Landing late at night in South Texas, I was shuttled to downtown San Antonio from the airport. Asking around, my friends said there wasn’t much open for late night dinner downtown San Antonio on a week day. I checked the Googler. I did find a newish place on the Riverwalk, “Barriba Cantina”. (111 W. Crockett St. San Antonio TX 78205) This joint WAS a Fat Tuesday, then a Starbucks. Now it is a bar again. If these walls could talk. But that was a lonnnng time ago.

I walked into the place late at night and had a seat at the bar. Tuesday night on the Riverwalk, time for a margarita. I ordered the house margarita.

Barriba Cantina San Antonio Riverwalk

After a few sips, I thought the drink lacked alcohol. The drink tasted fine, but seemed to lack a punch. I then ordered a beer. I paid my bill and walked out of the door, and noticed something. Wow. That margarita came on strong after a few minutes.

Best margarita in San Antonio? Probably not. Good drinks for the price? Yes. I thought the drink and prices were good enough to go back to Barriba a few nights later. This time I tried out the michelada.

Barriba Cantina San Antonio Michelado

Think of a bloody mary made with beer instead of vodka. The drink is thinner than a regular blood mary. This cocktail is rumored to be a cure for hangovers. So I ordered the drink. To tell you the truth, the michelado turned out good. The drink looked so good that the woman sitting a few bar stools down from me ordered one. I had to ask the bartender what kind of beer people ordered for this drink. He told me any “south of the border” beer would do. Really, you should try a michelado.

While in San Antonio, I wanted to try another bar that I had heard good things about. Acenar is located one block from the Majestic Theatre. (146 E. Houston St. San Antonio TX 78205) Fancy Shmancy too. I sat down at the bar and ordered a house margarita. Good. I then ordered the Tuna Margarita (not what you think at all).

Acenar San Antonio Tuna Margarita

I really liked this one. The drink has some bite to it. You can also get a house margarita with an added flavor…. like chamoy!!! The Chamoyarita!

chamoyarita Acenar San Antonio

The bartender lined the glass with chamoy (think sweet jelly that has spice added to it). Oink. After drinking four margaritas, it was time to leave. Very nice drinks at Acenar. Try ’em if you can.

Thank you for the margaritas San Antonio. If you go to South Texas, give these drinks a try.

See YOU back here for more San Antonio vacation fun. (Including bikes!)