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Weekend Memphis. And what a couple of days.

Shelby Farms park users, check out the encroaching fence along the new Patriot Lake trail.

Shelby Farms Patriot Lake

This fence runs close to Farm Rd. The park has moved the fence outward, which makes the lane a bit more narrow. If you use this part of the trail, just watch out for others.

Saturday included a bike ride to Coffee Town. I even ate breakfast at the coffee shop. Try the “Che-Che” breakfast sandwich.

After coffee, it was time for some beer. Memphis Made Brewery was having a party.  To tell you the truth, Saturday was the first time I had stopped in at the brewery. Dude, you live two blocks away. I know. I know. So I jumped on my bicycle and headed on over. I also made the same mistake I made last week at the Mid-South Food Truck Festival. “Why hurry? Only a few people will be there early.” Wrong. By 1:00 p.m. the party had started.

Mephis Made Beer Hopped

There were so many bicycles parked at the event, it was difficult to find a place to park mine (which is not pictured here).

I walked up the ramp, and into the brewery.

Memphis Made Brewery

The photo doesn’t tell the full story. The bar was crowded. The tables were crowded. Check out the towel to the right in the photo.

Memphis Made this beer is making me awesome

Correct. That beer did make me awesome.

Memphis Made Beer Lucid

The Memphis Made Lucid beer is good. Very good. I should have picked up a growler. Live and learn.

Oh yeah. There is also a patio to the right of the bar. Just follow the path around and you will find it. Tables, a place for a band and pizza for sale.

Memphis Made Patio

I wish I had taken more photo’s of the good-sized crowd.

After the beer, I biked the two blocks home for some video games.


Still playing some Skyrim. So to sum up my day, I drank coffee, went for a bike ride, drank beer and played video games. A good day indeed.

Sunday started out at the movies. If you want to see a very good movie, check out Ex Machina. The film twists and turns. And is also very disturbing, with a great ending.

I also finished the book “Patriot Threat” by Steve Berry.

Good book from the Memphis Library. FREE books! That is what I like.

Done. See YOU back here for more books, beers and bikes.