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Two for Tuesday Memphis. Get some. Where to begin?

I saw this sign on Tillman today as I was riding to work.

Memphis Hampline Sign

Ah yes, The Hamp Line. Here is a better photo of the map displayed.

Memphis Hampline Map

Exit the Greenline, head north on Tillman, then head east on Broad Avenue to Wiseacre Brewery.

wiseacre taproom

Just sayin’.

My commute while riding home:

Memphis Greenline 2

More events? Okay. U.F.O.s and aliens? Maybe. Here is your event.

Watchers Conference 2015 Memphis TN

The Watchers Conference 2015. A few questions. Is the graphic designer a fan of old school heavy metal? The logo appears to have a Winger/ Maiden / Manowar kinda vibe. Another question. Do any of the speakers have crazy hair? Because that adds an air of credence to your theory. If you are planning to attend, here is some advice. DON’T USE YOUR REAL NAME! No really. I attended a paranormal event years ago and was asked some questions for a news report. “What is your name?” “Do you need my REAL name?” “Yes.” “Ummm… no thanks.” The aliens may not be the only ones watching you. #TheyAreReadingYourEmail #JustSayin

The Watchers Conference is taking place April 24th 7 p.m. / April 25th 10 a.m. / April 26th 5 p.m. at the Cordova Community Center. Tickets are $30.

MemFix has another event. This time in the Pinch District.

The Pinch MemFix

The event takes place April 11th 11-4, North Main between Jackson and Overton. I dig the poster. See how the neighborhood COULD be.

I did have an interesting end of the day ride this evening. As I was nearing home, I saw a Memphis Animal Services truck cruise by me on Avery. The van came to a stop at an intersection and remained parked there… very near a property that has had a problem with home owners leaving their front gate open daily. This wouldn’t be a problem, unless you own two very large and aggressive dogs. The same dogs that run outside the gate and chase people walking or running down the street.

Last year I complained several times to Memphis Animal Services about the property. Finally, M.A.S. went by the property and picked up the dogs. You would imagine having your dogs picked up by M.A.S. would give the property owners a hint to shut their gate. Apparently not. For the last two weeks, the gate has remained open and the dogs have been chasing people down the sidewalk. Last year I watched a runner jump from the sidewalk into the street (E. Parkway S.) without looking because of the dogs.

I rolled up to the M.A.S. van this evening and told the employee about the dogs and the property. I didn’t believe he was there because of those two dogs which I had a problem with last year. Then he asked me, “Have you noticed two dogs near C.B.U.?” I pointed out the property. “They are right over there.” He said thanks and I went on my way, rolling right past the property. On cue, the dogs ran out of the gate at me. I turned around and headed back to the M.A.S. van. The employee was already out of the vehicle and walking towards the dogs. I pointed out the dogs again and left as he walked onto the property. Later I looked at my video camera which is attached to my bicycle. I accidentally left the video running when I spoke to the M.A.S. employee and was chased by the dogs. Good evidence if I need it in the future.

Again, I don’t have a problem with dogs. I have a problem with owners who leave a gate open and have little care about their pets or the public.

Done. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers, dogs, and aliens. Cheers.