Weekend Memphis. Get out.

I got out in a big way today; 3 hour bike ride ’round Memphis. But let’s first start at the beginning.

Friday was HOT. How hot? This is the weather page I pulled up on my phone moments before I left work.

memphis temperature hot

“It’s 13.5 miles to home. I’ve got a full camel back, it’s sunny out, I’m wearing sunglasses and riding a bicycle. Hit it!” Yes, I did take the ride slower than usual. If you are walking / jogging / riding in this heat, make sure you have plenty of water.

Speaking of water, I found this note on the Tap Route fountain today.

tap route memphis tn

Yes, we are very grateful for the free water along the Greenline.

As I was making my way back from Shelby Farms, another cyclist passed me by and said “Snake ahead”. Whatttt? Correct. There was a snake on the trail.

greenline snake memphis

I guess the snake could go with the turtle that was on the trail a few days ago near Shelby Farms.

turtle on bridge shelby farms memphis tn

Speaking of Shelby Farms, if you need to go…

shelby farms bathroom

I’m not sure if the “facilities” is unlocked or not. I may have to investigate.

After leaving the Greenline, I made my way to Overton Square and the Sweet Noshings candy store. I heard rumors of a spicy candy. It’s true, it’s true! Jalapeno Gummis!

jalapenos gummi sweet noshings memphis

And guess what… they are hot! This would go good with Two Boots beer by Abita (spicy as well).

Two Boots Abita

Or I could pair the jalapeno gummis with the lobster gummis.

2015-07-06 20.04.12

Finishing the ride at Hammer and Ale, I picked out a nice lemon beer. Curious Traveler. Get some.

hammer and ale memphis beer

torn commuter bag memphis

My commuter bag that I have been using for nearly two years now has a tear near the top of the bag. Hmmm…. must get the thing fixed.

Found my old GPS last night.

etrex gps broken

It has seen far better days. Probably the last time I used the thing was 10 years ago. I remember it well. I was in the parking lot at work, riding my bicycle. I attached the gps to my handle bars to calculate my speed. The last thing I remember was noting that I was going 15 miles per hour…. then I hit a curb and did the superman slide across the pavement. Slowwwwwly sitting up, I had to call work and ask someone to come by and help me sit up. I hit my head pretty good, as well as other parts of my body. After leaving half of my skin in the parking lot, I went by my girlfriends place. I had gravel still stuck “in my face”. Yeah, it was that bad. The gps kinda works still. If you count the screen working “sometimes”. The top arrow points to the scratches from the accident that day. The other arrows point to the missing buttons from the accident. I didn’t need those buttons. Who needs to zoom out anyway.

What would you do? The show. That’s what I’m talking about. I discovered my best buds mother was featured on the program last night. She was shopping for groceries in our old neighborhood store (in San Antonio, Texas) when the ex-military guy (an actor) in the line in front of her didn’t have enough money to pay for diapers and food. She offered to cover his expenses since both her son and grandson served in the army. She also works at a local food pantry in the neighborhood. After filming the scene, the entire crew gave her cash donations from their pockets to help the food pantry. If you watch the video, she is the first person that offers the veteran help. The woman is a saint. Even though we did a whole lotta stupid stuff when we were younger, she didn’t strangle her son or his dumb friends (me). I found it funny that many Facebook friends were commenting on the show last night. There are still good people in this world.

Done. Stay cool Memphis.