Weekend Memphis. Get out of the house!

My bicycle rides this week have been interesting to say the least. Either the days are extremely hot, or there was the severe rain like yesterday. Luckily I was able to stop for water on Waring and the Greenline.

Tap Route Memphis

Again, the water here is not cool, it is COLD. I still do not know how the water is kept so cold, but the water is very refreshing after riding for nearly an hour in the heat.

Friday evening I was riding home from the east side of Memphis. And that is when I ran into this:

Riders on the Storm.

Riders on the Storm.

I knew there were rain showers predicted for the evening, but I imagined I could escape the showers. No such luck. By the time I was near Shelby Farms, the temperature dropped from the 90’s to the 70’s in a matter of seconds. I went from the oven to the cooler rather quickly. As soon as I crossed Walnut Grove into Shelby Farms, the wind and rain kicked in. I crossed Farm Road and went along Gardner Road as I usually do. Then the rain really hit hard. Fun. Very fun. I tried to think of a place to get shelter from the rain as I was riding. I knew there was a bus stop by the penal farm. There are two small sheds along Gardner Road as well. I parked my bicycle near the shed towards the western end of Gardner Road to get out of the rain. Thirsty and tired, I drank a bottle of water. Then I looked down. I wasn’t the only one taking shelter here.

Memphis Snake Bicycle

Snake! My foot was only two feet away from the thing. Next time I will take note of the place I stop at. The rain finally stopped and I was heading north to the Greenline again. I did see a double rainbow on the way.

memphis double rainbow

I also had to stop and wring my shirt out. My clothes were completely soaked. No matter. This would be my disgruntled look after the deluge of water.

Memphis Bicycle Rain Disgruntled

Saturday I stopped in at Coffee Town for some waffles and coffee. I found this slightly “beaded” bicycle. Got beads? From New Orleans?

bead bicycle

After reading the news, I had a few more stops to make. First I stopped in at a bank on Poplar. There is always a concern that the bank has a problem with me using the drive thru when I am riding my bicycle.

bicycle drive thru bank

Luckily no banks have had an issue with me riding up to the bank drive thru. Made a deposit and I was on my way.

Next stop? Busters on Highland. Went in, found my Two Boots

Two Boots Abita

some Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips, vodka and Dogfish Head Festina Peche. Gotta mix it up. Although I am wondering about combining Nikki’s Chips and the Two Boots. Both products burn. This should be interesting. As I was leaving Busters, the clerk asked how I would carry everything. “I gotta big basket.”

Memphis Bicycle Rack Beer and vodka

It only takes a little planning. Really, shopping for groceries on a bicycle is easier than you think. Just plan ahead.

Making my way home, I discovered crews were cutting tree limbs on E. Parkway S. Two of the three lanes were coned off. PERFECT for me to ride in the lane.

Memphis Bicycle East Parkway South

You will not find me riding on E. Parkway S. much. Motorists drive over the speed limit and the traffic is usually busy.

Plans for the evening may include some Hammer and Ale beers. And / or BBQ. Until next time, keep moving, get out and ride your beaded bicycles. Cheers.