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Weekend Memphis. Get out.

Soooo…. word on the street is that a popular local diner is closing its doors very soon. Nothing has been posted to the website or the Facebook page… yet. The hipsters are going to have to find another local joint to hang out at. Problems in the past? Yes. Good management? Not really. Think of owning a tire shop, yet you have never worked in the auto industry… ever. That was the core problem.

You don’t like Windows 10? Yeah, I can’t make heads or tails of it. “Use the snipper snipping tool, to crop a photo.” What the hell… Yes, I call it a “snipper”. I feel for ya, and all others who are under the age of 40 and cannot navigate Windows 10. But… there is an app to download. Stardock Start 10. Download the app. The start menu now will look like Windows 7. Now Windows 7, I know how to navigate that. Apps for the elderly…

Yes, I have added an account to Nextdoor.com. There are some interesting features about this site. You confirm your home address (although I am not sure exactly how this works) and then log into your account. What I find most valuable is the general listings and classifieds. Need to rent a place? It’s here. Need a babysitter? That is here too. Need something free someone is putting on the curb? You got it. Need a car? Also included.


Of course there is “general” listings as well.


And a map is included, letting you know which of your neighbors is signed up online.


You can see my residence right… about… there… in the green part. If you like getting free or used stuff, this site is for you. Funny, I found a bicycle for sale from someone that I knew using this site.

I am STILL  reading “Ready Player One”.

ready player one

Yes, I’ve had the book now for THREE weeks (Thanks Memphis Library!). Although I have 65% of the book read, I found a button on the library website that lets me check out the book “again” (since there is another copy of the book available). The book is really, really good. I read a review that stated the book, “is a love letter to the 80’s”. Yes it is. Love it.

I also finished readying “The Bone Labyrinth” by James Rollins (a favorite author of mine). I downloaded the book from the Memphis Library.

the bone labyrinthGood book (not great). The story began to get a bit “out there” for my taste. And just when I thought the story was unbelievable, the story became even more unbelievable. Fringe theories are NOT REAL.

Having trouble sleeping at night? Me too. I discovered a very helpful podcast to take care of your sleeping problem. The podcast you are looking for is “Sleep With Me“.

sleep with me podcast

I do use a different (I won’t say which one) podcast to help me sleep at night. Years ago I would listen to the podcast at various times. When I was in the hospital nearly 7 years ago, I loaded up this same podcast to listen to for my stay. I found that I kept falling asleep to the podcast, the hosts were so boring. So later I began to listen to the podcast to fall asleep to. Really, the hosts are so boring, I can’t stay awake for the opening of the show. Five to ten minutes after the start of the show and I am out like a light.

Sleep With Me” is in the same category, except this podcast does its best to bore you. And the podcast does a great job. I have used this podcast a couple of times now. After a few minutes, I am sound asleep. I will continue to use my “other” boring podcast, but it is good to know there is another alternative to put me to sleep.

Bark at the Moon. Diary of a Madman. You know who I am speaking of. I found this in the ColorMeMemphis.Com coloring book.

ozzy arrested in Memphis

I really had to look up the event, because I didn’t know if the story was true. But get this… the story is true. (From Ultimate Classic Rock) “A night of barking at the moon following his May 15, 1984, tour stop at Memphis’ Mid-South Coliseum ended with Ozzy Osbourne in the drunk tank. He was arrested at 12:30AM on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication, after the cops said they found the former Black Sabbath frontman “staggering drunk” in Memphis’ Beale Street entertainment district.” You learn something new about Memphis daily.

Done. See YOU back here for more books, beers, and sleep. Cheers.