Back… from the “Lone Star State”. Had a good time too. But first… beer.

Sooo… many years ago while living in South Texas, there were two beers you could choose from; Lone Star and Budweiser. (I worked for a Budweiser distributor, so I can say that.) Now? One word; Holy. Cow!

I am waiting for some friends. I am the first to arrive at the restaurant. I look around. What to do, what to do? Oh look, beer. B and D Ice House (1004 S. Alamo St. San Antonio TX 78210 – 210-225-9801) Lets check this place out.

Oh they have beerssssss.

b and d san antonio texas

How did Texas get so many beers? Time to decide…

I went with the Weisse Versa Wheat. Good stuff. Oink. Looking at that list, it is hard to go wrong. Beerrrrrr……

You want Texas beer? Better bring a truck. I was very interested in trying out the Blue Star Brewery in the Blue Star Art Complex just south of downtown. (1414 South Alamo St., San Antonio TX 78210 – 210-212-5506) GO HERE! My cousin and friend took a 19 mile bike ride along the river and then stopped in at the Blue Star Brewery. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Beer. They have beer. Good beer. The most difficult part was choosing a beer. Me – “Do beer nerds stop in, ask a whole lotta questions, and then sample every beer?”  Waitress – “Uh, yeah.” I tried out the sours. The Raspberry Geyser was WAY SOUR. I couldn’t finish the sample. “Do people actually order this??!” The Southtown Sour was also pretty sour. After a couple of samples, I went with the Spire Stout. How was it? Really, really good. A very traditional stout, except there is a slight off-key flavor; something earthy about the beer. I couldn’t put my finger on the taste, but that was a good beer. Try it.

beer Blue Star Brewery San Antonio TX

A few days later, I met a friend at Freetail (very close to Blue Star Brewery; 2000 S. Presa St. San Antonio TX 78210 – 210-395-4974) What’s in here?

Freetail Brewery San Antonio TX

Ahhh…. good beer to be found as well. There were a dozen beers on tap, so I decided on a flight. My friend ordered two flights. Better choice than mine. I believe the flight was $4 (what???).

Freetail Brewery San Antonio

I tried the Coffee Stout, the Oktoberfiest, Yo Soy Berliner, Peach Bexarliner, and Rye Wit. First up, the Coffee Stout was way to boozy for me. Not enough coffee; balance grass hopper. Yo Soy Berliner was okay, definitely different. The Peach Bexarliner was nice. The Rye Wit okay. The Oktoberfiest was good. I ordered up a pint of that. Really good beers here.

Freetail Brewery San Antonio

I would definitely go back to both breweries. Done! See you back here for Living Loud in San Antonio – the Margarita edition.