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Back… in Memphis. Didja miss me?

We took a few days vacation in New Orleans recently. What a trip. Train trip that is.

When we arrived at the station in Memphis at 6:15 a.m., we were surprised that the train was already waiting for us. Usually the train is late to arrive. We gathered our bags and picked up our seating assignments. After I settled in, I proceeded to sleep four hours. The rocking train puts me to sleep.

Arriving in New Orleans, we stopped by the hotel to put the bags down, then it was off to Felipe’s.

Felipes New Orleans French Quarter

Hungry? This is a good place to dine in at. Good mexican food at a good price. The hurricanes don’t hurt either.

Felipes New Orleans Hurricane

After a few drinks and eats, we headed over to the casino to lose money šŸ˜¦ Last year I won $500 on my last $0.25. This year? Nothing.

Oh yes, we found a haunted condo.

Haunted New Orleans Condo For Lease

Jimmy Hoffa was also located in New Orleans.

Jimmy Hoffa Safe

The safe was free, if you could lug it home. “Free. No, seriously.” (Look at the tag in the upper left hand corner of the safe.)

How about some food. The Gumbo Shop has great chicken gumbo. (go with the chicken over seafood gumbo. Really)

Gumbo Shop Chicken Gumbo

Wait, there’s more. I always stop in at the Pontalba Cafe on Jackson Square for gumbo too.

Cafe Pontalba New Orleans Gumbo

Spicy and good.

Mexican food? Sure. We always stop in at Juan’s Flying Burrito.

Juans Flying Burrito New Orleans Magazine St

Best enchiladas in town. Hands down. Need a drink? They have those too.

Margarita Juans Flying Burrito

And rock music. Juan’s plays Maiden. And lots of other heavy metal. Hint. You can take the bus down Magazine Street to reach Juan’s from the French Quarter. Easy breezy and the cost is $1.25 per person.

Bicycles? Yes, New Orleans has those too.

Bicycles New Orleans

New Orleans should be renamed “Bike City”. They are everywhere. Need a cup holder? How about a coconut.

Bicycle Cup Holder Coconut New Orleans

And Coffee. New Orleans has coffee for ya. I love the artwork and the photo I took.

Coffee Shop Art New Orleans


More art? Okay.

New Orleans Art

That, came from this.

New Orleans Art 2

Found some Vans as well as Misfits socks.

Vans Misfits socks

The clerk told me the Vans were made of fine Corinthian leather.

Yes, New Orleans is still smoking.

Smoking Grill New Orleans

(I found this on the grill of a S.U.V.)

After several days of drinking, gambling and eating it was time to leave the Big Easy. We headed back to the Amtrak Station. Hint; if you have a room or suite on the train, check in at the front desk and ask for the code to the private lounge.

Amtrak Lounge New Orleans

You must have the digital code to enter. Inside, there is a television and chairs, as well as orange… everything.

Amrak Lounge New Orleans Orange

The train was on time so we found our room on board.

Amtrak Suite

The seat on the bottom left turns into a bed, as well as the top portion of the seat. This can be pulled down for a bed too. I pulled my bed down and slept for two hours.

Dinner time in the dining car.

Amtrak Menu

I found the salmon pretty good as well as the potato’s.

Amtrak Dinner

Overall the train ride home was fine. Thanks Amtrak! And thanks New Orleans for a fine stay. See YOU again soon.