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Yes, I attended the event “Taste the Flavors Craft Beer and Food Pairing” Saturday night. How was the event? FANTASTIC! I really wasn’t sure how the event would go down. I certainly was not expecting so many people and so much good food and good beer.

The event took place in Midtown at Just For Lunch. At first I thought the event would be INSIDE the restaurant. I was wrong. The event occurred outside of the diner, in a small, indoor “alleyway” in front of the restaurant. And I believed by getting to the event at 6:00 p.m. I would be first in line. Wrong again. Many people were already at the event, drinking beer and eating food.

Food. This event had some good food. If you were hungry, this was the place to be. Let me count the calories. Central BBQ was at the event.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Central BBQ

Rizzo’s Diner was present. Local showed up with tacos (and they were good!).

Taste The Flavors Memphis Local on the Square

And my favorite restaurant of the evening? Soul Fish. The hush puppies and fish were delicious. Thanks Soul Fish!

Wait. What about the beer? Yes there was beer. Let the games begin. Where to start? The homebrew club showed up with beer.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Homebrew

And since I had yet to try out Coney Island Root Beer, I sampled that one (a few times) as well. This one is slightly different from Not Your Fathers Root Beer. Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy; excellent as usual. (Try the Grapefruit out as well. Also very good!)

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Coney Island Traveler Lemon Shandy

Ghost River represented that evening.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Ghost River

If you needed a shirt, Taylor James from Cash Saver was on hand to sell you one.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Beer Cash Saver

Where was I? Oh yes… beer. Memphis Filling Station (hoping to open a craft brewery in town soon) was sampling beers. CinnaPear Cider and Spiced CinnaPear Cider were both very good.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Memphis Filling Station Beer

Not to be outdone, Midsouth Malts (home-brew shop off of White Station and Summer; that a friend once thought was an ice cream joint) offered a pineapple cider.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Midsouth Malts Pineapple Cider

Then there was the heavy weight cider in the house; Woodchuck.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Woodchuck Hopped

This time though the Woodchuck Hopped Apple Cider was available. I have been hesitant to try this cider out. I’m not a hop fan, and I wasn’t sure what the new flavor would taste like. So you don’t want so much sweetness in your cider? Try this. In my estimation, the sweetness is cut in half from the regular Woodchuck, but still very tasty. I didn’t pick out the hops so much and the cider came across much lighter than expected. Really, really good stuff.

So, after all of the ciders, which one did I like best? And the winner is… Midsouth Malts Pineapple Cider. Very good cider. Ciders are a bit more complex to create because you have to back sweeten the product. This can be achieved in various ways, but the process is not an easy one.

(I did find it interesting that there were  4 different ciders at the event. Possibly included to help the ladies out with sweeter offerings? Or maybe just a coincidence.)

Back to the beers. Soul Glo made an appearance. This was the first time I tried this beverage out.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Soul Glo

Shiner out of Texas had a brew at the event. Although I have never been a big Shiner fan, I have had the Holiday Cheer beer in the past which was alright.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Shiner

Wait. Dessert. Pink Diva brought out some cupcakes which had a bit of beer added to the sweet stuff.

Taste The Flavors Memphis Pink Diva Cupcakes

Overall the event was very good. I really do need to attend more of these beer tasting and food pairings. This event was way better than expected.

Taste The Flavors Memphis

See you at more craft beer and food pairing events Memphis.