Did you survive “Snow-pocalypse 2016”? Were you trapped indoors for days at a time? Okay, me either. We were able to get by with the help of several friends.


The 4 to 6 inches of snow did not appear in Memphis, or at least in Cooper Young. Me? Video games and hot dogs. I did a drive by of Hammer and Ale and picked up some High Cotton Scottish Ale.

Memphis Growler StoreMemphis Growler Store 3

Love me some good beer.

boscos beer memphis

Yes, even though it was cold last week, I put in some miles on the bicycle.


I’m talking about four layers of clothing for my upper half, and three layers of clothing for the lower half. And chemical warmers in my socks and gloves. And TWO balaclava’s. I really wasn’t fond of the newest balaclava when I purchased the thing a year ago for $3 and change (it was on sale!). But…. after trying the thing out, this odd shaped balaclava works perfectly. On my way to work I stopped by the Greenline Christmas Tree.

Memphis Greenline Christmas Tree Kylo Ren

“Kylo Ren” of Star Wars fame stops in for a visit.  Although I looked a bit mysterious, I felt more like….

revenant film

My biggest complaint about riding in cold weather is when I attempt to press the buttons to cross several busy streets, the buttons are frozen solid. Which means the light stays green for motorists and never changes to red for me to cross the street.

Yes, I am STILL reading “Ready Player One”.

ready player one

Half way in, the book is FANTASTIC. Have you ever read a book that you never want to end? This is that book.

Laundry is done, dinner is done and I am ready for the busy work week. See YOU on the Greenline Memphis.