way out.

Obviously I would order from the bar, since there were some staff that pretty much disliked me (whatever). If you are bad at your job, why would I order from you? If I have to ask THREE TIMES for the same item because you keep forgetting… One waiter provided me a cup of coffee with a large chip in the coffee cup on the rim; “Drink from the other side of the cup,” was what he told me. One staff member could NEVER put more than 3 cubes of ice in the ICE COFFEE. I always arrived early to avoid him. (Strangely enough, he was the same staff member that for some reason attempted to keep my credit card on my first visit, “Can I have my credit card back?”. He wasn’t trying to steal my card, but it was really weird.) A few years ago I arrived in the afternoon and asked for a coffee from the barista.

Barista – “For here?”

Me – “Yes.”

Barista – “You have to order from the waitress.”

The waitress is standing 2 FEET from us.

Me to the waitress – “Okayyyyyy… I would like a coffee… for here.”

The waitress then asked the  barista for a cup of coffee…

Several friends tried the shop out and refused to return because of the service.

I did discover “eggs in a basket” at R.C.

eggs in a basket republic coffee memphis

Republic Coffee Waffle

Sign me up! I’ll take TWO!

And I certainly enjoyed the waffles. Can’t go wrong with waffles. Wait. Coffee.

Republic Coffee

Love in a cup.

Then there were the customers. I watched one couple have the “I hope you DIE!” argument in the parking lot. Wow. I watched one woman put an entire bagel in her mouth. She was hungry! Some customers spoke so loud I could not help but hear the entire conversation; about nothing. (Where are my headphones?) And then there was the time I was stalked to the coffee shop and yelled at. Good times!

So why go back day after day? The shop was on my way to work. It just made it easier to stop in there. And… the place reminded of a bar I used to frequent in Amsterdam. Dark wood interior, the tables had seen better days. Although the joint was busy, the staff left me alone. I was at the coffee shop so many times, I was asked to STOP checking in via Foursquare in order to let someone else have the chance to become Mayor of Coffee Town.

What am I to do now? The Grind House is less than one mile away headed WEST (I head EAST in the a.m.). There is also Otherlands to choose from. Same problem though. My take is that it would add an additional twenty minutes to my morning ride. Decisions, decisions. Read more about the shop closing here and here.

Another place closing is Archicast on Broad Avenue.

broad ave butt

Yes, the cost for doing business in an up and coming neighborhood is rising. Not all businesses can keep up. Some businesses are forced out. I have purchased several items from this shop in the past.

broad ave skulls

Skull ashtray


And I do like the products sold. I will probably have to stop in and find a few items to pick up before the shop is finally gone by the end of the month.

Need flowers for valentines day? I have the shop for you! The Flower Girl will put together something special for you AND deliver the flowers. I contacted the owner via Facebook, told her what I wanted, emailed her my credit card information and I was done. The transaction only took a couple of minutes. Easy. In the past I have used the macro flower companies for mothers day or valentines day. I was not impressed with the product and in one case very disappointed with the service. My wife was happy with the flowers she received from The Flower Girl.

flower girl memphis

Happy wife; happy life. You can contact The Flower Girl via Facebook or the website Flower Girl.

After putting the task off for several weeks, I stopped in a Epic Salon for a haircut. Guys or ladies, if you need someone new to take care of your hair, see Pam at Epic Salon. She is really, really good. I have been going to Pam for NINE years now. She is totally professional and just a nice person who will take care of your hair. I recently recommended Pam to a friend of mine. He went elsewhere… and he didn’t like his haircut. Go to Pam! Just trying to help you out.

My new favorite beer shop? Joe’s Wine and Liquor on Poplar. Why? The beer singles are VERY good. And sometimes you accidently find a really good special. $4 for half growlers and $7 for a full growler? Holy hell Batman!

Joes Liquor Store Memphis Beer Special

The worst part was that I didn’t have any growlers with me at the time. So I ordered a half growler in a can. The canning method for half growlers is fast and easy. Try it. $4 per half growler? You can’t go wrong. I sampled some of that Grapefruit and the beer was good.

Done. See YOU back here for more coffee, beer, and flowers. Cheers.