Weekend Memphis. And what a week it was.

Since I commute to work by bicycle, water is essential to my ride during this time of the year. Unfortunately I forgot my water last Monday evening. Hot and thirsty, I stopped by Tap Route along the Greenline at Waring.

Tap Route Memphis

Punching the water button, the water only dribbled out. Doh! Noticing a large number of cups in the trash can; this watering hole had already been used up by thirsty Greenliners. Teach me a lesson.

Hey look, Gummi Lobsters.

2015-07-06 20.04.12

These are good. Better than the Gummi Crawfish. Rumor has it there are extra spicy Gummi Worms to be had from the Sweet Noshings shop at Overton Square. I must investigate.

Last Sunday we headed out for lunch at Café 1912 in Cooper Young. First, the food is good here. I cannot complain about that. The service? As a friend puts it, “Very Memphian.” This is the second time in a month that we have sat in for lunch. And this is the second time service was sub par. If you don’t want to be here to “work”, why show up for “work”? I don’t get it. Part of working as wait staff is to provide service throughout the “entire” meal. Disappearing after you have delivered the food is bad business. During our last visit the staff seemed more attentive to their cell phones than the tables. We would have purchased more items from the menu had we been able to get your attention. Good food, mediocre execution.

Check out these mussels.

mussels cafe 1912 memphis

Good stuff. And eggs benedict?

cafe 1912 memphis tn

Good too.

I just wish the service was as good as the meal.

Riding to work Friday, I found this turtle on the bridge near Shelby Farms.

turtle on bridge shelby farms memphis tn

Why did the turtle cross the bridge? I have no idea, but there is probably a joke in there somewhere. At least it wasn’t my friend Mr. Snake.

Memphis Snake Bicycle

The trail near the newly expanded lake at Shelby Farms is looking rough.

shelby farms construction memphis tn

There is a good amount of dirt on the trail now and grass clippings. You might want to go a bit slower in the construction zone.

Brand new sign on E. Parkway S.

east parkway sign

I saw the base a while back and couldn’t figure out what the green metal would be used for. Now I know. I do wonder if the city or a group will plant flowers along the median like the upper portion near Poplar and East Parkway South.

But just down the street, I also found this on the sidewalk.

sidewalk computer memphis tn

If you need a computer monitor, slightly used, here ya go. Why dump the broken monitor off on the sidewalk? And how long will the city let the monitor sit there? Good question.

Oh look, pancakes from Coffee Town. Get some.


The ride home Friday? HOT! When there are few people out riding, you know it’s hot outside. This time Tap Route at Waring had water thank goodness.

Tap Route Memphis Greenline

Not only did I drink a couple of small cups of water, I filled my water bottle up halfway with that cold water. Thanks Tap Route!

To end the work week, my wife picked up some Central BBQ.

central bbq pork memphis tn

Well if your work week is busy, might as well end it right. The only thing that would have been better would have been a nice beer to go with that bbq heaven.

Done. See YOU back here for more bicycles, bbq, and broken computer monitors.