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Weekend Memphis. Did YOU get out?

Thursday evening we checked out the Found Footage at Studio on the Square. Sold out event as I predicted.

Found Footage Festival Memphis

I laughed. I cried. I hid my eyes. Several times. One of the best two-hour shows on tour. We had a great time at the event.

Saturday. Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil.

Cooper Young Bicycle Corral

Here is how it goes. I showed up at the Farmers Market in Cooper Young at 11:15 a.m., figuring I would be there early. Wrong. There were many, many others there ahead of me.

Check this out. One booth used a bicycle to power a mixer on the back of the bicycle.

Cooper Young Farmers Market Bicycle Blender

Notice the contraption on the back of the bicycle. Very interesting.

And if you have a dog, your dog can get some water. And you can as well.

Water For your dog

Those of you who do not know what these are;

Cascarones Cooper Young

watch out. See you take these egg shells filled with confetti and hit someone on the head with it. They are called cascarones.


And if you are thirsty, you can stop in at the Beer Garden.

Cooper Young Crawfish Boil Beer Garden

And now for the Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil.

Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil 3

I purchased my ticket in advance online, so I did not have to stand in line to purchase tickets. That helped. But… here is the line to get the crawfish.

Cooper Young Farmers market Crawfish Boil Line

This is the view of the line from the back of it. The line started at the back of the church, then went out to Walker Street, then west to nearly Cooper Street. That is a whole lot of people waiting for crawfish. How long was the wait? One hour and fifteen minutes. A bit of a wait don’t you think.

Finally…. crawfish.

Cooper Young Farmers Market Crawfish Boil

I sat on the steps of First Congo and ate the crawfish. I admit the crawfish were good. And spicy. But a one hour and fifteen minute wait?

Afterwards, I headed over to Coffee Town for something to drink and a good read.

bicycling magazine

Good issue.

And since it is Easter, the bunny brought me some peeps.

Peeps easter

Love the peeps. Happy Easter Memphis.