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Food. Gotta have it. Good food by the way. Looking for a quick dinner Saturday night, I thought about giving Agave Maria a try. First, my wife and I are from South Texas. We were raised on really good Mexican food. We KNOW Mexican food. Don’t call that taco a burrito. You can’t fool us. Here is our review of Agave Maria.

agave maria memphis dining room

Talk about a statement piece. This certainly is an eye catcher.

agave maria no bull

Don’t look into the eyes of the bull, they seem to follow you. Just kidding; maybe. Or possibly you are in the mood for the King.

agave maria memphis the king

Music from the 60’s and 70’s was piped in overhead. Cool. Our server was also very attentive. Need a flight of tequila shots? Agave Maria has it. (Wish I had taken Uber downtown. Doh!)

The first order of business was drinks. What else but a margarita. The drink tasted hand made and was very refreshing.

agave maria margarita memphis

Chips and cheese? I’m in.

agave maria memphis chips

The bowl of chips was smaller than what we were accustomed to, but you get refills.

agave maria memphis cheese dip

The cheese was good as well, and I believe that is chili powder on top of the cheese. If I could sum up the flavor of the chips and cheese, it would be like a bag of Chili Frito’s. And to tell you the truth, that is a good thing.

On to the main attraction; Mexican food. Looking over the menu

agave maria menu memphis

it was hard to decide what to choose. But, since I am a fan of chorizo, I ordered the chorizo tacos. My wife picked out the enchiladas with a side of rice. So how was the meal? Good. The enchiladas came to the table in small cast iron skillet.

agave maria memphis enchiladas

Cooked to perfection, the enchiladas were spicy. Good cheese flavor too. The rice?

agave maria memphis rice

If you like lime you got it. Big time. The rice had a lime flavor that was way over the top. I personally thought the lime flavor was over done, but the dish was still good.

Okay on to the chorizo tacos. Three small tacos were topped with cilantro, radish slices, and pineapple. Hey how about adding hot sauce to that?

agave maria memphis roja sauce

Wow. Use this sauce sparingly. This is some hot stuff. I then added some of the verde sauce to the second taco.

agave maria memphis verde sauce

Better, not so much heat. (I love hot sauce, but the Roja is REALLY hot sauce)

Overall the experience at Agave Maria was very good. I would bring friends along for the next visit. Our total bill came to $40 for two people; two plates, with one mixed drink and chips and cheese and a side dish. On a side note, the three ladies sitting next to us ordered a big plate of the pork shank. When we asked about their dinner, they commented that the dish was very good.

Adios amigos!

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