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Memphis Greenline. Go. Go. Go.

I found this new item along the Greenline near the Waring Road intersection.

Memphis Greenline Flower Planter

Check out the yellow fields on Gardner Road.

Memphis Greenline Gardner Road

Wait. More flowers? My flowers are blooming.

Memphis Flowers

I do enjoy the Deep Purple. Good color.

Since I finally received my title for my NEW 1997 Toyota Camry XLE (AFTER WAITING 10 MONTHS; THANKS SHELBY COUNTY TAX OFFICE!), I needed to charge the car battery. Work had a battery charger so I put the car battery charger in my bicycle basket.

Car Battery Charger Bicycle

AAA anyone? The charger only weighed in at 20 pounds. Makes for a fun ride.

Anyway, back to the Greenline. This guy

Guitar Player Memphis Greenline

was playing a guitar at the intersection of Highland and the Greenline. He only needs about three more guys to round out the band. I can play bass! Maybe. Or bad backup rhythm guitar.

Weekend Memphis. Get out.

So what did I do? Lots.

Friday night we attended the Cooper Young Art Walk.

Cooper Young Artwalk 2015

Here is the thing. There were plenty of local spots for the art. The problem? The art did not impress me. At all. With the exception of the “art gallery” in Cooper Young, most businesses had only a few items of art. And the quality of art was no where near the quality I had expected. Really Cooper Young, you need to work on the art and artists. This could be a great event. But you need music. And better art.

We did stop in at Sweet Grass for dinner.

Sweetgrass Memphis Fried Egg Sandwich

And to finish the dinner off?

Deep Dish Sour Cream Apple Pie Sweet grass Memphis

Deep Dish Sour Cream Apple Pie. Some of the best in the city. Loved it.

We also had a beer at Hammer and Ale in Cooper Young. Good beer here!

And food. I ordered a grapefruit beer which was very tasty.

We also passed by Aldo’s Midtown. Check out the rooftop patio.

Aldo's Midtown Roof Top

Can’t wait to drink a beer up there.

And, it was the first time I checked out Goner Records.

Goner Records Memphis

I know. I am an audio slave. And yet I haven’t been to the local record store. I discovered the “metal” section in the back. My childhood music, all in one spot. Never knew the name of this album until now.

Goner Records Heaven Bent Album

Heaven: “In the beginning…” The store reminded me of the film “High Fidelity”. Question. “Do people come in here and flip through records for hours?” (thinking of myself) Answer. “All. The. Time.” I will be back.

Need to color? Check out this coloring book.

Color Me Memphis

Found the coloring book in Cooper Young.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Eat Sleep Read

You can also replace “read” with “bike”.

Speaking of bikes… Here I am going to 11.

Spinal Tap Bicyclist

I do dig the shirt. Better wear black before the temperatures climb.

Lastly, Republic Coffee has a bike rack!

Bike Rack Republic Coffee

Awesome! Park your ride here.

Done. See YOU back here for Living Loud NEW ORLEANS very soon.