Sunday. Time to eat. And drink.

Since our summer work load has diminished dramatically, I may be able to post more posts weekly. Fingers crossed. Work is like 60 to zero in 8 point 2 seconds. It really does change that fast.

As I was riding through Shelby Farms and the Agricenter property last week, I noticed the gate was closed. Doh!

agricenter closed gate shelby farms

But wait. The gate has a trick to it. There is a slight path left open to get a bicycle through. If you see the gate closed on the Agricenter property, you can go through the gated entrance. Sneaky!

agricenter gate shelby farms

Speaking of Shelby Farms, some jack wagon parked a car on the bike /ped trail. You have miles of road to park a car along, but you go for the trail.

car blocks bike ped trail

The new sign has gone up at the Shelby Farms new park entrance along Farm Road.

shelby farms memphis tn new sign

And since everyone else is adding the same photo…. The NEW Greenline extension is already under construction.

memphis greenline entension construction shelby farms

Now I really do have to ask that question. Does the neighborhood association in Cordova REALLY want a gate to keep those “Greenliners” out of the neighborhood? Because we may “steal their cars or something”? Yes. The neighborhood association in Cordova that borders the newest extension of the Greenline asked for a gate last year at a meeting regarding the new trail. The president of the neighborhood association really thinks we carry “car stealing tools” with us as we jog, bike and walk the Greenline. I wish this was a joke. See YOU on the new Greenline extension soon Cordova… with my car stealing tools.

There is a new Tap Route water source along the Greenline. Oddly enough, the newest water station is one block over (on Graham) from the other water station (on Waring). These stations do come in handy when I am out using the Greenline and have forgotten my water. The newest station does not have a trash can though. No worries, I can carry the used paper cup with me.

tap route memphis new station

Last weekend and this weekend we stopped in at Boscos in Overton Square for Sunday brunch. How about something to drink?

boscos sunday brunch beer

The hefe is delicious. Try some.

The eggs and waffle are also good.

boscos sunday brunch eggs

boscos sunday brunch waffle

Today I purchased a raffle ticket to win a bicycle from Boscos. Do I need another bicycle? Yes I do!

boscos bicycle raffle

Made me a “Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips” sandwich the other day. Turkey sandwich with those hot chips on top. Excellent!

nikki's hot ass chips

sandwich nikkis hot ass chips memphis

Sunday…. you are done. Gonna try out this newest beer in the fridge.

angry orchard green apple beer

See YOU back here for more Greenline, car stealing tools, and beer. Cheers.