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I like tech stuff. I also like to order from Amazon.com. Combine the two and you get this in the mail:


Yes, three different boxes  arrived a few days ago. Recently I discovered two different Amazon gift cards in my possession with $75 credit on each card. Time to go shopping. So what did I get? A whole bunch of stuff I had been wanting.


First up a Bluetooth set of headphones.


I go to sleep at night listening to a VERY BORING radio show. The show is so boring the hosts put me to sleep in less than five minutes. Great! What is worse, I listen to the show every night. Never make it past the first five minutes. Best sleep aid ever. But using normal headphones is a pain, since they usually end up under my back by morning. The Bluetooth headphones work nicely. The only thing I don’t like about them is the light that shines in the dark. I had to tape over the light since the blue light annoyed me. And when the battery gets low, the headphones announce that the battery is low. Again bothersome so I charge the headphones every night before I use the item.

After discovering the Satechi Button online, I knew I needed one for my bicycle commute.


Usually I have to take my iPhone out of my bandolier to hit the “next” button while riding. You know, when a Pink Floyd songs plays at the time you really want to pedal fast. Love Pink Floyd, but not while riding. The whole thing of taking out my iPhone, looking at the screen, hitting “next”, putting the phone away while on my commute; bothersome. The Satechi MEDIA Button takes care of that problem. By pairing the Button via Bluetooth to your phone, you can just press the “next” button on the Button. Nextttttt…. (Unfortunately I ordered the “HOME” Button instead of the “MEDIA” Button, and had to send the “Home” Button back to Amazon) The Media Button comes with a ring like attachment to hold the Button on your steering wheel OR your bicycle handle bars. Can you guess which of the two I use the Media Button on?


I did try out the device today. I really like the Media Button. As I was out riding my bicycle and a song came on I didn’t want to listen to, I just pressed the “next” button and the next song was played. The Media Button also has an Up or Down volume button. Even better.

I also purchased a new odometer for my bicycle.


I had an odometer three years ago. When I was taking my bicycle into the local bike shop for a repair, I took the odometer off the bicycle because… I thought the repairman might steal my $20 odometer. I am a genius. To make matters worse, I hid the odometer from myself… somewhere. I have yet to find that odometer. So I finally ordered a new odometer. Do I really need the odometer? Not really. I gauge my speed by time during my commute, so I’m pretty good with time and miles now. But I do like to be exact, and when trying out the new odometer, I noticed I kept a better pace when I knew my exact speed. I am still working the kinks out of the new odometer. Okay more like “how does this thing work?” kind of kinks. Me? Throw away the directions, who needs those things anyway. Hmmmm… Better go find those directions.

Biking home Friday, I forgot my water bottle again. I stopped at the Tap Route station on Waring to get some free water.

Tap Route Memphis

The station was out of paper cups. Doh! Looking around, I had only one choice. I went commando. No one was looking so I bent down and let the water flow, sans cup. After drinking a few mouthfuls of water, I was good to go. At least my mouth didn’t touch the spigot.

Oh look, even the poles along the Greenline use helmets.


Done. Heading to Nashville in a matter of hours for a few days of rest.

Nashville River

See YOU back here for Living Loud in Nashville. Cheers.