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Happy New Year Memphis. 2016… here we go.

Me? I spent Christmas in Texas. Fortunately, I was able to smuggle tamales across the border into Memphis.

sabrosura memphis tamale enchilada plate

What did Santa bring me? Pebble smart watch. For cyclists, smart watches are the way to go. Why? If you get a phone call while out on a ride, you can check your watch to see if you need to answer the call. Same thing goes for text messages. There is no need to stop, get out your phone and check to see who is attempting to contact you.

Music. Pebble has an app that will allow you to play, pause, forward, and reverse your music. Oink. Gotta have it.

Pebble also has some nifty alarms to wake you. Date, time…. and weather. What? Yes, you can get daily temps and forecasts right on your watch face.

Probably my biggest problem in the near future with Pebble is the sweat factor. Yeah, my wrists sweat; big time. Although the wristband is made of cheap plastic, I may have to change things up a bit, especially during summer.

Santa also brought me a couple of video games. Fallout 3 and Assassins Creed 2. These games are AWESOME. Assassins Creed 2 has kept me busy for the last FOUR days. Currently I am playing story mode, which is fantastic. A really great game.

Oh yeah, I also received some Iron Maiden shoes. Going to need them for my trip to Vegas to check out the tour in two months.

We rang in New Years Eve at home. I picked up a few different bottles for the evening. And beer. Don’t forget the beer.

Sailor Jerry Rum

boscos sunday brunch beer

What else happened this year? The late, great singer and bass player of Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmister passed away.

Motorhead Memphis

He was one of those people you imagined would live forever. Nothing could stop him. I was lucky enough to see Motorhead in concert several times. I was also very lucky to speak to Lemmy on the telephone many years ago. And yes, I heard many great back stage stories about Lemmy and the band. There was only one, and then they broke the mold when it came to Lemmy. “Ace of Spades”, “The Hammer”, “Bomber”, and “Killed by Death” are just a few of my favorites. I can name only two other bands that could keep up with Motorhead; Metallica (when they started their career) and recently Saxon. Motorhead would just blast the audience fast and loud. “We are Motorhead and we play rock and roll”. Here’s to you Lemm.

I have to go through some of my most favorite photos of 2015.

memphis double rainbow

blue lamp new orleans

Yazoo hefe Hammer and Ale Memphis

bicycle texas shirt


Coffee Shop Art New Orleans

Bicycle Sign

Alight Memphis. Monday begins tomorrow. Have a great year and I will see YOU back here again. Cheers.