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Back in Memphis. Yes we headed to New Orleans for a few days via Amtrak. (Amtrak train to New Orleans from Memphis. Read more about how to use Amtrak and the train ride here) Good times… if you count walking through hurricane winds as good times.

We did stop in at some of our favorite places while in New Orleans. Juans Flying Burrito.

Juans Flying Burrito New Orleans Magazine St

and we had a “few” drinks at Felipes.

Felipes New Orleans Hurricane

felipes drink menu new orleans

roasted agave margartia felipes new orleans

Although it doesn’t sound good, you can suck on the roasted agave. The flavor is sweet.

Johnny Poboys was closed for renovations. 😦

Johnny Poboys New Orleans

The Grill on Chartres Street was also closed for renovations. 😦

And Steins Deli, the home of 450 different beers, the electricity was out. 😦

Strike three.

We did find this new shop while walking in the French Quarter.

Sucre. (622 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 267-7098))

Sucre New Orleans

And if you need more information, check out this website.

Sucre New Orleans

We ordered some of this, and this:

Sucre New Orleansop

You will enjoy this shop.

Stanley’s on the square was okay for breakfast.

Stanley New Orleans breakfast

Cafe Pontalba on Jackson Square is probably one of my favorite places to get gumbo.

Cafe Pontalba New Orleans Gumbo

Desire also has good gumbo as well.

Love in a bowl!

Love in a bowl!

SDrinks at Desire New Orleans

bacchus new orleans

Krewe of Zeus New Orleans

Prometheus The Movie New Orleans

We also checked out a tiki bar. The results? Not so good.

tiki bar new orleans

tiki bar new orleans

This is how I look when others are drinking.

The problem? The hurricane was super sour. Not good. The two couples next to us paid $30+ for ONE large drink, they said the drink tasted really bad as well. What up tiki bar?

Greg’s Antiques in the French Quarter has EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Jimmy Hoffa Safe

This safe is STILL sitting in the yard outside. Want it? It’s free.

At the casino, Gene Simmons and the rest of Kiss took my money.

Kiss Slot Machine

The odd part is that the guy on the same machine next to me was winning money. Doh!

We did find this cool photo-op walking one night.

blue lamp new orleans

We liked the photo so much, we are having the picture blown up and framed to hang over our bed.

Oh yes, I found my new bicycle in New Orleans.

horse bicycle new orleans

Giddy up!

New Orleans. Haunted?

Haunted New Orleans

Not haunted?

Not Haunted New Orleans

You be the judge. Happy Halloween!

big pumpkin