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Weekend Midtown. Get out!

Sooo… last week… riding my bicycle home… in 32 degree  temps… ONE mile from home and my back tire flats out. Yes, the walk of shame with my bicycle that last mile sucked. But I was actually grateful. I could have had a flat tire 6.5 miles from home. So the last mile… not so bad thinking of the situation.

Maybe you have noticed a difference in the Cooper Young Neighborhood. Easy Way is no longer in Cooper Young. In its place is The Curb Market.

the curb market easy way memphis

I read about this months ago. It appears the change is taking a good amount of time to rearrange the store. The dumpster sitting next to the store makes it evident that the store will not open in the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see what the new store is like though. Read more about The Curb Market here from Memphis Daily News.

This morning we dined in at Bosco’s on the Square. Usually arriving at 12:00 p.m., it is difficult to find an empty chair in the joint. Not today. We had a wide variety of seating locations because the place was almost empty. Maybe the cold was holding patrons back. I ordered a plate of sides; bacon, hash browns, sausage and grits.

boscos memphis sides)

Plus coffee. (For whatever reason I do like the coffee at Bosco’s. I cannot pinpoint the reason, but it really is good.)

Oh and a beer.

boscos beer memphis

Oink. By the time we left, Bosco’s was filled to the brim with patrons.

Then it is off to the movies. Which movie you ask? “The Big Short“. Fantastic film. Go see this movie. The story is great and the acting is top notch. Steve Carell and Christian Bale are outstanding. The film is beautiful yet horrific at the same time. You almost do not want to believe the subject of the movie is based on true events; very bad events that touched most of us several years ago. Sharp and funny; go see this movie.

Done. My clothes are washed, batteries are getting charged and I am preparing for that COLD ride in the morning. Stay warm Memphis.