And it is the weekend Memphis. Get out.

Although there was a ton of rain Friday, I managed to work my way around it during my commute to work yesterday. The rain was falling Friday morning until 7:00 a.m. As soon as the rain stopped I jumped on my bike and headed to work. Crossing my fingers that the rain had stopped, I made my way to Coffee Town. “I need a coffee to go; STAT!” “Uh… did you ride your bike?” the barista asked. “It’s okay, I have a cup holder.”

Bicycle Cup Holder Coffee

A minute later I was out the door and headed down the Greenline. Even though the rain had stopped, no others were out on the Greenline early Friday morning. Rain can’t hurt you people. The trails were a bit soggy, and the back of my shirt was a bit muddy, but I survived the ride.

Since it was Friday, I opted for some special work socks.

Misfits Socks

I find I do my best work while wearing Misfits socks.

Riding back home, I forgot to pack some water and it was hot outside. Good luck I ran into this at the Greenline / Waring intersection.

Tap Route Memphis

Tap Route Memphis Greenline

I never needed to use this watering station until now. THANK YOU! Talk about a lifesaver. I drank about 4 cups of COLD water. I’m not sure how the water is cooled, but on a hot day the cold water was refreshing.

Saturday I headed to Coffee Town for some coffee, waffles, and Motorhead. Gotta have some Motorhead while riding.

Motorhead Memphis

Born to lose, live to win.

Today I found an article on the www.bikehacks.com website. Funny, I have used this method for carrying my commuter bag now for a couple of years. I found it easier to just use carabiners to attach my large bag to the rack on back. No big secret here, just use what you have.

Attach Bicycle Commuter Bag to Rack

Done! I stopped in for some bbq nachos at Central BBQ

Central BBQ Nachos

so now it’s time to relax. See YOU back here for more bikes, coffee and Motorhead.