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Thirsty Thursday Memphis.

Sooo….. One of the great things about Memphis are those new murals popping up around town. You’ve seen them. The one on the Greenline.

Memphis Greenline Mural

The one behind Memphis Made Brewery (where you took photos of yourself for Christmas cards to make your friends jealous).

i love memphis 2

Oh yeah, the murals at Overton Square. These are some of my favorite murals.

overton Square Eye

The point about these murals around town is that they are a plus for Memphis. Would you want to see a drab wall? Or would you rather see a vibrant, artistic mural? I go for the later. Memphis has some great murals. And now YOU can add to the coolness that is Memphis. Check this out:

Chris bell mural

A NEW mural, in Cooper Young, to celebrate the life of Chris Bell. If you know where Otherlands is located, this is where the newest, coolest mural will go up. Better yet… this mural will not be painted in black and white. The mural will be splashed with color. Need details? Here they are:

“Our group’s goal is to create a memorial mural for the Memphis musician Chris Bell, the guitarist for Big Star.  Chris is best known for his work on Big Star’s “#1 Record” and his solo album “I Am The Cosmos”.  He died tragically in Memphis in 1978 though his legacy has grown over the past decades.  It is time to create a mural to celebrate his work and life and build awareness of his contribution to music.   We are working with professional artist, muralist, and Memphian Mary Norman to design and create the mural.”

Wait. Mary who? Mary Norman. You see her work at Overton Square. Before I knew who she was, I loved her art work at Overton Square. But here is the twist. Murals are not free. They require money. The good thing is that Memphis is one of the best cities in the country in which citizens like you donate money. And here is the link to do so. GO. Check out the site. Give. Maybe you are a Memphis hipster, or an over 60 dude that knows everyone in Memphis, or a local guy that plays music on the side. Pay tribute Memphis! $5, $10, or $50. Give what you can. (I receive no benefit from you giving to this project. I only get to experience great art work in my community. I want to make Memphis a cooler place to live.)

Murals. Dig ’em. Love ’em. Especially the music hero’s of Memphis. Check out the Facebook page here. Spread the word Memphis. Tell your friends. It’s gonna be cool Memphis, and you are part of the project.

More news about the mural is coming in the next couple of days. See YOU back here for more cool news. Oh and if you don’t believe murals matter, check these out.

broad ave mural

Overton Square Mural

gallery 56 mural cooper young memphis

Midtown Is Memphis Mural