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I have received word that an apartment in the Cooper Young area is for rent. The apartment is near Christian Brothers University and the Cooper Young area. These apartments are leased VERY QUICKLY. I doubt the apartment will be on the market for more than 1 week. The apartment will be available April 1st. Rent is $750 per month. You can email me with any questions; kilmistr AT hot mail DOT com. (just run the email address all together and insert the various @’s and .’s.) Or you can comment on the post with a question and I will send a response to your email address. Now for the details: It is an upstairs apartment. 2 bedrooms / 2 baths Good sized living room and dining room Small kitchen Small sun room Covered parking Shared laundry room Hardwood floors Many windows, plenty of light You have to provide your own a.c. unit (‘s). No central air or heat. One large a.c. unit is good for the living room and dining room. Small a.c. units are good for the bedrooms. Heat is radiated heat NO PETS! Neighbors are quiet. Again, these apartments do not last long at all. They go very quickly because of the location (very near Christian Brothers and the Cooper Young area.)

bedroom apartment

One of two bedrooms pictured above.

Living room leading into dining room (photo below). cooper young apartment for rent dining room cooper young for rent

Dining room photo above. Second bedroom photo below. Each have a full bath that leads off from the bedrooms. apartment for rent cooper young

Living room leading to dining room (photo below). apartment1

Again, comment on the post with your email address or send me an email for more information. This apartment will NOT last long on the market. Send me an email with questions.